Cozy Earth Comforter Review

This lightweight bamboo comforter is so soft and high-quality it will ruin you for standard bedding.

By Caitlin Giddings

Nov 27th, 2023

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Bamboo likely isn’t the first material to come to mind when you picture the insides of a comforter. After all, comforters tend to take the form of puffy, quilted bedding designed to make your bed feel like a cozy wintertime nest—while bamboo is most often hyped for its uncanny cooling powers.

But the Cozy Earth Comforter is like no other I’ve experienced before. Much like the brand’s sheets, Cozy Earth’s comforter is built for hot sleepers, with a lightweight and breathable bamboo construction that’s soft and luxurious even if it isn’t fluffy.

I had the chance to sleep under this cooling comforter at my house in Austin to see if it’s as cool and soft as promised—which would make it pretty much perfect for our balmy spring weather in Texas. In this review, I’ll share what I liked (and didn’t) about the Cozy Earth Comforter.

What’s Inside

The cover of the comforter is made of bamboo viscose designed to feel cool and breathable. You have the option of choosing a bamboo or silk fill; the former uses 100% long-strand mulberry silk for extra weight and plushness.

The latter uses a 100% bamboo fiber fill that sits quite a bit flatter on your bed. You can also choose to add extra fill for an additional $40-$50, and add a bamboo or linen duvet cover for an additional $299. All of the materials in this comforter are OEKO-Tex certified to be free from harmful chemicals.


Special Features:

  • Warmth Options: You can buy this comforter in essentially two warmth levels: standard and extra. Hot sleepers will love the standard model, which is the version we tested. Those who tend to sleep cold should go for the extra fill and warmth.
  • Ultra-Soft: Cozy Earth says its bamboo fabric is guaranteed to be the softest around. It’s a bold claim, but I think the brand is onto something—this comforter felt like the bedding material equivalent of a kitten’s belly. I’m not sure I’ve ever touched fabric this soft.
  • Hypoallergenic: Bamboo is not only hypoallergenic but it’s also resistant to common allergens like dust and dust mites.
  • Cooling: Hot sleepers should appreciate this comforter—it has the cooling and moisture-wicking strengths of bamboo, so it will help you sleep cooler and less sweaty. The surface of the duvet cover feels cool to the touch.

Product Info

Sizes and Prices

Size  Dimension Price*
Twin 68″ x 68″ $399 (bamboo) 

$569 (silk)

Full / Queen 96″ x 100″ $469 (bamboo)

$729 (silk)

King 112″ x 100″ $539 (bamboo)

$839 (silk)



The Cozy Earth Comforter comes with a 10-year warranty. This guarantees you against rips and tears, pilling, and other defects. It also comes with a 100-night sleep trial so you have some time to try it out.


Shipping and Returns

Cozy Earth gives you free shipping and returns on all orders within the U.S. You can expect your comforter to arrive in one to two business days.


My Sleep Experience:

  • I love the idea of sleeping under a cozy comforter, but in reality it tends to be the first thing I kick off onto the floor as I’m drifting off to sleep. Settling in under the Cozy Earth Comforter was the first time I’ve used a comforter designed to feel breathable and cool instead of warm and cozy—and it turns out this temperature-regulating superpower was the ingredient I’ve been missing to keep my bedding intact all night.
  • The surface of the Cozy Earth Comforter feels soft, smooth, and crisp—like five-star hotel bedding. I put the stark white comforter inside the bamboo duvet cover to keep it from getting dirty, which was easy to do using the snap-on attachment points.
  • Together the duvet and comforter layers were thinner than a standard comforter, but so soft and comfortable. Paired with a sheet, the Cozy Earth Comforter provided just enough warmth for a balmy spring night in Austin—but those who live in colder climates might consider adding extra fill.
  • I love that the comforter added an overpowering sense of luxury to my small, cluttered bedroom. My biggest complaint is that I’m not sure I can go back to normal bedding now that I know this level of crisp, airy softness is out there.

Customer Reviews

  • “Absolutely the best night’s sleep in a long time for both of us. We also bought the duvet and it made a bigger difference. It is so soft and comfortable” — Debbi C.
  • “Since switching my bedding over to Cozy Earth I have been getting my best sleep. I sleep completely through the night. I’m cool and comfortable. These are the softest sheets I’ve ever touched! I highly recommend it. Also, I love that the comforter has snaps that align with the duvet so that it does not shift around.” — Lauren M.
  • “I purchased the 100% bamboo comforter in king size, standard fill. This is a Goldlilocks comforter. It keeps you the perfect temperature: not too warm, not too cold, but just right.” — Amanda J.

Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

  • Ultimate Luxury Feel: The comforter has a soft, luxe feel, like bedding you’d find in a five-star hotel room. It gives your humdrum Monday night sleep experience a fancy vacation vibe.
  • Lightweight and Crisp: I tried the standard comforter on a warm March night, and it was the perfect weight and warmth level when paired with a sheet. The natural cooling properties of bamboo contribute to making the comforter feel crisp and breathable.
  • Easy to Insert in Duvet: The comforter has snaps on all four corners that secure to the duvet cover. Using the cake roll method, it takes just minutes to put the comforter inside the duvet and smooth it evenly onto your bed.

❌ Cons

  • Color Options Limited: The Cozy Earth Comforter only comes in white. As someone who sleeps with multiple pets, I can’t imagine keeping it completely white for long, so I would recommend also getting the machine-washable bamboo duvet cover, which comes in five color options.
  • Pricey: The comforter is made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials, and its price reflects that. It might not suit your budget.

Final Breakdown

The Cozy Earth Comforter is an ultra-soft layer of bamboo viscose that can make your bed feel cozier without adding heat. It’s thinner than standard comforters (unless you add extra fill)—and cool to the touch—for a crisper, more breathable sleep experience.

We recommend it for those who want to give their beds a luxury makeover with some of the softest bedding you can buy. However, it won’t suit all budgets—and even if it works for yours, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the brand’s frequent sales (20 to 25% off at the time of my writing this).

Note that the comforter also comes with a 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty, so you know Cozy Earth backs up its quality.