Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Reviews

In this review, we will examine all of Craftmatic’s models and help you make an informed mattress decision.

By Loren Bullock

Aug 26th, 2022

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For over four decades, the Craftmatic brand has been a premier leader in adjustable bed bases and adjustable mattresses. Committed to ensuring that consumers are able to receive the best night’s sleep possible, Craftmatic Adjustable Beds address a wide variety of sleeping styles, sleeping positions, and other needs. 

Comparable to Sleep Number Beds, Craftmatic mattresses are available in a wide array of mattress styles and showcase many technology features, including a remote control, USB ports, LED safety night lights, and much more. We invite you to learn more about the best adjustable beds by Craftmatic and use this information as you seek to shop for a new mattress

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds Overview

Craftmatic offers four primary adjustable bed models that can be paired with a variety of mattress types and mattress firmness levels. Each model seeks to provide the highest levels of comfort alongside technological perks to give you better levels of relaxation. 

Bed Name Special Feature Best for
Legacy A wireless remote control that illuminates at night as well as zero gravity All types of sleepers. 
Model 1 A massage feature and the Whisper Quiet motor that allows up to 450 lbs. of lifting capacity Back sleepers; warm sleepers
Monaco Elite Four independent zones of adjustable comfort and a wireless remote control Sleepers with lower back pain
Model 1 Memory Foam Full-body wave massage feature and anti-snore technology  Combination sleepers; Couples

The Craftmatic Legacy

Known as Craftmatic’s most popular bed, the Legacy can be paired with any mattress type including Dual Plush/Firm, Luxury Firm, Plush Soft, and Memory Foam. The bed comes standard with the company’s flagship dual density coil spring comfort control mattress and allows a sleeper to access a firm feeling on one side and medium-firm firmness on the other. 

Plus, the Legacy offers a wide array of technology features including a wireless remote control that lights up in the dark, Whisper Quiet leg and head motors, a full-body wave massage feature, and a zero gravity anti-snore button to help partners get a better night’s rest together. 

craftmatic legacy
  • Compatible Mattress Type(s): Dual Plush/Firm, Luxury Firm, Plush Soft, Memory Foam, and the Flagship Dual Density Coil Spring Comfort Control 
  • Firmness: Plush, Medium, and Firm
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Twin XXL, Full, Full XL, Full XXL, Queen, Dual Queen, King Size, Dual King

The Craftmatic Model 1

The Craftmatic Model 1 is an adjustable bed that offers the best in rest and relaxation. It comes standard with multiple programmable options that allow you to raise and lower your head and legs to achieve the proper level of comfort for you. In fact, you can choose from 1001 sleeping positions

The bed frame is adjusted via the use of a wireless remote control, and you are also able to easily reset the bed so that you can find the posture and position best for you. Customer reviews sing the praises of this bed’s adjustability and the Whisper Quiet motor can handle up to 450 pounds of capacity. Additionally, a heavy duty model that can accommodate up to 600 pounds of lifting capability is available.

craftmatic model1
  • Compatible Mattress Type(s): Dual Density Coil Spring, Space Age Memory Foam mattress, Latex Plush, and Cool Top Memory Foam mattress
  • Firmness: Plus, Medium, and Firm
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Twin XXL, Full, Full XL, Full XXL, Queen, Dual Queen, King Size, Dual King

The Craftmatic Monaco Elite

The Monaco Elite is known for its four independent zones that deliver adjustable comfort that allows you to put your head up easily and achieve the perfect posture and sleeping position.  The Monaco Elite mattress also provides advanced technology with its Capacitive-Touch wireless remote. With this device, a sleeper is able to control massage features, under bed lighting, four USB ports, and much more. 

This Craftmatic Adjustable Bed is also fantastic for lower back pain sufferers who require greater lumbar support from their new mattress (if you need a new mattress too, check out our best mattresses for lower and upper back pain).  Finally, this Craftmatic bed offers other features that can be easily accessed via a mobile app and used on Apple and Android devices.

craftmatic monaco
  • Compatible Mattress Type(s): Dual Density Coil Spring
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm and Firm 
  • Available Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

The Craftmatic Model 1 Memory Foam

With options spanning Gel Infused Memory Foam, Model I Latex, and Model I Superior Memory Foam, the Craftmatic Model I has something for all sleepers of all comfort levels and sleeping positions. Available in 8”, 10”, and 12” density levels, the line offers eco-conscious CertiPur-US Memory Foam options and the ability to keep hot sleepers cool, isolate motion, and ensure an allergen-free sleep experience. 

Additionally, the Craftmatic Memory Foam mattresses truly give Tempur-pedic beds a run for their money. Not only are they made in the United States—unlike Tempur-pedic—they also deliver a 30-day in-home trial, and the company accepts returns on Craftmatic adjustable bases.

craftmatic memory foam
  • Available Depth/Height: 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch
  • Firmness: Plush and Firm
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Twin XXL, Full, Full XL, Full XXL, Queen, Dual Queen, King Size, Dual King

Craftmatic Company Overview

Since the 1970s, Craftmatic has sold over 1.1 million beds to consumers in the United States as well as around the world. The orgnization is widely recognized as the #1 brand for adjustable beds and is also an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). When you make the decision to purchase an adjustable base and Craftmatic mattress, you are ultimately investing in the Craftmatic legacy along with your good health and a great night’s sleep. 

Additionally, the Craftmatic brand is committed to delivering the best in technology to sleepers and has consistently sought to develop and implement new technology integrations with their products including USB ports, anti-snore features, massage features, and more, which you are sure to enjoy when you lounge and watch television, read, browse the Internet, and most importantly, when you sleep. Read some of the great customer reviews and learn why Craftmatic adjustable bed frames and Craftmatic mattresses may be the right choice for you.

Prices and Sizes

Bed Twin Dimensions Full Dimensions Queen Dimensions King Dimensions
Legacy 39” x 74” 54” x 74”  60” x 80” 78” x 80”
Model 1 39” x 74”  54” x 74”  60” x 80” 78” x 80”
Monaco Elite 39” x 80”  54” x 74”  60” x 80” 78” x 80”
Model 1 Memory Foam 39” x 74”  54” x 74”  60” x 80” 78” x 80”

*Prices for each new mattress and adjustable bed frame vary, please call 1-800-245-0205 or 1-888-539-6985 for a free price quote and for more information from a sales rep

Trial and Warranty

Pertaining to trial and warranty information, Craftmatic beds and adjustable bases have some different data for you to be aware of. There is a 25-year warranty on Craftmatic mattresses. If there is a defect, the company will replace the mattress. Specifically, a new mattress will be delivered to your home within the first year.  

For warranty claims on mattresses ranging in age from two years old to twenty-five years old, a fee of $200 will be charged along with other prorated amounts based on the age of your mattress. This warranty is applicable to the original purchaser only. Damage related to alteration, use with accessories that are not compatible, damage from electrical power problems, fire damage, misuse, normal wear and tear, subsequent shipping damage (outside of the original delivery) will not be covered by the warranty.

Adjustable bed frames will have a 1-year warranty on the bed frame, controls, gears, and electrical system. If there is a defect or problem with the massage feature or the motor, Craftmatic will either repair or replace this part of the system. After the first year warranty, a parts only warranty will be offered and Craftmatic will either send you a part to be installed by a licensed electrician or medical supply representative or will ship the part and ensure it is installed by Craftmatic’s service. 

Craftmatic also wants to ensure you are happy with your new mattress or adjustable bed. As such, they offer a 30 day in-home trial. On day 31 and through day 45, you can return your bed for a full refund and only have to pay for shipping. Craftmatic is also pleased to help arrange for shipping through a partner and have the mattress picked up and packed while offering competitive pricing for the service. The 30 day trial period only applies to purchasers who live within the lower 48 United States.



What are the advantages of Craftmatic adjustable beds?


Firstly, these beds allow you enhanced adjustability with the ability to lift your head up, change the position of your legs, and find the best sleeping position for you. The beds allow you to modify your posture based on your comfort level and individual needs.


Are Craftmatic adjustable beds good for seniors?


Yes! These beds offer adjustable settings as well as stellar lumbar support and remote control technology, seniors stand to benefit through these products. Many Craftmatic models also offer under bed lighting, dual levels of firmness, and the ability to adjust the bed to achieve the best sleeping posture while allowing a sleep partner the same. Craftmatic adjustable beds can also help older sleepers get in and out of bed easier.


What can the wireless remote control do?


The wireless remote control not only illuminates at night but it also features a child and pet safety lock, massage features and automatic turn off, adjustable pillow features that can help you raise your head up, and LED safety night lights.


How long is the trial period with my bed?


All shoppers are offered a 30-day in home trial to see if their new bed is the right option for them.


How can I speak with a sales person about a new Craftmatic bed?


Easy, just call 800-245-0205 for a custom quote and information about how long it will take to get a new bed in your home.