Addressing Common DreamCloud Mattress Complaints

We’ll cover a few of the common complaints about the DreamCloud mattress and its parent company, along with how DreamCloud customers’ issues have been resolved.

By Rachael Harris

Sep 3rd, 2020

Most DreamCloud customers love their new mattress. Still, a handful of customers experience some issues. In this review, we’ll address the top 3 most common complaints about the DreamCloud mattress, as well as solutions or alternatives to help you navigate those issues, should they arise

Shipping Times

DreamCloud aims for a fast shipping experience through FedEx, but not all customers have had that experience. Some customers claim that their mattress took weeks longer than advertised to be delivered. 

Late or cancelled deliveries are definitely the exception rather than the rule. DreamCloud currently aims for all of their customers to receive their mattress within 7-14 business days, which is standard for the mattress industry, especially for luxury sleep products.

Shipping times can be as unpredictable as the weather forecast, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. A wide range of factors can impact a company’s delivery process, including the weather (go figure), manufacturing delays, reduced staff, and your location.

If you are concerned about a late delivery, request an estimated delivery date for your region before you order. Also stay in touch with DreamCloud’s customer service team during the transit period. You can reach their team over chat at, over email at, and over the phone at +1 (855) 964-0968. 

Also, be sure to distinguish between your shipping time frame and delivery date. The shipping date is when DreamCloud will ship your order from their warehouse. The delivery date is when you can expect your new mattress to arrive on your doorstep. If your mattress hasn’t arrived yet, check to make sure you are looking at the delivery date, not the shipping date.

Verdict: Some customers have waited longer than advertised to receive their DreamCloud mattress.

Solution: Stay connected to one of DreamCloud’s Sleep Concierges throughout the shipping process. Also, make sure you mark your calendar for the delivery date, not the shipping date.

Too Soft

The DreamCloud mattress is ranked as medium-firm on the firmness scale. Sleep experts consider medium-firm to be the most universal firmness level because it suits a wide range of sleep positions. Theoretically, the DreamCloud mattress should work for every kind of sleeper:

  • The cashmere blend top layer and additional pillow top cradle pressure points for side sleepers and stomach sleepers.
  • The support layers prevent sinkage for back sleepers
  • Multiple memory foam layers reduce motion transfer for couples.
  • The innerspring system improves mattress breathability.

Still, some customers found the DreamCloud to be too soft, especially the DreamCloud Premier

Mattress comfort is very subjective. What feels great to one person is terribly uncomfortable to another. Fortunately, DreamCloud gives you a 365-night sleep trial to determine whether or not theirs is the best mattress for you. If you decide the DreamCloud is too soft, you can return it for a full refund within the trial period.

Additionally, there are several ways to make a mattress firmer, including taut bed sheets, a mattress topper, or an extra supportive bed frame. If all else fails, you can buy a firmer mattress.

Verdict: Some customers found the DreamCloud mattress to be too soft for their body type or sleep style.

Solution: Test out the DreamCloud mattress during the year long sleep trial. If you’ve passed into the everlong warranty period, try a firm mattress topper, tight sheets, a solid bed frame, or a new mattress.

Best Firm Mattresses:


DreamCloud’s luxury mattress weighs between 74lbs (Twin XL) to 135lbs (California King). It weighs a little more than the average mattress because it features 5 layers of memory foam and coils. A few customers find the DreamCloud to be too heavy to handle. 

There are a few actions that can make owning a heavier mattress worth the weight. First, locate the weight of your desired mattress size on DreamCloud’s website. Make sure your bed frame can properly support the weight of the mattress. For example, box springs aren’t the best choice for memory foam mattresses or heavy hybrid mattresses

Next, assess your ability to set up your mattress. If you aren’t able to manage, recruit the help of a friend or request white glove delivery for $149 and forget about setup altogether. White glove delivery service includes bringing your mattress inside and setting it up on your bed.

Verdict: DreamCloud’s mattress is a bit heavier than average.

Solution: Enlist the help of a friend to set up your mattress or request white glove service.

What We Love About the DreamCloud Mattress

The DreamCloud company offers top tier customer benefits, such as a year long sleep trial, free returns, and a lifetime warranty

Additionally, they use luxurious materials in their mattress construction. What sounds cozier than a quilted cashmere cover, cooling gel memory foam, and responsive micro coils? That combination is hard to beat. Top it off with a layer of plush memory foam, and you’ll have sweet dreams for ages.

Plus the DreamCloud’s medium-firm feel works well for all sleeping positions. Multiple memory foam comfort layers provide ample contouring and pressure relief no matter how you sleep.

No mattress is right for everyone. While some customers did experience delayed deliveries, mismatched comfort preferences, and trouble handling this heavier mattress, there is still a lot to love about the DreamCloud. With a 365-day sleep trial, it’s worth a try!