DreamCloud Mattress Return Policy Break Down

By Alesandra Woolley

May 13th, 2022

DreamCloud’s luxury hybrid mattress combines a memory foam and innerspring construction with a generous lifetime warranty. They also offer one of the longest trial periods in the industry—365 days! 

In this breakdown, we’ll cover how to initiate a mattress return during the sleep trial. Keep in mind, we don’t even think you’ll want to return your DreamCloud or DreamCloud Premier mattress and here’s why:

  • A quilted cashmere top layer and plush pillow top, or a memory foam pillow top on the Premier
  • Contouring memory foam comfort layers that provide pressure relief and back pain relief
  • A low motion transfer innerspring coil system with edge support
  • High breathability, resulting in a cool sleep experience
  • A medium-firm feel on the firmness scale that suits all sleeping positions (ie: side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers)

Still, if you aren’t sure if DreamCloud’s luxury mattress is the best mattress for you, read on for all the details you need to know about your sleep trial and the return process.

365-Night Sleep Trial

The DreamCloud trial period lasts for a full year. If you decide you’d like to part ways with your DreamCloud mattress at any time during the sleep trial, you’ll receive a full refund. The refund is the amount you paid for your mattress, so if you got a discounted price, that’s the amount you will get back.

Most sleep experts recommend sleeping on a new mattress for at least 30 days before making a final decision about whether or not to keep it. That’s about the time it takes for your muscles and joints to adjust to a new sleeping surface. DreamCloud also asks that you use their mattress for at least 30 days before initiating a return.

After the sleep trial ends, your everlong warranty begins. Refunds are not available during the warranty period, but you can receive a replacement mattress or free repairs on your original mattress for issues such as excessive sagging or cracking in the memory foam layers or high-density foam layers.

The Mattress Return Process

If you would like to return your DreamCloud mattress, follow these quick and easy steps:

Note: If you need to cancel an order, you can do so any time before the order is processed.

  1. Email the return team at returns@dreamcloudsleep.com. Include the following photos:
    1. The entire mattress with no sheets, covers, etc. Make sure all four corners are visible in the photo.
    2. The defective area. Include a ruler or measuring tape in the image so the team can assess the size of the defect. Write a brief description of the defect to accompany the photo.
    3. The two white mattress tags. These are sewn into the mattress cover near the bottom. Make sure the information on the tags is legible, since the team will need those details.
    4. Your receipt of purchase, proving that you are the original owner.
  2. Donate the used mattress to charity. Keep your donation receipt in case DreamCloud requests proof of donation. If you must dispose of the mattress, consult with a DreamCloud representative to find an acceptable facility.
  3. Watch for your full refund within 7 business days. The refund will return to your original form of payment (ex: your credit card).
  4. Reach out to a DreamCloud Sleep Concierge at dreamcloudsleep.com with any additional questions.

The Exchange Process

DreamCloud’s exchange process is very similar to the return process. Follow the return instructions, and then purchase the mattress you would like. DreamCloud only offers their one signature mattress, but there are lots of alternative hybrid mattresses, or you could opt for an all-foam mattress like the Nectar.

The Fine Print

Here are some important fine print details about DreamCloud’s return process:

  • If you opted for a white glove delivery, the white glove service fee is not refunded with your return.
  • If you received free gifts with your mattress as part of a promotion (ie: pillows, sheets, etc.), you can keep them, donate them, or dispose of them. However, you won’t be refunded for the value of the free items.
  • DreamCloud products are only eligible for a return if they have been used properly (normal wear and tear). You must use an acceptable bed frame, and the mattress must not have been abused.
  • Mattresses with mold are not eligible for a return.
  • Mattresses that remain unopened after 90 days from the delivery date are not eligible for return.
  • You must wait at least 30 days after your mattress delivery to initiate a refund. Also, no refunds will be processed after day 365 of your sleep trial.
  • Once the return process has begun, you must send all the required information to DreamCloud’s support team within 30 days; otherwise, you will have to start your return request from the beginning.



Do I get free shipping on mattress returns?


Yes, DreamCloud provides free shipping for mattress returns and exchanges, although customers in Alaska or Hawaii may be asked to pay a shipping fee.


Can I return my mattress if it has an off-gassing scent?


Yes, you can return your mattress for any reason during the 365-night sleep trial, as long as the mattress is still in good enough condition to donate. Off-gassing is rare, and if it does occur, the scent usually disappears after 24-48 hours in a properly ventilated room.


Do I need to re-package my returned mattress before it gets picked up?


Nope. DreamCloud’s Sleep Concierge team will arrange for your returned mattress to be picked up and donated, regardless of whether your mattress is a Twin XL or California King. In some cases, you may need to arrange for transportation to a donation site.


Is my white glove delivery fee refunded when I return a mattress?


No, DreamCloud does not refund the fee for their white glove delivery service when you return or exchange your mattress.