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DreamCloud vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison

DreamCloud vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison

DreamCloud and Tempur-Pedic offer distinct mattresses. In this comparison, we’ll help you determine which one best fits your needs based on its materials, highlights, and purchasing details.

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Finding your dream mattress can be a struggle, so we want to make your journey as easy as possible. In this comparison guide, we’ll take a deeper look at three DreamCloud mattresses and three Tempur-Pedic mattresses so you can find which one deserves a spot in your bedroom.

At a Glance

DreamCloud Tempur-Pedic
Best For Couples, those who want long warranty periods, people with back pain, plus-sized sleepers, seniors Memory foam lovers, hot sleepers, side sleepers, luxury mattress shoppers, couples
Price Range $799 – $2,299 $1,899 – $9,898
Special Features Luxury cashmere-blend cover, contouring memory foam, innerspring coil system TEMPUR® material, SmartClimate® Cover, PureCool+® Technology, Advanced pressure-relieving material

Key Similarities

  • Luxury Mattress: Both DreamCloud and Tempur-Pedic offer luxury mattresses for a hotel experience from your home.
  • Couples: DreamCloud and Tempur-Pedic mattresses scored well in our motion isolation evaluation, making them great options for couples who share the bed.
  • Pressure Relief: Both companies put a focus on providing pressure relief in their mattresses.

Key Differences

  • Construction: The biggest difference between DreamCloud and Tempur-Pedic mattresses is their build. DreamCloud uses foam layers and an innerspring system for a hybrid design, while Tempur-Pedic creates hybrid mattresses and all-foam mattresses with its proprietary memory foam.
  • Price: Tempur-Pedic’s mattresses cost much more than the DreamCloud mattresses, making DreamCloud a better budget-friendly option.
  • Delivery: DreamCloud is a bed-in-box company that delivers right to your door, whereas Tempur-Pedic mattresses are sold in retail stores.

DreamCloud Original vs Tempur-Cloud

DreamCloud Original Mattress Review Highlights

  • If you often wake up with a kink in your back, you’ll be happy to hear that the DreamCloud Mattress earned a spot on our best for back pain roundup thanks to its high scores in spine alignment and pressure relief.
  • This is by far a well-rounded mattress, scoring a 9 or above in responsiveness and edge support, as well as an 8.5 in cooling and motion transfer.
  • The DreamCloud Mattress comes with a luxurious cashmere mattress cover that makes skipping the sheets very tempting.

Tempur-Cloud Mattress Review Highlights

  • Given that it uses Tempur-Pedic’s proprietary memory foam, the Tempur-Cloud Mattress has a unique feel you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Scoring high points for motion isolation, this bed is easy to share with a partner or pet without being disturbed at night.
  • Made to last, this high-quality memory foam mattress has a longer lifespan than traditional memory foam mattresses.

Compare Mattress Structure

Despite both having medium-firm feels, the DreamCloud Original and Tempur-Cloud mattresses vary quite a bit when it comes to construction. The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress, with three layers of foam and a pocketed coil system. Tempur-Pedic offers its Tempur-Cloud mattress line in an all-foam and a hybrid model.

DreamCloud uses a quilted foam and cashmere cover at the top of its mattress to provide a super soft experience. The first layer of foam is a pressure-relieving comfort layer, made from gel memory foam that contours to your body. They also use a “sink-in-just-right” layer, followed by a base layer that holds everything in place. At the bottom of the DreamCloud is its targeted-support coil layer, which consists of individually wrapped coils that adapt to your body.

The Tempur-Cloud comes wrapped in a 360° stretch cover that is moisture wicking and breathable. The all-foam version comes with three foam layers. There’s a comfort layer to cushion your body and a support layer that provides pressure relief as you sleep. The final layer is a base to provide support to the entire mattress. The Tempur-Cloud hybrid version has an identical build as the all-foam model, but also includes 1,000-plus spring coils between the support and base layers to provide more support.

Compare Costs

Even as Tempur-Pedic’s lowest-priced mattress, the Tempur-Cloud costs almost double the price of the DreamCloud. Keep in mind that DreamCloud and Tempur-Pedic often have regular sales so you can save big.

DreamCloud Tempur-Cloud
Twin $799 $1,899
Twin XL $999 $1,899
Full $1,099 $2,099
Queen $1,199 $2,199
King $1,499 $2,599
California King $1,499 $2,599
Split King N/A $3,798

DreamCloud Premier vs Tempur-Adapt

DreamCloud Premier Mattress Review Highlights

  • Earning a spot on our best mattresses of 2023 and  best hybrid mattresses list, the DreamCloud Premier has the best of both worlds, incorporating foam layers with an innerspring system.
  • The DreamCloud Premier’s special Euro Top both cradles your body while also giving you the support you need when you sleep.
  • Its 2.5″ comfort layer offers superb pressure relief in areas you need the most relief, like your hips and shoulders.

Tempur-Adapt Mattress Review Highlights

  • The Tempur-Adapt mattress line comes in three models: Adapt, ProAdapt, and LuxeAdapt.
  • Recommended for back sleepers, this mattress provides excellent pressure relief.
  • Like Tempur-Pedic’s other mattresses, the Tempur-Adapt uses the Original TEMPUR Material for a one-of-a-kind comfort feel. 

Compare Mattress Structure

While the DreamCloud Premier and Tempur-Adapt are hybrid mattresses, Tempur-Pedic also offers a memory-foam version in this mattress line. The DreamCloud Premier has medium-firm feels that find a balance between being supportive and comfortable, while the Tempur-Adapt comes in multiple firmness options based on your preference.

The DreamCloud Premier has a similar construction to the DreamCloud original mattress, with an added Euro Top feature. This is 2″ tall and cradles your body when you lie on it. The DreamCloud Premier also has a comfort layer that provides pressure relief and a support layer to isolate motion. At the bottom, a support layer separates the top layers from the coil system. The coil system is 8.5″ tall and consists of individually wrapped coils that promote airflow.

The Tempur-Adapt mattresses all include a comfort layer and support layer. Each layer’s height varies depending on the model you purchase, with the LuxeAdapt having the thickest comfort layer. The Tempur-Adapt also uses special APR Material to offer advanced pressure relief capabilities.

Compare Cost

The DreamCloud Premier is a more affordable option than the Tempur-Adapt. Prices for the Tempur-Adapt vary depending on which model you buy, with the LuxeAdapt being the priciest.

DreamCloud Premier Tempur-Adapt
Twin $999 $1,949 – $2,849
Twin XL $1,299 $1,949 – $3,649
Full $1,499 $2,299 – $3,199
Queen $1,599 $2,449 – $4,149
King $1,899 $3,149 – $4,849
California King $1,899 $3,149 – $4,849
Split King N/A $3,898 – $7,298
Split California King N/A $3,898 – $7,298


DreamCloud Premier Rest vs Tempur-breeze

DreamCloud Premier Rest Mattress Review Highlights

  • The DreamCloud Premier Rest includes CertiPUR-US certified foam, which is free of ozone depleters and heavy metals.
  • In our evaluation, this mattress showed great pressure relief for all major sleeping positions.
  • As DreamCloud’s most advanced mattress, this bed includes an extra 2″ of height, added pressure relief technology, and a more adaptive air circulation.

Tempur-breeze Mattress Review Highlights

  • Here at Mattress Advisor, we ranked the Tempur-breeze mattress as one of the best mattresses of 2023.
  • While most memory foam mattresses are known for trapping heat, Tempur-Pedic incorporates phase-change material to provide a cooling experience.
  • Tempur-Pedic puts the temperature control in your hands, letting you choose between the PRObreeze, designed to keep you 3 degrees cooler, or the LUXEbreeze, designed to keep you 8 degrees cooler.

Compare Mattress Structure

The DreamCloud Premier Rest is a hybrid luxury mattress consisting of seven layers of heaven. Similarly, the Tempur-breeze has an upgraded experience compared to traditional mattresses. It comes in both a memory foam and hybrid option with two different models: PRObreeze and LUXEbreeze.

DreamCloud’s Premier Rest has a cashmere-blend cover and plush pillow top. Beneath the surface are a pressure-relieving comfort layer and a support layer. As a hybrid, it incorporates 8.5″ of individually wrapped coils to reduce motion transfer. The mattress bottom has a stability-focused base layer to keep everything in place.

The LUXEbreeze and PRObreeze both have comfort layers made from TEMPUR Material, which helps promote airflow. They also include a support layer with customizable firmness options base on your preferred comfort level. To help make these mattresses cooler, Tempur-Pedic incorporates a SmartClimate Cover System and PureCool+ Technology, which features Phase-Change Material to absorb heat.

Compare Cost

Both mattresses come with luxury prices, but the Tempur-breeze is significantly more than the DreamCloud Premier Rest. Tempur-Pedic and DreamCloud both offer financing options.

DreamCloud Premier Rest Tempur-breeze
Twin $1,499 N/A
Twin XL $1,699 $3,949 – $4,949
Full $1,899 $4,299
Queen $1,999 $4,449 – $5,449
King $2,299 $5,149 – $6,149
California King $2,299 $7,898 – $9,898
Split King N/A $5,149 – $6,149
Split California King N/A $7,898 – $9,898

Compare DreamCloud vs Tempur-Pedic Sizes

Heights for the Tempur-Pedic mattress vary depending on which type of mattress you get, with the LUXEAdapt being the tallest option. Overall, DreamCloud mattresses are taller than Tempur-Pedic’s, making them a better option for plus-sized sleepers. See how their dimensions compare below.

DreamCloud Tempur-Pedic
Thickness 14” – 16″ 10″ – 13″
Twin 38” x 75” 38″ x 74″
Twin XL 38” x 80” 38″ x 80″
Full 54” x 75” 53″ x 74″
Queen 60” x 80” 60″ x 80″
King 76” x 80” 76″ x 80″
California King 72” x 84” 72″ x 84″
Split King N/A 76″ x 80″
Split California King N/A 72″ x 84″

Trial Periods Explained

DreamCloud by far has the better trial period. They offer a full year to get acquainted with their mattresses before making a final decision. If you decide you no longer want your DreamCloud mattress, a concierge will help you arrange for your mattress to be donated or disposed of through a local organization.

Tempur-Pedic offers a sleep trial for 90 days, which starts the day your mattress is delivered. Their trial period doesn’t apply to closeout mattresses or those bought from another retailer and may involve a return shipping fee of $175.

Warranties Explained

DreamCloud also has a better warranty option, giving you an entire lifetime of coverage. For your first 10 years of ownership, they will replace your mattress with a brand new one if they agree there are signs of defects in the workmanship or materials. After the first 10 years, they will either completely repair your mattress, re-cover it, or replace it. The DreamCloud warranty covers any body impressions greater than 1.5″ and cracking or degradation of the foam when handled properly.

Tempur-Pedic’s warranty is also generous, lasting 10 years. Since it’s recommended to change your mattress every decade or so, this coverage is long enough for your mattress’s lifespan. During your 10-year warranty period, Tempur-Pedic will replace or repair your mattress if they deem it’s defective. Some defects it covers include indentations greater than .75″ and physical flaws in the mattress, causing it to split despite normal usage.

Which Is the Best Mattress Brand for You?

As you can see, DreamCloud and Tempur-Pedic are both great luxury options to transform your sleep. We think the DreamCloud is a great affordable bed-in-box option for those who want an upgraded experience, but the Tempur-Pedic mattresses come with added features, like its special cooling technology.

How do you know which mattress brand is best for you? Here are some specialized recommendations based on your sleeping style or lifestyle:

  • Best for side sleepers: The DreamCloud Original and Tempur-breeze work well for side sleepers.
  • Best for stomach sleepers: The DreamCloud Premier and Tempur-Cloud mattresses provide excellent pressure relief for stomach sleepers.
  • Best for back sleepers: The DreamCloud Original is the best choice for those who sleep on their back or have back pain.
  • Best for combo sleepers: The DreamCloud Premier Rest is a very responsive mattress and excellent for combination sleepers who change positions through the night.
  • Best for plus-sized sleepers: The DreamCloud Premier can support a lot of weight thanks to its hybrid construction.
  • Best for budget shoppers: The DreamCloud Original is the most affordable option, starting at $899 for a twin-size model.
  • Best for couples: The DreamCloud Premier and Tempur-Cloud both earned high scores for motion isolation, making them great for couples.
  • Best for hot sleepers: The Tempur-breeze mattresses are the coolest option for hot sleepers, thanks to Tempur-Pedic’s PureCool+™ Technology.
  • Best for seniors: The DreamCloud Original received a perfect 10/10 for edge support, something important for seniors needing help getting in and out of bed.
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