Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow Review

Is this adjustable pillow right for you? Learn all about my experience with the Easy Breather Pillow.

By Loren Bullock

Feb 1st, 2023

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At Mattress Advisor, we’re fans of the Nest Bedding mattresses, so I was excited to try out their most popular pillow: The Easy Breather Pillow. It’s supposed to be the perfect pillow for your needs whether you’re into side sleeping or need extra neck support, so it was time for me to get my hands on it to see if it lives up to these claims.

Best For/Not Best For

Before you get too far, allow me to guide you through who I think the Nest Bedding Easy Breather works best for and who I think should find a pillow better suited for their needs.

This pillow is best for

This pillow is not best for

  • Those who want a plush pillow with a deep sink
  • People who prefer the feel of a down pillow
  • Shoppers who are on a tight budget

Pillow Construction and Feel

There are two things to focus on when it comes to the construction of the Easy Breather pillow: the cover and the fill.

The pillow cover is made with 34% lyocell, 64% polyester, and 2% elastane, which comes together to make an ultra soft-to-the-touch cover that excels in breathability.

Easy Breather is filled with shredded foam: 80% speciality foam and 20% polyester fiber. This proprietary blend of foam contours around your head and allows airflow throughout the pillow to keep you cool. As a plus, the foam is CertiPUR-US Certified, meaning these aren’t harmful chemicals involved with it’s production.

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Highlighted Features

If I had to sum up the three best features of the Nest pillow it would be this:

  • Adjustable Loft: If you’re wondering how this pillow works for all sleeping positions, the easy answer is the zipper. You can unzip the side of the pillow and add or remove the shredded foam filling until you have the perfect loft for your position.
  • Eco-friendly Cover: I love the environment as much as the next girl, which is why I’m happy to say that the Easy Breather pillow uses an eco-friendly tencel blend to keep the cover soft and cool.
  • Soft, Breathable Cover: I’m not done bragging on the cover quite yet. Not only are the materials environmentally friendly, but they keep you cool as well.

Sleep Experience

Let’s get into my experience with the Nest Easy Breather Pillow.

It comes compressed in a rectangular box. Once you unbox it and unwrap the plastic, the pillow springs to life and inflates—you’ve got to love the resilience of memory foam. However, one thing I don’t love about memory foam (and one of the biggest cons of the pillow) is the off-gassing.

Off-gassing is essentially the remaining chemicals in the foam reacting to the plastic packaging. Once released, it lets off a smell kind of like a can of paint. Now, while this smell isn’t harmful to you in the small dose of a pillow, it’s not what you want to stick your nose in at night. We suggest letting your new foam pillow air out until the smell dissipates before you use it.

I, however, was not that patient. I immediately unpacked the pillow, slapped on my pillowcase and hit the hay—big mistake. Because I did not allow time for the pillow to air out, this off-gassing smell stuck around for days.

Smell aside, let’s talk feel. The cover is super soft and smooth to where I almost wished I hadn’t put on a pillowcase. The foam cradles around your head, but doesn’t offer a sink, which is perfect for side sleepers. And because the cover is breathable and the foam is shredded, it sleeps surprisingly cool for a memory foam pillow.

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The pillow comes packed to the brim with foam, so side sleepers with broad shoulders should feel perfectly supported. Because I am tinier, I used the zipper to remove some of the foam. This always takes trial and error, but that’s the beauty of adjustable pillows: you can add and remove foam until you’ve got your goldilocks fill.

I’m a side/stomach combo sleeper. At first, I felt the pillow was too lofty for stomach sleeping, but as I broke it in, it fit my body shape better and better. I have been sleeping on this pillow for six months now, and it’s become my favorite pillow on my bed.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Adjustable: No matter your sleep position, you can make the Nest Pillow work by adjusting the fill. Off-Gassing: Because the off-gassing lasted a few days, it’s probably better to let this pillow air out for at least that long before sleeping on it.
Size Variation: You have 4 different sizes to pick from on top of the pillow’s adjustability, so it works for everyone. Cost: Coming in at nearly $100 for a standard size, the price on this pillow is a little steep.
Trial Period: Afraid of commitment? No problem. You have a month to sleep on this pillow before making a final decision. Care: This pillow is not machine washable. The best way to keep it clean is to use a pillow protector.

Product Info

Sizes and Prices

The Nest Bedding pillow comes in 4 different sizes.

Size Dimension Price
Standard Size 24” x 16” $99
Queen Size 27” x 16” $119
King Size 32” x 16” $149
Side Sleeper 28” x 16” $119


Shipping and Returns

Nest offers free shipping for their Easy Breather pillow. In order to return your pillow, it must be done within the 30-day trial period. To start the process, email After approval, Nest will provide you with a return label; send it back in its original packaging, and you will receive your refund.

Trial Period

You get a 30-night sleep trial when you purchase the Easy Breather pillow. That’s 30 nights to sleep on it before you have to fully commit. During this time, you can make a free return for a full refund.

Final Breakdown

It’s safe to say I was impressed with this high-quality pillow, even after the off-gassing debacle. The adjustable loft, cooling comfort, and soft cover won me over. It will be my number one pillow for a while. It can be your favorite pillow as well, and with a 30-night trial to back you up, you’ve got nothing to lose, and peaceful sleep to gain.