Editorial Integrity Policy

By Alesandra Woolley

Aug 17th, 2022

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At Mattress Advisor, we take pride in providing our readers with honest and unbiased mattress reviews. To do this well, we keep a clear separation between our commercial business operations and editorial team.

Our editorial team is not involved in any business or advertising-related activities. Our reviews and scores are determined based on the performance and quality of the products we review. While Mattress Advisor’s business managers may provide resources and advisory support regarding the design of our objective review standards (including the Mattress Advisor Score and our Mattress Advisor Verified Reviews), the execution of any reviews or tests, as well as the conclusions drawn and published by our editorial team, will be controlled by the editorial team.

Our investors have no editorial influence. Period. Each investor has made legally binding representations to allow for editorial independence, ensuring that our guides and reviews are unbiased, authoritative and objective. Mattress Advisor’s Operating Agreement (the “Constitution” for our company), specifies that our investors are “disregarded for the purposes of any vote or consent related to any editorial content.”

Finally, each of our managers and employees has signed a pledge, reproduced below, to protect the editorial independence and integrity of our content, creative, and digital tools. 

At Mattress Advisor, we will always accurately disclose the unedited results of our mattress studies, reviews, and tests using real data, and the unaltered views of our independent editors.

Thank you for your trust.

Manager and Employee Pledge:

We exist to help our visitors make better, more informed decisions about mattresses and related bedding products. In all matters, we hold our visitors’ interests – and as such, the independence, objectivity and integrity of our editorial – above all else. We pledge to honor the spirit and letter of our Editorial Integrity policy and all related disclosures and representations, including the strict separation of business and editorial activities.