Felix Gray Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

By Loren Bullock

Oct 15th, 2019

As the digital age progresses, chances are you spend the majority of your day, or at least a good chunk of it, staring at a computer, phone screen, or watching TV. As much as we love texting our friends or need to look at computer screens at work, they aren’t great for our eye health. The blue light that emits from a screen can cause eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, and even worse, can mess up your sleep.

Felix Gray has created Felix Gray glasses.

What is Felix Gray?

Felix Gray started by aiming to create computer glasses that were both beautiful and effective. They recognized how many hours a day people spent in front of a screen and sought to create a stylish solution.

They took their first creations to beta testing for 4 months before launching publicly. Ever since, they’ve grown their brand to include sleep glasses, sunglasses, and various models for children as well.

Why We Love Them

Blue light filtering glasses are a lifesaver when your job, and our world, is computer-based. These Felix Gray lenses function not only as blue blockers, but they prevent headache-inducing glare as well. They come is various sizes and styles, so there is something for every preference and head shape.

Of course, here at Mattress Advisor, we love anything that helps sleep. Blue light prevents melatonin production. Melatonin is the sleep hormone our bodies produce naturally telling us that it’s time for bed. So, being exposed to blue light so often before bed (checking your phone or watching TV) makes it harder to fall asleep. Throw on your Felix Gray glasses and this won’t be an issue.

Special Features

Other than blocking your eyes from harmful blue light, check out these other special features Felix Gray offers.

Option to Put in Your Prescription: Contacts aren’t for everyone. If you want to turn your everyday prescription glasses into blue light blocking glasses, you can. Felix Gray gives you the option to order their glasses with prescription lenses.

Specialized Sizes: Every head size and shape is different and Felix Gray accounts for that by having 12 different sizes based on your head shape and nose shape.

Unisex: The variety of styles isn’t limited to just one gender, every pair of the Felix Gray blue light blocking glasses are unisex, so everyone has maximum options.

Our Favorite Felix Gray Models

robeling midnight surf glasses


Named after Emily Roebling, the first woman field engineer, the Roebling lenses fit nearly every face shape. The bridge sits comfortably on your nose and has a sophisticated look. The Roebling comes in 4 colors: Amber Toffee, Rose Mallow, Sazerac Crystal, and Midnight Surf.

hopper manhattan fade glasses


The Hopper frames are named after Grace Hopper, the woman who built one of the first compilers that helped translate programming languages into machine code. This is great for people with oval or round faces. It has a sleek nose, long arms, and comes in 4 colors: Seneca Mist, Manhattan Fade, Black, and Sazerac.

faraday sazerac glasses


Named after Michael Faraday, known for his research on electromagnetism, the Faraday glasses are great for people with larger faces or those who want more lens in their line of sight. It comes in 4 colors: Sazerac, Black, Burnt Amber, and Panorama.

nash black glasses


Finally, the Nash lenses are named after John Nash, Nobel Prize winning economist and mathematician. They fit almost any face and have a narrower bridge. It comes in 5 colors: Black, Horn, Artichoke, Whiskey Tortoise, and Panorama.

Are These Right for You?

Felix Gray blue light blocking glasses check all our boxes for optimal eye comfort and sleep readiness. But as we all know, nothing is perfect. If you’d like to weigh your options a bit, check out our pro/con list.

Pros Cons
Easier to Fall Asleep: Blocking blue light means your body has an easier time producing melatonin and lulling you to sleep. A Little Pricey: Starting at $95, the Felix Gray glasses are effective, yet expensive. And even more so if you need a prescription.
Wide Variety: Not everyone wears glasses, so when you do, you want to do it in style. Felix Gray gives you multiple options to help you look good. Sizing Issues: You may think you know what size you are, but you can’t be sure until you try them on—kind of hard to do over the internet. Luckily, they offer free exchanges.
Healthier for Your Eyes: Other than sleep, blocking blue light keeps you from headaches, blurry vision, and strained eyes.

Product Specifications

Sizes and Pricing

  • Prices: $95 (non-prescription), $95 (reading), $145 (prescription)
  • Sizes:
Name Width Measurements
Turing Narrow 45-21-140
Roebling Narrow 49-18-140
Haro Narrow/Medium 48-22-140
Hamilton Narrow/Medium 49-21-140
Kelvin Medium 52-18-140
Nash Medium 49-17-140
Carver Medium 50-17-145
Lovelace Medium/Wide 51-15-145
Hopper Medium/Wide 48-18-145
Kelper Medium/Wide 49-21-145
Faraday Wide 53-17-145
Jemison Wide 52-18-145

Other Available Styles

Screen Shot 2019 08 02 at 3.29.30 PM
Screen Shot 2019 08 02 at 3.30.08 PM
Screen Shot 2019 08 02 at 3.31.04 PM
Screen Shot 2019 08 02 at 3.31.53 PM
Screen Shot 2019 08 02 at 3.32.51 PM
Screen Shot 2019 08 02 at 3.33.34 PM
Screen Shot 2019 08 02 at 3.34.26 PM
Screen Shot 2019 08 02 at 3.34.31 PM

What Customers Have to Say

I’m a photographer and was in need of some blue light glasses because I’m always staring at screens! I love these, they are so cute and have mostly gotten rid of the Strain on my eyes. I notice the difference when I don’t use them now. They don’t change my colors when editing and you can barely see the yellow tinto to these! I use them everyday!

- Victoria M.

Have been using them nearly every day. They're effective in filtering blue light, allowing me to work noticeably longer without pain from the Blue Light. Definitely worth the money and wait.

- Klaas M.

I've got my whole family and our software company rocking the Felix Grays. Look good and block unwanted blue light which can wreak havoc on your mitochondrial health.

- Matthew S.

Purchase Experience

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Free Shipping
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30-Day Free Return Policy
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1 Year

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