GhostBed vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison

Tempur-Pedic and GhostBed are two leading luxury mattress brands; let’s see what sets them apart.

By Nicole Gleichmann

Aug 31st, 2022

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GhostBed and Tempur-Pedic craft high-end memory foam and memory foam hybrid mattresses. Thanks to unique materials, Tempur-Pedic and GhostBed mattresses are best for different types of sleepers. In this review, we’ll compare GhostBed and Tempur-Pedic to help you decide which brand holds the best mattress for you.

Comparison Overview

GhostBed Tempur-Pedic
Best for
  • Hot sleepers
  • Plus-size sleepers
  • Sleepers who toss and turn
  • Bed-in-box shoppers
  • Those that sleep on their sides
  • Luxury shoppers
  • Memory foam aficionados
Price Range $945-$5,300 $1,899-$9,898
Special Features
  • Innovative cooling technology
  • Ultra-responsive feel
  • Budget-friendly models
  • Amazing pressure relief
  • A variety of firmness levels
  • Close hugging feel

GhostBed Mattresses

Mattress Construction

The original GhostBed mattress made its debut in 2015. What started with their flagship memory foam and latex hybrid mattress has expanded to a line of eight memory foam and memory foam hybrid mattresses.

Each of GhostBeds mattresses has a medium-firm feel and is made with cooling gel memory foam. Let’s take a look at what makes up some of the GhostBed mattresses.

the ghostbed mattress e1591991434298

GhostBed Classic

The GhostBed that started it all is one of the most affordable memory foam and latex mattresses we’ve tested. This 11” mattress balances contouring support with a cool, responsive feel that’s ideal for the average sleeper.

The GhostBed boasts a top layer made from aerated latex foam that rapidly responds to the body’s movements. The middle memory foam layer contains cooling gel that helps to dissipate body heat. When combined with the support layer of high-density polyfoam, the GhostBed is supportive enough for plus-size sleepers.

ghostbed luxe e1589554142546

GhostBed Luxe

The GhostBed Luxe is GhostBed’s luxury memory foam mattress. With six layers measuring 13”, the GhostBed Luxe is one of the most durable all-foam mattresses we’ve tested at the Mattress Advisor lab.

The Luxe’s mattress cover is crafted from airflow fiber and cooling gel memory foam with a plush feel that relieves pain at pressure points. Underneath the cooling cover is the Ghost Ice layer that keeps sleepers cool and dry. The comfort layers include a cushy layer of memory foam followed by a latex-like foam that adds responsiveness. The final layer is a 7.5” base layer of resilient polyfoam.

When it comes to memory foam mattresses, the GhostBed Luxe is one of the coolest options available, earning it a spot amongst our best mattresses for hot sleepers.

GB FLex lifestyle

GhostBed Flex

The GhostBed Flex is one of the best hybrid mattresses that we’ve tested at Mattress Advisor. Earning an 8/10 or higher in every category that influences sleep quality, the Flex supports restful sleep and eases aches and pains. Its medium-firm feel and springy support work best for back, stomach, and combination sleepers.

The Flex hybrid is made from six layers of foam, fiber, and innerspring coils. An ultra-soft and breathable fiber comfort layer tops 2” of gel-infused memory foam for a gently hugging sensation. As your body melts into the comfort layers, a 1” transition layer of GhostFlex foam limits sinkage. Below this is 8.5” of pocketed coils, achieving a responsive, cool, and supportive feel.

ghostbed 3d matrix lifestyle

GhostBed 3D Matrix

The GhostBed 3D Matrix is a 6-layer hybrid bed that cushions pressure points. It’s designed to closely contour the body without the sinking feeling of memory foam.

Thanks to the Ghost Ice Cover and cooling 3D Matrix Polymer top layer, the 3D Matrix sleeps exceptionally cool. Five inches of memory foam and latex-like foam layers atop the innerspring support core mean ample cushion, great for heavyweight side sleepers. Back sleepers of every weight tend to enjoy the balanced feel offered by the 3D Matrix.

Best Features

We’ve spent hours testing the GhostBed mattresses at our in-house mattress lab. Here’s what sets GhostBed beds apart from other companies.


Every GhostBed mattress boasts cooling technology. Breathable covers, cooling gel-infused memory foam, temperature-regulating gel polymers, and airy innerspring coils all ensure that even the hottest sleepers find relief.


Thanks to responsive latex and bouncy innerspring coils, you’ll never feel stuck on a GhostBed mattress. It’s easy to switch from one position to another, and even adult activities are more enjoyable on a responsive bed.


GhostBed mattresses are some of the most durable memory foam and hybrid beds that we’ve tested. Their high-quality materials and thick profiles mean a mattress that’s likely to last 10 years or more. Another perk of a durable mattress? They’re much better for sleepers who weigh more than 230 lbs thanks to sufficient support and longevity.

Edge Support

Another area where GhostBed mattresses excel is edge support. Each of the GhostBed mattresses has sturdy, comfortable edges. Couples who share a bed tend to prefer beds with solid edges as they allow you to spread out comfortably. Seniors also do best with supportive edges as they make getting in and out of bed easier.


GhostBed Classic GhostBed Luxe GhostBed Flex GhostBed 3D Matrix Hybrid
Twin $945 $1,895 $1,795 N/A
Twin XL $1,095 $2,045 $1,950 $2,650
Full $1,295 $2,175 $2,075 N/A
Queen $1,395 $2,395 $2,280 $3,540
King $1,695 $2,695 $2,595 $3,945
California King $1,720 $2,715 $2,615 $3,999
Split King $2,190 $4,090 $3,900 $5,300

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Shipping, Returns, and Warranty

GhostBed ships free to the contiguous U.S., with additional shipping fees to Hawaii or Alaska. You can expect to receive your new mattress within 2-5 business days from the day you place your order.

As GhostBed is a bed-in-a-box retailer, their mattresses ship compressed into a tall, thin box. You don’t need to be home to sign for your new mattress; your new bed will be left on your doorstep.

GhostBed has an excellent return policy. You have 101 nights from the day your mattress is shipped to try it out in the comfort of your own home. If you decide it’s not the right mattress for you, you can return it within that time frame for a full refund. Because it takes time for your body and the mattress to adjust, GhostBed asks that you try out your new bed for 30 days before initiating a return.

Every GhostBed mattress comes with a 20 or 25-year warranty. Compared to the standard 10-year warranty, the GhostBed warranty is incredibly generous.


  • Durable construction and impressive longevity
  • Exceptionally cool for beds with memory foam
  • Responsive feel makes it easy to switch positions
  • Ample cushion and support for plus-size sleepers
  • Sturdy edges allow couples to spread out
  • 101-night sleep trial with free returns
  • Generous 20 or 25-year warranty


  • No ultra-soft or firm mattresses for those who prefer extremes
  • Not great for lightweight side sleepers
  • The original GhostBed offers mediocre pressure relief

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Mattress Construction

Tempur-Pedic’s cutting edge proprietary foam changed the mattress industry and enhanced the sleep quality of countless people worldwide. Over the past 30 years, Tempur-Pedic has expanded their mattress line to include both memory foam and memory foam hybrid mattresses. They’ve made countless innovations to improve their mattresses, but their original memory foam technology remains the backbone of their mattresses.

Let’s take a look at each of their mattress models, including their construction and who’s best served by each.

tempurcloud supreme hero


Tempur-Cloud is a 3-layer memory foam mattress made for the average sleeper. Made from a new Tempur material, it brings great pressure relief at a lower price point. Because it has minimal comfort layers, it’s best for sleepers who weigh less than 230 lbs.

tempur adapt medium hybrid e1589552634708


The Tempur-Adapt comes with the deep, contouring feel of the original Tempur-ES foam. You can opt for an all-foam or hybrid model of the Tempur-Adapt. Each of these beds has a medium firmness level that balances the ultimate in pressure relief with reliable support.

The hybrid model is better for those who like a responsive mattress, such as couples or combination sleepers.

tempur proadapt firm e1587135495313


The Tempur-ProAdapt is the mattress for those looking for the ultimate in pressure relief without wanting to break the bank. It’s the least expensive Tempur-Pedic mattress with Tempur-APR foam, created for superior pressure relief.

As Tempur-Pedic’s most popular mattress, it comes in multiple firmness options and a hybrid model. You can choose from plush, medium, medium hybrid, or firm.

tempur luxeadapt firm


The Tempur-LuxeAdapt memory foam mattress is the best mattress for those who like a cradling, cloud-like sensation. Incredibly plush foams are used in the comfort layer, while Tempur-APR foam closely conforms to the body’s curves.

The soft option is best for side sleepers who require a generous cushion, while the firm works well for heavy side sleepers or back sleepers who like a deep contouring feel.

tempur breeze product


Tempur-Breeze is one of the coolest memory foam mattresses available. The ProBreeze model is 3° cooler than the average Tempur mattress, while the LuxeBreeze sleeps an extraordinary 8° cooler. The ProBreeze feels much like a cooler version of the Tempur-ProAdapt and the LuxeBreeze is like a cooler LuxeAdapt. As a result, the LuxeBreeze is plusher than the ProBreeze.

You can choose between soft, medium, medium hybrid, and firm options.

Best Features

Here’s why Tempur-Pedic has remained a leader in the luxury memory foam space for decades.

Pressure Relief

Lying on a Tempur-Pedic mattress feels like your body’s sinking into butter. The plush give is balanced by close contouring that makes it feel like the mattress is hugging you. Whether you go with a plush, firm, or hybrid Tempur-Pedic mattress, the cradling sensation offers incredible relief at areas like the hips, shoulders, and lower back.

Diverse Mattress Selection

Tempur-Pedic crafts memory foam mattresses and hybrids that suit all sleeping positions. From plush mattresses that rate a 3 on the 1-10 firmness scale to firm beds that fall at a 7, all memory foam lovers can find a good fit.

Tempur-Pedic’s 5 mattress lines were created for diverse needs. Value shoppers, hot sleepers, and those who want the utmost in pressure relief will find what they’re looking for. What’s more, Tempur-Pedic’s most popular lines come in multiple firmness levels and a hybrid option.

Adjustable Bases

Tempur-Pedic is known for luxury. For those who want the best sleeping environment possible, Tempur-Pedic offers a line of adjustable bed frames. Some of the perks of Tempur-Pedic’s power bases include:

  • Adjustable head and foot positioning
  • 4-zoned full-body massage
  • Zero gravity setting
  • Under bed lighting

Adjustable bases relieve snoring and body pains, make it easier to get in and out of bed, and boost comfort when watching TV or reading a book in bed.

Great for Couples

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are some of the best beds for couples thanks to:

  1. Motion Isolation: High-density memory foam dampens motion transfer, helping couples sleep peacefully all night long.
  2. Cooling Technology: Thanks to shared body heat, couples sleep hotter together than apart. Tempur-breeze models sleep up to 8 degrees cooler than other memory foam mattresses, keeping couples cool and dry.
  3. Hybrid Options: Tempur-Pedic hybrid mattresses have a layer of innerspring coils that add some bounce, perfect for adult activities.
  4. Split Setup: Tempur-Pedic offers split king mattresses and dual-sided adjustable bases. When paired, you get to enjoy individualized comfort while sharing a bed.


Tempur-Cloud Tempur-Adapt Tempur-ProAdapt Tempur-LuxeAdapt Tempur-breeze
Twin $1,899 $1,949 $2,849 N/A N/A
Twin XL $1,899 $1,949 $2,849 $3,649 $3,4949-$4,949
Full $2,099 $2,299 $3,199 N/A $4,299
Queen $2,199 $2,449 $3,349 $4,149 $4,449-$5,449
King $2,599 $3,149 $4,049 $4,849 $5,149-$6,149
Split King $3,798 $3,898 $5,698 $7,298 $7,898-$9,898
Cal King $2,599 $3,149 $4,049 $4,849 $5,149-$6,149
Split Cal King N/A $3,898 $5,698 $7,298 $7,898-$9,898

Shipping, Returns, and Warranty

When you buy a new Tempur-Pedic mattress, it will be delivered and set up at your home for free—something known as White Glove Delivery. If you have an old mattress that you want to be removed, the representative will take it away. Because Tempur-Pedic comes with free White Glove Delivery, you must be there to receive the mattress at a pre-scheduled date and time.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses come with a 90-day trial period. Once you receive your new Tempur mattress, you have 90 days to decide if it’s the right bed for you. In the rare case that you want to return the Tempur-Pedic mattress, you’ll receive a full refund minus a $175 return shipping fee.

Every Tempur-Pedic bed comes with a standard 10-year limited warranty. The one aspect of the warranty that stands out is that they cover indentations greater than ¾”, rather than the standard 1 or 1 ½”.


  • Outstanding pressure point relief
  • Soft enough for side sleepers and lightweight sleepers
  • Optional cooling technology for hot sleepers
  • Traditional hugging memory foam feel
  • A diverse mattress collection fits the needs of most sleepers
  • Exceptional motion isolation
  • Free white glove delivery


  • High price point. See Tempur-Pedic Alternatives for more affordable options
  • No extra-firm options
  • Some models sleep somewhat hot
  • A $175 fee for returns
  • Shorter trial periods compared to other mattress companies

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Final Breakdown: Which Is Best?

Tempur-Pedic and GhostBed are two luxury memory foam and memory foam hybrid mattress companies. While they manufacture similar mattresses, the way these beds feel is vastly different. These differences make the GhostBed better for some sleepers and the Tempur-Pedic better for others.

Tempur-Pedic is known for their luxurious cradling memory foam feel. When you imagine sinking into a cloud-like all-foam bed, you’re envisioning what Tempur-Pedic beds feel like. Their exceptional pressure relief is perfect for side sleepers, lightweight sleepers, and anyone who needs extra cushion at pressure points. With a variety of mattress lines, Tempur-Pedic is a great choice for anyone who loves the traditional memory foam feel.

GhostBed mattresses are better suited for those who prefer the feeling of sleeping “on,” rather than “in,” a mattress. GhostBed mattresses are exceptionally cool and durable, and they’re thick enough to support plus-size sleepers. These beds are much more responsive than Tempur-Pedic, making it easier to move around or have sex. Additionally, they’re less expensive.

Consider your sleep preferences before choosing the best mattress for you. And remember—both of these brands offer sleep trials, so you can try out your mattress in the comfort of your home.

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