How Much Does a Good Mattress Cost?

By Loren Bullock

Apr 18th, 2023

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So, you’ve had your old mattress for a few years, and it’s time for it to go. Being in the market for a new mattress is exciting because you get to explore different models and target sleep issues you might not have had last time you bought a mattress, such as hip pain or night sweats. A good new mattress can ease these problems as well as provide a great night’s sleep.

But there’s one thing you might not know off the top of your head: how much does a good mattress cost? Well, it’s your lucky day because we’ve created a quick cheat-sheet guide on the prices you should expect from a good mattress.

Mattress Price by Mattress Type

Mattress Type Price Range (Queen) Average Price (Queen)
Memory Foam $400-$1,200 $800
Innerspring $600-$1,400 $900
Latex $1,500-$2,500 $1,700
Hybrid $1,200-$2,500 $1,500
Airbed $1,500-$2,500 $1,700

Mattress pricing depends on a few things, but the main differential is the type of mattress you intend to buy.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are the most popular mattress type for people with bodily pain, or people who want a mattress that is just going to hug them. Originally created by NASA to absorb shock on space shuttle seats, memory foam conforms to your body and is super soft. When it comes to quality, it depends on the type of foam and foam density.

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Higher foam densities last longer but are firmer; lower density foams deteriorate quicker but are softer. This is why many foam mattresses combine layers of foam with different densities for both comfort and support. Some people find that memory foam sleeps hot, so you will often see memory foam beds infused with copper or gel. These types are more expensive than other models.

The average price range of a good memory foam mattress is anywhere between $400 and $1,200.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are considered more traditional; chances are you’ve slept on one before. This mattress type is great for support and durability, making it the most compatible with heavy sleepers. They rely on the use of coil springs sandwiched by a layer of foam for comfort. Because of this nostalgia and support, innerspring mattresses remain the most popular mattress type.

The price point depends on the number of coils used in the mattress, or the coil count. The higher the coil count, the more expensive the mattress, but it isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality. The gauge of the coil determines innerspring mattress quality. A higher gauge coil is thinner and less durable than a thicker, lower gauge coil.

The average price range of a top innerspring mattress is anywhere between $600 and $1,400.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are the most supportive and responsive mattress type, making them great for pressure relief much like memory foam. The biggest difference is that latex beds are more bouncy, and they are hypoallergenic, naturally cool, and naturally dust mite-resistant.

Latex beds can be made from either natural latex or synthetic latex with natural latex being the most expensive option. There are also two processes that latex beds can undergo: the dunlop process or the talalay process. Dunlop is denser and more supportive, and talalay is less dense, more comfortable, and more expensive.

The average price range of a top latex mattress is anywhere between $1,500 and $2,500.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of at least 2 inches of latex or memory foam for comfort and pocketed coils for support. Hybrid beds often have extras incorporated in this, anywhere between 5 and 7 layers. This mattress type is good for virtually anyone depending on what the construction targets: couples, hot sleepers, combo sleepers, etc.

Aspects that make a hybrid mattress more expensive include cooling layers, high-quality microcoils, coil construction, a pillow top, and more layers. The average price range of a top hybrid mattress is anywhere between $1,200 and $2,500.


Airbed mattresses are not the same thing as an air mattress that you would blow up for guests to sleep in your living room or for camping. Airbeds used pressurized air rather than foam, latex, or coils to support you as you sleep. Often times, you control the air input for customized firmness—great for couples with different sleeping preferences.

The price tag of airbeds depends on the comfort layers between you and the bed, number of air chambers, remote controls, and height. The average price range of a good airbed mattress is anywhere between $1,500 and $2,500.

Mattress Price By Mattress Size

Mattress Size Price Range Average Price
Twin Size $250-$1,000 $500
Twin XL $350-$1,200 $600
Full/Double Size $400-$2,000 $800
Queen Size $500-$2,500 $1,000
King Size $800-$3,000+ $1,500
California King $800-$3,000+ $1,500

The size mattress you are looking for will also help you gauge the price of your new bed. Twin and twin xl mattresses are obviously the cheapest option, because they require the least amount of materials. You will often see queen-size mattresses listed as the price for a mattress company, because they are the most popular. King and California king mattresses often come in at the same price.

Factors Influencing Mattress Price

Many factors influence the price of a new mattress. The most substantial ones are:

Material & Construction

The materials used and the quality of craftsmanship influence the cost of a mattress. For example, a bed made from specialty materials, such as latex, can be more expensive than a mattress made from lower quality foams and springs. For example, the average price of a Queen size latex mattress is $1,700, compared to $900 for an innerspring or $800 for a memory foam mattress.


The price of a mattress is often heavily connected to its size. For example, the best king size mattresses will cost significantly more than the full size version of the same mattress.

A few quirks include Twin XL and California king mattresses. These are considered specialty sizes and will sometimes run at a slightly higher cost than their Standard Twin or King counterparts. You can find the average prices of each of these mattress sizes in the chart above.

Online vs. In-Person Shopping

Purchasing a mattress online can be cheaper than buying one in-person. In their May of 2010 issue, Consumer Reports investigation found that brick-and-mortar mattress stores sell mattresses at markups of up to 900%. Online mattress companies have less overhead than in-person stores, so purchasing a mattress online can save you hundreds of dollars.

Additional Costs for a New Mattress

Most of the time, you have to consider more than just the price of the mattress itself. You have to think about shipping trial period, return policy, and warranties, as well as a foundation or compatible bedding.

Bedding Extras

While some mattresses nowadays can be put directly on the floor, most people would prefer a foundation or base of some sort. Even though you might already have a foundation, not all mattresses are compatible with every foundation. Putting a mattress on the wrong foundation could mean it won’t last as long as promised. So, it is critical to have a good base.

Some of these foundation features are folded into the price of the mattress, especially if the one you choose comes with an adjustable base. A good base will usually run you about $150.


Like most people, you will probably find that ordering a bed-in-a-box online is much more convenient than going to a mattress store or warehouse and setting it up on your own. Not only is it more convenient, but it’s cheaper as well, because you cut out the cost of the middle man (the brick-and-mortar stores). The online market has a wide range of mattress options, which happen to come with shipping deals.

One of our favorite shipping deals is white glove delivery. This is when a mattress brand will not only ship the mattress to you, but come and set it up for you. Some of these deals even include free mattress removal. A few brands will charge about a $45 fee for white glove delivery and others will offer it free with purchase.

Beware: if you live in Alaska or Hawaii, shipping and white glove delivery is rarely free.


A good mattress warranty will be for about 10 years, while a great mattress warranty will be about 20 years to a lifetime. Check to see how limited these warranties are in relation to your comfort level. A few mattress brands will cover shipping and extra costs for defective mattresses, but most don’t.

Ongoing Sales

A lot of popular mattress brands are always running some sort of deal. Check out our guides below for some of the latest deals for our top mattress picks.

Holiday Sales

Timing is everything when it comes to great mattress deals. As you can see, mattresses are big ticket items and finding them on sale randomly throughout the year is hard and requires quite a lot of research. What day of the year it is affects the price immensely—we’re talking up to 50%. Waiting for holidays is easy and guarantees that your perfect mattress will be on sale. Here is a list of holidays that are perfect for mattress shopping:


Buying a new bed can be fun, but you want to make sure that you are investing in a good mattress to sleep on for the next 7+ years. The price is a great indicator in whether or not you are getting quality, but it’s not the only thing you should be looking at. Think about the type that is compatible with the type of sleeper you are, the size mattress you need, and the quality materials that go in that mattress. Make sure you’re getting a good warranty as well as one of the best cheap mattress protectors to make it as as long as possible. Want to save a little extra? Wait for a prime mattress-shopping holiday to get the right mattress for a great price.


Experts say that we spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Do you want to spend all of that time sleeping on a mattress that could compromise the quality of your awake hours?

You don’t have to spend thousands on a new mattress to get a quality sleep, but consider purchasing a comfortable (based on your sleeping preferences) and durable mattress. A good mattress should last you at least eight years!

Can you? Maybe.

Should you? We wouldn’t recommend it.

It would be difficult to get a quality $200 full size mattress and box spring. There are several options available for under $200, however they likely won’t last long and will not provide you with the necessary support.