How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Learning how to fold your fitted sheets can transform your linen closet and set your mind at ease

By Andrea Pisani Babich

Apr 19th, 2022

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OK, so maybe learning how to fold a fitted sheet isn’t changing the world, but it can help you impress your mom when she comes to visit your new grown-up digs for the first time. If you really want to show Mom you made it, show her your linen closet — well, not your linen closet as it looks now with mounds of wadded up blankets and sheets that look like they’ve been extruded from an overgrown toothpaste tube. Come on, you’re a grown up now. Let’s do it right.

Folding up your flat sheets, blankets, and comforters is relatively easy. You just need to get down to it. Make sure you fold them in half vertically first, so you have a nice center crease to help you place it evenly on the bed. Do it, and you’ll thank yourself when it’s done.

But those evil fitted sheets – what’s to be done with them? You can and should fold them, and shockingly, folding them neatly into tidy, flat squares or rectangles is just as easy as balling them up and hoping none of your guests ever goes looking for an extra pillow or blanket. You just have to know what you’re doing.

Folding fitted sheets 101

Believe it or not, fitted sheets were not designed to keep otherwise accomplished people humble. They actually can be folded flat as you can see when you buy a new set of sheets and find both the flat and fitted sheets folded with origami precision. The secret to folding fitted sheets is to tuck all of the elasticized sides together.


Take a look at our step-by-step video tutorial here, or read our detailed instructions below. Before you start, take a deep breath and repeat after me, “I can fold this fitted sheet. Yes. I. Can.” Good luck!

  • Step 1: Turn your sheet inside out.
  • Step 2: Holding your sheet long ways, insert your hands into the two top corner pockets so that the sheet hangs with the long edges on the sides.
  • Step 3: Use your right hand (if you’re right-handed; reverse if you’re a leftie) to bring one of the top corners to the other and fold the right pocket over the left. If your sheet is elasticized all the way around, the gathered edges should be across the top, left side, and the bottom of the sheet.
  • Step 4: Shift the top pockets to your right hand and tuck the bottom pockets together with your left.
  • Step 5: Insert your left hand into the bottom pockets of the sheet. The bottom of the sheet should be hanging from your left hand, and the top should still be hanging from your right.
  • Step 6: Join the top of the sheet to the bottom by folding the pocket covering your right hand over the pocket covering your left hand. There should now be elasticized edges across the top and down the left side only — only on the left if elasticized only on the corners.
  • Step 7: Lay the sheet flat on a table or bed in a rectangle of sorts. Arrange the tucked edges so they are aligned, folded over themselves, and lying as flat as possible. Smooth all edges.
  • Step 8: Fold the sheet into thirds for a king or queen size sheet and in half for twin to form a long, narrow rectangle. No elastic edges should be visible.
  • Step 9: Fold the rectangle in thirds to form a neat, flat square ready to be stacked in your highly organized linen closet.
  • Step 10: Be prepared to modestly wave off compliments on your excellent domestic skills!

Storage tip: Spritz some linen spray on your sheets after you fold them to freshen your closet and to release a fresh scent when changing your sheets.

Go the extra mile. Now that you’ve dominated the linen closet, try your hand at DIY linen spray. Refresh your sheets before you get into bed and let the soothing fragrance carry you to the land of dreams. After wrangling all those sheets, you deserve a little indulgence and a good night’s sleep.

Why should you fold your fitted sheets?

  • For one thing, you want to conserve space in your closet.
  • You want your bed linens to stack neatly so you don’t have to launch an archeological dig every time you want to change your sheets.
  • To prevent wrinkles from giving your sheets that rumpled look even before you sleep on them.
  • Two words: sheet avalanche. ‘Nuff said.
  • To reassure your mom that you got this adulting thing on lock. (Just steer her clear of that cabinet under the sink in your bathroom.)

Still have questions about folding your fitted sheets? Let us know; we’ll be happy to help. We’d also love to hear about your mom’s new-found respect for you because of your grown up linen closet. Drop us a line!