Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow Review

Wondering if the Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow is the best pillow for you? Find out in this review.

By Laura Mohammad

Aug 26th, 2022

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

[By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.]

Iso-Cool is a brand you’ve probably shopped without realizing it. It is one of several bedding collections endorsed by Sleep Better, a branch of the cushion company, Carpenter Co. Sleep Better products are made in the USA and sold across the country. Their products range from down alternative and cooling pillows to foam mattress pads and toppers. 

In this review, we’ll discuss the 3 memory foam pillow models under the Iso-Cool label. The bestseller is the Side Sleeper Pillow, although we’ll also touch on the Contour and Standard models. In this review, we cover everything you need to know about Sleep Better’s cooling memory foam pillow, including the materials, feel, sizing, and pros/cons.

Best For/Not Best For

No pillow is exactly right for every person. The following are our recommendations for the Iso-Cool Pillow

We think you’ll like the Iso-Cool Pillow if…

  • You are a side sleeper with an average or small frame
  • You like the feel of a firm, supportive pillow
  • You have allergies and need a hypoallergenic pillow
  • You get hot when you sleep
  • You are a back sleeper

We think you’ll want to pass on the Iso-Cool Pillow if…

  • You prefer the feel of an extra soft, plush pillow
  • You’re a stomach sleeper
  • You like to mold your pillow shape to your body and sleeping position
  • You are indecisive and need a trial period to test your new pillow)

What’s Inside?


The cover of the Iso-Cool pillow is made of 300 thread count cotton. People tend to associate a higher thread count with a more plush, luxurious feel. Actually, fabric with a higher thread count is less breathable. A 300 thread count is the ideal balance of durability, comfort, and breathability. 

Personally, I think the feel of the cotton cover isn’t as soft as others, so I recommend using a thin pillowcase.

The star of the cover is Sleep Better’s Outlast Adaptive Comfort material that is woven into the cotton. This material is packed full of the highest possible concentration of microscopic Phase Change Material (PCM). The PCM beads help to regulate your body temperature wherever your skin touches the material. If the pillow surface gets too warm, it absorbs more heat and feels cool. If the surface is too cool, it releases absorbed heat.

Additionally, the cover is removable via a zipper on the side, and also machine washable.


Inside the removable cover is a single piece of 100% visco-elastic memory foam. The foam in this pillow has a slighter firmer feel than others on the market. It’s not so firm as to be uncomfortable, and the feel is similar to the foam in Tempur-Pedic products, but with more bounce.

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The Iso-Cool Pillow foam incorporates Active Air Technology, which is Sleep Better’s version of perforated foam. The pinholes have a sunbeam pattern, with larger holes in the center, where they presume your body heat will be concentrated. Sleep Better claims these pinholes create channels that improve airflow through the pillow by 400%.

The Highlights of Iso-Cool

Here are a few features that we think make the Iso-Cool really shine:

  • Phase Change Material: As mentioned before, the Iso-Cool Pillow has PCM beads distributed all over cover fabric. These beads absorb or release heat depending on the temperature of your skin, creating a neutral temperature on the pillow surface. That way, you won’t wake up soaked in sweat or toss and turn from a too-hot sleeping surface.
  • Responsive: The foam used in the Iso-Cool pillow line is quick to spring back to its original shape after you change position. This is an important feature for combo sleepers or anyone who moves around when getting comfortable.
  • Neck Support: It’s really tough to get a good night’s sleep without proper neck support. The Iso-Cool Pillow gently contours around your neck and head, relieving stress on your neck, shoulders, and upper back. With the weight of your head supported, you’ll notice less neck pain and possibly even less back pain. 

Product Info

Next, we’ll take a look at the product specs for the Iso-Cool Pillow.

Sizes and Prices

Sleep Better offers their Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow in 3 different shapes. Each is targeted for a different sleeping position.

The first is the Gusseted Side Sleeper. The Side Sleeper is designed specifically for those who sleep on their side. It has a boxy, rectangular shape and fully gusseted edges. The dimensions are 15.5” x 23” x 5”. Normally, a standard sized pillow is 20” x 26”, but the Side Sleeper still fits into standard pillowcases, albeit with extra room.  

The second shape is the Contour Bed Pillow. This version has a subtle figure 8 shape with a little more loft under the curve of your neck. It’s the smallest pillow of the bunch with the following dimensions: 15” x 20” x 5” 

The third is the Standard shape. This is a more traditional rectangular shape with no gussets. It measures at 18” x 24” x 5”. 

It’s tough to nail down exact prices for these pillows since their availability fluctuates and they are sold at so many different retailers. On average, we noticed that the Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillows ranged between $36.99 – $79.99. The Side Sleeper is the most expensive model, and the Standard is the lowest cost. The good news is that you have the ability to shop around for the lowest price!

Shipping and Returns

The Iso-Cool Pillow is not sold directly from the Sleep Better website or a flagship store, so the shipping and return policies are dependent on where you buy your pillow.  A pillow from Amazon Prime will have free shipping within 3-5 business days.

Trial and Warranty

As with the shipping and return policies, there is no definitive sleep trial for Sleep Better products. If you’re curious about a seller-specific trial period, consult the retailer where you’re looking to buy your pillow.

Iso-Cool Pillows come with a 5-year manufacturer limited warranty. Most pillow warranties cover unraveled seams, cracked foam, or distinctive flattening of the pillow loft. You’ll want to follow the warranty instructions that you receive with your pillow, and make sure to hold onto your original receipt of purchase, since those are typically required to make a claim.

Customer Reviews

  • “I have owned this pillow for almost five years now and it’s still just as perfect as the day I bought it. This pillow is the right amount of firm and gives your neck the proper amount of support. Additionally, it stays very cool all night long due to the Iso-Cool pillowcase.” – Shawn L.
  • “This pillow is as close to perfect as I have found yet. I bought this specifically for night sweating from premenopause. With this pillow, there have been a few times I woke up with a slightly sweaty head but nowhere near like before. I have not woken as many times during the night as I had before I started sleeping with it.” – Lovely Lady
  • “After I bought these, I have not had sore-neck-in-the-morning pain since. It’s a great pillow for the side sleepers, IMO. Best of all, it’s definitely less expensive than Tempurpedic’s, etc. After a few years, the pillow has retained the same shape as the first day I bought it. I can’t really say the same for the cheapos I used before this pillow.” – James S.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Cooling: Temperature regulating Phase Change Material in the cover and breathable pinhole ventilation in the foam Not for Stomach Sleepers: The loft may not be high enough for side sleepers with wide shoulders and may be too high for stomach sleepers
Size Options: Available in 3 shapes that accommodate all sleep positions Off-Gassing: May have a slight off-gassing scent right after unpacking
Support: Plenty of neck support from the visco-elastic foam core



How do I clean my Sleep Better Iso-Cool foam pillow?


The machine washable cover can be removed via the zippered opening on the side of the pillow. Use warm water and mild detergent when washing. Tumble dry on low heat. The memory foam should only be spot cleaned with warm water and mild detergent. Let it air dry at room temperature, and keep it away from hot air and direct sunlight. Make sure the foam is completely dry before putting the cover back on.


How do I know which Iso-Cool pillow shape is best for me?


We recommend the Side Sleeper for, well, side sleepers. Stomach sleepers should give the Standard shape a try, and back sleepers will like either the Contour model or the Standard model. If you find a retailer who sells all 3 shapes, you can test them out there.

Final Breakdown

The Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow is a supportive, cooling pillow that is worth a try, especially with such diverse price points. The only downside is that there is no sleep trial, so you’ll be making a permanent purchase in most cases.

If you’re able to get your hands on an Iso-Cool Pillow, we think it’s worth a try. With competitive prices, seasonal discounts, and cooling comfort, there are many great aspects of the Iso-Cool collection.