Layla Memory Foam Pillow Review

Learn about the materials used in the Layla Memory Foam Pillow, its highlights, and who we recommend buying it.

By Laura Mohammad

Jul 18th, 2022

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Wondering if you should splurge on the Layla Memory Foam Pillow? Keep reading to discover our Mattress Advisor score and who we think this pillow would be best for.

✔️Customer Rating: 4.5/5
✔️Mattress Advisor Score: 8.7/10
✔️Type: Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow
✔️Free Shipping
✔️5-Year Warranty
✔️120-Night Sleep Trial

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Overview: The Layla Memory Foam Pillow has adjustable filling so you can get the height where you like it. It uses gel-infused memory foam to provide a cooling experience and is super supportive. Plus, it comes with a 120-night sleep trial so you can try it out risk free.

Who is the Layla Memory Foam Pillow Best For?

Layla Memory Foam Pillow is best for: Layla Memory Foam Pillow may not be best for:
  • Memory foam lovers
  • Shoppers wanting the option to customize their pillow’s loft
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Indecisive shoppers
  • Those with TMJ
  • Budget-friendly shoppers
  • People with polyester allergies
  • Fans of down alternative pillows or ones they can fluff

How We Scored the Helix Weighted Blanket

When reviewing pillows, we rate each factor on a scale of 1-10; 10 means it exceeds expectations and 1 means it has significant room for improvement. To reach our final score, we calculate a weighted average from all 5 categories. Read more about our review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Temperature Regulation 8
Support 9
Responsiveness 8
Durability 9.5
Construction 9
⭐Total Score for the Helix Weighted Blanket: 8.7/10⭐

Layla Memory Foam Pillow Performance Highlights

✅ Pros

  • Support: The Layla Memory Foam Pillow is highly supportive thanks to the memory foam core and shredded memory foam filling, which you can adjust to your desired loft.
  • Cooling: This pillow stays much cooler than traditional memory foam pillows since it uses gel-infused memory foam.
  • Durability: Memory foam pillows like this one are known to outlast down pillows by a couple of years.

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❌ Cons

  • Cost: As a luxury memory foam pillow, it comes with a higher price tag than one you might find at the store.
  • Off-Gassing: When unboxing the Layla Memory Foam Pillow, we noticed a slight off-gassing smell, but this is normally when it travels a long distance to get to you.

What’s It Made of?

Layla’s memory foam pillow consists of an outer pillow and memory foam filler design. 


The Layla Memory Foam Pillow comes enclosed in a white hexagon-stitched cover that unzips and is easy to remove. This portion of the pillow is machine washable so you can pop it in the washing machine when you spill your morning tea or want to freshen up your pillow.

Pillow Enclosure

The first portion of the Layla Memory Foam Pillow consists of a blue memory foam outer pillow. Like the cover, this unzips so you can access the inner foam layer. Layla uses gel-infused memory foam to provide a cooling experience.

Inner Foam Layer

Inside the pillow enclosure is a collection of shredded memory foam filling and polyester fiber. The pillow comes overstuffed so you can remove some to get your desired pillow height.

About the Materials

Shredded Memory Foam

Shredded memory foam is a common pillow filler for adjustable pillows since it has a cushioning feel. It’s also more breathable than traditional memory foam since it allows for more space to circulate air.

Polyester Fiber

Polyester fiber, or Poly-Fil, is an affordable pillow filler. It’s very breathable and lightweight. Plus, it’s resistant to mildew and non-allergenic.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Gel-infused memory foam has a cooler feel than regular memory foam since the gel acts as a cooling agent. It also can add enhanced support to ease pain in the neck.

What Makes the Layla Memory Foam Pillow Special?

  1. Like all of Layla’s sleep products, the memory foam pillow comes wrapped in its signature hexagon stitching, giving the pillow a unique texture.
  2. Layla uses CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam for the pillow’s filler so you can rest easy knowing no harmful chemicals are lingering on your pillow.
  3. In an age where we’re often modifying our burger orders, it’s nice to know that the Layla Memory Foam Pillow comes with an adjustable filling that you can customize to your preferred height.

Product Info

Layla Memory Foam Pillow Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

Layla sells its memory foam pillow in two sizes. See the pillow dimensions and prices below.

Size  Dimension Weight Price*
Queen 18″ x 28″ 3.7 lbs $89
King 18″ x 34″ 4.7 lbs $104

*Prices listed are standard without sales or Mattress Advisor exclusive discounts. Click below to find the best price for the Layla Memory Foam Pillow.

Purchase Details

Delivery Delivered to your doorstep
Trial Period 120 nights
Warranty 5-year warranty
Return Policy Free returns during the trial period
Financing Available through Affirm

Shipping and Delivery

Layla offers free shipping to those in the contiguous U.S. Shoppers living in Hawaii, Canada, and Alaska will have a shipping fee, which is non-refundable. Your memory foam pillow will come delivered to your door via FedEx Home Delivery.

Typically, handling time takes 1-3 business days so the Layla fulfillment centers have plenty of time to make sure your purchase is packaged correctly. Once your item is processed, it will take approximately 2-5 days. You’ll receive an email with your shipping information.

Trial and Warranty

When purchasing a Layla Memory Foam Pillow, you get 120 nights to test it out. That’s about four months for you to see how it feels on your bed. Since this is an adjustable pillow, that gives you plenty of time to figure out how much filling you like to get the pillow at your desired loft. However, if you find you’re unhappy with this pillow, you can return it for a full refund. Layla asks that you wait at least two weeks before initiating a return. Once your return is processed, you’ll receive a full refund.

The Layla Memory Foam Pillow comes with a 5-year warranty. This covers any defects in the material or workmanship, such as stitching or seams coming undone despite normal usage. To submit a warranty claim, reach out to the chatbot on Layla’s website. You will need a photo of the impacted area of the pillow, a photo of the entire pillow, and a photo of the law tag. For questions concerning your warranty, email

Customer Reviews

  • “Nice sturdy pillow. I like that you can customize it to your comfort level.” – Colleen C.
  • “The Layla Memory Foam pillow is perfect for me: It is cushiony yet firm enough, and has helped my neck and shoulder pain. Highly recommended!” – Jordana G.
  • Excellent pillow. This was a gift for my GF, who loves sleeping on my pillows and was having trouble finding some she liked.” – Jacob K.
  • “It’s good! I have TMJ and sleep on my stomach, so finding a pillow that supported me and my messed-up jaw was a bit of a hunt. But since sleeping on this pillow, my pain has gone way down.” – Vanessa G.

Is the Layla Memory Foam Pillow Right for You?

Now that you’ve gotten the rundown on the Layla Memory Foam Pillow, it’s time to determine if it’s best for you. We think that this would make a great addition to almost anyone’s bed due to its customization in loft size. Stomach sleepers can remove filling to get it nice and flat, while side and back sleepers can add filling for a plush feel. It also does a good job maintaining that “cool side” feel and supporting your neck where it needs it most. Layla also sells a Kapok Pillow that is slightly more expensive but comes with a softer cover and luxury feel.

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When accidents happen or it’s time to freshen up your pillow, remove the exterior cover and throw it in the washing machine. Layla recommends washing with cold water and tumble dry on low heat.

Yes! To adjust the loft of your Layla Memory Foam Pillow, simply unzip the removable cover and unzip the inner lining. Remove filling to make the pillow flatter or add more to give it extra definition.

The Layla Memory Foam Pillow is manufactured in China.