Leesa Introduces a New Level of Comfort with Their Legend Mattress

Read how Leesa’s innovative mattress design creates new trends in the mattress industry.

By Andrea Pisani Babich

This week Leesa launched a new mattress that promises an “elevated sleep experience” with advanced hug, bounce, and pressure point relief.

The Leesa Legend takes the hybrid mattress concept – pocketed coils surrounded by layers of foam – to a new level by adding a second, more targeted layer of micro-coils. The revolutionary dual hybrid design of the Leesa Legend provides extreme pressure point relief in the shoulder and hip areas for exceptional comfort especially for side sleepers.

Leesa Legend mattress

A Legend in the Making

In an exclusive Mattress Advisor interview, Jamie Diamonstein, Chief Product Officer at Leesa, said he and his team spent over two years developing the Legend mattress and designed 60 prototypes before creating the perfect design. The mattress he calls “the most challenging bed I’ve ever built” has a higher price point than Leesa’s other mattresses, but the Legend is designed for extraordinary durability combined with long-lasting comfort.  

What makes Leesa so confident that people will pay a little more for a long-term investment in their health and wellbeing? They’ve tested their new mattress – a lot. After pounding and rolling over the Legend for the equivalent of 10-15 years of nightly use, the mattress lost a mere .002 of an inch of loft, a loss of height imperceptible to most sleepers. 

But a mattress that is so durable must be as unyielding as a dried up river bed in Death Valley, right? Wrong. Leesa has created a unique formula for a durable mattress that’s also comfortable. The Legend’s innovative design takes the best features of coils, layers them with memory foam, and wraps them all in an organic and sustainably-made mattress cover for a premium sleep experience.  Here’s how it works. 

What Makes Legend So Special 

Leesa prides itself on perfecting just three mattress models. They’ve combined the best features of their Original mattress with those of their Hybrid to create a legend in the mattress industry. The result is a mattress that has the responsiveness and cooling qualities of pocketed coils combined with the support and hug of memory foam. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the Legend is how soft and comfortable the cover is. The hypoallergenic fabric is the only one of its kind, woven from 100% organic cotton and merino wool. Both fabrics provide superior breathability and outstanding moisture wicking. The naturally antibacterial wool helps keep your mattress fresh and free from odor-causing bacteria for the life of the mattress. 

Leesa Legend mattress close up

A contouring comfort layer of breathable foam tops what Leesa calls their unique Relief & Stability layer made from a combination of memory foam and hundreds of micro-pocket springs. The field of micro-pocket springs targets the areas of increased pressure around the shoulders and hips for precise pressure point relief while keeping your spine in neutral alignment. The stabilizing foam in this layer virtually eliminates motion transfer so your partner’s movements will not disturb your sleep. 

Another layer of foam separates the Relief & Stability layer from the Quick Response layer. This layer gets its name from the extreme responsiveness of more than 1,000 individually pocketed coils that form the base of the mattress. Not only do these coils provide the push back that makes moving and getting out of bed easier, they also increase airflow ensuring that your Legend mattress stays cool all night long.  

And that’s how Legends are made. 

Your Purchase Is a Win-Win

When you purchase a Leesa Legend, not only will you gift yourself with an amazing sleep experience, you’ll be doing your part to help children in need. To help celebrate the launch of their revolutionary mattress, from now until the end of 2019, Leesa, a certified B-corporation, will match your mattress purchase with a mattress donation to a non-profit organization that helps women and children in need. After this year, they will continue to donate one mattress for every ten sold. 

Since 2014, they’ve donated more than 35,000 mattresses to over 1,000 non-profits around the country. But Leesa doesn’t limit their social impact to mattress donations. They use plastic from recycled water bottles to make the polyester fibers that stitch together the Legend mattress cover.

In the past five years, Leesa has supported their workers with paid time off to volunteer a total of 2,133 hours in their local communities. And they’ve planted over a quarter million trees to help replenish the environment. Leesa’s commitment to social responsibility and environmental health makes your purchase of a Leesa mattress an indulgence you can feel good about. And that’s truly legendary. 

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Certified B Corporation: bcorporation.net/directory/leesa-sleep

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