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Leesa vs. Purple Mattress Comparison

Choosing between a Leesa and Purple mattress? Check out our comparison review to evaluate ratings, features, and more.

Leesa and Purple are two of the most popular online mattress brands. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you’ve probably come across each of these brands at least once. Purple is a unique mattress made with the pressure-relieving hyper-elastic polymer (a unique mattress material) and Leesa is made with a proprietary Aveena foam, designed to provide optimal responsiveness and a comfortable surface for any type of sleeper.

To help you easily see how the Leesa and Purple mattresses compare on factors like motion transfer, responsiveness, pressure relief and trial period, we’ve organized these important details in an easy-to-follow side-by-side comparison. See how these mattresses stack up against each other below.

Leesa vs. Purple at a Glance

Customer Rating
MA Score
Trial Period


Customer Rating
MA Score
9.3 / 10

Foam blend mattress that's ideal for the average sleeper


Medium firm: 6/10


Foam combo

Trial Period

100 days


10-year limited warranty


Customer Rating
MA Score
8.4 / 10

Proven pressure relief for people with back pain; good for back and side sleepers


Medium firm-firm: 6.5/10


Hybrid: hyper-elastic polymer and foam

Trial Period

100 days


10-year limited warranty

Leesa mattress in a bedroom

Leesa Mattress Highlights

  • We think Leesa has created the perfect mattress for any sleeping position – it offers a great balance between soft and firm, promotes airflow to keep you cool, and won’t leave you sinking into the foam like quicksand.
  • The Leesa is the highest rated mattress on Mattress Advisor, but also has a happy (and well-rested) bunch of customers who rate it a 4.8/5.
  • Leesa is always looking for ways to improve their products. In fact, they recently launched an updated version of their mattress with new pressure-relieving foam that took 200 prototypes to get just right. The best part is, they didn’t raise the price of the mattress, so you’re still getting a quality mattress at a really great price point. You can watch our video below to see the highlights but as a quick teaser: it’s even better than it was before for side sleepers!
Purple mattress

Purple Mattress Highlights

  • The Purple is a mattress with a big personality, but it does have a lot to boast about: it sleeps cool, is great for spinal alignment and does a good job with reducing any movement you’ll feel from other people (or animals).
  • Customers who own the Purple have claimed it’s helped them relieve neck and back pain.
  • The Purple is topped with a unique pressure-releasing material that is especially great for back and side sleepers – when you lie on your back, it will help your spine maintain its natural curve and when you lie on your side, it will help keep your spine straight.

Compare Mattress Specs/Sizes

Learn more about what you can expect in these mattresses by checking out the specific measurements.

Thickness 10″ 9.5″
Twin Size 39″ x 75″ 38″ x 75″
Twin XL 39″ x 80″ 38″ x 80″
Full Size 53″ x 75″ 54″ x 76″
Queen Size 60″ x 80″ 60″ x 80″
King Size 76″ x 80″ 76″ x 80″
Cal King Size 72″ x 84″ 72″ x 84

Learn more about mattress sizes.

Compare Leesa vs. Purple Mattress Prices

Leesa and Purple typically maintain similar pricing structures. Note that these are the brand’s standard prices without considering sales, promotions, or exclusive Mattress Advisor discounts.

Twin $595 $649
Twin XL $695 $699
Full $895 $899
Queen $995 $999
King $1,195 $1,299
Cal King $1,195 $1,299
Be sure you check with each brand for special offers and discounts.

Compare the Inside Layers

Let’s take a look at each of the layers of the Leesa and Purple mattresse to see what makes them unique.

Layers inside the Leesa mattress

Inside the Leesa

The Leesa mattress is made with three layers of high-quality foam delivering airflow, contouring pressure relief and core support.

  • Top layer (2″): Cooling foam top layer; promotes airflow and responds to your every movement
  • Middle layer(2″): Contouring memory foam; provides superior pressure relief
  • Bottom layer: Dense core support; adds durability and structure without feeling too firm on top
Inside the Purple mattress

Inside the Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress is made with a layer of hyper-elastic polymer (designed to provide great pressure relief) on top of two layers of high-density polyurethane foam (designed for durability, support and motion isolation). Here’s a look at the layers, described from top to bottom:

  • Responsive Knit Cover: Soft and stretchy cover that helps maximize the flexing properties of the Smart Comfort Grid™. The breathable design also promotes airflow to help you sleep cool.
  • Smart Comfort Grid™: Designed to cushion your shoulders and hips (pressure points), and support your body’s natural shape.
  • Plush Comfort Foam: Soft, high-density polyurethane foam designed to enhance the responsiveness and feel of the Smart Comfort Grid™.
  • Support Foam: Medium-firm, high-density polyurethane foam provides structural support to the mattress.

Compare Mattress Advisor Scores

Take a look at how both the Leesa and Purple mattresses performed in our testing and evaluations.

Leesa Purple
Shipping 10 7
Trial Period 9 9
Return Policy 10 10
Warranty 9 9
Set-Up Test 8.5 6
Motion Transfer Test 9 7.5
Edge Support Test 8.5 8.5
Pressure Relief Test 8.5 8.5
Spinal Alignment Test 9 9.5
Responsiveness Test 9.5 7
Cooling Evaluation 8.5 8
Durability Evaluation 8 9
Customer Service Score 9 9
Social Impact Score 10 4
TOTAL SCORE 9.3/10 8.4/10


The Leesa, a foam mattress, and the Purple, a hybrid mattress, are both great options for those searching for a medium-firm mattress with a great shopping experience. But who comes out on top when you compare Leesa vs. Purple?

When you check out our testing results, Leesa comes out on top in nearly all categories. The Leesa is one of our favorite mattresses we’ve brought into our lab. It’s truly a great bed for all average sleepers. It’s comfortable, supportive, and setup to give you great nights of sleep for years to come.

The Purple is particularly well-suited for those seeking pain relief due to its Smart Comfort Grid designed to cushion your pressure points and support your body’s natural curves. If you’re looking to specifically address your pain points, you may want to go with the Purple. But if you’re looking for an overall winner, you can’t go wrong with the Leesa.

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