Leesa vs. Leesa Hybrid
Mattress Comparison

MA Score: 9.3/10
Customer Rating: 4.8/5
MA Score: 9.4/10
Customer Rating: 4.5/5

Leesa vs. Sapira Mattress Brand Comparison

Leesa vs. Sapira Brand Comparison

Leesa is our top-rated overall mattress and a great value, but if you have extra money to spend, Sapira by Leesa is our best luxury mattress and offers a superior night’s sleep.

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The Leesa and Sapira are both quality mattresses made by Leesa Sleep. Leesa is a foam mattress made with a proprietary, breathable foam layer and Sapira is a hybrid mattress made with pocket springs and foam.

Leesa is the more affordable option and tends to be better suited for combination sleepers. Its foam layers do a great job of responding to movement throughout the night and keeping motion transfer at a minimum.

Sapira is a more expensive, luxury mattress, but it also comes with added benefits. The Sapira is slightly firmer than the Leesa and will offer better edge support and cooling properties. The Sapira is also 1” thicker than the Leesa mattress. It tends to be a better option for side and back sleepers.

Take a look at our in-depth comparison below to see how the Leesa and Sapira stack up against each other.


  • Type:
  • Firmness:
  • Trial Period:
  • Warranty:
  • Summary:
  • Foam combo
  • Medium firm: 6/10
  • 100 days
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Foam blend mattress that's ideal for the average sleeper
  • Hybrid: pocket springs and foam
  • Medium-firm - firm: 7/10
  • 100 days
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Luxury hybrid mattress by Leesa offering great edge support and motion isolation


  • We think Leesa has created the perfect mattress for any sleeping position – it offers a great balance between soft and firm, promotes airflow to keep you cool, and won’t leave you sinking into the foam like quicksand.
  • The Leesa is the highest rated mattress on Mattress Advisor, but also has a happy (and well-rested) bunch of customers who rate it a 4.8/5.
  • Leesa is always looking for ways to improve their products. In fact, they recently launched an updated version of their mattress with new pressure-relieving foam that took 200 prototypes to get just right. The best part is, they didn’t raise the price of the mattress, so you’re still getting a quality mattress at a really great price point. You can watch our video below to see the highlights but as a quick teaser: it’s even better than it was before for side sleepers!
  • The Leesa Hybrid (Sapira) mattress is a luxury hybrid option offered by Leesa.
  • This mattress is known for having a very responsive sleep surface that reacts to your body as you move and change positions.
  • Since the Leesa Hybrid is topped with a layer of foam, you’ll get better motion isolation than an innerspring mattress alone. The coils inside also help provide great edge support.


  • Thickness:
  • Sizes Available:
  • 10"
  • Twin: 39" x 75"
    Twin XL: 39” x 80”
    Full: 53” x 75”
    Queen: 60” x 80”
    King: 76” x 80”
    Cal King: 72” x 84”
  • 11"
  • Twin: 38” x 75”
    Twin XL: 38” x 80”
    Full: 53” x 75”
    Queen: 60” x 80”
    King: 76” x 80”
    Cal King: 72” x 84”

Layers inside the mattress

The Leesa mattress is made with three layers of high-quality foam delivering airflow, contouring pressure relief and core support.

  • Top layer (2″): Cooling foam top layer; promotes airflow and responds to your every movement
  • Middle layer(2″): Contouring memory foam; provides superior pressure relief
  • Bottom layer: Dense core support; adds durability and structure without feeling too firm on top
Inside the Leesa Mattress
Inside the Leesa Mattress

The Leesa Hybrid mattress is made with pocket springs and high performing foams. Its layers include:

  • Top layer: Cooling performance layer made with high-density foam; responsive, promotes airflow
  • Middle layer: Pressure relieving memory foam; provides body contouring and pressure relief to relax your body
  • Bottom layers: Pocket springs and stabilizing foam layers; made up of a thousand premium grade steel springs for core support sandwiched between two, 1-inch layers of high resiliency stabilizing foam
  • Cover: Single cut of polyester-blend fabric with 100% Egyptian cotton stitching
Cross-section illustration of the layers inside the Sapira mattress
Inside the Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Advisor score breakdown

Shipping 10
Trial Period 9
Return Policy 10
Warranty 9
Set-up Test 8.5
Motion Transfer Test 9
Edge Support Test 8.5
Pressure Relief Test 8.5
Spinal Alignment Test 9
Responsiveness Test 9.5
Cooling Evaluation 8.5
Durability Evaluation 8
Customer Service Score 9
Social Impact Score 10
Total Score 9.3/10
Shipping 10
Trial Period 9
Return Policy 10
Warranty 9
Set-up Test 8
Motion Transfer Test 9
Edge Support Test 8
Pressure Relief Test 9
Spinal Alignment Test 10
Responsiveness Test 9
Cooling Evaluation 8
Durability Evaluation 9
Customer Service Score 9
Social Impact Score 10
Total Score 9.4/10