Masters of Sleep

Medical professionals agree that sleep is essential for the maintenance and renewal of all your body’s physiological systems. What most people don’t realize is just how much of an impact sleep has on, well, everything — mood, weight, aging of the skin, pain management, information processing and sex drive to name a few. So we spoke with medical experts in their respective fields to answer all the questions you didn’t know to ask about sleep. Read on to learn how sleep plays a major role in almost every aspect of your health and wellness. 

Dr. Jennifer Le,

Dental Sleep Medicine Expert

Tracy Owens,

Registered Dietician

Dr. Elma Baron,


Dr. Jon Dominque,


Dr. Nate Vogan,

Physical Therapist

Dr. Laurie Mintz,

Sex Therapist

Dr. Kinjal Parikh,

Spine Medicine

Sleep and Your Health

Effects of sleep apnea on your health

Twenty-two million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. Even more, fall victim to snoring. Learn from dental sleep medicine expert, Dr. Jennifer Le, how sleep apnea impacts your overall health and why snoring is no laughing matter.

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Why your diet may be keeping you up at night

Sure sleep is important to health and wellness, but did you know that shedding those few extra pounds starts in bed? Learn from nutritional expert, Tracy Owens, how sleep impacts your appetite and ultimately, your waistline.

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How sleep keeps your skin healthy and young

We’ve all wondered: How do I reduce dark circles under my eyes? Is beauty sleep real? Does moisturizing before bed really help? Read on as dermatologist, Dr. Elma Baron shares the best sleep tips and nightly rituals to keep your skin young and fresh.

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How your mattress and sleeping position could be causing body aches and pains

Have you ever wondered why you wake up feeling so sore in the morning? Maybe it’s lower back pain or body stiffness. There are likely two culprits: your mattress and your sleeping position. Hear from the experts how sleep is related to your chiropractic health.

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The Intimate Relationship Between Sleep and Sex

The relationship between sleep and sex is more intertwined than you might think (beyond the fact they both happen in your bed – most of the time). Read on as sex therapist, Dr. Laurie Mintz tells us everything we need to know about the intimate relationship between sleep and sex. It’s a pretty hot topic. Literally.

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A Painful Relationship Between Inflammation and Sleep

For someone suffering from a physical injury or ailment, the first words out of the doctor’s mouth are to rest. Sleep and pain have a complicated relationship. Lack of sleep increases pain, but pain keeps you up at night. Learn for Dr. Parikh how sleep impacts pain and why rest is so vital to recovery.

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