Mattress Companies That Give Back

Sleep better in more ways than one with these mattress brands that donate to charity and support great causes.

By Alesandra Woolley

If you’re like us, knowing that your purchase is also supporting a good cause just makes you feel good. Maybe you have an extra soft spot for helping out the less fortunate or contributing to a respectable charity. And if you’re in the market for a new mattress, you can rest easy in more ways than one knowing that you’re buying from a company that’s also doing good in the world.

Mattress Companies that Give Back

Take a look at these seven mattress brands that are giving back to charities, helping out in the community, and supporting the less fortunate as part of their mission. (Oh, and their beds are pretty great too.)

1. Avocado

The Avocado Green mattress

Avocado has committed to donate 1% of all sales to select nonprofit organizations to support issues they care deeply about, like climate change, healthy food systems, land management, water resources, pollution and wildlife diversity. You can read more about the non-profit organizations they support to help our planet and the people living on it here.

The mattress itself is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment, which means they meet some of the world’s most rigorous, third-party emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants.

2. Bear

Bear Partners with Good Sports to Donate $30,000 in Equipment to Jersey City Soccer Program (hMag)

Bear Partners with Good Sports to Donate $30,000 in Equipment to Jersey City Soccer Program (hMag)

The Bear mattress is designed to help promote muscle recovery, which is especially relevant for athletes or people who lead active lifestyles. And their charitable mission fits the glove for their promotion of health and activity. Bear donates 1% of every sale to Good Sports, an organization that helps children all over the country have access to an active, healthy lifestyle through sports and physical activity.

With the help of Bear, Good Sports has helped children stay active by:

  • Donating over $20 million in sports equipment to over 3,2000 organizations and $4.1 million of new apparel and footwear
  • Sending over 1,000 individual donations to schools and other community organizations
  • Providing 4 million children with new equipment and a chance to stay active
  • Donating to every single state in the US

3. Layla

Layla has partnered with the Episcopal Community Services homeless shelter in San Francisco to provide people in need a bed to sleep on. There are currently over 7,500 homeless people in San Francisco and Layla’s efforts are helping to provide comfort, care and a safe place to sleep for those in need.

4. Leesa

Leesa is a mattress company that pours its heart and soul into bettering the community, the environment, and helping those less-fortunate get a great night’s sleep.

Before we get into the specifics, it’s worth noting that Leesa is a Certified B Corp, meaning they “meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, and aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.”

There are three signature programs that are part of Leesa’s social impact mission:


Leesa team donating mattresses to those in need as part of their One-Ten initiative

Leesa team donating mattresses to those in need as part of their One-Ten initiative

For every 10 Leesa or Leesa Hybrid mattresses sold, Leesa donates one custom-made mattress to non-profit organizations that serve homeless and at-risk people. Through this program, they have already donated over 25,000 mattresses and counting.


Leesa employees planting trees as part of their One-Earth initiative

Leesa employees planting trees as part of their One-Earth initiative

For every mattress sold, Leesa also plants one tree. So far, a total of 135,000 trees have been planted by Leesa. They have partnered with Arbor Day Foundation to plant one million trees by 2025.


Leesa employees volunteering at a local food bank

Leesa employees volunteering at a local food bank

In addition to their ongoing initiatives, Leesa has launched powerful projects to help support those in need.

Leesa Dream Gallery

Leesa Dream Gallery in Soho, NY

Leesa Dream Gallery in Soho, NY

The Leesa Dream Gallery is mattress store crossed with an art gallery located in New York City. You can check out the Leesa mattress for yourself (without the company of pushy salespeople) and browse through unique pieces of art created by talented, but undiscovered artists.

These artists are homeless, formerly homeless and disabled men and women who share their dreams through art. By purchasing their artwork, you can help provide them the funding needed to get back on their feet.

Can’t make it to NYC? You can still support the cause by purchasing a Leesa mattress with a limited edition ArtLifting cover. A portion of the proceeds go to ArtLifting, an organization that connects socially conscious companies with talented artists impacted by homelessness or disabilities.

Other Highlights

  • In addition to mattress donations, Leesa donates a portion of their profits from sheet sales to 42nd Street, a charity that supports the mental and emotional well-being of young people.
  • Leesa offers discounted rates on all products for military, first-responders, teachers and students year round.

5. Loom & Leaf by Saatva

Each year, the Saatva organization donates over 250 mattresses to organizations like hospitals, homeless shelters, veteran groups and other non-profit organizations. You can learn more about the organizations Saatva partners with here.

6. Nolah

Nolah adopts one wildlife animal for every mattress sold

Nolah adopts one wildlife animal for every mattress sold

For every mattress sold, Nolah adopts one wildlife animal in an effort to preserve the planet’s wildlife. Before you complete the checkout process, you can choose which animal you would like to be adopted from a selection of 20 endangered animals. You’ll receive an official adoption certificate for your chosen animal, sent by Nolah’s partners, Defenders of Wildlife.

More than 500 animal species are already thought to have gone extinct due to human involvement in the US alone. This is an issue that Nolah is passionate about, which is why they donate 7% of their profits to protecting the planet and its wildlife.

7. Solay

Solay is providing beds for children in need through their partnership with Beds for Kids

Solay is a new mattress company that’s kicking off with a bang. Bringing the TOMS Shoes one-for-one model to the mattress world, Solay has partnered with Charlotte, NC-based non-profit, Beds for Kids, to provide one bed and one box spring to a child in need for every mattress sold.

Beds for Kids empowers families with children by delivering these beds and essential furniture items to powerfully supplement the family’s resources as they rise out of poverty and into self-sufficiency.

Some of the children and families receiving these beds don’t have a bed to sleep in or a place to sleep in general. Beds for Kids hopes to extend their efforts to different regions across the country with the help of their partnership with Solay.

“We are excited to have Solay joining with us to fight the fight to make sure that every child has a bed to sleep on,” said Daniel Fogarty, Executive Director at Beds for Kids. “Every night there are kids going to sleep on the floor without a bed to call their own. With this partnership, we are able to change that for more children.”

Beds for Kids has provided over 10,000 individuals with new beds.

How Mattress Advisor Gives Back

Our mission at Mattress Advisor is to help people live their best days by getting their best night’s sleep. Unfortunately a good night’s sleep is a luxury that thousands of children living in poverty in the U.S. are denied.

In 2019, Mattress Advisor is taking action to help provide more children with a safe and comfortable place to rest at night. We’re supporting Beds for Kids’ Thousand Bed Challenge by donating 119 new mattresses, fulfilling over 10% of Beds for Kids’ annual goal for the challenge.

If you’d like to join these efforts, there are three easy ways you can contribute to the cause:

  1. Visit to make an online donation
  2. Mail a donation to 1800 Camden Rd. Suite 107-17 | Charlotte, NC 28203
  3. Share the Thousand Bed Challenge on social media @bedsforkids #thousandbedchallenge #1000times #furnishingfutures

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Know of a mattress company that’s doing good in the world that we haven’t featured here? Let us know and we’ll spread the good word!

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  1. I am reaching out because my son and I are in need of full size beds. We have fought through many struggles to get out of being homeless and finally getting into a rental house. I had put our belongings in storage. My mattress and box spring are over 24 years old and worn out, his is over 10 years old, it’s a queen size & two big to get into his bedroom. They were stored in a unit that was susceptible not only to temperatures but, bugs & critters. We could really use new beds but, coming out of homelessness, jobs loss, now in a low paying job, it’s going to take all I have to try to keep us in this rental so, there’s no extra money for purchasing beds. I currently have a untreated back injury from a previous job & at 49 years old, camping out in sleeping bags, on a hardwood floor has not been the best thing for my body.
  2. Hi me and my partner live in a rooming house are in dyre need of a new Orthopedic queen size mattress and we cant afford one. We have bad backs and suffer from sciatica and herniated disks and we are always in pain and the bed we sleep on is terrible where you can feels the springs inside. We both lost our jobs due to covid and really need help with a mattress if anyone can help us and donate one it would be a blessing! Please of someone sees this email me please God bless you all and thanks for reading this.
  3. I am a retired R.N. & after 45 yrs of my career I learned at age 50 (now63) I had Breast cancer , (which for 8 yrs after chemo , surgery & radiation) I am happy to report I have been without disease . Over the last 6-7 yrs I have had 5 ~ L4-L5 lumbar surgeries an remain in severe & chronic Bilateral Sciatica pain during these yrs. I have also had 4 heart stints placed due to Heart Disease over a 8 yr period . I am single & have no family support, other than moving back home 13 yrs ago to oversee my now 92 yr old Mother who seems to be doing better than me , other than her slight case of dementia . I need a Oueen mattress that has pressure reducing qualities , due to the fact that I am on my mattress approximately 80% of my day due to the severe Bilateral & chronic pain I live in. It’s unbelievable that I am asking for help , something I would never do , but due to my circumstances I am reaching out in hopes that someone out there can help . I hope this Website Page is not a hoax ~ because I am praying for a miracle that someone can help me ! The mattress I am on now is 15 yrs old & most likely contributing to some of the Failed Back surgery pain I already have. Thanks for taking the time in reviewing this message ! Karen
  4. Hello my name is Victoria Sexton I am disabled physically with many issues one big giant one is my spine and hips my spine was affected by scoliosis before the age of 10 it gives me no sleep I have sleep apnea and I really am in need of a comfortable mattress it is torture when you cannot sleep I was looking all over to see if anybody donates mattresses it would make a world of difference to me I am currently mentally and physically disabled I see all the work that has been done to help people in need and I think it’s amazing. Unfortunately today I’m a person praying that I can be helped to get really good night’s rest I thank you for your time and all that you do sincerely Victoria Sexton
  5. My name is Teresa Harley, I am disabled and just found a place to live, I am in need of a bed.I have a bad back, knees, and shoulder, I would be ever so grateful for help with furniture !!!! Thank you, Teresa Harley

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