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Search through our mattress review database to find reviews of the top-rated mattresses for every type of sleeper.

By Ashley Little

Jul 24th, 2023

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, you’re probably pretty confused. There are hundreds of options out there, and frankly, they all look the same.

Here at Mattress Advisor, it’s our goal to make mattress shopping simple. We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching mattresses and other sleep products so you don’t have to. Our unbiased, third-party review system ensures that you, the consumer, can receive all the information you need to understand which mattress is best for you. We test each mattress in our testing lab and evaluate it based on our 14-point ratings system.

You can find all of our mattress reviews here, organized by all shopping factors you should be considering.

Top-Rated Mattresses

If you came here to see the best of the best, look no further! We’ve compiled a short list of mattresses that received some of the highest scores during our testing and are manufactured by top brands in the mattress industry.

And we’re happy to report that all the mattresses on our top-rated list are made in the USA. Click below to learn more about these brands.

star icon
MA Score: 9/10

Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic Mattress
star icon
MA Score: 9/10

Puffy Mattress

Puffy resp e1585244784424
star icon
MA Score: 8.8/10

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

brooklyn signature mattress
star icon
MA Score: 8.7/10


casper original hero

Brand Reviews

Already have a brand in mind that you want to learn more about? No problem!

We’ve done deep dives on some of the most popular mattress brands online and in-stores. See all of our brand reviews organized by online vs. in-store mattress brands.

Online Mattress Brands Traditional (In-Store) Brands

Brooklyn Bedding






My Green Mattress

Nature’s Sleep

Nest Bedding

Puffy Cloud


Resident Home


Sapphire Dream


Aireloom & Kluft

Ashley Furniture



Denver Mattress



Original Mattress Factory




Serta iSeries

Simmons Beautyrest

Sleep Number


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By Mattress Types

If you’re a seasoned mattress shopper, you may already have an idea of the exact type of mattress you want. Pro tip: if you tend to move around a lot at night, a hybrid or innerspring will be best for you. If you prefer a hugging feeling, then consider a memory foam bed.

See our top-rated memory foam, hybrid, latex, and organic mattresses below.


Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Memory foam mattresses are popular in the bed-in-a-box world because they are lighter weight, affordable, and easier to compress into a box. Memory foam mattresses are also extremely comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting in terms of the average mattress lifespan (up to 10 years!).

Brand Mattress Review
Amazon Rivet Read review
Amerisleep AS1 Read review
Amerisleep AS2 Read review
Amerisleep AS3 Read review
Amerisleep AS4 Read review
Amerisleep AS5 Read review
Bear Original Read review
BedInABox Azul Read review
Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm Read review
Casper Essential Read review
Casper Original Read review
Casper Select Read review
Dreamfoam Dreamfoam Essential Read review
Dreamfoam Dreamfoam Copper Read review
Ecosa Ecosa Read review
Eight Sleep Pod Pro Read review
eLuxury 10″ Gel memory foam Read review
Eve Eve Read review
GhostBed Luxe Read review
Haven Haven Read review
Layla Layla Read review
Leesa Original Read review
Leesa Studio Read review
Level Sleep Level Sleep Read review
Lucid 10″ Gel Memory Foam Read review
Lull Lull Read review
Luxi Luxi One Read review
Marpac Marpac Yogabed Read review
Molecule Molecule 1 Read review
Muse Sleep Muse Read review
My Pillow My Pillow Mattress Read review
Nectar Nectar Read review
Nectar Premier Read review
Nectar Premier Copper Read review
Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Read review
Nest Bedding Puffin Memory Foam Read review
Nolah Original 10″ Read review
Nolah Signature 12″ Read review
Nolah Signature All-Foam Hybrid Read review
Novosbed Novosbed Read review
Nuvanna Nuvanna Read review
PerfomaSleep PerfomaSleep Read review
Polysleep Polysleep Read review
Puffy Lux Hybrid Read review
Puffy Cloud Read review
Puffy Royal Hybrid Read review
Saatva Loom & Leaf Read review
Sam’s Club Tuft & Needle Read review
Sealy Cocoon Read review
Serta Arctic Read review
Simmons Memory Foam Read review
Snuggle-Pedic Supreme Plush Read review
Sweetnight Breeze Read review
Tempur-Pedic Cloud Read review
Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme Read review
Tuft & Needle Mint Read review
Tuft & Needle Nod Read review
Tulo LIV Read review
Tulo Original Read review
Wayfair Nora Read review
Zinus Cooling Gel Read review
Zinus Green Tea Read review
Zinus Spa Sensations Read review
Zoma Zoma Read review
Zotto Zotto Read review

Hybrid/Innerspring Mattress Reviews

Most hybrid mattresses combine the coils of a traditional innerspring mattress with the comforts of a memory foam bed. Some are even infused with copper or gel to take the foam properties to the next level.

A hybrid mattress can equal more than just foam plus coils. Of the mattresses we’ve tested here in our Lab at Mattress Advisor, we’ve seen mattresses with pillow top, latex, hyper-elastic polymer, and even combinations with foam, latex, and coils all together.

A hybrid mattress is a good choice for couples who are having trouble compromising or those who just want the best of both worlds.

Brand Mattress Review
airweave airweave Read review
airweave airweave Advanced Read review
Allswell Allswell Read review
Allswell Allswell Luxe Hybrid Read review
Amore Beds Amore Hybrid Read review
Ashley Furniture Chime Hybrid Read review
Aviya Aviya Read review
Avocado Green Read review
Awara Awara Read review
Bear Star Hybrid Read review
Beautyrest Black Read review
Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Read review
Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Read review
Beautyrest Hybrid Read review
Big Fig Big Fig Read review
Brentwood Home Cedar Read review
Brentwood Home Oceano Read review
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Read review
Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid Read review
Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Read review
Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Read review
Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Read review
Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Read review
Brooklyn Bedding Titan Plus Read review
Casper Wave Hybrid Read review
Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Read review
Casper Hybrid Read review
Casper Nova Hybrid Read review
cRāVE cRāVE Read review
Cocoon Hybrid Read review
DreamCloud DreamCloud Read review
DreamCloud Premier Read review
DreamCloud Premier Rest Read review
Dreamfoam Dreamfoam Hybrid Read review
eLuxury Hybrid Read review
Emma CliMax Hybrid Read review
GhostBed Flex Read review
GhostBed 3D Matrix Hybrid Read review
Helix Dawn Read review
Helix Dusk Read review
Helix Midnight Read review
Helix Midnight Luxe Read review
Helix Moonlight Read review
Helix Plus (Nightfall) Read review
Helix Sunset Read review
Helix Twilight Read review
Joybed LXC Read review
Joybed LXP Read review
Layla Hybrid Read review
Leesa Hybrid Read review
Leesa Legend Read review
Linenspa 8″ Hybrid Read review
Luft Luft Hybrid Read review
My Green Mattress Pure Echo Read review
Naturepedic Serenade Read review
Nectar Classic Hybrid Read review
Nectar Premier Hybrid Read review
Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Read review
Nest Bedding Sparrow Signature Hybrid Read review
Nest Bedding Owl Hybrid Latex Read review
Nolah Nolah Natural Read review
Puffy Lux Hybrid Read review
Puffy Royal Hybrid Read review
Purple Purple Read review
Purple Hybrid Read review
Purple Hybrid Premier Read review
Purple Kid’s Purple Read review
Purple Plus Read review
Robin Robin Read review
Saatva HD Read review
Saatva Classic Read review
Saatva Solaire Read review
Saatva Youth Read review
Sapphire Dream Plush Pillow Top Read review
Sealy Hybrid Premium Read review
Simba Simba Read review
Simmons Hybrid Read review
Sleep Number C2 Read review
SpineAlign SpineAlign Read review
Sweetnight Twilight Read review
Tempur-Pedic Tempur-breeze Read review
Tempur-Pedic Flex Hybrid Read review
Tuft & Needle Hybrid Read review
Vaya Hybrid Read review
WinkBeds EcoCloud Read review
WinkBeds Luxury Firm Read review
WinkBeds PLUS Read review
Zinus Hybrid Read review
Zoma Hybrid Read review

Latex Mattress Reviews

Latex mattresses are popular because they are hygienic, (usually) eco-friendly, and exceptional at providing pressure relief. A latex mattress offers a nice alternative for those who enjoy the support and comfort of a foam mattress but don’t want to feel as much “hug” from their bed. In other words, a latex mattress is good for those who want to sleep on the mattress rather than in it.

These mattresses are also great because they offer a great return on investment – a latex mattresses can last up to 15 years. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for and these are some of the more expensive types of mattresses.

Brand Mattress Review
DreamFoam Dreamfoam Latex Read Review
EcoSleep EcoSleep Luxe Read review
Essentia Stratami Read review
GhostBed Original Read review
PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Read review
Saatva Latex Hybrid Read review
SleepOnLatex Pure Green Latex Read review
Spindle Spindle Read review
Zenhaven Zenhaven Read review

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Sleeping Position

Knowing your primary sleeping position can help direct you to a mattress that will be best suited for you. Side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers all have particular needs. Find the bed that will support your body exactly how you need.

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A mattress is a big purchase, but there is also a big price range available in the market. Choose your wallet’s destiny by shopping within your budget, whether that’s tight or unlimited.

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Sleeping Preferences

There are certain preferences we all have when it comes to our bed. Some are looking for a firm feel, while others prefer a soft, hugging feeling. Some need a mattress with cooling properties because they sleep hot, while others may not need to worry about this feature.

Check out our recommendations based on your sleeping preferences and needs. We’ll even break it down by different lifestyle stages so you can find a bed that matches your particular needs.

sleeping hot e1541188790706
Mattress Guides

Best Cooling Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

Are you a hot sleeper? Do you experience night sweats? See our top picks for the best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers to finally seek some relief while sleeping.

best mattress back pain 1 e1566331599535
Mattress Guides

Best Mattress for Back Pain

See our top picks for the best mattresses for back pain relief that offer support and comfort. Eliminate upper and lower back pain starting tonight.

Plus size e1585246602405
Mattress Guides

Best Mattresses for Heavy People

Whether you are slightly overweight, obese, or just have a larger body, we’ll help you find the right mattress in our best mattress for heavy people guide.

elderly couple sleeping e1514902304710
Mattress Guides

Best Mattresses for Seniors

The best mattress for seniors provides support and comfort. This guide outlines what seniors and elderly should look for in a mattress.

iStock 540240672 e1508944516398
Mattress Guides

Best Mattress for Couples

See our top picks for the best mattresses for couples and learn what makes a good mattress for couples, especially if you have different sleep styles or preferences.

child jumping on bed
Mattress Guides

Best Mattresses for Kids

The best mattress for kids should be affordable, comfortable, and the right size as your child grows. Check out our top picks and learn how to find the best bed for your child.

pillows blankets
Mattress Guides

Best Soft Mattresses

See our top-rated soft mattresses and then read tips for finding the best soft mattress for your sleep style and body type.

iStock 536810135
Mattress Guides

Best Firm Mattresses

If you prefer a firm mattress, read this guide to learn about what to look for in the best firm mattress and how to choose a bed based on your sleeping style.

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Comparison Reviews

If you already have some brands in mind, check out some of our side-by-side comparison reviews, or use our Mattress Comparison Tool.

bed bedroom color 212269

Still deciding between two mattresses?

See how they stack up on the most important factors by using our Comparison Tool.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

ma testing e1565718283851

At Mattress Advisor, we’ve personally tested and reviewed more than 120 of the most popular mattress brands on the market. Our expert review team has conducted over 1,200 hours of product testing to select the best brands for our readers. Simply put: we do the hard work so you can feel confident in your decision to buy a new mattress.

We use the same 14-point evaluation in our Mattress Lab for every single mattress, making our reviews the most comprehensive in the industry. You can take a look at all the factors that go into our product testing to help us generate our Mattress Advisor Score here. You can also check out our mattress buying guide and our roundup of the best mattresses of 2023, which we regularly update with top scoring models.