Amazon Rivet Mattress Review

Amazon Rivet Mattress Review

Learn more about this budget-friendly option that offers great support and comfort in our full review.

Customer Rating: 4.4/5
Mattress Advisor Score:       7.7/10
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If you’re shopping around for a budget mattress, you’ve probably taken a look at the options available on Amazon. You may have even noticed that Amazon offers their own brand mattress, the Amazon Rivet.

You can learn all about it in our in-depth Amazon Rivet mattress review. We’ll walk you through how it scored in our proprietary mattress testing system and give you all the insider information you should know before purchasing.

Amazon Rivet Mattress Highlights

  • The Rivet offers three layers of comforting and supportive foam to help you drift off into peaceful and restorative sleep.
  • The top layer of LURAcor alt latex foam seamlessly responds to your body’s movements during the night helping you stay asleep. It also works to provide relief at your pressure points and keep your spine aligned throughout the night.
  • Less expensive than most memory foam mattresses, the Rivet is a great option for those on a tight budget.

Amazon Rivet Mattress Review

The Amazon Rivet mattress is a budget-friendly bed-in-a-box that you can buy directly from Amazon. Its medium feel appeals to most sleepers. With three layers of supportive and pressure-relieving foam, the Rivet is a good choice for people on a tighter budget looking for a cheaper mattress.

What Makes the Amazon Rivet Different?

Celliant Cover

The Rivet’s cover fabric is woven with Celliant, a patented mineral blend that increases the delivery of oxygen to your cells for recovery, making this a great option for active people or sleepers with pain.

Fast Shipping

Sold by the major online retailer, Amazon, where you can opt for two-day shipping which is much quicker delivery than most mattress retailers with around 7 to 10-day delivery windows.

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What to Watch Out For

  • The return process for the Amazon Rivet is very difficult. To return this product, you must call customer support. Otherwise, if you go through the automated process (which Amazon makes very easy do you don’t have to call), they will send you a UPS return label and expect you to have the mattress picked up. The problem is if you have unboxed your mattress this is impossible because you won’t be able to get it back in the box. However, if you call and tell them you have a mattress to return they don’t require you to ship it back.
  • Be aware that your Rivet mattress may have a mild scent when you unbox it – this is normal and should go away within a few hours.
  • The Rivet takes longer to puff up than other mattress options when unboxing. It may take a few hours for your Rivet to fully take its form.
  • It can take up to 30 nights to get used to sleeping on your Rivet mattress – particularly if your previous mattress was a traditional innerspring mattress.
  • The Rivet is currently only available in sizes full, queen and king.

Score Breakdown

See how the Rivet mattress scored in each of our testing methods below.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 10
Trial Period 9
Return Policy 7.5
Warranty 9
Set-Up 7.75
Motion Transfer 8.5
Edge Support 7.5
Pressure Relief 8.75
Spine Alignment 7.25
Responsiveness 7
Cooling 7
Durability 6
Customer Service 6.5
Social Impact 4
⭐Total Score for the Amazon Rivet⭐

Behind the Scenes

See how the Rivet performed in our mattress tests to help you determine if this could be the mattress for you.

Unboxing the Mattress

It took us exactly a minute and a half to unbox the Amazon Rivet mattress. This mattress was light and easy to maneuver. However, it did no decompress immediately. It took a couple hours to take its full shape. There was a lot of wrapping and the mattress had a pretty potent odor. Take a look at the video below!

Testing Motion Transfer

While our sleep subjects were testing motion transfer on the Rivet they couldn’t even tell when their partner got on and off the bed. So for the first part of our motion transfer test, they gave the Amazon Rivet a 9.

Then, we evaluated motion transfer by performing the wine test. That wine was only a little shaky, so we gave it an 8 out of 10. Take a look at the video below!

Mapping Pressure Relief

When our sleep subjects were on the Amazon Rivet mattress, we saw only a minimal amount of pressure in their shoulders. So for a total pressure relief score, the Rivet received an 8.75 out of 10.

Spine Alignment Check

While on the Amazon Rivet mattress we saw a dip in the lower back of each sleep subject. This indicates poor core support of the mattress model. Take a look below.

Customer Reviews of the Amazon Rivet Mattress

“The bed is great. My wife and I both experience deeper sleep. I’ve been having dreams like I haven’t had in years. The bed is nice that you are less disturbed by movement in the bed given the foam. It has a slight firm feel.” – Weston

“I don’t know what specifics I can provide but this mattress is simply the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. Not owned. Slept in. High end hotels included. When you lay down on this mattress, it cradles your body so there is absolutely no pressure points anywhere.” – Darren C.

“I bought this mattress to replace my previous of about 8 years. I have back pain, and this is my first foam mattress. In using this for just over a week, I can tell a difference in the morning with less back pain and stiffness. I thought the features along with the price point make this a great buy. We were looking at spending over $2k at a store, and am glad we didn’t! I’ll have to follow up after more time goes by, but so far we are quite happy.” Adam K.

Product Details

icon weight
66 lbs. for queen
icon thickness
icon firmness
Medium: 5/10
icon type e1542405981282
Memory foam blend

Foundations The Amazon Rivet is Compatible With

The Rivet mattress can be used on most foundations that provide minimal to no flex. This includes box springs, platform beds, or slatted bed frames.

solid platform icon
Slatted Platform
box spring icon
Box Spring
bunkie boxspring icon
Bunkie Board w/ Box Spring
slatted foundation 2
Slatted Foundation

What’s Inside the Amazon Rivet Mattress?

The Rivet mattress is topped with a Celliant mineral woven cover enhanced to help you regulate your body temperature and wake up recharged. Underneath lies 3 foam layers:

  1. 2” LURAcor alt latex foam – This top layer responds quickly to your body movements to help you stay asleep, while also providing relief at your pressure points and support for proper spinal alignment.
  2. 2” Middle foam layer – A cushioning middle layer of memory foam to help evenly distribute your body weight.
  3. 6” Base foam layer – Provides long-lasting support and durability.

Purchasing Information

Purchase Experience

Policy Details
Delivery Compressed and rolled in a box; delivered in 2-10 business days
Trial Period 100 days
Warranty 10-year limited warranty
Return Policy Free returns

Sizes and Pricing

Size Dimensions Standard Price*
Full 54” x 75” $499
Queen 60” x 80” $499
King 76” x 80” $624.99

*Prices listed are standard without sales or Mattress Advisor exclusive discounts. Check price using the button below for the best Amazon deals. 

Finding the right mattress can improve not only your nights but also your days.

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Amazon Rivet Mattress FAQs

From the day that your Amazon Rivet mattress is delivered, you will have 100 nights to decide if the mattress is right for you. Most mattress retailers recommend you sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights before initiating a return. If you decide to return the mattress, you’ll simply contact Amazon’s customer support team and they will walk you through the return process.

You should unbox your Rivet within 30 days of delivery.

It may take your body some time to adjust to sleeping on a new mattress, especially if this is your first memory foam mattress. Generally, within 30 days you should be adjusted to your new mattress.

The Rivet is make with premium foam that is 100% USA-made and certified by CertiPUR US, meaning its made with leading industry materials for quality and safety. However, the mattress itself is not made in the USA.