Bloom Hybrid Mattress Review

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Bloom Hybrid Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: December 2023

✔️ Customer Rating: 4.8/5
✔️ Mattress Advisor Score: 8.9/10
✔️ Type: Natural Latex Hybrid
✔️ Firmness: Medium
✔️ Free Shipping & Returns
✔️ 120-Night Sleep Trial
✔️ 10-Year Warranty

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Editor’s note: As of March 2023, Brooklyn Bedding has discontinued the Bloom Hybrid. If you’re looking for a similar model, see our list of best hybrid mattresses

Quick Overview: The Bloom Hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding is an eco-friendly mattress made from organic cotton, Joma wool, natural latex, and responsive coils. In our mattress lab, the Bloom excelled, earning one of the highest composite scores for a hybrid mattress. Pressure relief, responsiveness, alignment, and cooling make it an excellent bed for most sleepers.

Who Is the Bloom Hybrid Mattress Best for?

Bloom Hybrid is best for: Bloom Hybrid may not be best for:
  • Hot sleepers
  • All body types
  • Every sleep position
  • People with back or neck pain
  • Eco-conscious consumers
  • Budget shoppers
  • Memory foam aficionados 
  • Couples who are easily woken up during sleep

Bloom Hybrid Mattress Highlights

Best Latex Mattresses - Mattress Advisor

The Bloom Hybrid mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is a naturally derived latex hybrid mattress. We tested this luxury mattress at our in-house mattress lab to find out its best—and worst—qualities.

We’ll walk you through how it scored during our in-house testing, share who is and is not a good fit for this mattress, and dive into all the details you need to decide if this is the right bed for you. Read on to learn why the Bloom Hybrid is one of the highest-rated natural mattresses on Mattress Advisor.

The Best Features

  • Naturally derived Talalay latex combined with a premium Euro top constructed from organic materials, Bloom Hybrid marries comfort and support using natural materials.
  • By combining naturally cool latex with breathable cotton, wool, and innerspring coils, the Bloom Hybrid provides an exceptionally cool sleeping experience!
  • The Bloom Hybrid earned a spot as one of the best latex mattresses thanks to its impressive performance during our in-house testing. With a score of 8.5/10 or higher in 12 categories, including pressure relief, edge support, and spine alignment, you know you’re in for an all-around outstanding mattress.

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Bloom Hybrid Testing Scores

Check out our scores for each test and evaluation we performed on the Bloom Hybrid, then see our overall score that’s a weighted total of these factors.

You can learn more about our review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 8
Trial Period 9
Return Policy 9
Warranty 9
Set-Up 8.5
Motion Transfer 7.25
Edge Support 8.5
Pressure Relief 9
Spine Alignment 8.5
Responsiveness 8.5
Cooling 9
Durability 9
Customer Service 9
Social Impact 9
Total Score for the Bloom Hybrid Mattress: 8.9/10


Pros and Cons


  • Pressure Point Relief: The Bloom mattress earned a nearly perfect 9/10 for pressure relief. Ample cushion at pressure points like the hips and shoulders is essential for side sleepers
  • Impressive Cooling: The natural materials and innerspring coils found in the Bloom are incredibly breathable, allowing hot sleepers to sleep cool. 
  • Durability: Natural latex is one of the most durable mattress materials. When combined with a thick layer of innerspring coils that all top hybrid mattresses have, you get a mattress that’s likely to last well over 10 years. 
  • Responsive Feel: Latex is naturally buoyant, so you won’t ever feel like you’re sinking into your mattress. This latex paired with bouncy innerspring coils make it easy to move around and switch positions, great for combination sleepers.

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  • Off-Gassing Odor: The natural latex in the Bloom mattress has a slight rubber odor when first unboxed. We noticed the scent fade rather quickly, with little odor after a few hours. 
  • Motion Transfer: The Bloom did an okay, but not amazing, job at limiting motion transfer. If you share your bed and you or your partner is a light sleeper, you may be better suited by a mattress with superior motion isolation properties, such as a top-rated memory foam mattress.

Pressure Relief

When we had our test subjects lie down on the Bloom Hybrid mattress to test pressure relief, we were really impressed! On a pressure mapping test, we like to see lots of blue and green colors, which show areas of low pressure. Red regions outline areas of high pressure. Check out our results below to see how well the Bloom Hybrid performed.


Due to the natural materials in this mattress, the Bloom Hybrid (9/10 cooling score) offers seven times more breathability than other latex beds. The cooling properties of latex and natural moisture-wicking abilities of Joma Wool™ allow for cooler sleep. And a layer of breathable innerspring coils sure doesn’t hurt.

Motion Transfer

Couples face unique challenges when shopping for the perfect mattress. Not only do you need to find a bed that both partners agree upon, but you must find one that has properties that help you sleep together peacefully. The most important factor for most couples is motion transfer, so we test every mattress that comes through our lab for its motion isolation abilities.

The first thing we do is balance a glass of red wine on one side of the mattress and have one of our sleep testers toss and turn on the other end. What we’re looking for is no jiggle. Unfortunately, there was definitely some movement in our wine glass when we did this on the Bloom.

The next test is more of a real-life scenario (unless you’re a gutsy wine drinker, that is). We have two sleep testers lie side-by-side. One person moves from one position to the next, and the other person rates how well the mattress dampened the motion. And then we swap and repeat. Both of our sleep testers noticed a bit of movement.

The Bloom Hybrid’s combined score for motion transfer was a 7.25/10—not too shabby, but definitely not the level of motion isolation needed by light sleepers who share the bed.

How Firm is the Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid?

The Bloom Hybrid is a medium-firmness mattress, rating a 5 on the 1-10 firmness scale. A bed that is medium-firm typically works for many types of average-weight sleepers

Which Sleep Positions Does It Support?

The Bloom Hybrid mattress supports every sleeping position. Its excellent cushioning of pressure points is a perfect mattress for side sleepers and the balance between support and softness works well as a mattress for back sleepers and mattress for stomach sleepers.

Its responsiveness makes it a top mattress for combination sleepers, allowing you to move easily at night without feeling stuck.

Does It Sleep Cool?

The Bloom Hybrid bed sleeps exceptionally cool. Organic cotton and wool are breathable and moisture-wicking, latex foam is naturally cool, and pocketed coils ensure generous air flow. The result is a mattress that’s perfect for hot sleepers.

Will It Support Your Body Type?

Thanks to durable and supportive latex and individually encased coils, the Bloom Hybrid is supportive enough for plus-size sleepers. According to Brooklyn Bedding, the queen-size accommodates sleepers up to 400 lbs.

We especially love the Bloom Hybrid for heavy side and back sleepers as the latex foam provides the right amount of cushion without excess sinkage.

Foundations and Bed Frames

The Bloom Hybrid mattress can be used on most sturdy foundations. This includes box springs, platform beds, adjustable frames, bunkie boards, or slatted bed frames.

Mattress Layers and Feel

The Bloom Hybrid is a four-layer mattress made from natural materials. Take a look at what makes the Bloom bed so natural.

Bloom Hybrid Mattress Layers
  1. Quilted Wool and Organic Cotton Comfort Layer: Joma Wool™ and organic cotton work together to create a plush top layer and mattress cover. You get breathability and natural moisture-wicking properties.
  2. Talalay Latex Transition Layer: This natural layer of latex creates buoyancy that delivers cushion and support with an almost floating sensation. Made from natural rubber, Talalay latex is certified Oeko-Tex Class One—so it’s safe for you and your family.
  3. Ascension X Pocket-Coils: The core of this mattress is comprised of up to 1,032 individually wrapped coils that deliver pressure point relief, support, and motion isolation.
  4. High-Density Foam Base: The final layer of this mattress adds durability while reinforcing the innerspring coils.

Bloom Hybrid Sizes and Prices

Size Dimensions Price*
Twin 38” x 75” x 13” $1,099
Twin XL 38” x 80” x 13” $1,299
Full 53” x 75” x 13” $1,699
Queen 60” x 80” x 13” $1,999
King 76” x 80” x 13” $2,399
California King 72” x 84” x 13” $2,399

*Prices listed are standard without sales or Mattress Advisor exclusive discounts. Check price using the button below for the best Brooklyn Bedding deals.

Unboxing the Bloom Hybrid

It took us just about a minute and a half to unbox the Bloom Hybrid mattress. This mattress was on the heavier side, but it puffed to life immediately. It had a slight odor when it was first opened, a result of the natural latex used to construct the bed that went away within a few hours.

A queen-size mattress weighs approximately 120 lbs., so you’ll definitely want a helping hand to get the Bloom Hybrid set up.

Brooklyn Bedding Purchase Information

Ready to buy the Bloom Hybrid mattress? Check out all the details below so you know what to expect.

Policy Details
Delivery Ships free and arrives to your door within 3-4 business days
Trial Period 120 nights
Warranty 10 years
Return Policy Free returns
Financing Available through Affirm

Delivering Your Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are made to order, which means it can take up to 14 business days of production time and 3-7 business days of transit time* after you order your mattress. This is slightly longer than other mattress companies that already have mattresses ready to ship out. All shipping is free unless you reside in Alaska or Hawaii; then your shipping fee is $125. They also ship mattresses to Canada for a $250 shipping fee.

*With the ongoing effects of COVID-19, shipping may take longer than normal. Contact Brooklyn Bedding for current shipping times.

Sleep Trial

Every Bloom Hybrid comes with a 120-night trial. You have 120 nights from the day your mattress arrives on your doorstep to test it out—20 nights longer than your average bed-in-a-box trial period.

Over this period, pay attention to how your body feels, how well you’re sleeping, and how comfortable you feel during the night. Understand that it takes the body a month or so to get used to a new bed, so it’s not uncommon for you to fall in love only after sleeping on the new bed for weeks in a row. If you figure out that the mattress isn’t for you before your 120 nights is up, you can return your bed for a full refund.


The Bloom Hybrid comes with the industry-standard 10-year warranty. During this time, Brooklyn Bedding will repair or replace your mattress if a defect in materials or workmanship occurs. Contact their customer service if you think that something is wrong with your bed.

Customer Service

Brooklyn Bedding customer service is available seven days of the week, from 7am–7pm Monday through Friday and 9am–5pm on the weekends, MST. To get in touch, you can use email, phone, or live chat. Here’s how.

  • Phone at 1-888-210-8751
  • Live chat at
  • Email using their Contact Us form

We’ve had good experiences with Brooklyn Bedding customer service using the live chat feature. With live chat, a representative typically starts helping you in seconds. Each time we’ve reached out, we’ve received prompt and helpful service.

Return Policy

Returning a Brooklyn Bedding mattress is easy. Simply contact their customer service during your 120-night sleep trial to initiate a return. Note that you must keep your new bed for 30 nights before you can return it. This time period ensures that you’ve given your body sufficient time to adjust to a new bed.

Brooklyn Bedding customer service will work with you to find a local charity in your area that can come to your door and pick up the mattress. Only after the donation will you receive your refund, which will be issued on your original form of payment.

Is the Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid Right for You?

The Bloom Hybrid mattress is one of the best natural mattresses that we’ve ever tested. Its plush cotton and wool top layer feels luxuriously cloud-like, melting pressure away from problem areas.

The transition layer of natural Talalay latex has a buoyant feel that at once contours to the body and ensures adequate support. Finally, individually encased coils deliver excellent support that responds to the weight and shape of your body.

When we tested this mattress, it excelled in pressure relief, cooling, and durability. It was also easy to move around on, and had a slightly bouncy feel. And with an impressive score in our spine alignment test, it works well for people with back pain.

Because this bed has a medium firmness, it’s not ideal for people who prefer soft or firm mattresses. Additionally, latex’s floating sensation isn’t like the hugging feel of memory foam, so if you prefer a traditional foam feel, check out the Loom & Leaf mattress.

Additionally, the Bloom isn’t the best mattress for couples. It didn’t excel at motion isolation, so if you’re a light sleeper, you may want to check out a hybrid that better isolates motion. One of the best mattresses for couples is the Cocoon Chill by Sealy thanks to superb motion dampening properties and edge support, perfect for spreading out.

Compare Bloom Hybrid

Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid vs Other Hybrid Mattresses

The Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid is one of relatively few eco-friendly mattresses. Their commitment to all-natural, organic, and recycled materials makes it one of the best mattresses of any kind for your health and that of the environment. But with this high-quality materials comes a higher-than-average price point.

When it comes to feel, the Bloom Hybrid has a medium firmness level, which is near average for a mattress. But thanks to a combination of buoyant latex and a soft cotton and wool comfort layer, it’s both plush and supportive, without the sinking feeling that you’ll find from memory foam hybrid mattresses.

As for the sleep experience, there are many things that make the Bloom stand out. For starters, it’s one of the coolest beds around, great for hot sleepers. It also earned some of the highest scores of any hybrid bed that we’ve tested, standing out in terms of pressure relief and spinal alignment, making it an excellent mattress for people with pain at the lower back, hips, or shoulders.

Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid vs Other Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses

Brooklyn Bedding crafts a wide range of foam and hybrid mattresses. Here’s how the Bowery Hybrid compares to BB’s other mattress models.

  • Bloom Hybrid vs Bowery Hybrid: Both beds are hybrids, but the Bowery is made from memory foam, polyfoam, and coils whereas the Bloom is crafted from cotton, wool, latex, and coils. The Bloom is slightly softer but also much better for bigger bodies thanks to more generous comfort and support layers. The Bloom is cooler, more responsive, and more durable, while the Bowery is less expensive and better at dampening motion. Read our Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid mattress review.
  • Bloom Hybrid vs Aurora Luxe: Both are luxury hybrid mattresses, but their makeup is completely different. The Aurora uses memory foam and polyfoam for a distinct foam mattress feel, while the Bloom utilizes cotton, wool, and latex for a plush yet buoyant sleeping experience. The Bloom only comes in one firmness level, medium, while the Aurora comes in soft, medium, and firm. This variety makes the Aurora better for people who like soft or firm beds, but the high-quality materials make the Bloom better for plus-size people. Read our Brooklyn Aurora Luxe mattres review
  • Bloom Hybrid vs Signature Hybrid: The Bloom and Signature are both hybrid mattresses that work well for every body size. The Signature is a polyfoam and innerspring mattress with a balanced foam feel, while the Bloom’s plush cotton and wool atop buoyant latex balances cushion with buoyant support. They both excelled in the same tests in the mattress lab, but with slight differences. The Signature offers better pressure relief, while the Bloom is cooler and more durable. The Signature comes in 3 firmness options—soft, medium, and firm—while the Bloom only comes in medium. Finally, the Bloom uses eco-friendly materials and is more expensive than the Signature. Read our Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress review
  • Bloom Hybrid vs Sedona Elite: The Sedona is Brooklyn Bedding’s most luxurious mattress, while the Bloom is their eco-friendly bed. The biggest difference between these two beds is what’s used in their comfort layers and how this influences the mattress feel. The Sedona’s comfort layers are primarily memory foam, delivering a hugging feel with superb pressure relief. The Bloom utilizes naturally-plush cotton and wool for a pillow-top feel atop buoyant latex that’s easier to move around on than memory foam. The Sedona comes in 3 firmnesses and the Bloom only one. Read our Brooklyn Sedona Elite mattress review.
  • Bloom Hybrid vs Spartan: The Spartan and Bloom are both luxury hybrid mattresses with a similar price point. What sets these beds apart is what makes up their comfort layers, with Bloom utilizing natural cotton, wool, and latex and the Spartan a variety of polyfoam and memory foam layers. Go with the Spartan if you like the hugging foam feel or the Bloom if you enjoy a plush feel with more of a floating than hugging sensation. The Spartan provides superior spine alignment, great for people with back pain. The Bloom offers better pressure relief, perfect for side sleepers. The Spartan comes in 3 firmness levels and the Bloom just one. Read our Spartan mattress review.    
  • Bloom Hybrid vs Titan Plus: The Titan is a hybrid mattress designed specifically for bigger bodies. It has a much firmer feel than the Bloom, and is therefore better for those who like a firmer mattress. While both beds work for plus-sized people, we recommend the Bloom for side sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds and the Titan for stomach and back sleepers. The Titan is more affordable, while the Bloom is better for eco-conscious consumers. Read our Titan Plus mattress review
  • Bloom Hybrid vs Plank Firm: The Plank and Bloom have very few similarities. The Plank is a two-sided all-foam mattress designed for people who like firm mattresses. One side is firm and the other extra-firm. The Bloom is a medium-firm bed with a plush comfort layer and the slightly springy support of latex and innerspring coils. Read our Plank Firm mattress review.
Finding the right mattress can improve not only your nights but also your days.

Compare the Bloom Hybrid to Other Mattresses

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Click here to check out our comparison tool.

Other Products Sold by Brooklyn Bedding

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Bloom Hybrid Mattress FAQs


Is the Bloom hybrid mattress good for the environment and for my health?


Yes! Health-conscious and eco-conscious consumers love the Bloom Hybrid. The materials used to construct this mattress are sustainably sourced. In fact, its Talalay latex is Oeko-Tex class One certified meaning it’s free of harmful chemicals and grown according to strict guidelines, and the cotton used in the cover is organic.


Do I need to use a mattress protector with my new bed?


It’s a good idea to use a waterproof mattress protector on your mattress. A mattress protector safeguards your investment from things like spills, accidents, and even bed bugs (depending on which protector you buy). You want to keep your bed in good condition because you can never fully wash it, and your mattress must be in good condition to be covered under the sleep trial and warranty.


Can I use an old box spring with my Bloom mattress?


You only want to use a foundation that’s in good condition. A sub-par foundation, like an old box spring, can lead to sagging and decrease your mattress’s longevity. If you have a box spring that sags, you should get rid of it and use another type of foundation or buy a newer box spring.

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