Casper Hybrid Mattress Review

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Casper Hybrid Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: November 2023

✔️Customer Rating: 5/5
✔️Mattress Advisor Score: 8.9/10   
✔️Type: Memory Foam Hybrid
✔️Firmness: Medium-Firm
✔️Free Shipping & Returns
✔️100-Night Sleep Trial
✔️10-Year Limited Warranty

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Quick Summary: The Casper Hybrid is one of the highest-performing mattresses we’ve ever tested. It impressed us with a mixture of plush contouring and springy support that kept our testers’ bodies perfectly aligned. With its balanced feel, the Casper Hybrid is an excellent mattress for most sleepers.

Who Is the Casper Hybrid Mattress Best for?

Casper Hybrid is best for: Casper Hybrid may not be best for:
  • People with back pain
  • Couples and those who co-sleep
  • Every sleeping position
  • Hot sleepers

Casper Hybrid Mattress Review Highlights

Best Hybrid Mattresses - Mattress Advisor

The Casper Hybrid Mattress, launched in April 2019, is the product of five extensive years of research and design by the engineers at Casper Labs. The team at Casper was curious to see what would happen if they added springs to the award-winning original Casper mattress design. The result? A mattress model that struck gold.

We tested the Casper Hybrid mattress at the Mattress Advisor mattress lab, where we scored it on 14 factors that include performance, buying experience, and social impact. The Casper Hybrid ended up earning one of the highest scores of the hundreds of mattresses that we’ve tested.

Casper Hybrid Mattress: Our Favorite Things

  • Our sleep testers felt support and cushion in all of the right places. This impressively balanced feel is thanks to the Casper Hybrid’s Zoned Support™ memory foam layer. With firmer foam along the lower back and hips and softer foam at the shoulders, the Casper Hybrid provides nearly perfect spine alignment. Plus, you won’t feel excess pressure at your hips or shoulders if you sleep on your side.
  • The Casper Hybrid earned outstanding scores in responsiveness, motion transfer, and edge support. It’s these three factors that tell us how good a mattress is for couples. The Casper Hybrid is easy to move around on, but you won’t feel your partner’s movements. Its sturdy edges allow you to spread out comfortably.
  • It’s one of our top-rated hybrid mattresses here at Mattress Advisor, as well as best mattress for the money and best mattress that doesn’t sag.

Casper Hybrid Test Performance

We rate each mattress on a 6-point testing procedure and 8-point evaluation. Our total score is a weighted average that takes all of this information into account. Check out how the Casper Hybrid performed during our in-house testing. Learn more about our review process.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 8
Trial Period 8
Return Policy 8
Warranty 8
Set-Up 9
Motion Transfer 9
Edge Support 9.5
Pressure Relief 8
Spine Alignment 9
Responsiveness 9.5
Cooling 8.5
Durability 9
Customer Service 9
Social Impact 8.5
⭐Total Score for the Casper Hybrid Mattress: 8.9/10⭐

Mattress Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

  • Responsiveness: Our sleep testers were able to seamlessly change from one position to the next, never feeling stuck. If you move around much at night, tossing and turning to get comfortable, a responsive mattress helps you switch it up without waking.
  • Motion Isolation: The Casper Hybrid is one of the best hybrid beds that we’ve tested when it comes to dampening motion. If you share your bed and find yourself waking at your partner’s every move, the Casper Hybrid could help you get better sleep.
  • Spine Alignment: Posture is equally as important when sleeping as when awake. The thing is, you have less control over it. The Casper Hybrid is one of the best mattresses for aches and pains because it does a phenomenal job keeping the spine aligned—our sleep testers had nearly perfect spine alignment when lying on the Casper.

❌ Cons

  • Body Compatibility: While the Casper Hybrid offers exceptional support for sleepers in the light-to-average-weight categories, plus-size sleepers are better suited by a thicker, more supportive mattress. Check out the Casper Wave hybrid, if you weigh more than 230 lbs.
  • Pressure Relief: The Casper Hybrid doesn’t offer the same level of pressure relief as the Casper Original mattress. If you’re a side sleeper who needs extra give at your pressure points, you may want to opt for the Original Casper mattress. If that sounds like you, read about some of our favorite Casper Mattress alternatives.

Spine Alignment

All body parts are not created equal. Some areas of the body need more support than others. The Zoned Support™ layer that you’ll find in the Casper Hybrid targeted support to different regions of the body. The Casper Hybrid is built with softer foam under the shoulders to help cradle pressure points and firmer foam under the hips to keep your spine in alignment.

The Casper Hybrid did a phenomenal job keeping the spines of our tester aligned. There was only a slight upward curve towards the base of the neck.


The Casper Hybrid crushed the Mattress Advisor responsiveness test – it scored a 9.5. When you think about mattress shopping and determining what mattress feels “comfortable” to you, that’s responsiveness.

How well a mattress adapts and contours to changes in your body position while you sleep directly impacts how quickly you will become comfortable enough to fall asleep. The Casper Hybrid proved in our mattress testing it offers first class comfort by scoring so highly in our responsiveness test.

Motion Transfer

If you sleep with a partner or a pet, you don’t want to wake up every time they move around during the night. That’s why motion transfer control is so critical to a good night’s sleep.

The Casper Hybrid scored a solid 9/10 for our motion isolation score, meaning you can sleep on this mattress without being disturbed by your bed partners. Want to see for yourself? Check out our wine test video below.

Is the Casper Hybrid Firm?

The Casper Hybrid is a medium firmness mattress, rating a 5 on the 1-10 firmness scale. What’s unique about the feel of the Casper Hybrid is that some areas are softer and others firmer thanks to the zoned memory foam layer. As such, the feel is one of plush give at the shoulders and supportive contouring at the hips.

Does It Match Different Types of Sleepers?

Side Sleepers

The Casper Hybrid is a top mattress for side sleepers. Our sleep testers of every weight found the Casper Hybrid comfortable when on their sides thanks to ample cushion at the pressure points. Its Zoned Support™ foam cradles the shoulders while keeping the hips supported so they’re in alignment with the spine.

Back Sleepers

Our testers also found the Casper Hybrid comfortable and supportive when lying on their backs. Back sleepers need a mattress that offers support and contour in equal measure to keep the spine in a neutral position. The support is what holds up your spine and neck, while the contour is what allows your bum and other curvy parts to rest peacefully. The Casper Hybrid offers these qualities in tandem, making it a good mattress for those who sleep on their back.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers are more difficult to accommodate for, but the Casper Hybrid does. A good stomach sleeper mattress a soft, more responsive top to keep pressure off the pelvis, chest, and shoulders. However, they also need a mattress that is firm and supportive enough to keep their spine aligned rather than arched. The Casper Hybrid offers both superior contour and support to take care of stomach sleepers.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers often have a tough time finding a suitable mattress for all sleeping positions. They need a bed that works for every sleep position that they use, while also being easy to move around on. The Casper Hybrid is one of the best mattresses that we’ve tested for combination sleepers. It works for every sleeping position and it’s incredibly responsive. Most of our testers found every position comfortable, and it quickly adjusted when they changed positions.

Edge Support

The Casper Hybrid Mattress has excellent edge support. Edge support refers to the sturdiness of the mattress’s edge compared to its center. The edge support of this mattress makes it great for couples and supports its overall durability.

How Well Does It Regulate Temperature?

The Casper Hybrid is a relatively cool hybrid bed, earning an 8.5/10 for its cooling properties. A top layer of perforated Airscape foam is ultra-breathable, while the support layer of innerspring coils dissipates built-up body heat. Taken together, the combination is enough to keep most hot sleepers from overheating.

However, the Casper isn’t as cool as some hybrid or innerspring mattresses. It does have memory foam, which is known to hold on to body heat. So if you sleep incredibly hot, you may want to consider one of our picks for the best mattresses for hot sleepers.

Does It Support Heavier People?

The Casper Hybrid works for most body types thanks to the system of innerspring coils that can support more weight than memory foam alone.

Best Foundations for the Casper Hybrid

The Casper Hybrid mattress will work with all standard foundations. As with most mattresses, make sure you have as much direct support under the mattress as possible. A wooden slatted foundation or adjustable frame tends to offer the most support for Casper mattresses. Casper recommends that you use something sturdier than a box spring as older box springs don’t offer sufficient support.

The Inner Layers

The engineers behind the Casper Hybrid mattress explored what would happen if they added a pocket-coil spring system to the original Casper all-foam mattress. Needless to say, they struck gold with this combination.

The Casper Hybrid mattress is made with 3 premium layers of foam and bouncy springs. Here’s what each layer is made from and a breakdown of how it influences the sleeping experience.

casper hybrid inside
  1. Mattress Cover: A soft, stretchy cover made from polyester and spandex. It’s zippered and removable, but it’s not machine washable or dryable.
  2. Comfort Layer: The top layer of the Casper Hybrid mattress is made from their proprietary perforated Airscape polyfoam. This comfort foam cushions pressure points and provides responsive comfort. It also allows airflow to keep the mattress surface cool.
  3. Transition Layer: The second layer is Casper’s incredible Zoned Support™ memory foam. Three zones ensure that every area of the body receives customized support. Plush foam along the top and bottom third and firmer foam along the body’s trunk helps to cushion pressure points, keep hips from sinking too low, and ensure optimal spine alignment.
  4. Innerspring Support: Individually pocketed coils deliver active support and a responsive feel.

Casper Hybrid Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

Size Dimensions Weight Price*
Twin 38” x 75” x 11” 46 lbs $1,295
Twin XL 38” x 80” x 11” 50 lbs $1,395
Full 53” x 75” x 11” 67 lbs $1,595
Queen 60” x 80” x 11” 79 lbs $1,695
King 76” x 80” x 11” 101 lbs $2,095
Cal King 72” x 84” x 11” 100 lbs $2,095

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Casper Hybrid mattress.

What’s Setup Like?

Casper is a bed-in-a-box mattress brand, and therefore, every new mattress from Casper arrives at your doorstep compressed in a box. With every Casper mattress that we’ve tested, including the Casper Hybrid, unboxing has been a breeze. Simply carry the box to your final destination and unroll the Casper on its foundation.

The Casper Hybrid puffed up to life within just a few hours, and the off-gassing odor faded in a similar timeframe. You can expect your mattress to be ready to sleep on within a day or two of arrival, if not the same day.

Think you’re ready to purchase the Casper Hybrid? Before you go to checkout, we want to make sure you know everything you need to. Check out the details below to learn more about what you can expect when purchasing the Casper mattress.

Policy Details
Delivery Compressed and rolled in a box; delivered in 3-28 business days
Trial Period 100 days
Warranty 10-year limited warranty
Return Policy Free returns
Financing Available through Affirm


What You Need to Know About Shipping and Delivery

The Casper Hybrid mattress is shipped free within the continental United States (there is a fee for shipments to Alaska or Hawaii). You can expect to receive your new bed in 2-7 business days from the date you place your order. You don’t have to be home for standard mattress delivery.

Casper Company Policies

Casper does offer White Glove Delivery. For an additional fee, a Casper representative will set up your new mattress and remove your old one. This service may be paused due to COVID-19 concerns.

Breaking Down the Sleep Trial

Casper offers the industry-standard 100-night sleep trial. From the date you receive your new mattress, you have 100 nights to try it out. Any time during this sleep trial you can initiate a return and receive a full refund. Just be sure to keep the bed in good condition as spills or other damage may void the sleep trial.

The Warranty in Plain Language

Casper’s warranty is a 10-year limited warranty, the most common warranty for mattresses. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for the original purchaser only. To submit a claim, contact Casper’s customer service team.

All Customer Service Contact Info

Casper is well-known for their excellent customer service. Every time we’ve worked with Casper, we’ve had a good experience. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. What’s more, there are multiple ways to contact them 7 days of the week.

  • Phone: 1-888-498-0003
  • Email:
  • Live chat at

Here’s what customers have to say about their experiences with Casper customer service.

  • The customer service reps were very helpful at answering our questions before we even purchased it. Once we purchased the mattress, it arrived in just a couple of days…I would highly recommend Casper to anyone!” -Jenn
  • “We decided to upgrade after ordering the first mattress and Casper was great about returning the first one for us and sending us the one we wanted. We were kept apprised of the shipment and the date of arrival. Great customer service!” -Jill

Learn About the Return Policy

Returning a Casper mattress is easy. Casper offers full returns during the 100-night trial period. Be sure to contact Casper’s customer service within this timeframe to initiate the return. Casper will work with a local charity to schedule a pickup. Once the bed has been picked up, you’ll receive a refund in 1-3 business days.

Reasons to Buy or Not Buy the Casper Hybrid

The Casper Hybrid mattress is an excellent bed at a competitive price point. Few other mattresses have scored as highly at the Mattress Advisor mattress lab, meaning that the Casper truly excels across the board. With a plush top layer, zoned memory foam, and pocket coils, you’d be hard-pressed to find a mattress better at keeping the body properly aligned.

While the Casper mattress works for every sleeping position, it’s best for those who prefer a somewhat soft feel. As a medium firmness mattress, it won’t be firm enough for sleepers who like a firm bed. Check out the Saatva mattress; we think it might be a better fit.

See How Casper Hybrid Compares

To other hybrid mattresses

The Casper Hybrid is one of the highest scoring hybrid mattresses that we’ve tested in the mattress lab—and we’ve tested hundreds of mattresses. With an 8/10 or higher in every test that determines comfort and sleep experience, it’s one of the best mattresses that you can buy. Not only is the Casper Hybrid an exceptional mattress, but it comes at an affordable price point.

However, the Casper Hybrid isn’t the hybrid mattress that’s best for everyone. In particular, the Casper is softer and thinner than most hybrid beds. If you’re someone who weighs over 230 lbs or if you prefer a firmer mattress, check out our other top hybrid mattresses to find one that will work better for your needs.

To other Casper mattresses

We’ve written an article comparing each of the Casper mattresses to help our readers find their best fit. As a summary, the Casper Hybrid is the highest performing Casper mattress that we’ve tested. And that’s saying something as each one has scored quite highly.

When compared to Casper’s two memory foam mattresses—the Original Casper and the Casper Element—the Casper Hybrid offers better spine alignment and cooling abilities. It’s also slightly more supportive and a bit softer.

Casper manufactures two additional hybrid mattresses. The Casper Hybrid is the most affordable Casper hybrid bed, but it’s thinner than both the Casper Nova and Casper Wave hybrids. As such, the Nova and Wave are better for sleepers who weigh more than 230 lbs.

The Casper Wave has a similar medium firmness level and the Casper Hybrid, but with more generous comfort layers, it’s better for side sleepers who desire extra cushion. The Wave is also slightly cooler than the Casper, making it excellent for hot sleepers.

The Casper Nova is softer than the Casper Hybrid. While most sleepers will prefer the medium firmness of the Casper Hybrid, those who like a more cloud-like feel should consider the Nova. However, the Nova doesn’t have very sturdy edges, so if you sleep along the sides of the bed, the Casper Hybrid is a better choice.

Casper Hybrid Mattress Comparisons

Casper Hybrid vs. Purple


Criteria Casper Hybrid Purple
Mattress Advisor Score 8.9/10 8.4 /10
Firmness Medium-Firm (5/10 Medium-Firm (6.5/10)
Material Memory Foam Hybrid Hybrid
Who’s It Best For?
  • Back sleepers
  • Sleepers who like a mix of body-contouring and responsiveness
  • Sleepers who share a bed
  • Hot sleepers
  • Sleepers with athletic lifestyles
  • Combination sleepers

The Casper Hybrid and Purple mattresses are both responsive hybrids, but they feel very different. The Casper Hybrid combines soft memory foam and springy steel coils for a more body-contouring feel. This design makes it a better option for sleepers who prefer the hug-like experience memory foam offers. The Casper also includes a special zoned support layer, which makes it a great option for sleepers with back pain.

On the other hand, the Purple mattress features Purple’s proprietary grid comfort layer. This layer feels springy and responsive but still provides deep pressure relief. It makes this bed a great fit for combination sleepers who spend part of the night on their sides. They’ll get some cushioning pressure relief, but will still feel lifted up on top of the bed, making it easy to roll over and change positions at night. The Purple grid layer is also incredibly cooling, which makes this bed an ideal choice for hot sleepers.

Check out our full Casper vs Purple mattress comparison.

Casper Hybrid vs. Nectar


Criteria Casper Hybrid Nectar
Mattress Advisor Score 8.9/10 8.7/10
Firmness Medium-Firm: 5/10 Medium-Firm: 6/10)
Material Memory Foam Hybrid Gel Memory Foam
Who’s It Best For?
  • Hot sleepers
  • Sleepers with back pain
  • Couples
  • Side sleepers
  • Sleepers with joint pain
  • Budget shoppers

The Casper Hybrid and Nectar mattresses both feature a memory foam comfort layer. But unlike the Nectar, the Casper Hybrid includes steel coils to offer some more responsiveness. This makes the Casper a better option for combination sleepers who like to move around at night. It’s also a better choice for hot sleepers, since its coils will promote more airflow than the Nectar’s all-foam layers.

The memory foam Nectar offers slightly more pressure relief than the Casper Hybrid, an important difference for side sleepers and people with joint pain. They’ll sink into the Nectar’s body-contouring layers to get great pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. The Nectar is also more budget-friendly than the Casper, which makes it a good choice for shoppers looking for more bang for their buck.

Check out our full Casper vs Nectar mattress comparison.

Finding the right mattress can improve not only your nights but also your days.

Compare the Casper Hybrid to Other Mattresses

Interested to see how Casper Hybrid compares to other mattresses?
Click here to check out our comparison tool.

Other Products Sold by Casper Sleep

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Casper Hybrid Mattress FAQs


Can I try out the Casper Hybrid mattress before I buy it?


You sure can! The Casper Hybrid mattress can be found at a number of retail locations throughout the U.S. You can even book a trial where you can take a nap on a Casper Hybrid mattress, talk to a sleep specialist, or just see the mattress for yourself.


How long can the Casper Hybrid mattress stay in the box?


You can keep your Casper Hybrid mattress in its shipping box for up to three months. However, the sooner you unbox it, the better.


The Casper Hybrid I received feels different than the one I tried at the store. Is that normal?


Yes. A new mattress takes time to break in, particularly one with generous foam layers like those found in the Casper Hybrid. The feel will slowly change over time, with the greatest difference after 30 days of sleeping on the new bed.

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