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Casper Hybrid Mattress Review (New)

We have compared, tested and rated nearly 100 hybrid mattresses at Mattress Advisor. The new Casper Hybrid mattress takes comfort and support to a whole level! Read our full review of the Casper Hybrid mattress to see how it performed in our testing and why this is a great mattress all around.

Mattress Advisor Score:  9.4/10

In this review, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the new Casper Hybrid mattress, including how it scored in our Mattress Advisor testing. We’ll also give you an overview of the benefits Casper provides to its customers – like a 100-night trial period and free returns. Read on to learn more.

Casper Hybrid Mattress Highlights

The new Casper Hybrid Mattress, launched in April 2019, is the product of 5 extensive years of research and design by the engineers at Casper Labs. The R&D team at Casper was curious to see what would happen if they added springs to the award-winning original Casper mattress design. The result? A new mattress model that struck gold.

Striking the perfect balance between the contour of memory foam and the bounce of pocket-coils, the Casper Hybrid offers the best of both worlds when it comes to superior comfort and support. This advanced design enhances durability and increases edge support.

Additional Highlights
  • The Casper Hybrid offers Zoned Support™, meaning a unique foam layer offers varying levels of support across different regions of the body —  using a softer foam to cradle the shoulder and a firmer foam to support the hips.
  • The Casper Hybrid earned outstanding scores in responsiveness, motion transfer and spine alignment when in the mattress lab.

Mattress Advisor Score for the Casper Hybrid Mattress

We personally test every mattress we bring into the Mattress Advisor Lab using the same 6-point testing procedure and 8-point evaluation. Here’s a glimpse at how the Casper Hybrid mattress scored on our different tests and evaluations. Each score is a rating out of 10 points. The total score is a weighted average that incorporates all of the functional and performance characteristics of the mattress.


How quickly the mattress ships to your home. (Free shipping = better score!)

Trial Period:

The length of time offered to help you decide if you want to keep the mattress.

Return Policy:

Ease of return process including refund policy and how the mattress is removed from your home.


Length of mattress warranty and what is covered.

Set-up Test:

How easy it is to set up the mattress and move it.

Motion Transfer Test:

How well the mattress performs at isolating motion.

Edge Support Test:

The level of support offered on the edges of the mattress.

Pressure Relief Test:

How well the mattress relieves pressure, particularly around the hips, shoulders, and thighs.

Spine Alignment:

How well the mattress helps keep your spine in proper alignment while you’re sleeping.

Responsiveness Test:

How well the mattress adjusts to different movements or sleeping positions throughout the night.

Cooling Evaluation:

How well the mattress promotes airflow and breathability, or offers special cooling properties.

Durability Evaluation:

Quality and durability of materials, structural support, and expected lifespan of the mattress.

Customer Service Score:

How helpful and responsive the customer service team is.

Social Impact Score:

A measure of social mission, community involvement and charitable giving/partnerships.

Deep Dive into our Review of the Casper Hybrid

Take a deeper look at our review of the Casper Hybrid mattress to see how it performed in our testing and help you determine if this could be the mattress for you.

Set-up Test

It took us just under two minutes to unbox the Casper Hybrid mattress. This mattress was on the heavier side but it puffed to life instantly. It had a slight odor when it was first opened but it went away quickly.

So for our setup test, the Casper Hybrid scored a 9 out of 10.

Motion Transfer Test

Motion transfer is just what it sounds like — how much movement you feel if your partner (or pup) is moving around. You probably don’t want to feel this.

Part A – The Humans

The Mattress Advisor motion transfer test is a two-part test. We start by asking both of our mattress testes to lie on the bed, blindfolded, and rate on a scale from one to ten how much movement they felt when their partner was moving around with 10 being no movement at all.

While on the Casper Hybrid, our sleep subjects couldn’t even tell when their partner got out of bed! They felt them slightly as they rolled back and forth, but that was largely due to the pulling of the mattress cover. So for the first part of our motion transfer test, they gave the Casper Hybrid a  9.5.

Part B – The Wine Test

Next, comes our wine test. This is not just an excuse for our team to drink wine at work. In fact, wine is a great visual indicator of how much motion is being transferred from one side of the bed to another.

We had one of our sleep subjects lie down and roll back a forth a few times. We then took a look at how much the wine inside of the glass moved.

That wine definitely held its own while on the Casper Hybrid, so once again, we gave it a 9.5

So for a total motion transfer score, the Casper Hybrid gets a 9.5 out of 10.

Edge Support Test

When choosing a mattress, you may not think to consider how much support the edge provides. But if you find yourself sleeping on the edge of your bed or use the end to get ready in the morning, you should definitely consider the edge support.

The Mattress Advisor edge support test is a two-part test.

Part A – The Shoe Test

We start this test by asking our sleep subjects to sit on the edge of the bed to tie their shoes. They then rate the ease of this task on a scale from one to ten, with 10 being “extremely easy, with exceptional edge support.”

Support on the end of the Casper Hybrid mattress was good in the opinion of our testers They felt the edge of the bed “rose and curled inward” as their weight settled into the bed. So for the edge shoe test, they gave the Casper Hybrid  9.5 out of 10.

Part B – The Side Test

Next, we had our sleep subjects lie on the edge of the bed in each sleeping position, side, stomach and back, to see if they could sleep comfortably in that section of the bed.

They once again found the edge of the Casper Hybrid to be supportive (and comfy). So for the edge support side test, this mattress scored a 9.

That brings the Casper Hybrid’s total edge support score to a 9.25 out of 10.

Pressure Relief Test

When looking for a mattress, you’ll want to find something that puts minimal pressure on your hips, thighs and shoulders. This is especially important for those that suffer from joint pain. Here’s a look at how well the Casper Hybrid mattress did at providing pressure relief.

We measure pressure relief by using a pressure mapping film that shows areas of high pressure. Here’s what you need to know: the cool spots are good and the warms spots are bad. The warmer the color, the more pressure is being placed on that area of the body.

When on the Casper Hybrid, we saw some areas on the body, specifically the hips and shoulders, that indicated areas of high pressure. This is shown by the red and yellow spots on the pressure map results below.

As a result, the Casper Hybrid scored a total of 8 for pressure relief.

Spine Alignment Test

We have been told from childhood to “sit up straight” and “don’t hunch your back.” Not only is a slouched posture considered rude, it can also harm the health of your back, specifically the spine. Turns out the posture of your back matters when you are asleep too. That’s why for every mattress we test, we take a look at how well it keeps your spine in a straight line.

To test spine alignment, we took a close up of both of our sleep subjects backs to see the alignment. You’ll want to see a straight line from the neck all the way to the tailbone.

The Casper Hybrid did a phenomenal job keeping the spines of our tester aligned. There was only a slight upward curve towards the base of the neck.

So for spine alignment, the Casper Hybrid gets a 9.25 out of 10.

Responsiveness Test

When it comes to getting comfortable on your mattress, responsiveness is very important. All responsiveness means is how well the mattress adjusts or responds to your movements while you sleep.

To evaluate the responsiveness of the Casper Hybrid mattress, we had our mattress testers lie in each sleeping position, side, stomach and back for a minute. As they changed positions and got settled in, we asked them to rate on a scale from one to ten how quickly and easily the mattress responded to their movement.

The Casper Hybrid is one responsive bed! Our mattress testers felt it did a great job adapting and conforming to the shape of their body comfortably and instantly.

So the Casper Hybrid scored a 9.5 out of 10 for responsiveness.

Customer Reviews on the Casper Mattress

Casper mattress reviews from customers with back pain

  • “I absolutely did not believe I would be sleeping this great. I’ve had low back pain from my mattress for over 6 years. I’ve tried so many different things and can’t believe how good I am sleeping! Now I understand why people look forward to getting in their beds at night. Finally, a comfortable sleeping experience!” – Tyler
  • “We both suffered with back pain and thought we were just getting older. After all our mattress had been a $4000 adjustable mattress. We hurt when sleeping and when getting up. Then I decided we were not THAT OLD, so I did my research of all the mattress sites, Consumer Reports and on and on. I mean who wants to pay thousands only to find it was a waste of money twice? All sources pointed to Casper so I bought the mattress for a Christmas gift for my bride. It is the greatest gift I ever got her – and me. The very first night we slept soundly all night. We awoke refreshed and neither of us has had any backache since.” – Wayne T.

Casper mattress reviews on comfort

  • “Best mattress I have ever owned. I recently moved into a NYC loft studio which only had room for a small Twin XL mattress. As I am a larger individual (6 ft, 260 lbs) I was not looking forward to downsizing from a Queen. However, my new Casper is so supportive and comfortable, I don’t need the extra room – I wake up in the exact same position I fall asleep in – no more tossing and turning!” – John S.
  • “This is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. It firm and soft at the same time. It’s just right, I don’t toss and turn but I sleep all night. I love it.” – Jed
  • “I have never been in such a comfortable bed!! My partner and I both love it, and never thought we’d agree on a bed. I enjoy a more firm bed and he enjoys soft, but this we both love!” – Angelica

Casper mattress reviews on firmness

  • “My wife and I both love the bed. I usually prefer a much firmer mattress and my wife prefers a soft mattress, yet we’re both satisfied. The bed was easy to unpack and within minutes was ready for sleeping. Definitely the best value in mattresses!” – Sam K.
  • “I’ve owned quite a few different mattresses but the Casper has easily become my favorite. It’s a perfect nights sleep, a great balance of firm and soft. And while the mattress is all I could hope for, the customer service team really took it to over the top. Communication throughout the delivery was prompt, thoughtful and helpful. When my mattress was delayed I was overnighted an air mattress to hold me over.” – Nikki G.
  • “Casper has been the best thing to ever happen to us! My husband prefers firm, I prefer plush, and this is the best of both worlds. At first, it did seem to firm for me, but by night 3, I don’t even think I moved! My neck problems have solved themselves, I am waking up feeling more refreshed, and I don’t toss and turn like I used to!! My ONLY complaint, is the mattress is skinny – we are used to our pillowtop mattress, so we lost about 5 inches in height of the bed – easily fixed by getting a bigger (deeper) boxsprings, but that is literally my ONLY complaint. Just buy it. You won’t be disappointed!” – Lindsey

What Makes the Casper Hybrid Different From Other Mattresses?

The Casper Hybrid mattress was designed and engineered in-house by the Research and Development team at Casper Labs so all of the layers work together to provide a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface.

5 Years of Thoughtful Design

The team at Casper used data collected over a timespan of five years to inform the design of the Casper Hybrid mattress. From user testing to researching the latest sleep science technology, the Casper Hybrid mattress is one of the best of the best online mattress models we’ve seen.

Grade-A Responsiveness

The Casper Hybrid crushed the Mattress Advisor responsiveness test – it scored a 9.5. When you think about mattress shopping and determining what mattress feels “comfortable” to you, that’s responsiveness. How well a mattress adapts and contours to changes in your body position while you sleep directly impacts how quickly you will become comfortable enough to fall asleep. So responsiveness is pretty darn important. The Casper Hybrid proved in our mattress testing it offers first class comfort when it scored so highly in our responsiveness test.

Zoned Support

All body parts are not created equal. Some areas of the body need more support than others. The Zoned Support™ layer that you’ll find in the Casper Hybrid targeted support to different regions of the body. The Casper Hybrid is built with softer foam under the shoulders to help cradle pressure points and firmer foam under the hips to keep your spine in alignment.

What to watch out for

  • Be aware that your Casper mattress may have a mild scent when you unbox it – this is normal and should go away within a few hours.
  • If you are used to sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress, it may take some time to get accustomed to the feel of this buoyant hybrid mattress. In fact, it may take up to 30 days to break in your new mattress.

How the Casper Hybrid Mattress Supports Different Sleeping Positions


The Casper Hybrid is a great choice for side sleepers. It’s Zoned Support™ helps cradle the shoulders while keeping the hips supported so they are in alignment with the spine. The medium firmness of the Casper Hybrid is also conducive for side sleepers allowing more give to accommodate for the curvature of the body.


This mattress would also accommodate back sleepers as well. Back sleepers need a mattress that offers support and contour in equal measure, to keep your spine in a neutral position. The support is what holds up your spine and neck, while the contour is what allows your bum and other curvy parts to rest peacefully. The Casper Hybrid offers these two qualities in tandem, making it a good choice for those who sleep on their back.


Stomach sleepers are more difficult to accommodate for, but the Casper Hybrid does. Stomach sleepers need a mattress with a soft, more responsive top to keep pressure off the pelvis, chest, and shoulders. However, the also need a mattress that is firm and supportive enough to keep their spine aligned rather than arched. The Casper Hybrid offers both superior contour and support to take care of stomach sleepers.

Product Information


116 lbs. for queen




Medium: 5/10



Size Dimensions Standard Price*
Twin 39″ x 75″ $795
Twin XL 39” x 80” $895
Full 54″ x 75″ $1,295
Queen 60” x 80” $1,495
King 76” x 80” $1,795
Cal King 72” x 84” $1,795

*Prices listed are standard without sales or Mattress Advisor exclusive discounts. Check price using the button below for the best deals on the Casper mattress. 

A Look Inside the Casper Hybrid Mattress

The engineers behind the Casper Hybrid mattress explored what would happen if they added a pocket-coil spring system to the original Casper mattress design. Needless to say, they struck gold with this combination. The new Casper Hybrid mattress is made with four premium layers of foam and springs:

  • 1.5” Breathable Open-Cell Foam: The top layer of the Casper Hybrid mattress is made of breathable memory foam that provides responsive comfort.
  • 1.5” Pressure Relieving Memory Foam: The following foam layer is designed to cradle joints and offer additional pressure-relieving comfort.
  • 1.5” Zoned Support™ Foam Layer: This unique layer of the Casper Hybrid mattress is comprised of a single foam layer that offers two different firmness levels at different areas of the body. All body parts are not created equal. Some areas need more support than others. The Zoned Support™ layer offers softer foam under the shoulder to help cradle pressure points and firmer foam under the hips to keep your spine in alignment.
  • 7.0” Foundation of Durable, Pocket-Coil Spring System: The final layer of the Casper Hybrid mattress is the new pocket-coil spring system designed to provide active support and motion isolation. Below the spring system is a sliver of supportive base foam that reinforces the entire structure.

Purchase Experience


Compressed and rolled in a box; delivered in 2-7 business days

Trial Period

100 days


10-year limited warranty

Return Policy

Free returns


Available through Affirm

Foundations Casper is Compatible With

The Casper Hybrid mattress will work with all standard foundations. As with most mattresses, make sure you have as much direct support under the mattress as possible. A wooden slatted foundation or platform bed tend to offer the most support for the Casper mattresses.

Slatted Foundation
Box Spring
Bunkie Board w/ Boxspring
Platform Base

Compare the Casper Hybrid to Other Mattresses

Interested to see how Casper Hybrid compares to other mattresses?
Click here to check out our comparison tool.

Compare Casper Hybrid

Casper Mattress FAQs

What's the difference between the Original Casper mattress and the Casper Hybrid?

The primary difference between the original Casper mattress and the new Casper Hybrid mattress is that the original Casper is a memory foam mattress and the new Casper is a hybrid (made with foam and pocket coils). The difference in materials and construction impacts the firmness, responsiveness, motion transfer, pressure relief, and support of each mattress. Compare the original Casper and the Casper Hybrid side by side.

What's the difference between the Casper Hybrid mattress and the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress?

The Wave Hybrid is a more expensive model than the Casper Hybrid mattress. Each model is made with different foams and the Wave Hybrid has an additional layer of foam that increases its thickness by one inch.

How does the 100-night trial work?

You can try the Casper Hybrid mattress in the comfort of your home for 100 nights from the day you receive it. If you decide to return your Casper within your trial period window, simply contact customer support and they will assist you with the return process. Casper will send a representative to your house to pick up the mattress and either donate it to a local charity or have it recycled. Once the pickup or donation is confirmed, you will receive a full refund of your original purchase price.

Does the Casper Hybrid mattress sleep hot?

The Casper Hybrid mattress is designed to sleep cool. This is achieved by using open-cell memory foam that provides a way for heat to escape, rather than getting trapped. Additionally, pocket coils naturally promote airflow because there is space in between each spring. This also helps promote breathability. That being said, the Casper Hybrid is still partially a foam mattress so it may not sleep as cool as an innerspring or latex mattress. How hot you get at night also depends on your personal preferences and body type. If you do find that the Casper mattress sleeps too hot for you, you can always return it within your 100-night risk-free trial period.

Do I need to be home when my Casper mattress is delivered?

When you place your order for your Casper mattress, the “signature required” box will automatically be checked. If you keep it checked, you will need to be home to sign for the UPS delivery. However, you can uncheck the signature box before checking out to avoid having to be home when your mattress is delivered. Due to liability issues, UPS does not allow Casper to remove the signature requirement once the box is in transit. So if you prefer not to be home, remember to uncheck that box!

Can I try out the Casper Hybrid mattress before I buy it?

You sure can! The Casper Hybrid mattress can be found at a number of retail locations throughout the US. You can even book a trial where you can take a nap on a Casper Hybrid mattress, talk to a sleep specialist, or just see the mattress for yourself.

Can I finance my Casper mattress?

Yes, you can finance your Casper mattress for as low as 0% APR through Affirm. Just select Affirm at checkout and choose the payment plan that works best for you. You can pay your monthly bill using a bank transfer, check or debit card at 

Will Casper set up my mattress or remove my existing mattress?

Casper does offer in-home delivery and setup options across the 48 contiguous states and the Greater Toronto Area. During your scheduled delivery time, a representative will bring your new Casper mattress to your room of choice, unbox it, and remove any additional packaging. The service is $100 in the US, regardless of how many products you order. There is a discounted rate of $75 in select zip codes in New York City and Los Angeles. If you would like to have your old mattress removed, it will cost you an additional $50.

How long can the Casper Hybrid mattress stay in the box?

You can keep your Casper mattress in its shipping box for up to three months. However, the sooner you unbox it, the better.

Does the Casper mattress have a break-in period?

Yes, you may need some time to adjust to your Casper mattress. Particularly if you are used to sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress, your body will need time to adjust to the new mattress feel. It can take up to 30 days to fully break in your new mattress.

Will I need to flip my Casper mattress?

You will not! In fact, you shouldn’t flip your Casper Hybrid mattress because the layers are designed to work best in the order they are in. You can, however, rotate your mattress. This is recommended if you sleep alone on one side of the bed or if you and your partner have a significant weight difference. You can do this every 3-6 months.

How much weight can the Casper Hybrid mattress support?

The Casper Hybrid does not have a weight limit – it’s designed to support all shapes and sizes. Depending on your weight, your Casper mattress may feel a little softer or firmer.

Is the Casper Hybrid mattress eco-friendly?

The foams used in the Casper mattress are CertiPUR-US­® Certified, meaning they meet some of the most rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability.

Accolades for the Casper Mattress

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

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