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Casper Wave Mattress Review

We compared, tested and rated more than 50 foam mattresses. See why the Casper Wave mattress is a great mattress for people with back pain or those who tend to change positions throughout the night.

Customer Rating: 4.5/5
Mattress Advisor Score:       8.6/10

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The Casper Wave is an advanced memory foam mattress from Casper. It’s designed with an ergonomic support system targeting 33 specific points for a supreme night’s sleep. The Wave is known for its ability to relieve pressure and protect your spine while you sleep. Check out our in-depth review of the Casper Wave to find out why even the American Chiropractic Association endorses this mattress as great for your sleep.

Casper Wave Mattress Highlights

  • The Casper Wave is a high-end mattress made by Casper that is designed to relieve pressure and provide proper spine alignment for all sleep positions. That’s what makes it one of the best mattresses for back pain.
  • The five-layer support system was created to mirror the natural shape of your body at 33 specific points for deeper, more restorative sleep.
  • In fact, The Wave is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Casper Wave Mattress Review

You can watch our video below to get a glimpse at our review process for the Casper Wave, then read on to go over the highlights from our testing.

Testing Highlights

Casper spent a lot of time trying to get the Wave right, and we can tell. During our testing process, a few things stood out. Our favorite features about the Casper Wave mattress are its cooling factor and advanced design for optimal comfort.

Keeping You Cool

Casper put a lot of thought behind the cooling design of the Wave. So you don’t have to sweat through your sheets at night, the Wave is designed with high-airflow perforations and a wool-infused cover. This helps regulate the temperature of your body and your bed all night.

Advanced Support and Comfort

The Wave is Casper’s most advanced design. The unique design behind the Wave targets 33 key points in your body while you’re sleeping so your spine stays aligned, you stay comfortable, and you wake up refreshed each morning. Say goodbye to waking up on the wrong side of the bed – with the Casper Wave, there is no wrong side!

Learn more about our review process.

Mattress Advisor Score for the Casper Wave Mattress

Take a look at how the Casper Wave mattress scored on our different tests and evaluations. In the chart below you can see how the Wave performed for each category. Our total score is a weighted average of these factors.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 9
Trial Period 9
Return Policy 10
Warranty 9
Set-Up 8
Motion Transfer 8
Edge Support 9
Pressure Relief 6.75
Spine Alignment 8.5
Responsiveness 8
Cooling 8
Durability 8.5
Customer Service 9
Social Impact 9
⭐Total Score for the Casper Wave Mattress: 8.7/10⭐

Customer Reviews on the Casper Wave Mattress

Check out what actual customers had to say about the Casper Wave.

  • On its Comfort: “The Casper Wave is easily the World’s best sleep. From morning 1 to morning 100, I woke up with no aches or pains. I have fallen asleep faster and stayed asleep. The only downside is that I don’t want to get out of bed anymore. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to sleep comfortably night after night.” – Ryan U.
  • On Ease of Set-Up: “Unboxing was extremely easy as laid it out on box spring and unrolled it! Nothing to it! Sleeping on it was just fantastic! The most comfortable bed ever slept on but most surprising was woke up with no back pain!” – Samuel W.
  • From a Casper Expert: “I have tried all of Casper’s mattresses. Splurged on the Wave and was not disappointed. I suffer terribly from chronic pain and need to get a good nights rest. I am sleeping better. Another side note, I don’t feel my husband’s movements during the night either. I feel these mattresses gives Temperpedic mattresses a run for your money. Give these a try first.” – Debbi

Product Information

Now we’ll get down to the details. Let’s look at the specifics of the Casper Wave to find out if it’s right for you.

Man laying on a Casper Wave mattress

Product Specifications

  • Type: Memory foam
  • Weight: 109 lbs. for queen
  • Thickness: 13″
  • Firmness: Medium-firm to firm: 7/10

Compatible Foundations

A foundation is truly the foundation of your mattress. Without it, you aren’t maximizing on all the great qualities about your mattress. Find out which foundations work best for the Casper Wave.

The Casper Wave can work with most standard foundations, as long as it’s sturdy. As with all foam beds, you want as much direct support under the mattress as possible. A wooden slatted or platform bed offers the most support.

A Look Inside the Casper Wave Mattress

The Casper Wave is made of 5 layers designed to provide your body support in the places you need it most. It’s constructed with open-cell foams to help keep you cool and a newly designed top layer with a soft, velvety feel.


Casper Wave inside

What Makes the Casper Wave Different?

The Wave is Casper’s most advanced mattress to date. It was designed using over three years of customer data to create a sleeping surface that is a step ahead. The technology used in The Wave provides custom support to the areas that need it most.

For example, your head/neck vs. your hips require different levels of support – they’re shaped differently, carry different weight, and need varying levels of pressure relief. The Wave addresses this with 5 unique layers that work together to support body parts that require different levels of pressure relief.

Because of this unique design, The Wave is a great option for side sleepers (who often need extra pressure point relief), heavier people and people who suffer from back or joint pain.

Purchasing Information

Ready to checkout with a Casper Wave? Check out these purchasing details first so you can know exactly what to expect.

Purchase Experience

Policy Details
Delivery Compressed and rolled in-a-box; delivered in 2-7 business days
Trial Period 100 days
Warranty 10-year limited warranty
Return Policy Free returns
Financing Available through Affirm

For more information about Casper’s company policies, check out our overview of Casper.

Sizing & Pricing

Size Dimensions Standard Price*
Twin 39″ x 75″ $1,345
Twin XL 39” x 80” $1,595
Full 54″ x 75″ $2,195
Queen 60” x 80” $2,395
King 76” x 80” $2,795
Cal King 72” x 84” $2,795

*Prices listed are standard without sales or Mattress Advisor exclusive discounts. Check price using the button below for the best deals on the Casper Wave mattress. 

Casper Wave Mattress FAQs

Who is the Casper Wave good for?

The Casper Wave mattress has been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). It is ideal for those with back pain, or people who generally wake up with aches and soreness in the morning. The Casper Wave performs excellently at keeping your spine properly aligned and relieving pressure at the pain points.

Is the Wave better than the original Casper?

Casper markets the Wave as a high-end memory foam mattress. The Wave is more plush than the Casper with 5 memory foam layers as opposed to the original Casper’s 4, and it’s designed to mirror your body for premium comfort. It’s also more expensive – you get what you pay for.

How will I know if the Casper Wave is right for me?

You can’t knock it ’till you try it. The good news is that Casper offers a 100-night trial period so you can see if you sleep well on the Wave. Remember, it takes about 30 days to break in your mattress and adjust to a new bed, particularly if you’re accustomed to traditional innerspring mattresses. Give your Wave a chance for at least 30 days before deciding to return.

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By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

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