Helix Mattress Review

Helix Mattress Review

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Helix Mattress Review

Read our comprehensive review of the Helix mattress to see why it’s a great mattress all-around for any type of sleeper – especially for those looking for customized comfort.

Customer Rating: 4.6/5
Mattress Advisor Score:       8.9/10

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Helix offers an incredible customer experience when it comes to mattress shopping. Using their Color-MATCH system, you’ll be paired with a mattress that is just right for your needs!

If you’re looking for a personalized mattress shopping experience, Helix is the way to go. Keep reading to see our full Helix mattress review and learn how it can be great for you.

Helix Mattress Highlights

The Helix mattress is a bed that’s made just for you, literally.

With the Helix Color-MATCH system, you’ll be paired with one of Helix’s 13 mattress models. All you have to do is complete the Helix Sleeping Quiz, which asks you to answer questions about your sleeping style, body type and comfort preferences. With this data, Helix will determine which of their mattresses matches your firmness, support and pressure relief needs. This makes the Helix one of the best mattresses for seniors who need a more customized level of comfort as they age.

Helix Mattress Review

Take a look at our Helix* mattress review and see how it performed in our testing to help you determine if this could be the mattress for you.

*Note: In this review, we tested the Helix Midnight mattress.

Testing Highlights

During our testing, there were a few ways in which the Helix mattress really stood out.

Great for Couples

The Helix mattress is truly a great mattress for couples. Starting with the customizable experience, the Helix allows for both partners to choose exactly what they want and need in a mattress. You won’t have to worry about compromising on your sleep because Helix can put the qualities of two mattresses into one sharable bed.

In our testing, we also noticed the Helix has great motion isolation capabilities. Couples should care about having a bed that minimizes motions transfer; otherwise, you’ll both wake up to each other’s movements or middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks. When we brought the Helix into our Lab for testing, we were impressed with how well the Helix performs in this area.

Overall Quality

Some mattress companies are very intentional about creating a mattress that appeals to a specific type of sleeper. That’s a nice quality to have, but there’s also value in making a great mattress that can appeal to all types of sleepers. That’s how we felt about the Helix.

Overall, the Helix is just a great mattress. It’s built to relieve pressure at the pain points to keep you comfortable, support your body for proper alignment, and help you wake up feeling more restored. Across the board, there wasn’t an area that the Helix performed poorly in, which is pretty impressive if you ask us! Plus, it’s a runner up for one of the best hybrid mattresses we’ve ever reviewed.

Learn more about our review process.

Mattress Advisor Score for the Helix Mattress

We calculate out mattress score based on many factors relating to the mattress’s performance and shopping experience. Each score is rated on a scale out of 10, with a 1 being the worst and a 10 being the best. To calculate our total score, we take a weighted average incorporating all the features and characteristics of the mattress. See the chart below for our scoring of the Helix.

Mattress Advisor Test Score
Shipping 10
Trial Period 9
Return Policy 10
Warranty 9
Set-Up 8
Motion Transfer 9
Edge Support 9
Pressure Relief 8
Spine Alignment 8.25
Responsiveness 8.75
Cooling 9
Durability 9
Customer Service 9
Social Impact 5
⭐Total Score for the Helix Mattress: 8.9/10⭐

Customer Reviews of the Helix

Take a look at what actual Helix customers had to say about their mattress.

  • From a Happy Couple: “We LOVE our Helix mattress! My husband prefers for his to be more firm and I like it a bit softer and that was always tricky for us. Now, no problem at all! We sleep like babies.” – Viktoriya K.
  • From Customers with Back and Joint Pain: “Their product is the best I’ve ever experienced and I have previously bought a number of very expensive and unsuccessful products in trying to solve my mattress and sleep problems. Their mattress solved a very painful hip contact problem on a top-rated memory foam mattress, that caused me to constantly awaken and rotate from side to side all night, because of the severe hip pain. Problem now solved.”
  • On Comfort: “I was skeptical of ordering a mattress online without trying it first. But I went ahead with the purchase because of Helix’s risk free trial period. This is by far the nicest mattress I have ever slept on, and I had a Tempur-Pedic for the last 5 years. I’m a side sleeper and I have never been so comfortable sleeping on my side. Highly recommended!” – (Google Reviewer)

Product Information

Ready to find out more about the Helix mattresses? We’ll dive into all the nitty gritty details, from sizing and pricing to what’s actually inside the Helix mattress.

Product Specifications

Helix offers 13 different mattress models. These can be organized into three grouping: Helix Memory Plus Foam mattresses, Helix Dynamic Foam mattresses, and Helix speciality mattresses.

Made with Helix Memory Plus Foam

Memory Plus foam is great for side sleepers. It provides balanced support which is just enough to keep your spine aligned without feeling too stiff. Too much support for side sleepers can cause discomfort.

Model Firmness Summary Price (queen)
Helix Sunset Plush Great pressure relief and support for side sleepers $1,099
Helix Midnight Medium Most popular model $1,099
Helix Twilight Firm No sink or give feeling; good for side sleepers $1,099

Made with Helix Dynamic Foam

Helix Dynamic Foam provides extra support, making these mattresses a particularly good choice for back and stomach sleepers. Although, side sleepers are welcome!

Model Firmness Summary  Price (queen)
Helix Moonlight Plush Soft-feel mattress with back and stomach support $1,099
Helix Dusk Medium Balanced feel with body contouring properties $1,099
Helix Dawn Firm Firm and supportive for all sleepers $1,099

Helix Specialty Mattresses

If you’re looking for something extra special offering supreme support and comfort, check out Helix’s specialty models.

Model Firmness Summary  Price (queen)
Helix Plus (formerly Nightfall) Plush Speciality mattress for plus-size sleepers; maximum support $1,649

Compatible Foundations

It’s best to use mattress foundations that are firm, flat, and sturdy for the Helix mattresses. Bunkie boards and box springs work well. If you use a slatted foundation, make sure the slats are no wider than 5″ apart. Anything wider won’t be supportive enough and can void your mattress warranty.

You can also purchase a Helix foundation or a Helix adjustable base that is super compatible with the mattress.

A Look Inside the Helix Mattresses

Each of the 13 new mattress models has the same base construction.

The difference lies in the second layer, or the comfort layer, with the exception of the specialty mattresses. Depending on the model, this layer will be made with either Helix Memory Plus Foam or Helix Dynamic Foam.

Memory Plus foam provides proper support and pressure relief for side sleepers without being too stiff, while Dynamic foam provides extra support and lends itself to being a good option for back and stomach sleepers.

Here is a look inside the Helix Midnight, the most popular of the new models.
  • Helix Soft-Touch Cover: This soft-to-the-touch cover promotes great airflow so you’ll sleep cool.
  • 2’’ Memory Foam Comfort Layer: Directly below the mattress cover is the comfort layer made of Memory Plus Foam – a special foam blend by Helix. This layer is designed to provide pressure relief in areas such as the hips and shoulders making this mattress great fro side sleepers. (Remember this is the layer that differs depending on the model!)
  • 1’’ High-grade Polyfoam Transition Layer: High-grade polyfoam that offers support and cushion.
  • 6’’ Pocket-coil Body Shape Layer: Has over 600 individually wrapped pocket-coils offer support, motion isolation, and edge support.
  • 1’’ DuraDense Foam Base Layer: Dense memory foam reinforcing the durability of the mattress.

Interested in a specialty mattress? Check out our review of the Helix Plus (previously Nightfall).

What Makes Helix Different from Other Mattresses?

  • Helix is the perfect solution for couples. If you’re sharing your bed with a sleeping partner, you have the option to choose a dual comfort mattress (which personalizes each side of the bed based on test results).

Compare Helix to Other Mattresses

Helix vs. Casper

Helix vs. Casper

Helix vs. Leesa

Helix vs. Leesa

Helix vs. Nectar

Helix vs. Nectar

Helix vs. Purple

Helix vs. Purple

Helix Bonus Points

  • Made in the USA.
  • The foam layers in the Helix mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified.
  • After a 30-day break-in period if you think the Helix is too soft/firm for you, Helix will offer a complimentary soft or firm topper that you can use during your 100-night trial (and it doesn’t void your trial!)
  • Helix Referral Program: Refer your friend and they will get a $50 discount on their purchase; you’ll get a $50 Amazon gift card. Learn more here.

Purchasing Information

Have we sold you yet? If you’re ready to purchase a Helix, check out these details so you can be fully prepared for your purchasing experience.

Purchase Experience

Policy Details
Delivery Compressed and rolled in a 16″ x 16″ x 48″ box for a queen; delivered in 3-7 business days
Trial Period 100 days
Warranty 10-year limited warranty
Return Policy Return for full refund between 30-100 days after purchase
Weight 90-100 lbs for a queen

Sizing & Pricing for the Helix Mattresses

Size Dimensions Standard Price*
Twin 39″ x 75″ $600
Twin XL 39” x 80” $700
Full 54″ x 75″ $850
Queen 60” x 80” $995
King 76” x 80” $1,245
Cal King 72” x 84” $1,245

*Prices listed are standard without sales or Mattress Advisor exclusive discounts. Check price using the button below for the best deals on the Helix  mattresses. 

Helix FAQs


How does the Helix Color-MATCH system work?


You can take Helix’s Sleep Quiz to be matched with a Helix mattress that meets your biological needs and comfort preferences.

This quiz was designed with help from some of the world’s leading researchers on sleep ergonomics (aka the study of the correct anatomical sleeping posture) and biomechanics (or the study of structure and function of the product), so you can trust that this mattress matching algorithm will pair you with the best mattress for you.


How does the 100-night sleep trial work?


Once your Helix mattress is delivered, you have 100 nights to try it out. To start the return process contact the Helix customer service team and a representative will come pick up your mattress and donate it to a local charity.


Do I need to be home to receive my Helix mattress?


Helix mattresses are delivered via UPS Ground, so you shouldn’t need to provide a signature. But UPS does reserve the right to obtain a signature if they believe they cannot safely deliver your package.


Do I need to flip the Helix mattress?


You do not need to flip your Helix mattress. The blue fabric should always be on the bottom and the white fabric on top.


Does the Helix mattress have a break-in period?


Yes – like most mattresses, it can take up to 30 days to break in the Helix mattress.


How much weight can the Helix support?


The Helix mattress can support up to 500 lbs of combined weight, and up to 350lbs for individual sleepers.


Can I finance my Helix mattress?


Financing your Helix mattress is available through Klarna with rates as low as 0% APR. If you choose to finance your mattress, you are automatically excluded from using any discount codes or promotions on your order.

*Klarna loans are not currently available for residents of West Virginia and New Hampshire


How long can I leave my Helix mattress in the box?


It’s best to remove your Helix mattress from the box as soon as you receive it, but if you must leave it in the box, make sure you remove it within two weeks of delivery so the mattress will be in its best shape.

Other Products Sold By Helix

If you have more questions about the Helix mattress, check out their FAQ page or leave us a comment below.

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

Helix Mattress Review IRL

We checked in with a couple who purchased the Helix mattress after one night, one week, and one month sleeping on the bed to see how they felt about their purchase.

Meet Cameron & Haley

Cameron and Haley live in Raleigh, NC. Cameron works in marketing and Haley works in biological sciences. They share their Helix mattress with each other and their dog, Bruce.

Cameron and Haley are both side sleepers and both sleep hot. Before owning their Helix mattress, they had a Serta mattress. Read about each part of their journey with their Helix mattress below.

MA: Why were you guys in the market for a new mattress?

C&H: We had our old mattress, a Serta, for about 8 years. It was sinking in and wasn’t comfortable anymore so we decided it was time for a new one.

MA: What factors did you consider when buying a mattress?

C&H: We knew we wanted to purchase online because we liked the idea of trying a mattress in our own home and returning it for our money back if we didn’t like it. When we bought our first mattress back in college, it was more like a car buying experience. We went to a store and had a creepy guy following us around while we tried out different mattresses. Buying a mattress is personal so we wanted the experience to be personal too.

MA: Did you compare any other brands? If so, what were they?

C&H: We did a lot of online research to see what options we had and also polled our friends on social media. We considered the Purple, Casper, Cocoon and Helix. We didn’t like the Purple because we felt like it was going to be the most different from our old mattress (a Serta) with its gel technology and were fearful that it could take a while to get used to. Casper was in West Elm stores at the time so we actually had a chance to try it out while we were at the mall. It was more of a pure memory foam and we were looking for a hybrid option so we decided not to go with that. It was also on the pricier side for a “one size fits all” mattress. We decided against the Cocoon because of the price point as well.

MA: What ultimately led you to purchase the Helix mattress?

C&H: We loved that fact that we could customize the Helix and really make it our own. They were essentially going to build a mattress to fit us. We wanted something that was a hybrid and more on the medium to medium-firm side. We decided on a hybrid because we both sleep hot and felt the coil technology would help keep it cooler than just memory foam alone. We felt like we could get all of that with the Helix. It was also an added bonus when we learned that Helix would send us a complimentary soft or firm topper if we weren’t happy with the level of firmness.

MA: Did you buy anything else from Helix?

C&H: Just the mattress.

MA: What was your mattress buying experience like?

C&H: Our first real interaction with Helix was taking their online quiz to determine what type of mattress would be best for us. It was super simple, took no time at all, and we were able to tailor the bed to each of our sleeping preferences, which we really liked.  We felt like we were both getting what we needed without having to compromise.

After we took the initial quiz, we were actually still researching other brands but Helix did a good job of following up via email. After two emails, they sent us a coupon and we decided to make the purchase.

Helix does take a little longer than some other mattress brands because they’re basically building a mattress for you. It takes around 6-10 days but we knew this up front and were fine with it. We did have one issue where we noticed our shipping zip code was incorrect. We emailed customer service and they had everything fixed within an hour. They followed up after the fact to make sure we were all set and then even followed up after we got our mattress, so we were pretty impressed with that level of customer service.

Mattress was delivered on 8/23/2017; First interview was conducted on 8/24/2017

MA: Overall, how would you describe your first night on the Helix mattress?

C&H: The first night definitely felt like we were sleeping on something brand new. We never had a foam mattress top before so it did take some getting used to. I did notice that I didn’t feel as much movement from Haley or the dog.

MA: Did you notice any difference in how you felt when you woke up?

C: I was less sore in my shoulders and neck. I also noticed that I slept a bit cooler. On my old mattress, I’d find myself waking up with the sheet off, or my leg hanging off to get cooler but I  didn’t find that I was doing this on the Helix.

MA: How does the Helix compare to other mattresses you’ve had in the past?

C&H: We definitely sleep cooler, have less aches and pains, and feel more refreshed. I (Cameron) will say that I’m an edge sleeper so I had to get used to not having a true edge on the new bed. There isn’t any piping or indentation that signals you’re off the bed.

MA: How would you rank the Helix mattress on the following factors?

On a scale from 1-5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

Motion transfer (feeling little to no movement from your sleeping partner): 4
Support (body weight distributed evenly, no pains or aches): 5
Responsiveness (adjusts/responds to your body movements): 5
Temperature control (keeps you cool): 4

MA: How firm would you say the Helix is?

C&H: We ended up with a medium to medium-firm mattress. We’re very happy with the firmness. We wanted a mattress that was slightly firmer and this is exactly what we were expecting.

MA: Do you have any complaints about your Helix? Or anything you would change if you could?

C&H: No, not really. The one thing I’ll say is that you should just expect that when you’re buying a mattress in a box, you’ll need to invest the time to lug up the 85lb. box and set up it. It’s not like you’re going to get white glove service. It’s not hard but you just need to anticipate that, especially if you live in a walk-up where it might be more difficult.

MA: Do you feel like the Helix mattress was worth the price you paid?

C&H: Yes. The Helix is cheaper than a lot of alternatives and we trusted the quality based on the research we did. We even compared our test results with a friend who also took the test and they were truly different, so we knew we were getting something that was actually customized for us.

MA: Do you think you’ll keep your Helix?

C&H: Yes.

Mattress was delivered on 8/23/2017; Second interview was conducted on 8/31/2017

MA: Overall, how would you describe your first week on the Helix mattress?

C&H: After the 2nd or 3rd night, our experience was much more positive. We were getting used to the foam on top and felt more rested. The discomfort we had with our old mattress started to go away. After about three nights, I (Cameron) didn’t even notice the edge support difference anymore.

We both can tell that we’re sleeping longer and we’re not noticing back or shoulder pain that we had with our previous mattress. We have noticed that it doesn’t sleep as cool as our previous mattress, however it hasn’t been a deal breaker. We ended up just changing our duvet cover to be thinner and it’s been fine since we did that.

MA: How are you feeling when you wake up?

C&H: We definitely feel like we’re sleeping through the night and not waking each other up. Overall, we wake up feeling well rested.

MA: How would you rank the Helix mattress on the following factors?

On a scale from 1-5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

Motion transfer: 4
Support: 5
Responsiveness: 5
Temperature control: 4

MA: Are you still happy with the level of firmness?

C&H: Yes.

MA: Do you have any new complaints about the Helix? Or anything you would change if you could?

C&H: Nope.

MA: Do you still feel like the Helix mattress was worth the price you paid?

C&H: Yes.

MA: Do you think you’ll keep your Helix?

C&H: Yes, we do.

Mattress was delivered on 8/23/2017; Third interview was conducted on 9/21/2017

MA: Overall, how would you describe your first month on the Helix mattress?

C&H: We would still say that it was an excellent buy. It’s super comfortable, we feel more rested, and whatever issues we had with pain or soreness has gone away. We definitely feel like it’s living up to our expectations.

MA: How are you feeling when you wake up?

C&H: We definitely wake up feeling more rested. I (Cameron) also feel like I’m waking up in the same position I fell asleep in, which is on my side.

MA: How would you rank the Helix mattress on the following factors?

On a scale from 1-5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

Motion transfer: 5
Support: 5
Responsiveness: 5
Temperature control: 4

MA: Are you still happy with the level of firmness?

C&H: Yes.

MA: Do you have any new complaints about the Helix? Or anything you would change if you could?

C&H: No complaints, but the only thing I’ll reiterate is that if you’re an edge sleeper like me, you’ll have to get used to the fact that there’s nothing that tells you you’re at the edge of the bed. This definitely wasn’t a deal breaker and I’ll say that I don’t even notice it anymore, but that was the biggest adjustment.

MA: Do you still feel like the Helix mattress was worth the price you paid?

C&H: Yes.

MA: Do you think you’ll keep your Helix?

C&H: Yes.