Linenspa Hybrid Mattress Review


Linenspa Hybrid Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: June 2023

✔️ Customer Rating: 4.6/5
✔️ MA Customer Experience Score: 7.5/10
✔️ Type: Hybrid
✔️ Firmness: Medium-Firm
✔️ Free Shipping & Returns
✔️ 30-Night Sleep Trial
✔️ 10-Year Warranty


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Our take: The 8” Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid is one of the most affordable mattresses on the market. It sleeps cool, is incredibly durable, and has a universal firmness that works for every sleeping position. Because it is so thin, it’s best for kids, teens, dorm rooms, and guest rooms.  

Who Is the Linenspa Hybrid Mattress Best for?

Linenspa Hybrid is best for: Linenspa Hybrid may not be best for:
  • Budget shoppers
  • Kids and teens
  • Dorm rooms
  • Guest rooms
  • Hot sleepers
  • Daily adult use
  • Soft mattress lovers
  • Couples

Linenspa Hybrid Mattress Review Highlights

Linenspa is a leader in the affordable mattress space. Their budget-friendly mattresses are sold on their website, Amazon, and at Walmart retailers. In this article, we’re going to break down everything you should know about the Linenspa 8Memory Foam Hybrid mattress—from its construction and feel to its pros and cons and price point—to see if it’s a good fit for your needs. 

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The main points:

  • The Linenspa Hybrid mattress is shockingly inexpensive. The eight inch model costs less than $200, even for a California king size bed. 
  • This mattress is a good mattress for kids and teens.
  • Thanks to thin comfort layers and breathable innerspring coils, the Linenspa Hybrid sleeps cool. It’s a good mattress for hot sleepers. 
  • You can get this mattress with free Amazon Prime delivery in just two days.

Mattress Advisor Scores

We score mattresses based on 14 tests that encapsulate customer experience, performance, and function. We haven’t yet tested this mattress at our in-house lab, so some scores will be updated once we’ve tested the Linenspa

Interested in our testing procedures? Learn more about Our Review Process.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 9
Trial Period 5
Return Policy 9
Warranty 9
Set-Up 9
Motion Transfer 8.5
Edge Support 6
Pressure Relief 8
Spine Alignment 9
Responsiveness 9
Cooling 6.5
Durability 5
Customer Service 7
Social Impact 2
⭐Total Customer Experience Score for the Linenspa Hybrid Mattress: 7.5/10⭐

The Highlights

✅ Pros

  • Spinal Alignment: You can rest easy knowing your back will stay in a proper position at night when sleeping on the Linenspa Hybrid mattress.
  • Responsive: This mattress has a traditional innerspring mattress feel thanks to the support layer of Bonnell coils. It’s easy to move around on and great for innerspring mattress aficionados. 
  • Fast Shipping: The Linenspa mattress is one of few mattresses that you’ll find on Amazon with free Prime delivery. You can be sleeping on your new mattress in as little as two days! 
  • Generous Warranty: Linenspa’s 10-year warranty covers indentations once they reach just below an inch. Most mattress companies only cover indentations at one inch or an inch and a half. 
  • Affordable Price: With the largest sizes just under $300, this mattress is great for those on a budget or looking to not spend a lot on a guest bed.

❌ Cons

  • Minimal Cushion: The eight-inch hybrid mattress has only an inch and a half of foam atop the steel coils. This simply isn’t enough cushion for pressure points if you’re an adult, no matter your sleeping position
  • Edge Support: When sitting on the edge of this bed, we had a significant dip and felt like we were going to fall off.
  • Short Sleep Trial: Most online mattresses come with a 100-day or longer sleep trial. Linenspa’s trial period is just 30 days.  

Motion Transfer

Most mattresses today utilize pocketed coils, which are coils that move independently from one another. One of the main reasons for this is that this type of coil doesn’t spread motion the way that connected coils do. 

The Linenspa 8Memory Foam Hybrid has Bonnell coils, a type of interconnected coil. While this coil type is inexpensive and durable, it doesn’t do a good job with motion isolation. Couples or those who sleep with a child or pet may find themselves waking at their partner’s every movement. 


Thanks to the Linenspa Hybrid’s thick coil layer, you’ll never feel stuck. It’s easy to toss and turn, something that combination sleepers need for a good night’s sleep. Kids may also like to utilize this bouncy feel for an indoor trampoline, but we recommend against it.


The Linenspa 8Memory Foam Hybrid bed is a medium-firm mattress. On the 1–10 firmness scale, with 1 being plush and 10 being firm, this mattress falls at a 6.5.

Sleeping Position Support

The Linenspa Hybrid mattress supports every sleeping position in kids and teens. Its foam and coil construction offers a bit of pressure-relieving cushion and springy support. Because it’s quite bouncy, it’s easy to get comfortable in a new position, something that’s important in a good bed for combination sleepers.   

However, because adults weigh more, only back sleepers and stomach sleepers are likely to find the comfort that they require on the Linenspa. Even then, most adults won’t find the Linenspa Hybrid ideal for daily use. Side sleepers that plan to sleep on this mattress for more than a few days may want to consider adding a plush mattress topper for added cushion.

To compare the Linenspa Hybrid to other top mattresses for each sleeping position, head over to our guides below.

Temperature Regulation

The Linenspa mattress sleeps pretty hot. Despite having thin layers of foam, there’s essentially nowhere for airflow. It also causes you to sink into the mattress, which can cause a stuffy feeling. For the average sleeper this may be cool enough but if you tend to sleep hot, consider a mattress with cooling technology, like the GhostBed Luxe.

Weight Limit

The Linenspa 8” Hybrid doesn’t have a set bodyweight limit, but it’s recommended for teen and child use. With only a thin layer of foam and six inches of support, adults may experience poor pressure relief and body alignment. However, this type of mattress is popular for RVs and guest bedrooms because it’s sufficiently comfortable for short-term adult use. 

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Compatible Foundations

The Linenspa 8Hybrid Mattress will work on any firm, flat surface. This includes a box spring foundation, flat frames, slats, metal grid, adjustable frames, or even the floor.

Mattress Materials

The Linenspa Hybrid is a memory foam and innerspring hybrid bed with a medium-firm feel. At just 8” thick, it’s an excellent mattress for kids, teens, guest rooms, or RVs. Let’s take a look at what’s inside and how this influences the sleeping experience.

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  1. Memory Foam Quilted Cover: A thin memory foam layer is quilted into a polyester and nylon blend mattress cover. This adds a touch of softness. 
  2. Comfort Foam Layer: A thin top layer of soft polyfoam lightly cushions the body. 
  3. Innerspring Support Layer: Interconnected Bonnell coils bring a distinctly innerspring mattress feel and impressive durability.

Linenspa Hybrid Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

Size Dimensions Weight Price*
Twin 39” x 75” x 8” 30 lbs.  $130
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 8” 32 lbs. $130
Full 54” x 75” x 8” 45 lbs. $180
Queen 60” x 80” x 8” 55 lbs.  $180
King 76” x 80” x 8” 70 lbs.  $270
Cal King 72” x 84” x 8” 67 lbs.  $270
Short Queen 59″ x 74″ x 8″ 55 lbs. $230

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Linenspa Hybrid mattress.

Linenspa Purchasing Info

Linenspa makes buying an online mattress easy. Here’s what you can expect. 

Policy Details
Delivery Free delivery; arrives in 2–7 business days
Trial Period 30 nights
Warranty 10 years
Return Policy Free returns
Financing Available through Affirm

Shipping and Delivery Costs

Your new Linenspa mattress ships for free anywhere in the continental United States. The mattress leaves Linenspa after 24–48 hours and takes three to five business days to ship. In total, you can expect to see your mattress in five to seven business days when you buy directly from Linenspa’s website. Those ordering through Amazon can take advantage of Prime memberships to get the bed even earlier.

Linenspa mattresses are compressed into a box and shipped to your door. You won’t need to be home to receive the package. 

Sleep Trial

You have 30 nights from the day you receive your new bed in the mail to determine if it’s the best mattress for you. If you decide to return the Linenspa mattress during the 30-night trial, you’ll receive a full refund. 


Linenspa’s 10-year mattress warranty is more generous than the average warranty. It covers defects in materials or workmanship, including indentations of three quarters of an inch or greater. Most mattress brands only cover indentations once they’ve exceeded one inch. 

To submit a warranty claim, send an email to A customer service rep will walk you through the process so you can submit what’s needed. 

Linenspa Customer Service

Linenspa customer service is available Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Here’s how you can contact them.

  1. Live Chat: Live chat is our favorite way to get in touch with bed-in-a-box mattress brands. Visit and click on the chat icon. 
  2. Phone: If you’d rather talk to someone, call 800-560-9239. 
  3. Email: If it’s outside of business hours, shoot an email off to

We’ve had luck using the live chat feature. During Linenspa’s hours, we never had to wait for assistance. 

Return Policy

Returning a mattress is easier than you might think. First, contact Linenspa to let them know that you’ll be returning your mattress. Next, they’ll give you two options. You can either ship it back to them or donate it to a local charity. 

We recommend donation as that’s much easier than finding a box and carrier for the mattress. Not to mention, someone in need will receive the used bed. Linenspa will ask for proof of the donation, and then they’ll process the refund.

Should You Buy the Linenspa Hybrid Mattress?

The Linenspa 8Memory Foam Hybrid mattress is an excellent value. At less than $200 for even the largest king-size mattress, it’s nearly impossible to find a new mattress at a better price. With a top layer of soft foam and bouncy innerspring coils, this mattress brings the feel of a traditional innerspring mattress with a bit more cushion. 

Keep in mind that this mattress is thin. At only eight inches, there’s insufficient cushion or support for long-term adult use. As such, the Linenspa Hybrid is best for kids, teens, dorm rooms, RVs, and guest rooms. If you’re looking for an affordable hybrid mattress for adults, we recommend the Zinus Hybrid mattress.

Compare Linenspa Hybrid

Linenspa Hybrid vs Other Beds for Kids and Teens

Because the Linenspa 8” Hybrid is so thin, it’s only recommended for kids, teens, and temporary adult use. When compared to other mattresses for kids, the Linenspa stands out in price and versatility. It’s much less expensive than the average bed for kids. Plus, its medium-firm feel and combination of soft foam and Bonnell coils make it a mattress that works well for kids of all ages.  

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Linenspa 8” Hybrid vs Other Linenspa Mattresses

8” Memory Foam Hybrid vs 10” Memory Foam Hybrid

These two mattresses have the same three layers: quilted memory foam cover, transition foam, and Bonnell coils. The difference is in the thickness of the layers and the resulting feel. The 10” Memory Foam Hybrid has thicker layers of memory foam and transition foam than the 8” model. This extra foam means a softer mattress, greater pressure point relief, and a bed that’s suitable for adults. 

8” Memory Foam Hybrid vs 12” Memory Foam Hybrid

The 12” Memory Foam Hybrid also has the same layers as the 8” and 10” versions. Of the three memory foam hybrids, the 12” has the thickest memory foam and innerspring coil layers. The 12” has a plush feel compared with the 8” medium-firm mattress and is better suited for adult use. It also does a better job limiting motion transfer, making it a good bed for couples.  

8” Memory Foam Hybrid vs 10” Latex Hybrid

Both of these hybrid mattresses have a medium-firm feel that works for the average sleeper. However, the Latex Hybrid is a much better choice for adults. Not only does this mattress have thicker latex and polyfoam comfort layers but the innerspring coils are pocketed for better support, pressure relief, and motion isolation. The 8” Hybrid is a less expensive but very minimal mattress that’s best for kids and teens. 

8” Memory Foam Hybrid vs 5” Gel Memory Foam

The 5” Gel Memory Foam mattress is slightly firmer than the 8” Hybrid, but not quite as supportive. Because the 5” mattress is so thin, we recommend it for young kids or for temporary use. The 8” Memory Foam Hybrid is better for teens, dorm rooms, and even guest rooms thanks to better cushion and support. 

8” Memory Foam Hybrid vs 6” Innerspring

You can think of the 6” innerspring mattress as being the 8” Memory Foam Hybrid without any foam layers. This difference makes the 6” a firmer mattress. Most sleepers are going to prefer the addition of the foam layers found in the Memory Foam Hybrid. We only recommend the firm innerspring for stomach or back sleepers. Both beds are best for kids, teens, or occasional use.

Linespa Hybrid Mattress FAQs


Does Linenspa utilize CertiPUR-US certified foams?


Yes, they do! Thanks to the CertiPUR-US certification, you can rest easy knowing that your mattress is free from hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde and heavy metals. It also has low VOC emissions


Where are Linenspa mattresses made?


Most Linenspa products are made overseas.


Can I try this mattress before I buy it?


Probably not. While some Walmarts carry a limited selection of Linenspa mattresses, they’re rarely out on display. Fortunately, you have 30 nights to sleep on the mattress before fully committing. You can return the bed for a full refund if it’s not to your liking.

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