Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress Review

Nectar Premier Copper

Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: November 2023

✔️Customer Rating: 4.8/5
✔️Mattress Advisor Score: 8.7/10
✔️Type: Hybrid
✔️Firmness: Medium
✔️Free Shipping
✔️365-Night Sleep Trial
✔️Forever Warranty

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Quick Summary: Nectar struck copper again. It has created a hybrid version of its most luxurious bed. The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid is a 14″ cooling mattress that combines a breathable cover with individually wrapped coils to promote airflow. Our favorite part? It comes with a year-long sleep trial so you can see how it feels in every season.

Who Is the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Best for?

Best for: May not be best for:
  • Back sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • Those who sleep hot
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Plus-size sleepers
  • Those who need great edge support

Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Highlights

Best Hybrid Mattresses - Mattress Advisor

The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid is the most deluxe mattress in Nectar’s hybrid line. Like the all-memory foam Nectar Premier Copper, this mattress uses heat-conductive copper fibers in its quilted cover to keep you from overheating. It’s 14″ tall, giving it extra cushioning.

In this review, we’ll share testing highlights, product information, details about its construction, and recommendations for who it’s best for.

What Makes the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Stand Out

  • Not only does the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid’s cover include cooling copper fibers, it’s also antimicrobial so you don’t have to worry about mold or bacteria appearing on your bed as unwanted guests.
  • Both sides of the beds come with stitched handles to give you a good spot to grip when carrying it across the room or into a moving truck.
  • The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid promotes proper spine alignment with its ActiveLift HD Layer so that you can wake up free of backaches.

Testing Scores for the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid

Take a look at the breakdown of the scores from various tests we use to evaluate the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid mattress. The total is a combined, weighted score on a scale of one to 10. Curious about how we get this score? Read all about our review process.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 9
Trial Period 10
Return Policy 8.5
Warranty 10
Set-Up 9
Motion Transfer 7.5
Edge Support 6.5
Pressure Relief 8.5
Spine Alignment 9
Responsiveness 8
Cooling 9
Durability 8.5
Customer Service 8
Social Impact 9
Total Score for the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid: 8.7/10

Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid: Highs and Lows

✅ Pros

  • Cooling: The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid’s dual-action cooling cover and layer of individually wrapped coils create the optimal temperature to help you sleep soundly.
  • Trial Period & Warranty: Like Nectar’s other mattresses, the Premier Copper Hybrid comes with a generous 365-night sleep trial and forever warranty.
  • Spine Alignment: This mattress does a great job of keeping your spine aligned thanks to its 2″ ActiveLift HD Layer.

❌ Cons:

  • Edge Support: During our testing, we noticed the mattress’s perimeter wasn’t very supportive and immediately sank when our tester sat on the edge of the bed.
  • Motion Transfer: The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid’s spring system makes it difficult to isolate motion.

Motion Transfer

When evaluating mattresses, we test to see how well they absorb motion created on one side of the bed to determine if those sleeping on the other side can feel it. This is an important quality to look for in a mattress if you sleep with a partner. Unfortunately, the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid’s coil system makes it difficult to stop motion from traveling across the mattress. For those wanting a bed that can trap movement better, consider the DreamCloud Premier, which scored an impressive 9/10 in our motion transfer test.

Edge Support

Once you’re in your bed, you probably don’t think much about its edge support, but edge support is important for ensuring you stay on your mattress. Those who need help getting into bed especially need a mattress with good edge support so they don’t have to worry whether their bed will push them toward the ground.

While the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid has a coil edge system, we felt its edge support was lacking and left much to be desired. If you’re someone who typically sleeps in the center of your bed, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but those who share a bed or spread out may want a bed with a higher edge support score.

Spine Alignment

One area where the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid really excelled was spine alignment. When our tester laid on their side, their back was in a nearly straight line, leading us to give it a 9/10. This means that the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid can help you maintain a proper sleep posture.

Product Details

Where Does It Fall on the Firmness Scale?

The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid falls at about a 5.5/10 on the firmness scale or a medium firmness level. This is softer than the industry standard for medium-firm, making it more appealing for those who prefer cloud-like mattresses. If you prefer a mattress with a firmer feel, check out our roundup of best medium-firm mattresses.

Does the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Sleep Cool?

Thanks to its dual-action cooling cover and individually wrapped coils, the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid sleeps very cool. When testing this mattress, we were immediately impressed by its coolness, which we could feel through our clothing.

What Sleeping Positions Does It Work For?

The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid is especially great for back sleepers since its construction allows it to both support and cushion the lower back region. Side sleepers will also enjoy this mattress since it gives good pressure relief to common buildup areas.

We wouldn’t recommend this mattress to heavier stomach sleepers since it isn’t firm enough to support their hips. It’s also not great for plus-sized combination sleepers since its foam layers can envelop them and make it difficult to move around. However, if you are a lighter stomach or combination sleeper, the firmness and responsiveness will likely be the right amount for you.
Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Sleep Positions

How Much Weight Does the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress Support?

While Nectar says there is no weight limit for its Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress, we wouldn’t recommend this for those weighing over 230 lbs. During our evaluation, our light-weight tester noticed significant dipping in the mattress when they lay down on it, leading us to believe it would provide even less support for those who weigh more. To find a mattress that can support more weight, check out our Best Mattresses for Heavy People roundup.

What Foundations or Bed Frames Are Compatible?

You can use any solid foundation or bed frame with your Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid. This includes platform bases, slatted foundations, adjustable bases, box springs, and bunkie boards. In a pinch, you can even use the floor as your bed frame. Just keep in mind that not using a foundation can cause your bed to get dirty faster and may be harder on your joints.

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What Is the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Made of?

The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid contains four layers of memory foam and a coil system.

  1. Quilted Cooling Cover: Made with copper fibers, this dual-action cooling cover keeps you feeling chill and comes with an antimicrobial finish to keep the mattress fresh.
  2. Plush Memory Foam (2″): This layer includes an extra inch of memory foam, more than the Nectar Premier Hybrid, and contours to your body to cushion major pressure points.
  3. ActiveLift HD Layer (2″): A super supportive foam layer that promotes proper spine alignment.
  4. Dynamic Transition Layer (1″): This layer of foam provides transitioning between the foam and spring layers.
  5. Coil System (8″): A set of individually wrapped coils offers additional breathability to the mattress.
  6. Stability Base Layer (1″): The final foam layer provides support to the entire bed to help the top layers perform well.
  7. Shift-Resistant Lower Cover: A bottom cover helps keep the mattress from playing slip and slide in your bedroom so that you can move around on your bed without your mattress moving too.

Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid is one of Nectar’s tallest mattresses (14″) and comes in standard mattress sizes.

Size Dimensions Weight Price*
Twin 38″x75″x14″ 73 lbs $1,499
Twin XL 38″x80″x14″ 77 lbs $1,549
Full 54″x75″x14″ 99 lbs $1,799
Queen 60″x80″x14″ 115 lbs $1,899
King 76″x80″x14″ 141 lbs $2,199
Cal King 72″x84″x14″ 140 lbs $2,199
Split King 38″x80″x14″ (x2) 77 lbs (x2) $3,098

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid mattress.

What’s Unboxing Like?

Nectar ships the Premier Copper Hybrid right to your desired address so you don’t have to leave your house when buying a new bed. When the box arrives, carry it to your desired room to set up. We recommend getting a second set of hands since the larger models can weigh well over 100 lbs.

Once you have your mattress in the room you want it, slide it out of the box and place it on your bed foundation. You can then unroll the bed and watch it rise to its full size. This entire process doesn’t take long and you should be able to sleep on your bed within 24 hours.

Purchase Details

Policy Details
Delivery Free
Trial Period 365 nights
Warranty Forever Warranty
Return Policy Free returns, minus a delivery fee for those outside of the contiguous U.S.
Financing Available through Affirm

Shipping and Delivery

The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid comes rolled in a box. Shipping is free for those in the contiguous U.S. and costs $150 per item for those in Hawaii and Alaska.

Typically, Nectar mattresses ship out 3-5 business days after placing your order. It then can take an additional 2-5 business days for it to travel through transit and arrive on your doorstep.

Sleep Trial Period

When ordering the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress, you get a 365-night sleep trial. This is much longer than the standard 100-night trial, giving you a full year to test out the bed in every season. If you find it isn’t the bed for you, you can return it at any point during the trial period once you’ve had it for at least 30 days.

Nectar Customer Service

The Nectar support team is available seven days a week to answer questions you have when buying a mattress online. To reach a representative, use one of the following methods:

  • Call (888) 863-2827
  • Use the chat feature on Nectar’s website
  • Email

Whenever we reached out to a Nectar support member, they were always friendly and prompt to answer our questions. Our only hesitancy in giving them a higher customer service score is that they request your name and email address in order to start the live chat on their site.

Nectar Mattress Warranty

Nectar offers a Forever Warranty with its Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress to all original owners. During your first 10 years of owning the bed, Nectar will replace it with a new one if any defects occur. After 10 years, they will repair it and cover any shipping fees. The warranty covers impressions greater than 1.5″, manufacturing defects in the assembly of the mattress cover, and any physical flaws in the foam layers that cause them to split despite normal handling.

Return Policy

Nectar offers free returns on all of its mattresses and sleep products. There will be a delivery fee to pay if you live outside of the contiguous U.S., but the return itself is free. You can return an unopened mattress at any point during your trial period and an opened mattress after the 30-day break-in window. Keep in mind that if you haven’t opened your mattresses within 90 days of its delivery, it’s considered misused and are ineligible for returns.

To start a return, submit a request to the Nectar customer care team and provide the information they request. Nectar will issue a full refund, minus any state-based recycling and white glove service fees. The company will work with you to find a local donation center for your Premier Copper Hybrid mattress.

Is the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Right for You?

The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid is great for hot sleepers since it incorporates a cooling cover and innerspring system. It’s also great for back and side sleepers thanks to its pressure relief and support. Since it comes with a longer sleep trial than most mattresses, it can help indecisive shoppers have plenty of time to decide. Plus, it comes with a forever warranty, so you can rest assured that it’s covered for a long time.

However, if you prefer a more supportive mattress with better edge support, consider a firmer hybrid like the WinkBed. As the luxury version of the Nectar hybrid mattress line, it comes with a higher price tag. For a cheaper Nectar hybrid option, consider the Nectar Premier Hybrid or Nectar Classic Hybrid.

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Finding the right mattress can improve not only your nights but also your days.

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Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress FAQs

One difference between the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid and the Nectar Premier Hybrid is that the Copper is 1″ taller. Also, the Copper is more expensive than the Premier Hybrid.

Yes! You can test out the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid at several leading retailers and sleep specialty stores. To find a store near you, go to Nectar’s website and click the “Find a Store” button. The site will show you what Nectar mattresses are available at each store near you.

Copper fibers help wick away moisture so that you can stay dry at night. This also keeps the mattress free of bacteria and viruses.