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Purple .2 Mattress Review

(Note: This review is for the Purple .2 mattress, but we’ve also reviewed the Original PurplePurple .3 and Purple .4 models.)

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**Note (September 2019): The Purple .2 is now called the Purple Hybrid.**

Purple has two mattress offerings: the Original Purple mattress and the New Purple Mattress. When you choose the New Purple mattress, you can select for the Purple Grid level to be 2″, 3″, or 4″. This review is for the Purple .2 mattress, meaning the New Purple mattress with a 2″ Purple Grid.

This choice is especially popular for back sleepers, though it’s suited for all types of sleepers. To learn more about if this could be the bed for you, read our in-depth Purple .2 mattress overview. We’ll go over all the details you should know before purchasing!

Purple .2 Highlights

  • You get a personalized level of comfort and support from the New Purple mattress. The Purple .2 is the most firm of the three options, making it ideal for back sleepers and those who prefer a firm mattress.
  • The Purple Grid is great for pressure relief – you’ll sleep pain-free!
  • This hybrid mattress has natural airflow so you can sleep cool.

Purple .2 Mattress Overview


122 lbs. for queen




Medium-Firm: 7/10


Hybrid: hyper-elastic polymer and foam

American Made

Made in the USA

Cool Bonus Points

The Purple .2 mattress is built with healthy sleep in mind. It’s allergen-resistant, non-toxic, and all the foams used to build the mattress are CertiPUR-US Certified, meaning they are good for you and the environment.

Another cool bonus is if you want to feel the patented hyper-elastic polymer for yourself before ordering the mattress, you can order a free “squishy” after you share and like a few things on social media (we have one and think it could be the new fidget spinner…).

What’s the Purple .2 Mattress Made Of?

The New Purple Mattress is made with Purple’s patented Smart Comfort Grid. It is available at three levels of thickness( 2”, 3” and 4”) to provide personalized firmness and support.

Inside Purple mattress
  • 2’’ Smart Comfort Grid: Scientifically engineered to dynamically adjust to your body type and sleep position. The Smart Comfort Grid is designed to flex under your pressure points while keeping the rest of your body supported.
  • 0.5’’ of polyurethane foam designed to improve edge support.
  • 7.5” of individually wrapped responsive-support coils designed to enhance responsiveness and durability.

Compatible Foundations

The New Purple Mattress will work on any firm, flat surface. This includes a box foundation, flat frames, slats, adjustable frames or even the floor. However, Purple recommends not using a box spring to prevent break down over time.

Slatted Foundation
Platform Base
Adjustable Base
Solid Box Spring or Foundation


What to Watch Out For

Because the Purple mattress is crafted with a truly unique material, it may take some time to get used to. It won’t compare to other mattresses you’ve slept on, so make sure you give it a good 30 nights to break in your new mattress before you make your final decision on whether or not to keep it.

Also note that there may be a slight odor after you open your Purple .2. This should go away within a few days.

Purple .2 Customer Reviews

“I waited 3 months to review the mattress and I could not be happier. The mattress sleeps very cool and comfortable. After the first 30 days of sleeping on the mattress, I went on vacation and spent the next 2 weeks sleeping on a series of different mattress. What a difference when I returned back to my Purple mattress! This experience solidified everything for me. You will need the stand or a box spring to place it on. This also ensures you get the full warranty. Without a doubt, a wonderful investment! -Gianpaolo

“After months of back pain and sleepless nights, I finally decided to invest in a new mattress. I won’t lie, it was strange at first. All my life I have slept on spring style traditional mattresses. It took a few nights to truly get use to it, but let me tell you….when I did…it was amazing! I haven’t woken up with a sore back once since using the purple mattress. I use to sleep 5/6 hours a night and now I am sleeping a full 8 hours with ease. I use to dread bedtime, but now I look forward to jumping into bed and am asleep in no time at all!” -Frank

“We bought the purple mattress after my husband would wake up with severe back pain for several months. I read the reviews and I’ll admit was a little skeptical at first, but with the 100 night return policy we thought ‘why not’. After wrestling with the 110lb sucker for 20 minutes I laid on it and instantly fell in love. My husband’s back is still on the mend but each day he wakes up with less and less pain (he is not taking any meds). It is a firm mattress but neither of us woke up stiff or with aching hips and I sleep better than I ever have. I highly recommend this bed and will be buying again when it wears out. Money well spent!” – Shelby

Read more reviews here.

Purchasing Information

We’ll share everything you should know before buying a Purple .2 mattress so you’re prepared for your purchase.

Sizes and Pricing

Size Price
Twin XL $1,299
Queen $1,599
King $1,899
Cal King $1,899

Note prices listed above are standard without discounts or Mattress Advisor exclusive offers. Check for the best price with the button below.


The New Purple Mattress comes with free white glove delivery and should arrive at your doorstep within 4-7 business days.


Purple will do the heavy lifting for you when you purchase any of the New Purple Mattresses. They each come with complimentary in-home setup and delivery. They’ll even get rid of your old mattress for you. What a treat!

Trial Period and Return Policy

If you decide the Purple is not for you within the 100-day trial period, you can return it for a full refund. They will come pick up your mattress and donate it to a local charity at no cost. Purple does ask that you try your mattress for at least 30 days.


The Purple mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty offer. You can read more about what’s covered under the warranty policy here.

Purple's brand character, the Sleepy Scientist, laying on a Purple mattress

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Purple .2 Mattress FAQs

Who is the Purple .2 mattress good for?

This mattress is great for back sleepers and those who prefer a firmer feel in their mattress.

Does the Purple .2 sleep hot?

You’ll experience great airflow on the Purple .2 mattress due to its grid formation design.

What sheets should I use with my Purple .2 mattress?

We wrote a whole guide about this! See the best sheets for the Purple mattresses.

Can I finance my Purple .2 mattress?

Yes – financing is available through Affirm.

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