Nolah Nurture Mattress Review

Nolah Nurture Overview

Nolah Nurture Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: September 2023

✔️ Customer Rating: 4.9/5
✔️ Mattress Advisor Score: 8.4/10
✔️ Type: Hybrid
✔️ Firmness: Soft and Firm Options
✔️ Free Shipping & Returns
✔️ 120-Night Sleep Trial
✔️Lifetime Limited Warranty

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The verdict: The Nolah Nurture 10” is a two-sided kid mattress that grows with your child. This is a great option for parents wanting something that can adjust as their children’s sleeping preferences change. Made with natural Talalay latex and other organic materials, this mattress is something kids of all ages will find comfortable and parents will approve.

Who Is the Nolah Nurture Mattress Best for?

Nolah Nurture is best for: Nolah Nurture may not be best for:
  • Young sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • All sleeping positions
  • Parents wanting an eco-friendly mattress
  • Older children or teenagers
  • Heavier sleepers
  • Budge shoppers
  • Those that sleep close to the edge

Nolah Nurture Mattress Review Highlights

Best Mattresses for Children - Mattress Advisor

The Nolah Nurture organic, double-sided mattress offers a plush and luxury firm option. It’s been featured as one of our best kids mattresses and its flippable design means you can switch to the firmer side as your child grows. In this review, you’ll learn what makes this mattress so great, who this bed may be best for, and how we scored it in our mattress lab.

What We Love About the Nolah Nurture Mattress

  • The Nolah Nurture is OEKO-TEX certified, so you can rest easy knowing your child is sleeping on a mattress free of harmful chemicals.
  • This two-sided mattress grows with your child, offering both a firm and soft option to fit their preferences and sleeping styles.
  • Nolah uses Talalay latex which is naturally hypoallergenic, providing an optimal solution for children with asthma or other allergies.

Testing Scores

We test each mattress in our sleep lab for performance, functionality, and social responsibility. After rating each of the 14 categories, we calculate an average score. You can read more about our review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 8.5
Trial Period 8
Return Policy 8.5
Warranty 10
Set-Up 8
Motion Transfer 7
Edge Support 7
Pressure Relief 8
Spine Alignment 7
Responsiveness 9
Cooling 8
Durability 8
Customer Service 9.5
Social Impact 10
⭐Total Score for the Nolah Nurture Mattress: 8.4/10⭐

The Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

  • Responsiveness: The Nolah Nurture excels in allowing sleepers to change positions, making it a great choice for combination sleepers.
  • Pressure Relief: When it comes to kids, it’s especially important for them to get good muscle recovery from their active days, which is why Nolah Nurture’s high pressure relief score makes this a no-brainer choice for parents.
  • Cooling: Thanks to its breathable cover and Talalay Latex layers, the Nolah Nurture promotes airflow and a cool night’s sleep.

❌ Cons

  • Edge Support: Unfortunately, the Nolah Nurture mattress didn’t do a good job of providing edge support, making it not a great option for kids who sleep close to the edge.
  • Motion Transfer: Despite having a high score in responsiveness, this mattress didn’t do a good job isolating motion.

Motion Transfer

The combination of a coil system sandwiched between latex layers makes this mattress very bouncy. It earned a low score on our motion isolation test since the water glass moved when we dropped a 10 lb weighted ball. While this tends to be a problem when couples sleep together, it isn’t as much of an issue for a kid’s mattress since children tend to sleep alone. If you like to read a story before bed, you may have to be extra sneaky when leaving the bed so you don’t disturb your child.

Edge Support

The Nolah Nurture didn’t perform very well in our edge support test either, but it’s worth mentioning that our tester was an adult and not a child. When the tester sat on the end of the bed there was a significant dip under the hip area. It also dipped when the tester lay on the edge of the bed.


One area the Nolah Nurture mattress did very well in was responsiveness. During our testing, we started on our back and then rolled to our side to see how easily we could change positions. The mattress’s latex support allowed a quick switch without any sinking or difficulties. This means that your kid will have no problem moving around at night, although we think they will be so comfy they won’t want to. It also helps prevent your child from feeling stuck in their mattress.

Product Information

How Firm is the Nolah Nurture?

When designing the Nurture mattress, Nolah created a softer side for younger children, weighing under 100 lbs. We ranked this side a 4.5/10 on the firmness scale since it felt like lying on a big pile of cotton candy.

The Nurture’s other side is designed for those ages 10 and over. This firm side felt more like a medium-firm mattress, leading us to rate it a 6/10. On this side, we definitely noticed the Talalay latex more and felt more support.

What Sleeping Position Does It Work For?

As a dual-sided mattress, the Nolah Nurture works great for all types of sleeping positions. It also scored high in responsiveness, meaning it is a great option for combination sleepers who start in one position and end up in another.

Does the Nolah Nurture Sleep Cool?

The Nolah Nurture mattress sleeps pretty cool, starting with its GOTS certified organic cotton cover. Each comfort layer uses natural Talalay latex, which is highly breathable and prevents heat buildup. We think it’s safe to say your kids won’t have any more night sweats, even after a scary story before bed.

How Much Weight Does the Nolah Nurture Mattress Support?

The Nolah Nurture mattress can hold up to 160 lbs. Those looking for a mattress that can hold more weight may want to consider a full-size mattress like the Helix Midnight, which comes in queen and king sizes.

What Foundations or Bed Frames are Compatible?

You can place your Nolah Nurture on any flat surface. This includes bed frames, such as platforms, box springs, slatted bases, and foundations. Nolah Nurtures also work with adjustable bases. When using slatted bases or boxes, make sure the slats are no more than 4” apart to ensure optimal support.

Nolah Nurture Mattress Materials

Nolah created the Nurture Mattress with children in mind. They use GOTS-certified organic cotton and hypoallergenic Talalay latex. This mattress also received an OEKO-TEX 100 Class 1 certificate for being free of harmful chemicals.

Nolah Nurture Inside
  1. Organic Cotton Cover: The Nolah Nurture Mattress is wrapped in a durable organic cotton cover, which provides a soft, cooling surface.
  2. Wool Layer: A wool layer acts as a natural fire barrier and creates extra cooling and breathability.
  3. Soft Talalay Latex Comfort Layer (2”): On the less firm mattress side, the Nurture has a soft natural Talalay latex to provide pressure relief and comfort in joints.
  4. Patented HDMax™️ Tri-Zone™️ Support Coil System (6”): Nolah’s patented HDMax™️ Tri-Zone™️ support coil system uses three targeted zones to provide optimal support.
  5. Firm Talalay Latex Comfort Layer (2”): On the firmer mattress side, the Nurture uses firm Talalay latex for pressure relief and comfort for pain points.
  6. Wool Layer: The Nolah Nurture uses a second layer of moisture-wicking wool to provide an additional fire-resistant and thermal-regulating barrier.
  7. Organic Cotton Bottom Cover: At the bottom of the Nurture is an organic cotton cover with handles to make lifting and moving the mattress a breeze.

Nolah Nurture Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

Size Dimensions Weight Price*
Twin 38” x 75” x 10” 72 lbs. $1,499
Twin XL 38” x 80” x 10”  78 lbs. $1,499
Full 54” x 75” x 10” 97 lbs. $1,799

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or Nolah mattress coupons. Click below to see the best price for the Nolah Nurture mattress.

Nolah Nurture Box

What’s Unboxing Like?

Like Nolah’s other mattresses, the Nurture comes compressed in an eco-friendly box. After bringing the box to the room you want it in, you can position the mattress on top of your box spring or another sleeping surface, then remove the outer wrapping and let the mattress expand to its full shape. Nolah recommends letting the mattress air out for a couple of hours without any covers to help alleviate any initial off-gassing. You can pay an additional fee for mattress removal and setup.

During our testing, it took us about two minutes to unbox the Nurture mattress. We noticed a slight off-gassing smell initially, but it didn’t linger very long. The handles on the side of the mattress made it easy to lift and position on our bed frame.

Nolah Purchase Details




Compressed and rolled in a box, delivered to your door in 4-8 business days

Trial Period

120-night trial period option


Limited lifetime warranty

Return Policy

Free returns within the trial period

Payment Options

Available through Affirm

Shipping and Delivery

Nolah offers free shipping and real-time estimated delivery date updates. Typically it takes 3-4 business days for them to handcraft your mattress and then an additional 1-4 business days for FedEx to ship it to your door from one of Nolah’s 8 factories across the U.S. They currently do not ship to Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii.

Sleep Trial

Nolah offers a 120-night sleep trial with all mattresses. You can choose to opt out of the trial period to save money, although opting out means your mattress will be ineligible for returns or exchanges. The opt-out savings vary by mattress size:

  • Twin: Save $100
  • Twin XL: Save $110
  • Full: Save $130

Nolah asks that buyers give the mattress a 30 day break-in period before making a decision. If at the end of your trial you decide you don’t want to keep your Nolah Nurture, you can return it for a full refund.


Nolah offers all original purchasers a lifetime limited warranty for its Nurture mattress. If the team finds that your mattress is defective, they will replace or repair it with the same or comparable model. The warranty covers any defects not caused by normal wear and tear.

Nolah Customer Service

The following are some ways you can reach the Nolah customer service team for help with setting up your mattress or any other related questions you may have:

  • Call 1-866-403-6615
  • Live chat at
  • Submit an email request at

Return Policy

To return a Nolah Nurture mattress, submit a request at Once the support team receives your return request, they will guide you through the process and help you find either a local charity or state recycling program to donate your mattress. After a driver picks up your mattress, email a digital photo or scan of the pickup receipt. The support team will process your full refund and send an email notification within 7 days after receiving your pickup receipt. All returns are free.

Is the Nolah Nurture Right for Your Child?

Now that you’ve read our review, it’s time to decide if the Nolah Nurture is your best option. We recommend this bed for parents looking to buy their child’s first  “big kids” bed to last up to their teenage years. It’s also worth considering that this mattress has the best of both worlds since it has both a soft and firm side. If you’re someone who cares about what goes into making your kid’s mattress, this is definitely a solid choice.

If however, your child is already close to their teenage years, you may want to consider a mattress that comes in a fuller size and supports more weight. At a starting price of just over $1,000, those looking for an affordable mattress may want to take a look at our best affordable mattresses guide before making a final decision.

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Nolah Nurture FAQs


How does the white glove delivery service work?


Nolah partners with Load Up to offer customers white glove mattress removal and setup. You can choose to have your old mattress removed, your new mattress set, or both. When buying your mattress online, click the “Add Mattress Removal & Setup” option to add it to your order. Load Up will send an email to schedule the service.


Where are Nolah mattresses made?


All Nolah mattresses are made right here in the U.S.A. Nolah ships mattresses directly from one of their U.S. factories.


What is GOTS?


GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. This is the leading organic textile certification recognized worldwide. In order to classify as a GOTS product, which the Nolah Nurture does, a product must be made from 95% organic fibers.


When should I flip the Nolah Nurture mattress?


While Nolah Nurture recommends the softer side for those 10 and under and the firmer side for those 10 and up, you can flip your mattress whenever your child feels ready. As their sleep preferences change they may prefer the firmer side over the soft.