Kid's Purple Mattress Review

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Kid's Purple Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: March 2023

✔️ Customer Rating: 4.7/5
✔️MA Customer Experience Score: 8.8/10
✔️ Type: Hybrid
✔️ Firmness: Medium
✔️ Free Returns
✔️ 100- Night Sleep Trial
✔️ 10-Year Warranty

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The Verdict: Purple has brought their revolutionary Comfort Grid to a mattress designed for kids. Its soft feel and balanced support work well for toddlers to teens, making it a great mattress for growing children. Plus, it’s so comfy that your child may actually want to sleep in their own bed!

Who Is the Kid’s Purple Mattress Best for?

Kid’s Purple is best for: Kid’s Purple may not be best for:
  • Toddlers to teens
  • All sleep positions
  • Active kids
  • Those with allergies or asthma
  • Hot sleepers
  • Kids over 115 lbs
  • Tall teens
  • Innerspring or foam lovers
  • Those wanting larger size options

Kid’s Purple Mattress Review Highlights

Purple has finally released a mattress designed for kids. The Kid’s Purple mattress has a similar construction to the Original Purple mattress, but with softer foam that’s better for children’s bodies. If you have a Purple bed and your kid loves it, you can now get them one of their very own.

In this review, we’ll cover the highlights, pros, cons, product specs, and much more so you’ll know everything you need to about the Kid’s Purple Mattress.

Our Favorite Things:

  • The Purple’s GelFlex Grid feel is unique, and gives you a sensation of floating. Kids love this feeling, as parents with a Purple mattress know. Now your children can enjoy the Purple mattress in their own room.
  • The Kid’s Purple bed is designed for kids of all ages. It adapts to all body sizes less than 115 lbs, making it great for toddlers, children, and young teens. You can keep the same mattress as your child grows older!
  • The mattress cover is removable and machine washable.
  • For a luxury children’s mattress, the Kid’s Purple bed is reasonably priced, costing under $1,000.

How Did We Score the Kid’s Purple Mattress?

In the Mattress Advisor lab, we put mattresses to the test, evaluating their performance in 14 key categories. We’ll soon have the Kid’s Purple mattress in our lab, but until then, we have provided scores for the categories that relate to customer experience.

Learn more about our review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 7.5
Trial Period 8
Return Policy 8.5
Warranty 8
Set-Up 9
Motion Transfer 8.5
Edge Support 8.5
Pressure Relief 8
Spine Alignment 8.5
Responsiveness 9
Cooling 9
Durability 9
Customer Service 9.5
Social Impact 7.5
⭐Total Customer Experience Score for the Kid’s Purple Mattress: 8.8/10⭐

Mattress Highlights

✅ Pros

  • Responsiveness: This mattress scored high in responsiveness thanks to the Purple Grid construction, which makes changing positions very easy.
  • Durability: Like the original Purple mattress, the Kid’s Purple mattress is built with two layers of high-density foam, ensuring many years with your child.
  • Spine Alignment: Purple’s proprietary GelFlex Grid is one of the best materials we’ve come across when it comes to keeping the body properly aligned. This can help your kid heal from sports and support good posture as they grow.
  • Cooling: The breathable Purple Grid promotes airflow and keeps your child cool all night long.
  • Free Returns: Kids are known for being picky. Purple understands this. The Kid’s Purple mattress comes with the same 100-night sleep trial with a full refund as their adult mattresses, so your child can decide for themselves if they love their new mattress.

❌ Cons

  • One Size Option: The Purple youth mattress only comes in one size: twin. While this is the right size for most kids, you may prefer a twin XL or full mattress.
  • Price: The Kid’s Purple mattress is more expensive than the average mattress for kids. But it is a luxury bed that may last 10 or more years as your child grows, so it’s a good investment.

Spine Alignment

Parents spend a lot of time encouraging their kids to sit up straight. Healthy posture is essential for your kid to grow up strong and avoid neck or back pain. But did you know that posture is just as important when your kids are sleeping as when they’re awake? The thing is, you have no control over it—it’s all up to choosing the right mattress.

We test every mattress in our lab for its ability to support proper spine alignment. Every Purple mattress that we’ve tested has earned a nearly perfect score for spinal alignment. The hyper-elastic polymer material used in the GelFlex Grid top layer collapses once a certain amount of weight is applied to it. The result is an even distribution of weight across the mattress’s surface, which creates ideal spine alignment and posture.

The Purple children’s mattress is designed to offer the right amount of support for toddlers to teens. So long as your kid weighs less than 115 lbs, their body will be supported on the Kid’s Purple bed.


It’s not only adults that sleep hot. Kids can struggle with night sweats, too. And when your child wakes up at night and they’re uncomfortable, they’re likely to come and wake you up or try to sleep with you.

The Kid’s Purple mattress boasts cooling features that keep your child comfy all night long. The top layer is made from a gel grid, which is much more breathable than the average memory foam layer. This breathability helps your child stay cool and dry.


When we tested the other Purple mattresses, we found that the grid material is pretty responsive. Responsiveness is a measure of how easy it is to switch from one position to the next and get comfortable. If your kid tosses and turns a lot, this may be the perfect mattress for them.

Where Does It Fall on the Firmness Scale?

The Kid’s Purple mattress is a bed with medium firmness. The adaptive GelFlex Grid layer creates a surface that feels more weightless than soft or firm, with balanced support that works well for toddlers to teens.

Is It Good for My Child’s Sleep Position?

The Kid’s Purple mattress works well for all sleep positions, especially for young or lightweight children. The Purple Grid and soft transition foam contour to the body, supporting healthy alignment no matter whether your child needs a stomach sleeper mattress, side sleeper mattress, or back sleeper mattress.

However, as your child grows into their teen years, the Purple bed is best for back and side sleepers. Teens tend to have heavier hips that can sink in too far on the Purple mattress if they are stomach sleepers.

Will My Child Sleep Hot Sleep Hot?

The Kid’s Purple mattress is a cool bed. The grid-like top layer facilitates airflow, stopping excess body heat from being fed back to your child over the night. The result is a mattress that does a great job at regulating temperature.

What Foundations Work Best with This Bed?

This mattress performs the best when used on top of a strong, sturdy base. This includes a platform bed frame, adjustable base, slatted frame, bunkie board, or even the floor. Purple does not recommend using a box spring with this mattress as it may cause sagging over time.

Taking a Look Inside

The Kid’s Purple mattress is a 3-layer hybrid mattress made using Purple’s proprietary grid technology and two layers of foam.

inside purple kids
  1. Mattress Cover: A soft, stretchy cover made from polyester, spandex, and cooling PE. It’s removable and machine washable.
  2. Purple Grid Comfort Layer: A proprietary hyper-elastic polymer grid evenly distributes body weight for a floating sensation.
  3. Transition Foam Layer: Soft polyfoam provides excellent pressure relief and a cushiony feel.
  4. Base Layer: High-density support foam brings stability and durability.

Kid’s Purple Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

Size Dimensions Weight Price*
Twin 38” x 75” x 7” 37 lbs $699

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Kid’s Purple mattress.

Purple Company Info

In this section, we’re going to explore what it’s like to purchase a Purple mattress from

Policy Details
Delivery Ships free; arrives in 1-2 weeks
Trial Period 100 nights
Warranty 10-year limited warranty
Return Policy Free returns
Financing Available through Affirm

Receiving the Mattress

The Kid’s Purple mattress ships for free via FedEx anywhere in the contiguous United States. Additional fees apply for shipments to Alaska or Hawaii. The bed leaves the warehouse 1-4 days after your order and arrives compressed in a 38″x 16″ box within 1-5 days after leaving the warehouse. You don’t need to be home to receive your delivery.

The 100-Night Trial Period

Every Purple mattress, including the Kid’s bed, comes with a 100-night sleep trial. If you decide to return your mattress during the trial period, be aware that you’ll need to wait 21 days. Purple asks that you take a few weeks to allow the body to adjust to a new mattress—something that’s particularly important for kids with a new mattress. This is a slightly shorter break-in period than other mattress companies.

If you decide to return the bed, it must be in good condition. Purple will have a local charity come by and pick up the mattress for donation. After the donation is complete, you’ll receive a full refund.

The 10-Year Warranty

The Kid’s Purple mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty. If you experience any problems with materials, workmanship, or construction during that time, contact Purple to file a claim. If they deem it defective, Purple will either replace or repair your mattress.

Purple’s Customer Service

Purple is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. Whenever we’ve contacted Purple, we’ve had a good experience, receiving fast, helpful responses.

To contact customer service, you may use any of the following methods:

  • Live chat at
  • Phone at 1-888-848-8456 (support) or 1-888-848-0511 (sales)
  • Email at

Purple’s Return Policy

Purple backs every one of their mattresses with free returns and full refunds during the 100-night sleep trial. You are required to keep the mattress for 21 days in order to really give it a chance. If you return the mattress between days 22 and 100, Purple will have a local charity pick up the mattress, and then you’ll receive a refund.

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Should You Buy?

The Kid’s Purple mattress is an excellent luxury hybrid designed specifically for children. From toddlers to teens, the Purple youth bed provides the balance of pressure relief and support needed by active, growing bodies.

This mattress is formulated for kids between ages 2 and 14 who weigh less than 115 lbs. While the bed works well for every sleeping position when kids are young, teens who sleep on their stomachs may find themselves more comfortable on a firmer mattress. The Tuft & Needle mattress is an excellent bed for teens and young adults of every sleeping position.

We love the floating feel of the Kid’s Purple mattress. It delivers the cushioning of memory foam without the deep hugging sensation. Plus, it’s much cooler than other mattresses. That said, some kids may have a preference for an all-foam or innerspring mattress. Check out the Saatva Youth mattress for a bouncy innerspring feel or the Nest Bedding Puffin for a memory foam feel.

See How Kid’s Purple Compares to Other Beds

There aren’t too many high-end mattresses made for children. The Kid’s Purple bed is a high-quality hybrid mattress designed for kids between ages 2 and 14. The Purple Grid layer paired with soft polyfoam ensures that kids get the cushion and support that they need for a good night’s sleep.

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The Kid’s Purple bed is designed to last until your child is a teenager weighing over 115 lbs. The longevity and ability to adapt to a variety of body sizes and sleeping positions make this mattress an excellent investment. Many other beds are going to be cheaper but only work well for toddlers, children, or young teens.

Once your child is over 115 lbs, it’s time to consider buying a mattress for adults. If your kid enjoys the Purple feel, you may consider the Original Purple mattress, Purple Hybrid, Purple Hybrid Premier, or Purple Plus. The Original and Hybrid are medium-firm, the Purple Plus is medium, and the Purple Hybrid Premier has a similar soft to medium firmness level as the Kid’s Purple mattress.

Kid’s Purple Mattress FAQs


Should I use a waterproof mattress protector to safeguard against accidents?


Yes, we recommend using a waterproof mattress protector on all beds, but particularly children’s beds. A waterproof cover makes it easier to clean up after accidents, and it helps to extend the life of your new bed. Purple sells a mattress protector that works great with its beds.


Is the Kid's Purple mattress made using materials that are safe for my children?


Yes! This mattress is both CertiPUR-US and Clean Air GOLD certified, so you can rest easy knowing your child is protected from dangerous compounds like heavy metals and VOCs.


Can my smaller teenager sleep on the Kid's Purple mattress?


The Kid’s Purple mattress is designed for kids up to 14 years old who weigh less than 115 lbs. If you have a lightweight teen 15+ who weighs less than 115 lbs, you may be able to get a few more years out of the mattress. However, Purple recommends the Original Purple mattress for older teens and adults.


Does the Kid's Purple Mattress contain latex?


No! The Kid’s Purple Mattress is made up of Purple’s unique hyper-elastic polymer and polyfoam.

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