Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Review


Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: December 2023

✔️Customer Rating: 5/5
✔️Mattress Advisor Score: Pending
✔️Type: Hybrid
✔️Firmness: Medium-Firm
✔️Free White Glove Delivery
✔️365-Night Sleep Trial
✔️Lifetime Warranty 

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Overview: The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress, a redesign of the Saatva Modern Foam all-foam mattress, is a medium-firm option ideal for a majority of sleepers. The mattress uses various layers of body-cradling foam atop pocket coils to provide good spine alignment and relief for major pressure points.

We had a chance to rest on the mattress and run it through our full Mattress Advisor testing. Read on for more of our impressions of this high-quality hybrid.

Who Is the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Best for?

Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid is best for: Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid may not be best for:
  • All sleeping positions
  • Couples with different firmness preferences
  • Restless sleepers

  • Budget shoppers
  • Those who prefer a traditional innerspring or memory foam mattress

Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Review Highlights

The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid provides a unique combination of memory foam and coil layers, designed for lower back support and contouring. Its dual-phase cooling technology helps provide relief to hot sleepers. In this review, we’ll share some of the benefits of sleeping on this type of mattress and answer some frequently asked questions to help you make your decision.

What We Love About the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

  • Saatva expanded the Modern Foam mattress’ dual-phase cooling technology to now offer a triple-phase LuxeCool system, which works to draw excess heat away from you and circulate airflow.
  • The use of gel-infused memory foam helps relieve pressure points by contouring to your body.
  • This mattress has a patented Lumbar Zone® Quilting, which is built to help create a healthy spinal alignment at night and reduces strain on your muscles and joints.
  • Every Saatva mattress is made right here in America, which means that they have a positive environmental impact and can be delivered easily.

How Did We Score the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid?

Below you will see our scores for each test and evaluation we performed on the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress. Our weighted total score incorporates all of these ratings for both mattress performance and customer experience. Check out our review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 7.5
Trial Period 10
Return Policy 7
Warranty 10
Set-Up 10
Motion Transfer 8
Edge Support 9
Pressure Relief 8.5
Spine Alignment 8.5
Responsiveness 8.5
Cooling 8.5
Durability 9
Customer Service 10
Social Impact 8
⭐Total Score for the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid: 8.8

Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Testing Highlights

✅ Pros

  • Good Spine Alignment: Saatva’s patented Lumbar Zone Quilting provides support in the lower back and helps keep your spine in a neutral position.
  • Solid Motion Transfer: To measure motion transfer, I put a glass of water on the Saatva and then moved around the mattress to see how easy it was to disrupt the water. The mattress did well in this department—within reason, the water stayed in the glass.
  • Excellent Edge Support: Hybrid mattresses tend to score well in this department, and the Saatva is no different—we gave it a 9/10 for edge support after perching at the corner of this mattress.
  • Stand-Out Sleep Trial and Warranty: Saatva offers one of the most generous trial periods and warranties out there—you get 365 nights to try out the mattress and a lifetime limited warranty, so you can always return it if it shows defects.
  • White-Glove Delivery: When buying a Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid, you can schedule to have it hand-delivered and set up in the room of your choice at no additional cost. They’ll also remove your old mattress. This is a great perk for those of us who struggle to unbox and position a new mattress without lots of help.

❌ Cons

  • High Price Tag: Since the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid is a luxury-style mattress, it has a higher price and isn’t the best option for anyone interested in a rock-bottom price.
  • Delayed Shipping: The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid may take up to 29 days to be delivered to your home since each mattress is made to order.

Spine Alignment

We gave the Memory Foam Hybrid an 8.5/10 in our testing for spine alignment. I have a lot of back and neck pain that’s often exacerbated by uncomfortable sleep positions. When lying on my back on this mattress, I found it kept my often-achey spine in a comfortable neutral position, and my hip and shoulders on an even keel. Saatva’s patented Lumbar Zone Quilting felt like it was giving my lower back the support it needed.

Pressure Relief

As a lightweight sleeper, I felt a small amount of pressure from the mattress on my hips and shoulders when lying on my side, and an ideal balance of support and give when lying on my back. Average-weight (130+) or heavier-weight sleepers (230+) should sink a little further into the mattress’s top layer and feel more cradled by it in both positions.

Edge Support

When I sat at the corner of this mattress, I experienced almost no dip in mattress height—an excellent sign that the mattress is a great one to spread out on, and won’t sag early along its perimeter. For this I gave the mattress a 9/10 for edge support. The mattress’s coil layer gives its sides a bolstered feel, which is great for anyone who struggles to get in and out of bed, as well as those who tend to sit at the edge of the bed when getting ready.

Product Details

Where Does It Fall on the Firmness Scale?

The Saatva Foam Modern mattress is about a 6.5/10 on the firmness scale. This medium-firm mattress is a great option for those looking for a cushiony surface that offers firm support.

What Sleeping Positions Does It Work For?

The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress’s 6.5 firmness level should be compatible for many stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers thanks to its medium-firm feel. It’s also very responsiveness, making it a great choice for combination sleepers.

Does Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Sleep Cool?

The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid sleeps pretty cool thanks to the triple-phase LuxeCool System. This consists of a gel-infused memory foam layer that draws heat away from your body and a CoolContour memory foam layer that uses a unique wave design to circulate air. As a hybrid, it also has pocketed comfort coils that help disperse unwanted heat. The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress also has a breathable cotton cover.

How Much Weight Does the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Support?

The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid can support sleepers who weigh up to 300 lbs. If you’re a heavier sleeper, you may want to consider a firmer mattress, such as the Saatva HD, which can support up to 500 lbs per side.

What Foundations or Bed Frames are Compatible?

The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid is compatible with any flat surface, including box springs, platform bases and adjustable bases. When using a slatted platform, make sure the slats are no more than 2.75” apart to avoid possible sagging.

Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Materials

The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid consists of a combination of three foam layers and a coil system.

Inside Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid
  1. Organic Cotton Cover: Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid’s hypoallergenic organic cotton cover promotes a cooler sleep while also preventing the growth of bacteria and mold through its use of a unique treatment called Guardin.
  2. Gel-Infused Memory Foam (0.5″): Saatva’s gel-infused memory foam helps contour and cool the body by absorbing heat and moving it away from the mattress.
  3. CoolContour Memory Foam (1.5″): A wave design memory foam layer that circulates air through its air pockets and provides pressure relieving support.
  4. Pocketed Comfort Coils (8″): Made from recycled steel coils, this layer helps reduce motion transfer and promote breathability.
  5. Support Core Foam (1″): This premium foam gives the bed a durable base to ensure lasting durability.

Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid’s Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

Size Dimensions Price*
Twin 38” x 75” x 11.5” $995
Twin XL 38” x 80” x 11.5” $1,315
Full 54” x 75” x 11.5” $1,595
Queen 60” x 80” x 11.5” $1,795
King 76” x 80” x 11.5” $2,195
Split King 76” x 80” x 11.5” $2,630
Cal King 72” x 84” x 11.5” $2,195

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress.

What’s Set-Up Like?

Saatva offers free white-glove delivery and set-up for all mattress customers. They bring your new mattress to the room of your choice and will even remove your old mattress at no additional cost. After your Memory Foam Hybrid is set up, you may notice a slight off-gassing odor, that will likely go away after 24 to 48 hours.

The company makes it clear on its website that Saatva is not a bed-in-a-box brand. Saatva takes the position that compressing and boxing mattresses for delivery can lead to problems including damaged materials and reduced durability.

Purchase Details

Policy Details
Delivery Free white glove delivery and set-up
Trial Period 365 days
Warranty Lifetime warranty
Return Policy $99 fee for returns
Financing Available through Affirm

Saatva Shipping and Delivery

Saatva offers free ground delivery for the Memory Foam Hybrid, which typically takes between nine to 29 days to arrive. In some instances, the order may take less time to arrive if someone with a similar product changes or cancels their order. When this occurs, Saatva can reroute the mattress to go to you. After your mattress passes inspection and transfers to a local delivery enter, the Saatva delivery team will call to schedule a date and four-hour window for delivery.

Sleep Trial

Saatva provides a 365-night home trial to help you determine if this mattress is the right fit for you. This allows you to have plenty of time to see if it matches your needs. If you decide the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid isn’t your perfect mattress, you can return it for a full refund. Saatva asks for a $99 transportation fee to cover the costs of transporting the mattress.

Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Warranty

The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. During the first two years of owning your Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, Saatva will replace your damaged mattress with a brand new one, at no additional cost. After you’ve owned your Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress for over three years, Saatva will repair or replace your mattress and charge a $149 processing fee.

Saatva also offers a Fairness Replacement Option, where you can receive additional discounts on future mattresses. When choosing this option, you get to keep our original mattress and receive the following discounts:

  • Years 3-5: Saatva will deliver a brand-new mattress at a 30% discount price to those owning a Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress for at least three years.
  • Years 6-10: Once you own your Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid for up to six years, you can purchase a new one at 50% off the original price.
  • Years 11-12: After owning a Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid for up to 11 years, you can receive a new one at a 75% off discount.

Saatva Customer Service

Saatva offers 24/7 customer support 365 days a year. They are available to help answer your questions through the following methods:

  • Call 1-877-672-2882
  • Use the chat feature on the Saatva website

Return Policy

If you decide to return your Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid during your 365-night home trial, call the customer service team to schedule a pickup. Saatva will issue a refund for your full purchase price, including taxes, to your original method of payment. To cover the cost of transportation, they ask for a $99 processing fee. Once Saatva receives your mattress, they will donate it to a veterans’ shelter or offer it to their employees.

Should You Buy the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid?

The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid is a great option for those looking for an in-between option on the firmness scale. With a medium-firm surface, this mattress can provide the perfect balance between being puffy while still supportive. This mattress also has great spine alignment, so you can be confident that it’ll help keep your spine in a healthy neutral alignment as you sleep.

Since the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid is a luxury mattress, those shopping on a tight budget may find it too expensive. A more affordable mattress to consider buying is the DreamCloud, which starts at $1,199 for a queen-size.

Other Mattresses Sold by Saatva

If you’re interested in buying one of Saatva’s luxury mattresses but aren’t sure if the Memory Foam Hybrid is the right pick for you, take a look at some of their other mattress models:

Finding the right mattress can improve not only your nights but also your days.

Compare Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid to Other Mattresses

See how the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid compares to other mattresses with our comparison tool.

Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress FAQs


What changes has Saatva made with the Memory Foam Hybrid?


The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid has a similar design as the Saatva Modern Foam but includes a coil system for added support and comfort. This gives it an extra .5″ height. It also includes a more advanced cooling system, with the addition of a CoolContour memory foam. Since the redesign includes more features, it has a slightly higher price tag than the initial Saatva Modern Foam.


What happens if the delivery team is running late?


If the Saatva delivery team is running late on your delivery day, a dispatcher will call you to reschedule your free white-glove delivery.


Where are Saatva mattresses made?


Saatva mattresses are sourced and handcrafted in the U.S. Each one is made to order so you’ll never receive one that’s sitting in a warehouse for a long period of time. Saatva makes over 2,500 new mattresses each week.

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