Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush Mattress Review

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Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: January 2023

✔️Customer Rating: 4.6/5
✔️MA Customer Experience Score: 8.5/10 
✔️Type: Hybrid
✔️Firmness: Medium-Firm
✔️Free Shipping & Returns
✔️120-Night Sleep Trial
✔️Ever-long Warranty

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The bottom line: The Sapphire Dream is truly what dreams are made of. With 5 layers of foam and coils and a breathable Tencel cover, the Sapphire Dream offers comfortable support and premium cooling, making it a great mattress for hot sleepers and those who like to live lavishly.

Who Is the Sapphire Dream Mattress Best for?

Sapphire Dream is best for: Sapphire Dream may not be best for:
  • Back and combination sleepers
  • Heavyweight sleepers
  • Those seeking a luxurious sleep experience
  • Hot sleepers
  • Couples
  • Shoppers on a budget
  • Side sleepers in need of pressure point relief
  • Those who prefer the feel of an all-foam mattress

Sapphire Dream Mattress Highlights

Best Hybrid Mattresses - Mattress Advisor

Many mattress brands claim to offer a premium sleeping experience, but the Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush is one of the few to deliver on that promise. It’s a hybrid that offers the comfort of a memory foam mattress, and the support of an innerspring bed. And, with a medium-firmness level suited for many different comfort levels coupled with phenomenal edge support, the Sapphire Dream gives you the illusion of floating on your mattress. Plus, it’s expert cooling and luxurious feel makes for a comfortable and cool night’s sleep––what could be better?

Let’s dig deeper into how the Sapphire Dream held up in our mattress lab testing, product specs, FAQs, and all other pertinent information you need to know before you buy!

What we love:

  • The Sapphire Dream lives up to its name by providing hotel-style comfort and top-notch support. With plush foam layers and supportive coils, this luxury mattress is built to last, and works great for heavyweight sleepers.
  • With a plant-based mattress cover, breathable coils, and graphite infused foam layers to wick away moisture, the Sapphire Dream excels at cooling. It uses Tencel in its cover, which is a naturally cool fiber. 
  • This bed-in-a-box mattress’s medium-firmness offers a balanced feel for all types of sleepers and boasts top-rated responsiveness for combination sleepers who toss and turn.

How We Score the Sapphire Dream

We put the Sapphire Dream through a series of tests in our in-house mattress lab to see how it measured up. Take a look below to see how it scored in our 14-point test system. Click to learn more about our testing process.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 9
Trial Period 10
Return Policy 8
Warranty 10
Set-Up 8.5
Motion Transfer 8.5
Edge Support 8.5
Pressure Relief 7
Spine Alignment 8
Responsiveness 9.5
Cooling 9
Durability 9
Customer Service 8
Social Impact 3
⭐Total Score for the Sapphire Dream Mattress: 8.5/10⭐

Mattress Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

  • Responsiveness: The Sapphire Dream’s spring coil system works to adapt and adjust to your movements quickly, making it effortless to get comfortable in any position.
  • Cooling: If you suffer from night sweats or just sleep hot, the Sapphire Dream’s cooling abilities are sure to impress you. With breathable coils, a cool cover, and graphite-infused foam, the Sapphire Dream will keep you sweat-free for a clean, comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Edge Support: The Sapphire Dream’s 14-inch thick construction offers top-of-the-line edge support thanks to the thicker gauge coils that rest on the outer edge of the mattress. This helps to keep you in the middle of the mattress, ensuring you won’t fall off if you sleep close to the edge. 
  • Motion Transfer: If you sleep with a pet or partner, perk up! The Sapphire Dream isolates motion excellently, due to its foam and coil construction that work in tandem to limit motion transfer. This is a great bed if you’re tired of waking up at night to your partner’s restless movements or midnight snack breaks.

❌ Cons

  • Pressure Relief: An area we weren’t so impressed with was the Sapphire Dream’s pressure relief. It wasn’t the best for relieving strain along pressure points, so if you’re a frequent side sleeper who struggles with hip and shoulder pain, this mattress isn’t the greatest choice.
  • Price point: The Sapphire Dream has a higher price point than other hybrids on the market––but, this is a luxury mattress after all! The good news is, should you have the financial capabilities to invest in this high-end mattress, it’s sure to last you for years due to its high-quality materials and unparalleled durability. But, if you’re confined to a strict budget with no room to splurge, you may have to pass on this one.
  • Social Impact: We weren’t particularly moved by any social missions the Sapphire Dream company partakes in. 

Motion Transfer

The Sapphire Dream showed off when it came to motion transfer. We started by having a tester lie on one side of the mattress blindfolded, while another tester got in and out of the bed and rolled around. Our testers barely felt any shaking or movement from the other side of the bed––confirmation that light sleepers would fare well on this mattress, and sleep mostly uninterrupted from their partner or pet’s movements.


For responsiveness, we roll around on the mattress, switching positions frequently, to see how long it takes to get comfortable in each position and how well the mattress adapts to our movements. And judging by the Sapphire Dream’s near-perfect responsiveness score we gave, it didn’t take us long to get comfortable in any position! Thanks to the bouncy coils, we were able to adjust positions easily.

Pressure Relief

We used our pressure mapping device to see how much pressure collected on different areas of the body while in the side sleeping and back sleeping positions. Unfortunately, the Sapphire Dream disappointed us with the results. When one of our testers lay on their side, we found lots of pressure in the hips. Because of this, we gave it a 7/10 for pressure relief.

The same was true when she flipped to her back, although not quite as much pressure as on the side. This mattress is not a great choice for pressure relief, especially for lightweight side sleepers with pressure sensitive hips.

Edge Support

You may be thinking––what the heck is edge support? Edge support guarantees the edges of the mattress are solid and durable, and that they don’t sag under weight or pressure. Good edge support is crucial for making it easy to get in and out of bed, and for ensuring you don’t fall off the side if you sleep close to the edge. As you can see below, the Sapphire Dream didn’t sag or cave in when one of our tester’s sat on the edge. 

And, when our tester switched to lying near the edge, the Sapphire Dream held up well, supporting her on the side of the mattress with no fear of falling off.

Is the Sapphire Dream Firm?

The Sapphire Dream lands at a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, classifying it as medium-firm. This is the firmness level preferred by most average sleepers; it’s soft enough to still cushion your body and provide plush comfort, but firm enough to provide durable, lasting support.

When you lie down on the Sapphire Dream, you feel like you’re floating. This is a mattress that keeps you elevated, but the cushiony pillow top allows you to sink in just enough for that luxurious, hotel-quality mattress sensation.

Does It Match Different Types of Sleepers?

Back Sleepers

For back sleepers especially, the Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush is a win – it is definitely one of the best mattresses for back sleepers. With supportive coils that keep the spine aligned and soft, contouring foam that cushions your body in all the right places, this mattress was practically built for back sleepers. Plus, this bed’s medium-firmness level hits that sweet spot that back sleepers benefit from: not too hard, but not too soft.

Heavyweight back sleepers would also enjoy this mattress. Thanks to the dense memory foam and durable steel coils, the Sapphire Dream provides lasting support and comfort to plus-sized sleepers.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers would be somewhat comfortable on the Sapphire Dream; it uses plush foam, known to be a favorite among side sleepers seeking extra cushioning. However, it disappointed us when we tested pressure relief, so it’s not the greatest choice for alleviating pressure point pain. To compare this mattress to other options, head over to our best mattress for side sleepers page.

Lightweight side sleepers, especially those who are pressure sensitive in their hips, wouldn’t sink into this mattress as much as they’d need for deep cradling and contouring.

Combination Sleepers

The Sapphire Dream responds and adapts to your movements with impressive ease. For combination sleepers who switch positions frequently throughout the night, this mattress will support you at every turn, and provide quick comfort no matter where you land.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers may be disappointed in this mattress’s lackluster spine alignment; it’s essential stomach sleepers rest on a mattress that keeps their spine in neutral alignment to prevent any aches and pains in the morning.

That’s not to say stomach sleepers wouldn’t get a restful, comfortable night’s sleep from this mattress as the foam contours nicely around their hips and chest, but they may miss some of the back support that a firmer mattress would offer. Check out our best mattress for stomach sleepers guide for better recommendations.

How Well Does It Regulate Temperature?

Despite its dense foam layers, the Sapphire Dream excels in cooling. That’s due in large part to the innerspring coils that reside in the base layers of the mattress; the spaces between the coils allow for increased airflow and breathability. And, while the foam layers resting above would usually trap heat, the Sapphire Dream’s creators were smart by infusing graphite in the foam, which helps to mitigate head retention. 

Finally, the mattress cover is made from an inherently cool fiber: Tencel. The Tencel cover helps to wick away heat and moisture, combining with the other elements for an ultra-cool and comfortable mattress experience.

Does it Support Heavyweight Sleepers?

The Sapphire Dream has no weight limit, making it a great mattress for heavyweight sleepers in need of durable support. Thanks to the steel coils and dense foam used, this hybrid can support many different body types and weights. This is a nice pick for couples in search of a mattress that can withstand their combined weight and outlast years of wear and tear.

Best Foundations for the Sapphire Dream

The Sapphire Dream works with any sturdy foundation that offers solid support and is in good condition. If you have an existing box spring, slatted frame, platform bed, or adjustable base, you’ll be happy to know you can use any of these on the Sapphire Luxury Plush mattress.

Inside Look at the Layers

The Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush mattress lives up to its name with its decadent construction. It comes wrapped in a breathable Tencel cover followed by four layers of dense foam and coils that respond to your movements with ease and offer premium comfort and support.

sapphire dream layers
  1. Tencel cover: Made from an eco-friendly fiber, designed for breathability and comfort.
  2. Graphite Infused Memory Foam: Plush layer that uses graphite for enhanced cooling and adapts to your movements.
  3. Premium Soft Foam: High-density foam that cushions your pressure points for optimal comfort and pain relief.
  4. Sapphire Edge + Everlasting Support Coil: Contains hundreds of individually-wrapped coils constructed from tempered steel for unmatched support and motion isolation. The coil support system creates sturdy, solid barriers for strong edge support.
  5. Stabilizing Base Foam: Durable, dense foam that supports the rest of the layers and provides stability.

Sapphire Dream Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

Size Dimensions Weight Price*
Twin 39” x 75” x 14” 60 lbs. $1,699
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 14” 50 lbs. $1,899
Full 54” x 75” x 14” 70 lbs. $1,749
Queen 60” x 80” x 14” 80 lbs. $1,799
King 76” x 80” x 14” 120 lbs. $2,399
Cal King 72” x 84” x 14” 120 lbs. $2,399

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Sapphire Dream mattress.

What’s Setup Like?

The Sapphire Dream comes straight to your doorstep compressed in a box––hotel-quality comfort at your fingertips! You’ll start unboxing this beauty by carrying it, while in its box, to whichever lucky room you’re putting it in. It works best to remove the mattress from its packaging on your foundation or bed frame, and then unbox it, unroll it, and let it breathe.

It took us only a couple minutes to completely unbox this mattress. A queen size does run at 80 lbs., so I’d consider recruiting some help if you purchase a Queen size or up.

Sapphire Company Policies

When buying a mattress online, the process can seem overwhelming. But taking into account certain factors like how long the bed takes to reach your doorstep, or how long the warranty lasts helps ensure peace of mind upon purchasing. We’ll cover all of that and more below.

Policy Details
Delivery Ships free arrives to your door in 3-7 days business days
Trial Period 120 days
Warranty Lifetime
Return Policy Free Returns
Financing Available through Affirm or Paypal


What You Need to Know About Shipping

The Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush ships free to all 50 states and arrives at your doorstep just 3-7 days after ordering. You also don’t have to worry about being home to sign. 

Sapphire Dream does not offer White Glove delivery or mattress removal, so you’ll have to unbox and remove your old mattress yourself. Don’t worry, after the whole process is complete, you can lie down on your plush Sapphire Dream and relax in cooling comfort.

Breaking Down the Sleep Trial

With the purchase of the Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush comes a 120-day sleep trial. But what does this mean? Well, it guarantees you have 120 nights to ‘test’ out the mattress and see if its to your liking. The trial starts the day your mattress is delivered.

Keep in mind that it typically takes about 30 days to break a new mattress in. Sapphire Dream’s sleep trial ranks about average compared to other companies’ sleep trial periods, though some companies offer a 365-day trial.

The Warranty in Layman’s Terms

Your Sapphire Dream mattress will come with a lifetime warranty––that’s right, this warranty extends for as long as you own the mattress. The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship along with indents greater than 1.5 inches. 

To submit a claim, contact Sapphire Dream directly at 

Everything Customer Service

To contact customer service, you can either speak with a representative on, where you can use the chat service on their Sapphire Dream pages that’s available Monday-Friday during business hours. 

You can also reach them at (800)-455-1052, or email them at

Learn About the Return Policy

The Sapphire Dream’s return policy allows you to return the mattress within the 120-trial for a full refund. They do ask that you try the mattress out for 30 days before initiating a return. If 30 days pass by and you’re still not satisfied with the mattress, you can fill out a comfort questionnaire with one of Sapphire Dream’s sleep experts to get to the bottom of the issue. 

They will take care of shipping and pick up your original mattress should you return it, guaranteeing little risk to purchasing the Sapphire Dream. To initiate a return, you can contact Sapphire Dream directly by calling them at (800)-455-1052 or emailing them at 

Real Customer Feedback

On Cooling

“The moment we laid on our mattress we immediately felt how cool it was. I love super soft mattress and my husband loves medium and it was a good middle. We’ve gone through 4 mattress in the past 4 years and this one is by far our favorite.”- Anonymous

On Comfortability

“This mattress conforms hugs and supports my body to allow me to sleep comfortably. I travel a lot for work and always feel much more comfortably when at home than on the road.”- Anonymous

On Pain Relief

“Very comfortable! My husband no longer has back pain, I no longer have hip pain. The best sleep we’ve had in years.”- Larry

Should You Buy/Not Buy Sapphire Dream

The Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush made its way into the online space as a luxury hybrid mattress designed for optimal support, comfort and cooling. It uses a plant-based Tencel cover to enhance breathability, graphite-infused memory foam for contouring and moisture-wicking, and a strong support system of individually-wrapped coils. The result is excellent responsiveness, motion transfer, edge support and cooling.

But is this the right mattress for me? For the average sleeper who likes a balanced feel, this is a great pick. It rests at a 5.5/10 on the firmness scale, so while it’s not the firmest, it still offers enough sturdiness and support for a variety of sleepers, including heavyweight individuals. Its cooling features also make it compatible with hot sleepers, and the impressive motion isolation works for couples, too, who want to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

The Sapphire Dream isn’t the best mattress for those on a budget as well as side sleepers in need of pressure relief. It’s pricier than other hybrids on the market, but if you still want a balanced feel with top-of-the-line materials, the Beautyrest Hybrid is a great alternative that’s about $600 cheaper. 

For side sleepers who want a lavish feel to their bed, check out the DreamCloud Premier. It has 6 layers that include a Cashmere blend and plush pillow top, and it boasts near-perfect pressure relief.

Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush vs Sapphire Dream Luxury Firm

The difference between these two luxury mattresses is in their names; the Sapphire Dream Luxury Firm has an identical construction as the Luxury Plush, with the exception of firm memory foam instead of soft. The difference between the two is mostly apparent in their feel; the Luxury Firm ranks at a 9/10 on the firmness scale, making it significantly firmer than the Luxury Plush which sits at a 5.5/10.

Because of this, the Luxury Firm is ideal for stomach sleepers, and anyone who enjoys a sturdier feel to their bed. It still offers the same cooling features, making it a nice choice for hot sleepers, too. And, it’s priced identically to the Luxury Plush, so it really comes down to the type of sleeper you are and the ideal feel you want your mattress to have. The Luxury Plush is able to accommodate a wider range of sleepers thanks to its balanced feel, but I wouldn’t count out the Luxury Firm mattress if you need more durable support.

Sapphire Dream FAQs


Does the Sapphire Dream emit an odor upon unboxing?


The comfort layers are constructed of memory foam, lending this mattress to have some off-gassing. However, every foam in the Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they don’t contain harmful chemicals or metals. So, while annoying, the smell is harmless and will dissipate quickly.


If I spill something on my Sapphire Dream mattress, can I still return it?


In order to qualify for a return, your mattress must be in pristine condition. If you anticipate any spills or stains from occurring, I’d recommend getting a waterproof mattress protector to protect your bed from any messes.


Can I sleep on my Sapphire Dream immediately upon delivery?


We recommend waiting a few days for this mattress to fully expand and air out before making yourself comfy.

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