Spindle Mattress Review

spindle mattress

Spindle Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: January 2023

✔️ Customer Rating: 4.4/5
✔️ Mattress Advisor Score: 7.7/10
✔️ Type: Latex
✔️ Firmness: Medium or Firm
✔️ Free Shipping & Returns
✔️ 365-Night Sleep Trial
✔️ 10-Year Warranty

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Summary review: The Spindle latex mattress is made with all-natural materials, including sustainably sourced Dunlop latex, natural wool, and organic cotton. You can choose from two different firmness levels: medium or firm. Customers get a yearlong sleep trial, 10-year warranty, and a mattress company that truly cares about their customers.

Who Is the Spindle Mattress Best for?

Spindle is best for: Spindle may not be best for:
  • Those with average body types
  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Latex mattress shoppers
  • Those who like to feel “on top” of their mattress, rather than “in” it
  • Hot sleepers
  • Those who want either a really soft or really firm mattress
  • Those easily disrupted by movements from sleeping partners
  • Budget shoppers

Spindle Mattress Review Highlights

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The Spindle mattress was designed by fourth generation mattress makers and is made with locally sourced materials, so you can count on high-quality craftsmanship. The Spindle founder, Neal, considers latex to be one of the best mattress materials, which is why he uses three natural Dunlop latex layers to construct the Spindle mattress.

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In this review, we’ll see whether or not Spindle is a good mattress by looking at our lab test scores, pros and cons, FAQs, and more.

The main features:

  • Natural and Organic: Spindle knows exactly where all of their natural and organic materials come from. In addition to making an eco-friendly bed, they donate 10% of their profits to environmental organizations.
  • 365-Night Sleep Trial: Not only do you get a full year to test out your new mattress—Spindle will replace one of your comfort layers for free during the sleep trial to make sure you have the exact right fit.
  • Firmness Options: When you choose the medium option, you receive two medium layers of latex and one firm layer. Those who opt for the firm option get two firm layers and one medium layer.
  • 60-Day Price Guarantee: If Spindle lowers their prices during the 60 days after your purchase, they will refund you the difference between the price you paid and the new lower price.
  • Integrity: The owners of Spindle want you to feel comfortable on your mattress. They use a Comfort Calculator to determine if you’re a good Spindle candidate and will help you find the right mattress, even if it’s not theirs.

Unique Scores

We score mattresses using real people and scientific review processes. In our sleep lab, we assess 14 performance categories—like pressure point relief, motion isolation, and responsiveness—and use a weighted average as our total score.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 9
Trial Period 10
Return Policy 9
Warranty 9
Set-Up 3.5
Motion Transfer 6.9
Edge Support 5.5
Pressure Relief 7.25
Spine Alignment 9
Responsiveness 7.5
Cooling 8
Durability 8
Customer Service 8
Social Impact 2
⭐Total Score for the Spindle Mattress:7.7 /10⭐

Test Performance Features

✅ Pros

  • Responsiveness: The latex layers that make up the Spindle’s construction are highly elastic, meaning that they have enough “push back” to keep up with your changes in position.
  • Durability: Latex is one of the most durable mattress materials available, lasting longer than yout traditional foam or innerspring beds.
  • Spine Alignment: The Spindle received a near-perfect score for spine alignment, meaning you wake up with minimal low back pain.
  • 365-Night Sleep Trial: You get an entire year to trial the Spindle mattress in your home.

❌ Cons

  • Cost: The Spindle mattress is a high-quality item that is sourced and assembled in the USA, so it has a slightly higher price point than other bed-in-a-box mattresses.
  • Setup: You assemble the mattress layers in your home, which tacks on more time compared to most bed-in-a-box mattresses that come pre-assembled.
  • Edge Support: The Spindle provides only moderate edge support for people who like to sleep near the edge.

Spine Alignment

We were blown away by how well the Spindle mattress supported spine alignment, aka good sleeping posture. Both of our tester’s spines were really straight with just a slight upwards curve towards the base of the neck. 

Latex is naturally buoyant, so when it’s paired with a softer top layer, it creates a supportive, contouring surface that suspends your spine in a neutral position. You are much less likely to wake up with pain and stiffness when you have good alignment on your mattress.

Edge Support

Our testers noted that the Spindle provided only a moderate support when we asked them to sit on the edge of the bed and put on their shoes. They also found it a little difficult to lie comfortably on the edge of the bed, so we gave it an overall score of 5.5 for edge support.

This won’t be an issue for most people, but it’s worth noting if you plan to share a small mattress or like to sleep near the edge of the bed. If you share a bed, consider sizing up from a queen size to a king size.

Pressure Relief

We use a pressure map to see how well a mattress cushions pressure points. Blue and green zones mean low pressure, while yellow and red zones indicate higher pressure. We saw mainly blue and green on our first tester’s map, with some red around his shoulders, and a bit more red near our second tester’s shoulders. 

So for a total pressure relief score, Spindle gets a 7.25/10.

How Does Each Firmness Option Feel?

The medium firmness option feels fairly soft when you press into it, but we think the natural buoyancy of the latex causes it to feel closer to medium firm. The firm option has more firm latex layers, so you won’t sink as far into the mattress, but it’s not extra firm like most innerspring mattresses.

What Firmness Level Should Each Sleeping Position Choose?

The medium Spindle mattress is a great choice for side sleepers, while the firm option is better for stomach sleepers. Back sleepers and combination sleepers will fare well on either option, but we recommend the medium mattress if you are a combo sleeper who favors side sleeping.

Will It Keep You Cool?

Latex is well known for its cooling properties, and we found the Spindle to be no exception. The layers of latex are perforated for better airflow, and the mattress cover is made with moisture-wicking natural wool batting. We gave it an 8/10 for cooling because our testers stayed comfortably temperature-neutral when they lay on the mattress.

Will It Support Light or Heavy People?

The Spindle owners frankly share that the Spindle mattress may not be supportive enough for people with heavier body types (BMI over 31) or pressure relieving enough for those with petite body types (BMI under 19). Specifically, heavier sleepers need a thicker latex mattress like the Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress.

What Foundations or Bed Frames Can be Used with Spindle?

The Spindle mattress is a bit heavier than average, so a bed frame with adequate support is very important. Spindle recommends

  • Platform beds with slats at least 3/4” thick, spaced no more than 3” apart, with a center rail and floor support.
  • Adjustable beds that don’t have mesh or wire bases.
  • Solid wood box foundations (they look a lot like a box spring, but are much more supportive) with slats at least 3/4” thick, spaced no more than 3” apart, with a center rail.
  • No plywood.

Layers and Feel

Here’s what we found when opened up the Spindle mattress:

inside spindle
  1. Organic Cotton Cover: GOTS certified cotton knitted in South Carolina with a circular knit that improves flexibility and durability.
  2. Pure Wool Batting: Eco-Wool from California that provides a plush handfeel and acts as a natural flame retardant.
  3. Medium Latex Foam: OEKO-TEX certified Dunlop latex foam manufactured in Pennsylvania with latex from sustainably sourced rubber trees.
  4. Medium or Firm Latex Foam: A second layer of medium or firm latex foam.
  5. Firm Latex Foam: A final layer of firm latex foam designed to minimize sinkage into the mattress.

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Spindle Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

Size Dimensions Weight – Medium/Firm Price*
Twin 38” X 74.5” X 10” 96lbs/104lbs $1,199.99
Twin XL 38” X 79.5” X 10” 103lbs/111lbs $1,199.99
Full 53” X 74.5” X 10” 131lbs/141lbs $1,599.99
Queen 60” X 79.5” X 10” 154lbs/166lbs $1,699.99
King 76” X 79.5” X 10” 188lbs/203lbs $1,999.99

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Spindle mattress.

Setting Up the Mattress

Our Spindle mattress arrived in three boxes, and it took us over eight minutes to set it up. The layers come in individual boxes that are assembled layer by layer inside the zippable mattress cover. Each layer is heavy, so ask a friend to help you. Overall, assembly is pretty simple! Bonus: we didn’t notice any off-gassing from the mattress.

Spindle Buying Info

Here’s what to expect when you buy a Spindle mattress.

Policy Details
Delivery Bed-in-a-box (three separate boxes)
Trial Period 365 nights
Warranty 10 years
Return Policy Free returns and 100% refunds
Financing Yes, through Affirm

Shipping Terms

Spindle customers get free shipping in the continental US. There is an additional fee for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. You can expect your mattress to arrive within seven to 10 business days. They don’t offer white glove delivery or old mattress removal at this time.

How Long Is My Sleep Trial?

You get 365 nights to sleep on the Spindle mattress and decide if it’s a good fit. This is well beyond the industry standard of 100-nights. Spindle recommends that you take at least 30–60 days to get the feel of the mattress. They say that 85% of their customers are happy with the firmness that they ordered, while 13–14% request a softer or firmer latex layer—at no extra cost.

How Long Is My Warranty?

The Spindle mattress warranty lasts for 10 years from your date of purchase. Spindle will repair or replace your mattress at their discretion. Any new materials are shipped to you for free. Make sure you keep your original proof of purchase and don’t remove the law tags. 

You can also take advantage of Spindle’s 25 Year Comfort Life program. During the first 25 years that you own your Spindle, you can buy a new latex layer at a 30% discount.

Spindle Customer Service

Spindle’s customer service team is friendly, down-to-earth, and very knowledgeable about their product. The best way to get your questions answered is to call 978-263-3807 Monday – Friday 9AM-4:00PM EST. You can also email support@spindlemattress.com, and they’ll try to respond within 24 hours, unless it’s the weekend. They’re also willing to schedule a time to talk if you aren’t available during their business hours.

Can I Return the Mattress?

During the trial period, you can return your mattress for a full refund. Spindle asks only that you cut all identifying labels from the mattress and send them to Spindle with proof that you’ve donated the mattress.

Who Should Buy Spindle?

The Spindle mattress is an ideal choice for those who favor the contouring, bouncy feel of latex—particularly those who want a latex mattress that sleeps cool. It’s also an appealing choice for shoppers looking for an all-natural, eco-friendly mattress. 

The Spindle may not offer enough support for those with heavier body types. Heavier sleepers who want a latex bed will get adequate support on the Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid mattress. Also, those who prefer the slow sink of memory foam mattresses will find a better fit with the Amerisleep AS3.

How Spindle Compares

Spindle is the only mattress we’ve reviewed with three adjustable latex layers. Several other eco-friendly brands combine latex with wool and organic cotton. These include

  • The dual-sided ZenHaven mattress, which has better pressure relief and motion isolation than the Spindle, but costs more.
  • The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress, which provides better pressure relief, but costs more.
  • The Pure Green mattress by Sleep On, which offers better pressure relief and motion isolation, and is more affordable

Spindle Mattress FAQs


Does Spindle sell a hybrid mattress?


Not at this time.


Can I cancel my order?


Yes, as long as the mattress components have not been unwrapped. Spindle will send you return shipping labels.


Are buying details the same when I purchase through a retailer like Wayfair, Amazon, etc.?


The sleep trial, return policy, and 25 Year Comfort Life program only apply when you buy directly from Spindle.

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