SweetNight Twilight Mattress Review

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SweetNight Twilight Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: May 2023

✔️Customer Rating: 4.8/5
✔️Mattress Advisor Score: 8.3/10
✔️Type: Hybrid
✔️Firmness: Medium-Firm
✔️Free Shipping & Returns
✔️100-Night Sleep Trial
✔️10-Year Warranty

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Our overview: The SweetNight Twilight mattress has a medium-firm feel thanks to a combined pillow top and coil spring construction. This mattress should work best for couples, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. You get the regular 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial at a great, affordable price.

Who Is the Twilight Mattress Best for?

Twilight is best for:

Twilight may not be best for:

  • People who sleep near the edge of the mattress
  • Budget shoppers
  • Couples and people who sleep with their pets
  • Sleepers who prefer a firmer feel
  • Side sleepers
  • People who sleep warm
  • Those who suffer with back pain

SweetNight Twilight Mattress Highlights

The Twilight mattress by SweetNight is their medium-firm hybrid option. This pillow top mattress claims to offer great back support and many night’s of comfortable sleep. In this review, we’ll break down what’s great and not great about the Twilight mattress, FAQs, and how well it scored in our lab tests.

The best parts:

  • The Twilight mattress received a nearly perfect score for motion transfer, meaning it’s a good option for couples and co-sleepers.
  • The mattress did receive a perfect 10 out of 10 for edge support. As you sit on the bed to get ready in the morning or comfortably sleep there, you should feel completely supported.
  • The reasonable price tag of the Twilight bed is great for those looking for a hybrid mattress on a budget.

Twilight Mattress Testing Performance

We got to try out the SweetNight Twilight in our mattress lab. There, we put the mattress through 14 different tests and evaluations to let you know who this bed works best for and how easy the buying process is. Check out our review process for more information.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 9
Trial Period 9
Return Policy 9
Warranty 9
Set-Up 8
Motion Transfer 9.5
Edge Support 10
Pressure Relief 6.5
Spine Alignment 8
Responsiveness 8.25
Cooling 8
Durability 8.5
Customer Service 7
Social Impact 3
Total Score for the Twilight Mattress: 8.3/10

The Pros and Cons


  • Spinal Alignment: If you are a side sleeper with back pain, having a straight spine while you sleep could be the difference between waking up achy and pain-free. The Twilight mattress allows your shoulders to sink in just enough to align with your hips.
  • Responsiveness: The springs are very prominent in the SweetNight Twilight, meaning there is increased bounce and responsiveness, great for those who toss and turn.
  • Price: The Twilight mattress is a very affordable pillow top mattress. You can even get a queen size mattress for under $500.


  • Size Options: SweetNight only offers this mattress in full, queen, and king sizes. However, you do get the choice between a 10” thickness and a 12” thickness.
  • Pressure Point Relief: When we had our testers lie on the heat map, we noticed high pressure in those sensitive areas, especially on the side. This can cause hip and shoulder pain over time.

Edge Support

With a 10/10 score in edge support, you can probably guess how well it went, but we’ll give you the run down anyway. You use your mattress’s edge support everyday without even noticing. If you sit on the edge of the bed to get ready in the morning or when you get ready for bed, you’ll notice when a mattress is lacking in edge support.

We tested the edge support on the Twilight mattress by sitting there and tying our shoes.

You can see the solid support around me as I sit; it was as supportive as a chair. When I lay on near the edge of the mattress, it might as well have been the center or the mattress—it was equally as supportive.


We expect most spring mattresses to be cooling because of the massive airflow system the springs create. However, we found the Twilight mattress to have average cooling capacity. The foam layers on top of the innerspring system traps the heat before it reaches the innersprings. Even though that foam is gel, we still didn’t feel cool as we touched, sat on, and lay on the mattress.

Motion Transfer

Another area the Twilight mattress performed well in was motion isolation. We tested this performance area using both people and red wine—yum!

In our human test, we took turns lying on the bed wearing a sleep mask while the other person moved around on the mattress. The blindfolded tester rates on a scale from 1-10 how much motion isolation they felt (or didn’t feel, in this instance). We then switched and averaged our scores together.

In our wine test, a glass of wine replaced the blindfolded tester. We see how much the liquid in the glass moves to gauge how much motion is being transferred. In the video, you can see that the wine barely moves as I roll around. This means the Twilight mattress is a good option for people who sleep with a partner.


The firmness level of the SweetNight Twilight mattress is a 6.5 out of 10. This place on the firmness scale means the mattress is on the firm side of medium-firm. As we lay on the mattress, we would actually say the feel is more of a firm 7.5/10.

A firm mattress works better for back sleepers and stomach sleepers than it does for side sleepers because it is better for pressure relief and alignment.

Will It Match Your Sleep Type?

The SweetNight Twilight mattress works best for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers.

Cooling Factors

This bed has many cooling factors, including a gel memory foam layer, an open-cell foam layer for breathability, and an innerspring system for airflow. However, all of these foam layers stack on top of the breathable spring layer, keeping you a bit cooler.

We’d say this mattress has an average cooling ability but isn’t one of the best mattresses for hot sleepers.

Weight Limit

The Twilight mattress can support up to 551 lbs of body weight. This is enough to support most types of sleepers, but we recommend that heavier people look for another innerspring mattress that can support more weight.

Foundation and Bed Frame Compatibility

SweetNight made the Twilight mattress with the flexibility that they can fit on most foundations. You don’t even have to worry about using a box spring if you don’t want to buy one! This includes slatted platforms and adjustable beds.

Twilight Mattress Materials

SweetNight Twilight offers firm support through its 4 layer construction. See how each layer contributes to the feel of the mattress:

inside sweetnight twilight
  1. Gel Memory Foam: The top layer of the mattress is a gel memory foam layer used to dissipate body heat.
  2. Partition Design: A layer of comfort foam that uses zoned technology to provide airflow.
  3. High-Density Support Foam: This high-density foam adds support and keeps your mattress from sagging.
  4. Pocketed Coils: A layer of steel coils are individually wrapped to keep motion transfer at bay and add extra support.

Twilight Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing


Dimensions Weight



54” x 74” x 10” 66.22 lbs.



60” x 80” x 10” 85.8 lbs.



76” x 80” x 10” 108.24 lbs.



54” x 74” x 12” 70.4 lbs.



60” x 80” x 12” 88.22 lbs.



76” x 80” x 12” 114.84 lbs.


*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Twilight mattress.

Ease of Setup

In comparison to other bed-in-a-box mattresses we’ve set up, the Twilight mattress comes in a shorter, fatter box. It took us about two and a half minutes to completely set up the mattress, which is pretty long for us. It took longer because the mattress was heavy. On the bright side, there was a very slight off-gassing smell, and it went away quickly.

Buying from SweetNight

Policy Details
Delivery Ships free; arrives in 2-6 business days
Trial Period 100 nights
Warranty 10 years
Return Policy Free returns during trial period


Because SweetNight ships from within the United States, your mattress will arrive within 2-6 business days. Once shipped, SweetNight will send you an email with your tracking information, so you can see where your mattress is in every stage before it gets to you. Unfortunately, SweetNight does not offer white glove delivery and mattress removal services.

Sleep Trial

The best thing about ordering a mattress online? Your sleep trial period. SweetNight offers the standard 100 nights to sleep on your new mattress. During this time you can decide to keep your new bed or return it for a full refund.

We recommend you give your mattress at least 30 nights before you return it, so you can fully break in your bed.


SweetNight gives you a 10-year limited warranty when you purchase the Twilight mattress. This warranty covers any defect in the material resulting from workmanship errors, any body impressions deeper than an inch and a half, and any physical flaws in the mattress resulting from normal use.

Make sure to register your mattress through SweetNight’s online warranty registration on the website.

Customer Service

You can reach SweetNight customer service team via online chat, calling (857) 305 6091, or leaving a message on their website. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m, but the chat runs 24 hours a day.

Return Policy

To return the Twilight mattress, make sure the bed is in good condition, send over an email stating your reason for returning your mattress along with proof of purchase, and customer service will take it from there. After your return, you should receive a full refund from SweetNight.

Reasons to Buy/Not Buy the Twilight

Have you decided whether or not the SweetNight Twilight is the best mattress for you? We think you’ll love it if you are a back or stomach sleeper, you enjoy sleeping on top of the mattress rather than inside, you’re shopping on a budget, or you’re looking for a bed with great edge support. For those looking for a hybrid that comes in a twin model, consider SweetNight’s Dreamy Hybrid, which comes in more sizes and thickness options.

Now, this may not be the best bed for you if you’re looking for a mattress with multiple size options, you’re a side sleeper, or if you want to sink into your mattress. If this sounds like you, we recommend trying out the Brooklyn Aurora: it has various options in both size and firmness.

Compare Twilight

Let’s see how the Twilight mattress measures up to other beds on the market.

We’d compare this mattress to budget hybrid mattresses such as Zinus Hybrid, Simmons Hybrid, the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid. The Zinus Hybrid is thicker than the Twilight, but the Twilight is better at edge support. The Simmons Hybrid has slightly better responsiveness while the Twilight is better at motion isolation.

We have also tested the SweetNight Breeze mattress in our lab. This is a softer, memory foam mattress that offers great pressure relief. For more info, read our SweetNight Breeze mattress review.

SweetNight Twilight FAQs


When can I use my new mattress?


SweetNight recommends you wait at least 6 hours before you sleep on your new bed, and we second this, especially since it took a few hours for the pillow top to puff up.


Is the Twilight mattress eco-friendly?


The SweetNight Twilight mattress is made using CertiPUR-US Certified foam. This means it is made without ozone depleters, harmful flame retardants, and other toxic chemicals. This bed is also dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic.


What other mattresses does SweetNight sell?


In addition to the Twilight mattress, SweetNight sells the Dreamy Hybrid mattress and Dreamy S1 (formally known as the Whisper) memory foam mattress.

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