Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Review

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Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: June 2023

✔️Customer Rating: 4.5/5
✔️Mattress Advisor Score: Coming Soon
✔️Type: Memory Foam
✔️Firmness: Soft to Medium-Soft
✔️Free Shipping
✔️90-Day Sleep Trial
✔️10-Year Warranty

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The bottom line: The Tempur-Cloud Supreme is one of Tempur’s softest mattresses. When you lie on this plush memory foam mattress, expect a deep, contouring hug that eliminates pain at pressure points. It’s a great choice for side sleepers who enjoy the feel of sleeping “in” their mattress. 

Who Is the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Best for?

Tempur-Cloud Supreme is best for: Tempur-Cloud Supreme may not be best for:
  • Side sleepers
  • Lightweight sleepers
  • Those who like the hugging feel of memory foam
  • Couples who share the bed
  • Sleepers with hip or shoulder pain
  • Stomach and back sleepers
  • Combination sleepers
  • Those who prefer sleeping “on” a mattress
  • Plus-size sleepers

Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Review Highlights

The Tempur-Cloud Supreme mattress offers the classic memory foam feel that Tempur-Pedic is known for. With extra-soft Tempur foam along the top layer, the Cloud Supreme provides a luxuriously plush sleeping experience. In this review, we’ll outline everything you need to know to decide if the Tempur-Cloud Supreme is the right mattress for you.

What we love about the Tempur-Cloud Supreme:

  • Tempur-Pedic memory foam is incredible at relieving pressure from areas like the hips and shoulders.
  • Thanks to an ultra-soft comfort layer, lightweight side sleepers are able to comfortably sink into the mattress for plush comfort. 
  • The Tempur-Pedic memory foam creates a classic memory foam feel where you sink into the mattress. For those who like to be cradled by their mattress, the Tempur-Cloud is an excellent option. 
  • There’s nearly zero motion transfer on the Tempur-Cloud. If you wake up when your partner gets in or out of bed, the Tempur-Cloud can solve your problems.

Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Review

Tempur-Pedic is an innovator in the memory foam mattress space. Their Tempur-Cloud Supreme mattress is created for those who need extra cushion and enjoy the deep contouring of conventional memory foam

Thanks to 11.5” of premium foam, the Cloud Supreme strikes a wonderful balance between support and comfort. The upper layer is made using extra-soft foam that truly hugs the curves. This plush surface is ideal for lightweight side sleepers who find most mattresses too firm to give at their hips and shoulders. With layers of slow response contouring foam, the Tempur-Cloud Supreme provides the support needed to keep the body properly aligned. 

Read on to learn more about the makeup of this mattress and who should, and shouldn’t, consider buying it. 

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Tempur-Cloud Supreme Performance Highlights

✅ Pros

  • Pressure relief: The Tempur-Cloud Supreme is one of the best mattresses for dissipating pressure at areas like the hips and shoulders. The comfort layer is incredibly plush, allowing these areas to melt in for an almost weightless feel. 
  • Motion isolation: Tempur-Pedic foam is some of the best when it comes to dampening motion. This property makes the Tempur-Cloud Supreme a solid option for couples who are easily woken up by one another’s movements. 
  • Great for lightweight sleepers: Few mattresses have a soft enough comfort layer to allow lightweight sleepers to sink in. The Cloud Supreme’s surface is marshmallowy and cloud-like, soft enough for the lightest sleepers. 
  • Plush and supportive: Even those who prefer an ultra-soft mattress still need support to keep their body aligned. The Tempur-Cloud Supreme’s soft foam combined with slow-response contouring foam strikes the right balance between give and support for most side sleepers

❌ Cons

  • The Cloud Supreme deeply hugs the body. If you’re someone who prefers to sleep “in” rather than “on” a mattress, this is not the right bed for you.
  • The deep contouring of the Cloud Supreme makes it hard to switch positions. If you’re a combination sleeper or someone who repositions a lot at night, you might find yourself waking up often.
  • This mattress performs acceptably when it comes to temperature neutrality, but some customers have found it to feel too hot. If you’re someone who struggles with night sweats or who lives in a warm climate, you might want to look at one of Tempur’s cooling mattresses, such as the Tempur-Pedic PRObreeze.
  • It’s expensive. Check out some cheaper Tempur-Pedic alternatives if the price point steers you away.

More Testing Results

Learn more about the Cloud Supreme specifications, such as how firm it is and what it’s made from. 

How Firm is the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress?

The Tempur-Cloud Supreme registers around a 4 on the 1-10 firmness scale, making it a soft to medium-soft mattress. Thanks to supportive memory foam, it’s soft while still providing ample support for the hips and spine.

What Sleeping Position Does the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Support?

The Tempur-Cloud Supreme mattress is best for one group of sleepers: side sleepers. It is consistently one of our top rated mattresses for side sleepers. The cloud-like comfort layer allows areas like the hips and shoulders to gently sink in. This level of give is too much for those who sleep on their backs or stomachs. And because the upper foam layer responds slowly to movements, it’s not ideal for combination sleepers who reposition often.

For better recommendations on those sleeping positions, check out our guides below.

Does the TempurPedic Cloud Supreme Mattress Sleep Hot?

The Tempur-Cloud Supreme mattress falls around average when it comes to temperature neutrality and foam beds. While it does have cooling innovations built into it, some customers complain about heat retention. For a similar feel and greater cooling potential, check out the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze 2.0 or the newer PRObreeze of LUXEbreeze TempurPedic mattresses, or head over to our best cooling mattress guide for more recommendations from other mattress brands.

How Much Weight Does the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Support?

Tempur-Pedic mattresses do not have set weight limits as they do not do weight testing. Because the Tempur-Cloud has soft comfort layers, it’s best for light to average sleepers as heavy sleepers can find the sinking sensation excessive. Sleepers around 230 pounds and less should feel supported on this mattress. 

What Foundations or Bed Frames Can be Used with Tempur-Cloud Supreme?

All Tempur mattresses are designed to work with either a firm foundation or adjustable base. Acceptable surfaces include:

  • Metal or wood slatted bases with slats 3” or less apart
  • Adjustable bases
  • Platform beds

You should not pair your Tempur mattress with a box spring. These yield excess give and can void the warranty. 

While you can have your mattress directly on the floor, it’s best to use a foundation that allows air circulation. Moisture can become trapped between the mattress and the floor, causing damage to the mattress that can void the warranty. Plus, it might create mold growth.

What is the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Made of?

The Tempur-Cloud Supreme is an all-foam mattress made using proprietary Tempur-Pedic technology. The layers work together to create a medium-soft feel with just the right amount of cushion and support.

inside tempurcloud
  1. Breathable Cover: The polyester and spandex cover is stretchy, soft, and cool to the touch. Thanks to Tempur’s SmartClimate System, the two-layer cover wicks away moisture and facilitates airflow. 
  2. Comfort Layer: Tempur’s proprietary foam, Tempur-ES, is a slow response memory foam that’s wonderfully plush. Even the lightest sleeper will gently sink into the top layer as pressure dissipates from areas like the hips and shoulders. This layer is to thank for the deep, sinking contouring that Tempur-Pedic is well-known for. 
  3. Transition layer: Innovative memory foam makes up the Cloud Supreme’s transition layer, cushioning the body with a supportive embrace. It’s somewhat firm, supporting optimal spine alignment by not allowing the body to sink in too far. 
  4. Base Layer: 4” of high density polyfoam makes up the supportive and durable base layer. The stability of this layer ensures great support, even along the edges. It’s also designed to dissipate heat away from the mattress for a cool night’s sleep.

Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

Size Dimensions Weight Price*
Twin XL 38” x 80” 75 lbs. $2,049
Full 53” x 74” 90 lbs.  $2,374
Queen 60” x 80” 100 lbs.  $2,524
King 76” x 80” 150 lbs. $3,199
California King 72” x 84” 150 lbs. $3,199

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Tempur-Cloud Supreme mattress.

Purchasing Information



Delivery Free white glove delivery (when purchased through Tempur-Pedic’s website)
Trial Period 90 days
Warranty 10-year warranty
Return Policy Free returns (minus shipping fee) on regular-priced items; no returns on closeout items
Financing Available through Wells Fargo with the Tempur-Pedic credit card


Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Shipping and Delivery

When you purchase a mattress directly from Tempur-Pedic, shipping is free and it will arrive in 1-2 weeks. They offer free white glove delivery and mattress and box spring removal with every mattress purchase. This means your new mattress will be carried to where you want it and set up, leaving you to relax. 

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are also sold through third-party retailers and on Amazon. The shipping time, fees, and delivery vary depending on where you purchase your mattress. Contact your retailer to find out what to expect.  

Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Sleep Trial

Tempur-Pedic offers a 90 night trial period that starts on the day you receive your new mattress

They ask that you try out the mattress for at least 30 days before returning it. All mattresses have a break-in period, but this period is even more important with an all-foam bed. The memory foam can take weeks of pressure before it softens to its final feel. Additionally, your body will take time to adjust to a new bed. 

If you decide to return your mattress after 30 days but before 90 days, contact Tempur-Pedic to initiate the return.  

Note: Tempur-Pedic does not offer returns on clearance models purchased through their sales site. If you’re buying a discount Tempur-Pedic mattress, be sure to check with a customer service representative to see if they offer a trial period. 

Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Warranty

Every Tempur mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship. To learn more about the Tempur-Pedic warranty, check our Tempur-Pedic warranty page

Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Customer Service

You can speak with a Tempur-Pedic representative by calling them at 1-888-811-5053 or using the live chat feature at tempurpedic.com. Their hours are:

  • Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 9 PM EST
  • Saturday: 9 AM – 6 PM EST
  • Sunday: 9 AM – 6 PM EST

When we’ve reached out to their customer service, they have been prompt, polite, and knowledgeable. Here’s what their customers have to say:

  • “I want to add kudos for the great customer service we received so far. Quick shipping, professional and friendly installers, great call center help, what else can I say?” -John & Jen
  • “We had to replace our 5-year old Tempurpedic due to an issue with the mattress. I notified the folks at Tempurpedic and provided them with the required information and photos. They were fantastic!!!” -Dan and Nashua

Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress Return Policy

When you buy a mattress directly from Tempur-Pedic, you must sleep on it for 30 nights before you can return your mattress. The reason for this initial period is that it takes time for their memory foam to break in

You must contact Tempur-Pedic before 90 days after you receive your mattress to qualify for a return. They offer a full refund, minus shipping costs.  

Note: When you buy a clearance or discontinued mattress through Tempur-Pedic, you may not qualify for a return. Check with a customer service representative before you buy if you may want to return your mattress.  

Finding the right mattress can improve not only your nights but also your days.

Compare Tempur-Cloud to Other Mattresses

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Other Products Sold by Tempur-Pedic

tempur proadapt firm e1587135495313

Mattress Collections

  • Tempur-Adapt: The Tempur-Adapt is an all-foam mattress with a medium feel. Its comfort layer responds to heat and cradles your every curve. It’s the least expensive Tempur mattress. 
  • Tempur-ProAdapt: The Tempur-ProAdapt comes in three firmness options: soft, medium, and firm. Each mattress has the well-known Tempur feel, but you will not sink in so much on the firm mattress. In comparison to the Tempur-Adapt, the ProAdapt has an added layer of convoluted polyfoam in the soft and medium options for added pressure relief
  • Tempur-LuxeAdapt: Along the sleeping surface of the LuxeAdapt is the revolutionary Tempur-ES memory foam. This foam is designed to closely conform to the body, fitting it like a glove. With foam layers that measure 13” deep, the LuxeAdapt is a good fit for those who need extra cushion or support. It comes in a soft or firm feel. 
  • Tempur-Breeze: The Tempur-Breeze is the most recent cooling Tempur-Pedic mattress. It has replaced the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze 2.0, with new innovative cooling technology. The PROBreeze facilitates a 3 degree cooler sleeping experience and the LUXEBreeze 8 degrees cooler.
tempur ergo power base

Adjustable Bases

tempur pro foam gel pillow


Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress FAQs


Why can’t I find the Tempur-Cloud Supreme on Tempur-Pedic’s website?


The Tempur-Cloud Supreme has been discontinued. Check out the Tempur-Breeze for the newest cooling Tempur mattress. You can still find the Tempur-Cloud Supreme on sites like Amazon.


Can I flip my Tempur-Cloud Supreme mattress?


No, the Cloud mattress is layered for optimal support and comfort. There is one side designed as a sleeping surface and the other for stability and durability. However, you should rotate the mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months to extend the life of your mattress. 


My mattress feels firmer than I expected. Is this normal?


Many consumers have found that the Tempur-Cloud mattress is firmer than expected fresh out of the box. It takes weeks for memory foam to break in and soften. This is why Tempur asks customers to try out a new mattress for a minimum of 30 days before returning it. Over time, your mattress will become softer.