Titan Plus Mattress Review


Titan Plus Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: November 2023

✔️ Customer Rating: 4.7/5
✔️ Mattress Advisor Score: 9.2/10
✔️ Type: Hybrid
✔️ Firmness: Firm
✔️ Free Shipping & Returns
✔️ 120-Night Sleep Trial
✔️ 10-Year Warranty

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What we think: Titan Plus is one of the few mattresses on the market made specifically for plus-size sleepers. It excelled during our in-house testing, earning top marks for spine alignment, responsiveness, durability, and motion transfer. This mattress incorporates customizable cooling technology and a flexible return policy, keeping customers happy!

Who Is the Titan Plus Mattress Best for?

Titan Plus Is Best for:

  • Heavier people: The mattress’s firmness provides unflagging support and good alignment for plus-sized bodies.
  • Hot sleepers: Its hybrid construction and added cooling technology fights night sweats.
  • Firm mattress lovers: The mattress comes in at an 8/10 in firmness.
  • Value shoppers: The Titan Plus is priced well for the quality due to Brooklyn Bedding’s elimination of middleman costs.
  • Combination, back, and stomach sleepers: The mattress’s firmness makes it a good fit for these sleep positions.

Titan Plus Is Not Best for:

  • Lightweight sleepers: The Titan Plus is likely too firm to cushion lightweight sleepers well.
  • Side sleepers: The mattress doesn’t provide sufficient pressure relief to contour to hips and shoulders.
  • Those who want a pillow-top layer: If you like a plush-feeling mattress, this is not the mattress for you.

Titan Plus Mattress Highlights

Best Mattresses for Heavy People - Mattress Advisor

The Titan Plus mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is a durable hybrid mattress and one of the best hybrid mattresses made for plus-sized sleepers. The Titan Plus is also optimized for airflow, since heavy people tend to sleep hot.

We brought Brooklyn Bedding’s Titan Plus into the Mattress Advisor lab to gain a first-hand experience into the bed’s pros and cons. In this review, we’ll share how it performed in our 14-point evaluation, the bed’s details, and what you can expect when you buy a new bed from Brooklyn Bedding.

What makes it stand out:

  • The Titan Plus mattress is designed with the needs of heavier sleepers in mind. Its materials are durable, comfort layers resist body impressions, and heavy duty coils come together for optimal comfort and impressive longevity. In fact, it’s one of the best mattresses for heavy people that we’ve come across! 
  • Brooklyn Bedding offers an optional cooling panel for hot sleepers. As plus-size people often find themselves sleeping hot, this added cooling potential supports a deep, rejuvenating night’s sleep. 
  • The Titan Plus is one of the most durable mattresses you can find. Brooklyn Bedding made sure of this by testing their durability to double the industry standard—and it passed with flying colors!
  • Brooklyn Bedding owns the manufacturing process from start to finish. They make the mattresses right here in the USA and sell them directly to customers. This in-house process means higher quality and better prices when compared to the average bed.

How We Scored the Titan Plus

We test and rate every mattress that comes into our lab on 14 factors that influence the sleeping experience and buying process. Take a look at how the Titan Plus scored!

Learn more about our review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 10
Trial Period 10
Return Policy 10
Warranty 9
Set-Up 8
Motion Transfer 9
Edge Support 7.5
Pressure Relief 7
Spine Alignment 9.5
Responsiveness 9.5
Cooling 8.5
Durability 9
Customer Service 9
Social Impact 9
⭐Total Score for the Titan Plus Mattress: 9.2/10⭐

Best/Worst Highlights

✅ Pros

  • Spine alignment: Our sleep testers experienced nearly perfect spinal alignment when lying on the Titan Plus. This is great news for people with neck or back pain.
  • Responsiveness: If you toss and turn, you need a mattress that facilitates movement. The Titan Plus earned a 9.5/10 for responsiveness, meaning you won’t feel stuck.
  • Motion isolation: Couples who sleep together need a bed that dampens motion for uninterrupted sleep. The Titan Plus performed exceptionally well in our motion transfer tests, so you and your partner can sleep peacefully.
  • Durability: Thanks to high-density foam and strong pocketed coils, the Titan Plus is likely to outlast your average mattress.
  • Cooling: Even without the optional cooling top panel, the Titan Plus sleeps pretty cool. By adding the panel, even the hottest sleepers can find relief.

❌ Cons

  • Pressure relief: Our sleep testers experienced pressure at their hips and shoulders when lying on their sides. This could cause pain at pressure points if you’re a side sleeper.
  • Off-gassing: Be aware that the Titan Plus have a slight odor when you first unbox it. Known as off-gassing, this scent is normal and will fade within a few hours.
  • Extra Cost: You must pay extra for the optional cooling top panel, which is a good idea if you tend to sleep hot.

Spine Alignment

Bigger bodies need a mattress that’s sturdy enough to keep the body from sagging, knocking the spine out of alignment. Yet, there also needs to be sufficient cushion that contours to the spine’s natural curves.

We tested how well the Titan Plus kept our sleep testers’ backs aligned, and the results were impressive. Our testers experienced nearly-perfect spine alignment, making the Titan Plus an excellent mattress for people who have back pain or neck pain.

Pressure Relief

Our sleep testers lay down on the Titan Plus with a pressure-mapping film underneath them. We were looking for areas of high pressure, which tell us that areas like the hips and shoulders may become sore over time.

When lying on their sides, our testers experienced some high pressure zones at their hips and shoulders. However, there weren’t these troublesome zones when lying on their backs. What this test tells us is that the Titan Plus may be best for primarily stomach and back sleepers who only need moderate pressure relief for optimal comfort.

Motion Isolation

In our test of motion isolation, the Titan performed well above average, earning a 9/10. This appears to be due to the resilience of its pocketed coils and memory foam, which create a mattress surface that returns to its original position almost immediately when weight is removed from it. When our tester moved around on one side of the Titan, the other side remained nearly still, suggesting that a restless sleeper on one side of the mattress won’t disrupt their partner on the other side.


The Titan’s pocketed coil system gives it good responsiveness and bounce, so you don’t feel like you’re sinking or stuck in its top foam layers. We noted the mattress has high adaptability—it springs back into shape when you roll around on it. This makes the Titan a good option for combination sleepers or those who tend to toss and turn.

How Firm is the Mattress?

The Titan Plus is a firm mattress, registering at an 8 on the 1-10 firmness scale. The more that you weigh, the softer a mattress feels. This is because the body more easily compresses foam and innerspring layers. This is why most plus-size sleepers do best on a firm bed.

How Titan Supports Different Sleeping Positions

Side sleepers: The Titan Plus isn’t well suited for most side sleepers due to its firmness. Those who sleep on their sides will likely find too much tension building up in their hips and shoulders without enough contouring cushion to alleviate it. Check out our roundup of best mattresses for side sleepers for better options.

Back sleepers: Back sleepers who like a firm mattress will find the Titan Plus does a good job of supporting their sleep position. The mattress earns near-perfect marks for spine alignment, so it’s a good option for sleepers with back pain. Lightweight back sleepers might find that the mattress feels too firm; however, average weight and heavyweight back sleepers should find a restful night of sleep on it.

Stomach sleepers: This is one of the areas in which the Titan Plus shines. The mattress often ranks as one of our best mattresses for stomach sleepers due to its firm support, which prevents hips from sinking in too far to maintain good alignment with your shoulders.

Combination sleepers: If you’re a combination sleeper—and even if you spend part of the night on your side—the Titan Plus might be a good fit for you. Its responsive feel makes it an ideal bed for combination sleepers because it’s easy to switch from one position to the next and get comfy quickly.

Does It Sleep Cool Enough for Hot Sleepers?

We love the Titan Plus mattress for hot sleepers—and heavy sleepers are often included in this category. Not only does the Titan Plus have a one-inch layer of gel memory foam designed to keep its sleepers cool, but Brooklyn Bedding also gives customers the option to purchase an additional cooling panel. This panel uses phase-change material to moderate body temperature as you sleep, keeping hot sleepers cool on contact.

Check out our top picks for the best cooling mattresses.

How Much Weight Can It Support?

The Titan Plus mattress can support up to 1,000 pounds, making it a great choice for heavier people. Some lightweight people may also enjoy the Titan Plus, but they would have to be fans of an extra-firm feel: beds tend to feel firmer to lighter people.

Suitable Foundations and Bed Frames

The Titan Plus mattress can be used on most foundations that provide minimal to no flex. This includes box springs, platform beds, adjustable frames, or slatted bed frames. If you need a new foundation, Brooklyn Bedding designs foundations to be compatible with their mattresses.

Mattress Materials and Feel

The Titan Plus mattress incorporates four intentionally engineered layers to create a highly resilient, sag-resistant mattress for plus-size sleepers. Multiple foam layers cushion the body while resilient innerspring coils deliver targeted support.

Titan Mattress Layers
  1. Top Cooling Panel (Optional): Add the optional cooling panel if you’re a hot sleeper. Made of premium Phase Change Molecule (PCM) fabric that regulates body temperature on contact, this add-on will help keep the night sweats at bay. Available for $200–$250.
  2. Quilted Top with Gel Memory Foam: The top layer of the Titan Plus is made of high-resiliency memory foam that’s resistant to body impressions and infused with gel to help keep the surface of the mattress cool. 
  3. TitanFlex™ Foam: Developed and patented by Brooklyn Bedding, TitanFlex foam was created to provide a responsive sleep surface that achieves pressure point relief.
  4. TitanCaliber™ Pocket Coil Core: The core of the Titan Plus is made with up to 961 industrial-grade coils that isolate motion, evenly distribute body weight, and reinforce the entire mattress structure.
  5. High-Density Base Foam: High-density polyfoam reinforces the encased coils while adding durability to the mattress.

Titan Plus Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

Size Dimensions Weight Standard Price* Price w/ Cooling Top
Twin 38” x 75” x 11” 58 lbs.  $699 $899
Twin XL 38” x 80” x 11” 60 lbs. $749 $949
Full 53” x 75” x 11” 85 lbs.  $799 $999
Queen 60” x 80” x 11” 100 lbs.  $999 $1,249
King 76” x 80” x 11” 120 lbs.  $1,249 $1,499
California King 72” x 84” x 11” 120 lbs.  $1,249 $1,499

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Titan Plus mattress, and click here for more Brooklyn Bedding Coupons.

What’s Unboxing Like?

Brooklyn Bedding is a bed-in-a-box mattress company, so expect your new mattress to arrive on your doorstep compressed in a box. To set up the mattress, take this box to its final location, and then remove the bed from its packaging on its foundation. 

It should only take a couple of minutes to set up, especially if you have a pair of helping hands. We did notice a slight off-gassing odor, but it wasn’t overwhelming and faded within a few hours. While most people will be able to sleep on the mattress the same day that it arrives, it may take a couple of days to fully expand.

Brooklyn Bedding Buying Information

Learn everything you need to know about buying the Titan Plus mattress before you head to the checkout cart.

Policy Details
Delivery Ships free and arrives to your door within 3-4 business days
Trial Period 120 nights
Warranty 10 years
Return Policy Free returns
Financing Available through Affirm

Shipping the Titan Plus

Brooklyn Bedding ships for free within the contiguous USA with a typical shipping time of three to four days.* They also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada for an additional fee. You don’t need to be home to sign for your new bed; it will be left at your doorstep. 

*With COVID-19, shipping times may vary. Contact Brooklyn Bedding for the current estimated shipping times. 

Brooklyn Bedding Sleep Trial

Every Brooklyn Bedding mattress comes with a generous 120-night sleep trial that starts the day you receive your mattress. You have 120 nights to ensure that it’s the right fit. You must wait 30 days before initiating a return to ensure that you’ve given your body time to get used to the bed and for the bed to fully break in. 

Mattress Warranty Overview

The Titan Plus mattress comes with the industry-standard 10-year limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. To submit a claim, simply contact Brooklyn Bedding’s customer service. 

Contacting Customer Service

You can get in touch with a Brooklyn Bedding team member any day of the week. They’re open from 7am–7pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday-Sunday. Here’s their contact information.

  • Phone at 1-888-210-8751
  • Live chat at brooklynbedding.com 
  • Email using their contact us form

When purchasing and testing the Titan Plus mattress, we contacted BB with a variety of questions using their live chat feature. We received prompt, polite, and thorough care every time we reached out. 

To hear what real customers have to say about the Titan Plus, check out these customer reviews.

Return Policy Overview

It’s easy to return a Brooklyn Bedding mattress. After you’ve had the mattress for 30 days, but before the end of the 120-night sleep trial, contact their customer service team. They’ll walk you through next steps and help you find a local charity to come and pick up the mattress. Once it’s been donated, you will shortly see a refund on your original form of payment. 

Reasons to Buy/Not Buy Titan Plus

The Titan Plus is an excellent firm mattress for plus-size people. It earned an almost perfect score in our spine alignment and responsiveness tests, great for people with back pain and anyone who tosses and turns. Another thing that we love about the Titan Plus is that it sleeps cool, and with the additional cooling panel, it’s one of the coolest beds around. 

This bed’s firmness level and high-quality construction make it incredibly durable. Its firm feel is best for back and stomach sleepers who need more support than cushion. Heavy side sleepers may be better suited by a medium-firm mattress, such as the relaxed firm Loom & Leaf mattress.  

Compare Titan Plus

Titan Plus vs Other Mattresses for Plus-Size Sleepers

When comparing the Titan Plus to other beds designed for heavy people, one primary thing stands out: its cost. It costs less than the average plus-size mattress, while still boasting a durable construction. 

Another factor that sets the Titan Plus apart from its competitors is how well it performed at the Mattress Advisor lab. With a composite score of 9.2/10, it’s the highest scoring mattress designed for heavy people that we’ve tested. 

Titan Plus vs Other Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses

Brooklyn Bedding crafts many hybrid and foam mattresses. Here’s how the Titan Plus compares to each. 

  • Titan Plus vs Aurora: The Aurora is a luxury hybrid with a higher price point than the Titan Plus. While the Titan Plus has a firm feel and is designed for heavier people, the Aurora comes in three firmnesses and is designed for light or average weight people. Every one of the Aurora beds is less firm than the Titan Plus, making it better for most side sleepers and those who prefer a plush feel. Read our Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review
  • Titan Plus vs Signature Hybrid: The Signature Hybrid and Titan Plus are both hybrids with similar price points. The Signature comes in three firmness levels, with the plush and medium softer than the Titan Plus and the firm with a similar firmness. The Signature offers superior pressure relief, great for side sleepers, while the Titan Plus model’s ability to support the spine makes it better for most stomach sleepers. Both work well for plus-size sleepers. Read our Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review.
  • Titan Plus vs Sedona: The Sedona is the most opulent Brooklyn Bedding mattress, whose medium feel is much softer than that of the Titan Plus. The Sedona has generous layers of memory foam atop innersprings, delivering a plush, hugging sensation. This is very different from the firm polyfoam and sturdy springs found in the Titan Plus. Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Sedona mattress review.
  • Titan Plus vs Spartan: Both mattresses are hybrid beds, but the Titan Plus is designed for heavy people and the Spartan for athletes. The Titan Plus is firm, while the Spartan comes in plush, medium, or firm. The Spartan has thicker comfort layers that deliver superior pressure relief, while the spine alignment of Titan Plus is better for people with back pain. Read our Spartan Mattress Review
  • Titan Plus vs Bloom: The Bloom is an eco-friendly hybrid mattress with a medium firmness level. Its cotton, wool, and latex comfort layers deliver a plush feel and buoyant support, while the high-density polyfoam and innerspring coils of the Titan Plus provide firm support. Read our Bloom Hybrid Mattress Review
  • Titan Plus vs Bowery Hybrid: The Bowery hybrid is BB’s most affordable hybrid bed, with a price tag lower than the Titan Plus. Its medium firmness level and superior cushion are better for side sleepers and anyone who likes a balanced plush feel. The high-density foams and sturdier coils of the Titan Plus make it superior for heavy sleepers and anyone who likes a firm feel. Read our Bowery Hybrid Mattress Review.
  • Titan Plus vs Plank Firm: The Plank Firm and Titan Plus are both firm mattresses great for plus-size sleepers, but their feel and construction are very different. The Plank Firm is a dual-sided all-foam mattress with one firm side and one extra firm side. The firmness of the Titan Plus falls right in the middle of the two sides of the Plank Firm. Expect better pressure point relief on the all-foam Plank Firm and superior spinal support on the Titan Plus. Read our Plank Firm Mattress Review.
Finding the right mattress can improve not only your nights but also your days.

Compare Titan Plus to Other Mattresses

Interested to see how Titan Plus compares to other mattresses? Click here to check out our comparison tool.

Other Products Sold by Brooklyn Bedding


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Talalay Latex Pillow Inside

Titan Plus Mattress Mattress FAQs

Titan Plus Mattress FAQs


How long can my Titan Plus mattress stay in the box?


You should unbox the Titan Plus within three weeks of delivery.


Are there any Brooklyn Bedding discounts for military personnel?


Yes! Brooklyn Bedding has discounts for military, first responders, educators, students, and medical professionals.


Should I opt for the cooling panel or Talalay latex mattress topper for a cooler sleeping experience?


Brooklyn Bedding suggests adding either the cooling panel or latex topper for the coolest night’s sleep. The cooling panel won’t change the mattress firmness, but the latex topper will make the bed softer. Instead of a firm firmness level, expect a medium-firm feel.

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