Titan mattress in bedroom

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Titan Mattress Review

We’ve tested, compared, and rated over 75 hybrid mattresses. Read our review to see why Titan makes a great option for plus size sleepers that sleep hot.

Customer Rating: 4.5/5
Mattress Advisor Score:       9.2/10

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The Titan mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is a durable hybrid mattress made especially for plus-sized sleepers to support heavier weights. The Titan is also optimized for airflow, since heavy sleepers tend to also sleep hot.

In this review, we’ll walk you through all the important details on the Titan mattress, including how it scored in our proprietary Mattress Advisor test. Keep reading to learn why the Titan is one of our highest-rated mattresses on Mattress Advisor!

Titan Mattress Highlights

  • The Titan mattress by Brooklyn Bedding uses its unique hybrid design to give heavy sleepers great rest night after night. The Titan has an extra lift and is more durable than the average mattress, ensuring its long life.
  • It’s a great mattress for heavy sleepers.
  • Brooklyn Bedding owns the manufacturing process from start to finish. They make the mattresses right here in the USA and sell them directly to customers.

Titan Mattress Review

Titan mattress in bedroom

What Makes the Titan so Great?

Titan is one of the few mattresses on the market made specifically for plus-size sleepers. This mattress incorporates customizable cooling technology and a flexible return policy for high customer satisfaction.

Made Specially for Plus-Sized Sleepers

Average mattresses are typically only made to hold up to 300 pounds, which makes mattress buying for plus-sized sleepers limiting. When heavy sleepers own a regular mattress it tends to sag quickly and lose edge support, shortening the life of the mattress. The Titan is specifically made to hold up to 1,110 pounds, resist body impressions, and support plus-size sleepers in the way they deserve.

Cooling Technology

Heavy sleepers are often hot sleepers. Not only does the Titan have a one-inch layer of gel memory foam designed to keep its sleepers cool, but Brooklyn Bedding also offers customers the option to purchase an additional cooling top special that uses phase change molecule fabric to moderate body temperature as you sleep, keeping hot sleepers cool on contact.

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What to Watch Out For

  • Compressed-packed mattresses do have a slight variance in size due to packaging. This discrepancy can be about 1” to 1.5” more narrow.
  • Be aware that your Titan mattress may have a mild scent when you unbox it – this is normal and should go away within a few hours.
  • It may take up to 30 nights to get used to sleeping on your Titan mattress – particularly if your previous mattress was a traditional innerspring mattress.

Mattress Advisor Score for the Titan Mattress

Check out the table below to see how the Titan scored in each of our tests and evaluations. We rate each metric on a scale of one to 10 and calculate a combined weighted total to reach our final score.

You can learn more about our review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 10
Trial Period 10
Return Policy 10
Warranty 9
Set-Up 8
Motion Transfer 9
Edge Support 7.5
Pressure Relief 7
Spine Alignment 9.5
Responsiveness 9.5
Cooling 8.5
Durability 9
Customer Service 9
Social Impact 9
⭐Total Score for the Titan Mattress: 9.2/10⭐

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what actual customers think about their Titan mattress. You could be as happy (and well-rested) as them!

Very little to no transfer movement and me and my partner are both on the heavy side. I feel like I’m not waking up near as much as I was with my old mattress.” – Katrina P.

“This bed is absolutely awesome. It’s firm, it’s comfy and it feels durable and sturdy yet it’s plush. My husband and I are both bigger (think 300lbs) and I don’t feel him move and can sit on the edges without fear of ruining the mattress.” – Sarah M.

This bed is clearly made for big people. It provides great support and is soft enough for a very comfortable sleep. Ever since sleeping on this bed, my lower back problems have gone away. I also am getting more deep and restful sleep. I was worried that the bed would insulate too much heat (I am a very hot sleeper) because of past experiences I have had with foam toppers. I am very happy to say that with the cooling top, this bed maintains a very comfortable temperature. I am also happy that this bed is made in the USA.” – Bradley A.

Product Information

Now we’ll go into all the nitty gritty details you should know about the Titan mattress.




100 lbs.


11 inches



American Craftmanship

Made in the USA

What’s Inside the Titan Mattress?

The Titan hybrid mattress incorporates five intentionally engineered layers to create a highly resilient, sag-resistant mattress for plus-size sleepers.

  • Top Cooling Panel (Optional): Opt-in for the Titan mattress cooling topper if you are a hot sleeper. Made of premium Phase Change Molecule (PCM) fabric that regulates body temperature on contact, this add-on will help keep the night sweats at bay. Available for a $200 upcharge.
  • 1” Quilted Top with Gel Memory Foam: The top layer of the Titan is made of high-resiliency memory foam that’s resistant to body impressions and infused with gel to help keep the surface of the mattress cool. 
  • 2” TitanFlex™ Foam: Developed and patented by Brooklyn Bedding, TitanFlex™ Foam was created to provide a responsive sleep surface that targets and provides pressure point relief.
  • 6” TitanCaliber™ Pocket Coil Core: The core of the Titan is made with 1,024 industrial-grade coils that isolate motion, evenly distribute body weight, and reinforce the entire mattress structure.
  • 2” High-Density Base Foam: Reinforces the encased coils while adding durability to the mattress.

Compatible Foundations

The Titan mattress can be used on most foundations that provide minimal to no flex. This includes box springs, platform beds, or slatted bed frames. If you need a new foundation, Brooklyn Bedding makes foundations specifically made to be compatible with their mattresses.

Box Spring
Platform Base
Slatted Foundation
Bunkie Board W/ Boxspring

Purchasing Information

Learn everything you need to know about buying the Titan mattress before you head to the checkout cart.

Purchase Experience

Policy Details
Delivery Compressed and rolled in-a-box; delivered in 4-8 business days
Trial Period 100 nights
Warranty 10-year limited warranty
Return Policy Free returns
Financing Available through Klarna (As low as $84/month)

Sizes and Pricing

Size Dimensions Weight Standard Price* Price w/ Cooling Top
Twin 39″ x 74″ 58 lbs. $699 $899
Twin XL 39” x 80” 60 lbs. $749 $949
Full 54″ x 75″ 85 lbs. $799 $999
Queen 60” x 80” 100 lbs. $999 $1,249
King 76” x 80” 120 lbs. $1,249 $1,499
Cal King 72” x 84” 120 lbs. $1,249 $1,499

*Prices listed are standard without sales or Mattress Advisor exclusive discounts. Check price using the button below for the best deals on the Titan mattress.

Sheets by a Window

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Titan Mattress Mattress FAQs

How much weight can the Titan support?

The Titan can support up to 1,110 pounds.

How does the 120-night trial work?

From the day that your Titan mattress is delivered, you will have 120 nights to decide if the mattress is right for you. Brooklyn Bedding does recommend that you sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights before initiating a return. If you decide to return the mattress, you’ll simply contact Brooklyn Bedding’s customer support team and they will walk you through the return process. A Brooklyn Bedding representative will arrange for your mattress to be picked up from your home and donated to a local charity in need.

How long will it take for the Titan mattress to be delivered?

The Titan mattress ships free and will arrive at your door in 4-8 business days.

Can I finance my Titan mattress?

Financing for the Titan mattress is available through Klarna. If you pay in full within 12 months no interest will be charged. However, from that point forward, interest will be charged from the purchase posting date at 19.99% APR.

How long can my Titan mattress stay in the box?

Brooklyn Bedding recommends you keep your Titan mattress in the box no longer than three weeks after it arrives at your door.

Does Brooklyn Bedding offer custom sizes?

Yes. To order a custom mattress, contact customer support/sales at support@brooklynbedding.com or call 888.210.8751 for more information. Pricing will vary depending on dimensions and availability.

Is the Titan mattress eco-friendly?

All the foams in the Titan mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning they meet some of the most rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability.

Does the Titan mattress have a break-in period?

Yes, you may need some time to adjust to your new Titan mattress. Particularly if you are used to sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress, your body will need time to get used to the new mattress feel. It can take up to 30 days to fully break in your new mattress.

Can I clean my Titan mattress?

You can spot clean the cover with a mild detergent, gently dabbing the cover instead of rubbing it. Make sure it dries completely before putting sheets back on.

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By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

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