Marpac Yogabed Mattress Review

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Marpac Yogabed Mattress Review

✔️Last updated: January 2023

✔️ Customer Rating: 4.6/5
✔️ Mattress Advisor Score: 8.4/10
✔️ Type: Memory Foam
✔️ Firmness: Mediumfirm
✔️ Free Shipping & Returns
✔️ 101-Night Sleep Trial
✔️ 10-Year Limited Warranty

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In short: The Yogabed is a cooling memory foam mattress that works for every sleeping position. Thanks to impressive motion isolation and sturdy edges, it’s a good mattress for couples. With a budget-friendly price point and free returns, there’s no risk in seeing if the Yogabed is right for you. 

Who Is the Marpac Yogabed Mattress Best for?

Marpac is best for: Marpac may not be best for:
  • Couples and those who co-sleep
  • Hot sleepers
  • Every sleeping position
  • Memory foam aficionados 
  • Plus-size people
  • Innerspring mattress lovers
  • Eco-conscious consumers

Marpac Yogabed Mattress Review Highlights

Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers - Mattress Advisor

The Yogabed by Marpac is a leading bed-in-a-box mattress. We put the Yogabed memory foam mattress to the test at our in-house mattress lab, evaluating and scoring it on 14 factors that encompass performance, funcation, and social impact. Read on to find out if the Yogabed is the mattress for you. 

Why We Love the Yogabed:

  • The Yogabed is a memory foam combo mattress designed to keep you cool and evenly distribute body weight, helping to reduce pain and cradle pressure points.
  • The Yogabed cover can be completely removed and washed in your washing machine.
  • The Yogabed is made in the United States using CertiPUR-US certified foams‒meaning it’s good for you and the environment. 
  • Marpac offers a variety of unique bundles with a mattress purchase—pillows, sound machines, sheets, and other tools for sleep

Video Review  

Take a look at our Yogabed mattress review and see how it performed in our testing. Is it the mattress for you? 

Note: Since testing this mattress, Yogabed was purchased by Marpac. Due to this transfer in ownership, the score for return policy is now a 10 and social mission is now a 4. These changes do not impact Yogabed’s overall score of an 8.4.

Mattress Advisor Lab Performance

Here’s how Marpac’s Yogabed mattress scored in the Mattress Advisor Lab on different tests and evaluations. Pay close attention to the categories that matter most to you, such as motion transfer if you share your bed or spine alignment if you have back pain. You can read our full review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 8
Trial Period 10
Return Policy 10
Warranty 9
Set-Up 9
Motion Transfer 8.4
Edge Support 8.75
Pressure Relief 7.5
Spine Alignment 8
Responsiveness 8.25
Cooling 8.5
Durability 7.5
Customer Service 9
Social Impact 4
⭐Total Score for the Marpac Yogabed Mattress: 8.4/10⭐

What Works and What Doesn’t

✅ Pros

  • Motion Isolation: The Yogabed’s all-foam construction limits motion transfer so you and your bedmate(s) can sleep soundly. 
  • Edge Support: The Yogabed has sturdy edges, great for spreading out or sitting on to get ready in the morning. 
  • Responsiveness: We found it easy to move around on the Yogabed and get comfy, so you won’t feel trapped like you might on some traditional memory foam beds. 
  • Cooling Abilities: The Yogabed is cooler than most memory foam mattresses, helping hot sleepers sleep comfortably. 

❌ Cons

  • Pressure Relief: The Yogabed earned just a 7.5/10 in our pressure relief test, not as high as many other memory foam beds. This may be a problem if you spend most of your time on your sides and have experienced pain at your hips or shoulders. 
  • Social Impact: Outside of donating returned mattresses, Marpac doesn’t do much when it comes to social involvement. 
  • Off-Gassing: As an all-foam mattress, the Yogabed has a slight odor when first unboxed. This scent is normal and will fade within a few days. 

Edge Support

Edge support is one of the performance features of a mattress that’s often overlooked, yet essential for some people to find the best mattress. For instance, couples who share the bed tend to spread out for better sleep, and in doing so, sleep along the mattress’s edges. Others use the edges to put on their shoes or need solid support for safety getting in and out of bed. 

To test the support and comfort of a mattress’s edges, we conduct two tests. In the first, we have our sleep testers take turns sitting along the edge and putting on their shoes. In the next, our testers lie along the edge of the mattress in each sleeping position. 

When we tested the Yogabed for edge support, it performed well in both of our tests. Our testers found the edges sturdy when putting on shoes, and they felt that the perimeter of the mattress was comfortable and secure in every sleep position.  

Pressure Relief

Are you a side sleeper or someone with joint pain? If so, you’ll want to pay close attention to this section. 

Pressure relief is a measure of how well a mattress eases weight off of sensitive areas like the hips and shoulders. For optimal cushion at pressure points, a mattress must redistribute weight from these problem areas to the rest of the body. 

To test the pressure-relieving properties of a mattress, we utilize a pressure mapping film that’s placed between our sleep testers and the mattress. Our sleep testers lie on their sides and back and we examine the pressure distribution. Cooler colors are areas of low pressure while warmer colors are regions of high pressure. In an ideal world, we’d have no red showing up during this test. 

The Yogabed mattress performed well when our sleep testers lay on their backs, as you can see below. However, when our testers were on their sides, there were regions of high pressure at the shoulders. If you’re a side sleeper who’s experienced pain in your shoulders, you may want to look for a mattress that’s earned a higher score in our pressure relief test.


One of the primary benefits of the Yogabed mattress is that it sleeps cool for an all-foam bed. When engineering this mattress, Marpac concentrated on crafting cooling materials. From a mattress cover with fibers designed to keep the sleeping surface cool to breathable foams with gel infusion, the Yogabed has what most hot sleepers need. 

Firmness Level

The Yogabed is a medium-firm mattress, falling at a 6 on the 1-10 firmness scale. This is the preferred mattress firmness of the average sleeper.

Sleeping Position Support

The Yogabed’s medium-firm feel and all-foam construction work well for side, back, and stomach sleepers. It’s firm enough to keep the body aligned when lying on your stomach and back, and it’s soft enough to deliver the cushion that side and back sleepers need for optimal body alignment. 

Cooling Factors

The Yogabed sleeps much cooler than most memory foam mattresses. Its breathable open-cell foam, cooling gel, and temperature-regulating fabric cover create a bed that works well for most hot sleepers. However, it’s not quite as cool as the coolest innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Check out our list of the coolest mattresses for hot sleepers to learn more. 

Weight Support

The Yogabed mattress is built for people who weigh less than 250 pounds. As such, it’s not ideal for plus-size people. For a mattress better-suited for more weight, see what beds made our list for the best mattresses for heavy people

Bed Frame Compatibility 

The Yogabed can be properly supported by any bed frame that’s in good condition and offers reliable support. Box springs, bunkie boards, platform beds, slatted bases, and adjustable bed frames are all excellent options. 

A Look Inside

The Yogabed mattress is a memory foam mattress. Its four layers of foam are designed to support your body by dispersing weight evenly and cushioning pressure points that cause tossing and turning. Let’s take a look at what makes up the Yogabed.

inside yogabed 1
  1. Instant Response YogaFoam (1”): A polyfoam top layer adds softness and pressure relief. This open-cell foam promotes airflow, keeping the sleeping surface cool.  
  2. YogaGel Cooling Memory Foam (2”): A second layer of memory foam hugs the body’s curves for optimal weight distribution. Yogabed claims that their cooling technology delivers seven times greater thermal conductivity than traditional memory foam. 
  3. YogaCore Foam (5”): A high-density polyfoam adds support and durability. With a breathable open-cell construction, this layer is crafted to support temperature neutrality. 
  4. Support Foam (2”): A base layer of high-density foam brings durability and support. 
  5. Mattress Cover: A removable, washable cover helps you keep your new mattress clean. Made with THERMOCOOL® technology, the Yogabed mattress cover is designed to optimize thermoregulation so you don’t get too hot or too cold. 

Marpac Mattress Information

Size Dimensions Weight Price*
Twin 38” x 75” x 10” 60 lbs.  $549
Twin XL 38” x 80” x 10” 60 lbs.  $599
Full 53” x 75” x 10” 70 lbs.  $849
Queen 60” x 80” x 10” 80 lbs.  $999
King 76” x 80” x 10” 100 lbs.  $1,099
Cal King 72” x 84” x 10” 100 lbs.  $1,099

*Prices do not reflect exclusive offers or discounts. Click below to see the best price for the Marpac Yogabed Mattress.

Unboxing the Marpac

The Yogabed comes in a box roughly ¼ of its expanded size, making it simple to carry to the room of your choice. We didn’t have any trouble setting up the Yogabed. With two of us, it was unboxed and ready-to-go in less than two minutes. There was a very slight smell when we first opened the box, but it dissipated quickly.  

Note that the Yogabed may take up to a few days to reach its final size. This is normal for foam mattresses because the foams within can take time to fully expand.

Company Info

Here’s what you can expect when buying your new Yogabed mattress. 

Policy Details
Delivery Free shipping; arrives in 3-16 business days
Trial Period 101-night trial
Warranty 10-year warranty
Return Policy Free returns during trial period
Financing Available through Affirm 

Shipping and Delivery

Yogabed mattresses ship free within the United States. Typically, Marpac ships the mattresses within 5 business days, and FedEx ground shipping takes an additional 2-6 business days. During high order periods, it can take up to 10 business days for a mattress to ship. This means you should expect your new bed in 3-16 business days.  

101-Night Sleep Trial

Every Yogabed mattress comes with a 101-night sleep trial, which is close to the industry-standard 100 nights. What this means is that you have 101 nights from the day you receive your new bed to decide if you want to keep it. 

Marpac doesn’t accept returns for the first 30 days because it takes time to adjust to a new mattress. After 30 days, you can return the mattress for a full refund during the trial period. 

10-Year Warranty

The Yogabed mattress has a 10-year limited warranty that covers defects in materials or workmanship. This includes things like indentations in the surface of greater than 1”, flaws in the foam (such as cracks), and tears in the mattress cover fabric. 

To submit a claim, contact Marpac customer service. 

Marpac Customer Service Team

We only have positive things to say about Marpac customer service. During their business hours, they quickly responded to our questions using the online chat feature. 

They’re open from 8:30am-5:00pm EST Monday to Thursday and 8:30am-12:30pm on Friday. They’re closed on the weekends. Here’s how you can get in touch with them. 

  • Phone: Call 1-800-999-6962.
  • Email: Submit a support request form for a response via email. 
  • Live Chat: Visit and use the chat feature.   

The Marpac Return Policy

You can try the Yogabed mattress in your own home for 101 nights. If you decide the mattress is not for you within the trial period, you can return it for a full refund after 30 nights. A Marpac representative will work with you to find a local charity to pick up the mattress and donate it to those in need. Once the donation is complete, you’ll receive a full refund.  

Is Marpac the Right Choice?

The Yogabed is a high-quality memory foam mattress at a competitive price. With free shipping and returns, you can try the Yogabed risk-free.

Because the Yogabed is a medium-firm mattress that pairs cushion and support, it works for every sleeping position. However, we don’t recommend it for people who weigh over 250 pounds because it’s not designed to deliver the support or duability needed by plus-size sleepers. For a better fit, opt for one of the beds that made our best mattresses for heavy people list.

When we tested this mattress in the Mattress Advisor lab, it earned a score of 8/10 or higher in multiple of our tests that examine function and performance. This includes spine alignment, edge support, responsiveness, motion transfer, and cooling. When taken together, this performance leads to our recommending the Yogabed to couples, sleepers who toss and turn, hot sleepers, and people who sit or sleep along the mattress perimeter.

There are only two function and performance tests that earned a score lower than 8/10. In both pressure relief and durability, the Yogabed scored a 7.5/10—not a bad score, but not an excellent one, either. As such, we would encourage side sleepers with joint pain to consider a mattress with better pressure relief, such as the Brooklyn Signature mattress.

See How Marpac Compares

The Yogabed vs Other Memory Foam Mattresses

The Yogabed is on the lower end of the price range for memory foam mattresses. Its medium-firm feel is just slightly firmer than the average memory foam bed, and its balance of cushion and support is typical of this type of mattress.

What really sets the Yogabed apart from other memory foam beds is how cool it sleeps. Thanks to cooling technology incorporated into nearly every layer of the Yogabed, it works better for hot sleepers than the average all-foam mattress.

Marpac Yogabed Mattress FAQs

Yes, we recommend using a waterproof mattress protector with the Yogabed. Even though this bed comes with a cover that’s removable and machine-washable, it’s not waterproof. You don’t want a spill or accident ruining your investment!

Marpac manufactures the Yogabed mattress in the United States.

The Yogabed is a one-sided mattress, so you should not flip it. You can, however, rotate it 180° every six months to enhance its longevity.

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