Zinus cooling gel memory foam mattress in a studio

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Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Read our review to learn more about this competitively priced memory-foam mattress.

Customer Rating: 4.3/5
Mattress Advisor Score:       7.5/10

The Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress is one of the most budget-friendly memory foam mattresses we’ve seen on the market. The good news is, it’s also super comfortable!

Keep reading our in-depth Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress review to learn all about the benefits this budget-friendly bed can bring to your sleep.

Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam Highlights

  • Customized comfort: The Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress is made of varying memory foam layers and offered at four thickness levels (8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, and 14 inches). The thicker you choose, the more plush the mattress.
  • Zinus offers some of the most budget-friendly mattresses on the market, with the cooling gel memory foam models starting as low as $172 (the price of an 8” twin).
  • The Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress is made with heat-resistant fabric that’s designed to regulate body temperature.

Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Zinus cooling gel memory foam mattress in a studio

Score Breakdown

Check out our score breakdown to learn how the Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress performed in each of our tests.

Learn more about our review process.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Shipping 8
Trial Period 9
Return Policy 7.5
Warranty 9
Set-Up 8
Motion Transfer 8.75
Edge Support 3
Pressure Relief 8.75
Spine Alignment 8
Responsiveness 7
Cooling 7
Durability 7
Customer Service 8
Social Impact 2
⭐Total Score for the Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress⭐

Testing Highlights

Check out these moments from our testing day for the Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress to learn more about its performance. 

Unboxing the Mattress

It only took us about a minute and a half to unbox the Zinus Cooling Gel mattress. This mattress was super light and had a very minimal smell. However, it was pretty flat when we opened it. It took a couple of hours to take its full shape. In fact, Zinus acknowledges it can take their mattresses a full week to completely decompress.

Testing Motion Transfer

Our sleep subjects noticed they could barely feel their partner moving around. This will be really great for couples sharing the mattress!

The Wine Test

We even performed the wine test to see just how much movement transfers through the bed. The answer? Not much! Watch how still the wine glass stays in our video below.

Pressure Relief Test

We saw hardly any trace of red on our sleep subject’s pressure map results. Meaning there was little pressure put on their joints. This is great for athletes or active people who need to recover in their sleep, or just people who generally experience pain. 

Check out our pressure mapping results below.

Spine Alignment Test

The Zinus Green Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress supported super straight spines on our mattress testers. Our sleep subjects did note thought that while this mattress supported their back nows, it felt as if the middle would sag over time.

What to Watch Out For

  • This is a cheaper mattress, meaning it may not stand the test of time for durability and support. It can still be a comfortable mattress, but it will likely have a shorter lifespan than more high-quality mattresses.
  • The Zinus mattress took longer than we’re used to for it to fully expand to its shape. In fact, the company even acknowledges that it may take up to 7 days for their mattresses to fully expand.
  • You’ll probably notice a mild scent when you unbox the mattress, but this is totally normal and will go away after a few hours.
  • You may need up to 30 nights to break in your new Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress and get used to the new mattress feel, especially if you’re used to sleeping on a  traditional innerspring mattress.

Customer Reviews

“My body morphs into the bed instead of laying on top, its feels like a cool cloud, for once Im actually sleeping through the night.” – Kenny

“We have had our need for about a week now; at first I was skeptical since I have slept in other memory foam mattresses and they were way too stiff. But I was very surprised to find this bed was very comfortable… and you can’t beat the price. We paid less than half the price of what we paid for out previous king size mattress.” – Skyler

“A little over a week ago I received my 14 inch cooling memory foam mattress. I wanted to wait a few days to give it a fair opinion. I must say I was amazed! In less than 48 hours it reached its full size and I have been sleeping so much better. I did some store shopping before deciding to go with this mattress. For a king size stores were selling mattresses upwards of $3,000, so I was a bit skeptical but I took a chance and I’m so glad I did. So much so, I’m buying one for my mom. It’s really soft but doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a hole and the cooling gel is such a bonus. Thank you Zinus for being a standup company.” – Cory

Product Information


59.9 lbs. for queen




Medium-soft: 5/10


Memory foam

Which FOundations Should You Use?

The Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress will do fine on any firm, flat foundation. This includes slatted platform bases, box springs, bunkie boards, slatted foundations, and even the floor. As a general rule, the more supportive your foundation, the better.

Slatted Platform
Box Spring
Bunkie Board w/ Box Spring
Slatted Foundation

What’s Inside the Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

The 12” Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress has four foam layers:

  • 3” Gel Memory Foam 
  • 2” Comfort Foam 
  • 3.5’’ High-Density Foam 
  • 3.5’’ Base Foam 

The top layer of the Zinus Cooling Gel mattress is responsible for regulating your body temperature, keeping you cool while you sleep, and contouring to your body. The middle foam layers work to relieve pain at the pressure points and add extra cushioning comfort. The base layer of foam offers support and durability to the mattress.

Purchase Information

Purchase Experience

Policy Details
Delivery Compressed and rolled in a box; delivered in 8-10 business days
Trial Period 100 days
Warranty 10-year limited warranty
Return Policy Free returns
Financing Available through Affirm

Sizes and Prices

Size Dimensions Standard Price*
Twin 39” x 75” $172
Full 54” x 75” $284
Queen 60” x 80” $341
King 76” x 80” $411
Cal King 72” x 84” $411

*Prices listed are standard without sales or Mattress Advisor exclusive discounts. Check price using the button below for the best Zinus deals. 

Sheets by a Window

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Zinus Mattress FAQs

How does Zinus's 100-night trial work?

You can sleep on the Zinus Cooling Gel mattress risk-free for 100 nights. If during this sleep trial period you decide you want to return your Zinus mattress, just contact customer support to start the return process and receive your full refund.

How do I know which thickness level to choose?

How firm do you prefer your mattresses to be? The lower thickness levels are more firm; the higher thickness levels are more plush and soft. If you don’t have a preference one way or the other, choose something in the middle.

How long can I keep the Zinus in the box?

Does the Zinus have a break-in period?

Yes, most mattresses do. It can take up to 30 days to fully break in your Zinus mattress. It may take longer to adjust if you aren’t used to memory foam mattresses.

Is the Zinus an eco-friendly mattress?

Yes – the foams used to make the Zinus Cooling Gel mattress are CertiPUR-US Certified. However, Zinus mattresses are manufactured in China, so they may be lower quality than a mattress made in the U.S.

Can I can finance my Zinus mattress?

Yes! You can finance your Zinus mattress through Affirm if you want to pay for your mattress on a month to month basis. Approval for financing is based on a soft credit check.

Should I rotate my Zinus mattress?

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

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