Mattresses You Can Customize For Your Sleep Needs

Sleeping is personal, so your mattress should be too

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Does mattress shopping sometimes make you wish you could just tell someone what you want in a mattress, snap your fingers and a perfectly customized mattress would soon appear at your doorstep? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Mattress companies, like Helix and Reverie, are making mattresses to fit customers’ specific needs, with options for firmness, weight, cooling properties, sleep position, and more. Most of the customizable mattress companies will have you answer a set of questions to determine an option that will best meet your needs. And a number of them will even allow you to select different specifications for each side of the bed, meaning you and your partner won’t need to compromise when it comes to getting great sleep.

The best customizable mattresses

Buying a new mattress is a big investment, so why not invest in one that’s been specifically made for you? Take a look at some of the best mattresses that can be custom made just for you.

Helix logo

  • Price: $995 for queen (price may vary based on customization preferences)
  • Shipping: Free, ships in a box
  • Warranty and returns: 10-year warranty; 100 night sleep trial with free returns
  • Customer rating: 6/5
  • Type: hybrid – foam combo with microcoils
Couple sitting on a Helix mattress
The Helix mattress

Helix will match you with a customized mattress after you take a short, but comprehensive questionnaire that takes into account things like your age, weight, height, body shape, mattress preference, sleep position, medical conditions and sleep temperature preferences. They’ll use this information to create a sleep profile that informs a mattress design specifically crafted to suit your needs and preferences.

For $150 extra, Helix can create a dual comfort mattress, in which the mattress is split down the middle and personalized on each side. Alternatively, when each sleeper’s answers are somewhat similar, Helix can create a blended mattress that is likely to work for both people.

What Helix customers have to say:

  • “I have a low back issue and needed a new supportive mattress. After researching many different mattress brands, I chose Helix and I’m so glad I did! I liked being able to customize it, being able to order online, no pressure from sales people, the emails keeping me up to date on the process and the fast shipment. The mattress gives me just enough support while being soft still. My bed is now my favorite place to be! I highly recommend a Helix mattress!”
  • “My husband & I need different firmness in our mattress….Helix has been the perfect solution! My side is softer….his is firmer….and I don’t feel him rolling around..,,nice & stable with no movement…love how great we sleep now!!”
  • “It’s my first non-spring bed, although it takes some time to get used to, I love it now. The shock absorption and cooling effect works amazing. My husband loves the bed and it’s only been a week for him. We’d have to pay much more for the same quality with conventional brands.”

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ReST Bed logo

  • Price: $3,999 for queen (price may vary depending on specifications)
  • Shipping: $199 white glove delivery service
  • Warranty and returns: 10-year warranty; 90 day sleep trial with free returns
  • Type: hybrid – foam with adjustable air chambers 
ReST Bed for Back Pain
ReST Bed for Back Pain

With a ReST Bed, you can quickly and simply customize the firmness of your mattress by using the tablet that comes with the mattress or a different digital device of your preference. You’re able to set specific support levels for five different zones of the body: legs, hips, lower back, shoulders, and head.

Aside from adjusting firmness manually, you can throw the bed in automatic mode where smart sensors will be used to monitor pressure points and respond to your movement to keep you comfortable through the night. This is a popular smart bed on the market right now and is available in two distinct styles — one for those with back pain and another for athletes.

What ReST Bed customers have to say:

  • “I love how I can customize the ReST bed to meet my personal needs. Rather than just set an overall firmness, I can set the firmness for each section. For example, when I was pregnant and had to sleep on my side, I made the hip section less firm. Now that I’m sleeping on my back again, I have set it to automatic mode, which means the bed adjusts to my movements throughout the night to relieve pressure. There is no bed on the market that can do all of this. It’s like a Sleep Number on steroids.”
  • “It’s the only adjustable bed I know of that moves with me and makes me comfortable no matter whether if I am on my back or side.”

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Reverie logo

  • Price: $1,999-$3,599 for queen (prices vary depending on model and custom features)
  • Shipping: Free delivery and assembly
  • Warranty and returns: 10-year limited warranty and ‘365 Promise’ to make changes to the mattress in the first year if it isn’t a good fit
  • Type: Choose from memory foam hybrid or natural latex models
Reverie mattress
Reverie mattress

Reverie will customize your mattress based on a questionnaire that measures factors including sleep position, size and health conditions. But the real fun comes in after you own the mattress and can modify it to your liking by changing the configuration of a set of foam springs within the mattress called Dreamcells. The cells come in four different densities and allow for micro-targeted mattress firmness that helps you maintain optimal spinal alignment throughout the night. If you want your mattress to be softer or firmer you can simply remove the mattress cover and rearrange the cells, using Reverie’s cell configuration charts if need be. Each side of the mattress can be configured separately to meet individual preferences.

Some say this mattress is ideal for conditions such as pregnancy or injury that temporarily change your mattress preferences. So if you want to sleep on your side for a few months you can adjust the cells to be ideal for side sleeping, then switch them back at a later time.

What Reverie customers have to say:

  • “It has ultimate comfort and can customizable to your likings. The bed is made professional and can comfort back pain. The bed can make your sleep schedule better. The warranty of the adjustable bed is outstanding.”
  • “The bed has transformed our sleep habits and has changed everything about our lives. We now sleep through the night and don’t wake up with back pain.”

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Create-a-mattress logo

  • Price: $649 and up, depending on size and other specifications
  • Shipping: All coil mattress and set prices include “White Glove” delivery and setup in your home; Memory foam mattresses, gel mattresses, futons, and accessories are shipped free via Fed-Ex or UPS Ground
  • Warranty and returns: 10-year warranty; Additional fees to cover delivery costs related to returns may apply
  • Type: Customizable materials

Create-A-Mattress allows you to build a mattress to your liking based on firmness, material, size, and a few other considerations. For material, you’ll be able to decide between traditional coils, isolation coils, latex, memory foam and gel memory foam. From there you can choose between a number of firmness and comfort options that may vary depending on your material choice. Last you’ll decide on a base.

Available in nearly any size down to the inch, this is a good option for people who are looking for a mattress to fit an unusual sized bed frame.

What Create-A-Mattress customers have to say:

  • “This couldn’t have been any easier. I’m very impressed!”
  • “Ordering anything virtually without trying it is always a bit of a risk, but we’re pleased with our experience with Create-A-Mattress service and product.”

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While customizing a mattress to your liking might seem like more work, think about how much time you’ll be spending in said mattress. Sleep is personal, so your mattress should be too. Still have questions about the best customizable mattresses or feel like telling us about one that you particularly love? Drop us a line in the comments below.

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