Mike Lindell’s Inspiring Autobiography Available for Pre-Order

Everyone deserves a second chance. Mike Lindell wants to share his redemption story to help others launch their own second chance at the good life.

By Andrea Pisani Babich

If you know anything about Mike Lindell, you know that he is the inventor of My Pillow’s signature product as well as the company’s founder, CEO, and spokesperson. What you may not know is that this multi-millionaire entrepreneur and evangelical speaker spent much of his adult life as a serious cocaine addict.

Now you can pre-order Mike’s new autobiography What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO that chronicles his incredible journey from shy and insecure youngster to successful businessman and nationwide speaker. The book is available for presale now and due for delivery in early December 2019. Proceeds from the presale of the book will be used to launch the Lindell Recovery Network.

Mike describes the Lindell Recovery Network (LRN) as “a revolutionary platform that I’ve been working on for a couple of years that I know is going to set people free from addiction once and for all through Hope, Help, and Mentorship.” Mike told me in his interview for Mattress Advisor that the Recovery Network will guide addicts of every stripe to substance abuse recovery centers like the Salvation Army and Teen Challenge and connect them with mentors hired by the LRN to help them start clean and sober lives.

In a press release announcing the presale, Lindell says “Our country is facing an epidemic. Every day that goes by more and more addicts are losing their lives. Addiction affects everyone, not just addicts; it impacts their families, friends, and co-workers as well. I can’t wait even one more day. The sooner we get this launched, the sooner we start helping people nationwide.”

From Shabby to Success

The inspiration for My Pillow came to Mike in a dream during another sleepless night haunted by cravings for cocaine, worries about money, and an uncomfortable pillow. From the back of his garage in Minnesota to a warehouse employing 1500 people, My Pillow has grown in a little over a decade into a multimillion-dollar company that has sold more than 43 million pillows.

But the launch of My Pillow was by no means an auspicious one. Years of selling pillows at home shows yielded revenue that Mike funneled largely into his addictions. Endless hours working, mounting debt, and the wear and tear of life as an addict plagued Mike, his family, and his fledgling company.

Now in addition to running his bedding empire, the once reticent boy speaks openly and often about his various addictions as well as what he calls his miraculous overnight recovery. The anguish of these years of substance abuse and Mike’s amazing recovery fuel his passion for helping others through the Lindell Foundation. Six million dollars from Lindell himself as well as private donations have made it possible for the Lindell Foundation to assist in the relief efforts for Hurricanes Harvey (2017), Florence (2018), and Michael (2018), including the donation of over 80,000 pillows.

You can order your presale copy of Mike’s amazing story of hope and redemption here.



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