Are Nappuccinos Really Better than Power Naps?

Naps are easily the most restful and restorative part of your day. What if we told you nappuccinos combined coffee and sleep to elevate your naptime experience?

By Loren Bullock

Most people know that coffee helps to keep you awake and alert, and many also know that naps have you waking up refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day. But combining them? Crazy. It actually isn’t as ludicrous as it sounds. Adding the restorative powers of a nap to the energizing ingredients of caffeine is the crux of a nappuccino.

What is a Nappuccino?

The idea of nappuccinos has been around for a while, but was recently popularized in David H. Pink’s book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. He argues that afternoon naps can boost creativity, enhance functioning, and up productivity. Adding caffeine to the equation turns it into a nappucchino. This jolt gives more energy than a regular nap can provide on its own.


How Nappachinos Work

Nappuccinos are rather simple to execute. First, pick a time to nap. This time should be something you can commit to nearly every day. Next drink a cup of coffee. After that, lie down and take a nap. The nap should last anywhere from 15-30 minutes (about the length of any good power nap)—any longer, and you’ll move too deeply into sleep, making it harder to wake up—so make sure to set an alarm. The idea is for you to wake up right after the caffeine has made its way into your bloodstream, which takes about 20 minutes.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Nappuccino

Now you know about Nappuccinos, but how do you get all of the possible benefits from them? Well first off, naps are most effective if they happen consistently, not just when you’re tired in the middle of the day. That’s right, you should set aside a nap time every day. It is best to make this naptime the time of day you feel the least productive, though the best is approximately 7 hours after you wake up.

Taking a Nappuccino consistently will help you pay off your sleep debt, keep your work ethic up throughout the day, and reduce stress over time. So next week, save that cup of coffee for the afternoon.

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