Natural Fiber Mattresses And Their Benefits

By Alesandra Woolley

May 13th, 2022

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Choosing a new mattress can seem complicated. Before you know it, you’ll likely feel immediately overwhelmed by the choices in fillings and fibers that are available. It’s important not to panic though, because you won’t be alone. We’re here to tell you that when it comes to investing in a brand new bed, you can’t go wrong with a natural fiber mattress.

Natural fiber mattresses contain some of the most durable, resilient, supportive and comforting fiber fillings. Not only will they last considerably longer than most entry-level mattresses, they will be far more breathable and responsive than any synthetic, man-made fiber alternatives. If you’re considering a natural fiber mattress, we wanted to go through some benefits that they offer, to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Why Choose a Natural Fiber Mattress?

Ideal for Pain Relief

If you often wake up to nagging neck and back pain, this can stem from acute pain caused by injury or illness, or your sleeping position. However, the biggest culprit for consistent morning pains is often your mattress itself. Choosing a natural fiber mattress that uses only the best organic materials and fillings, can help to relieve any aches and pains.

Natural fibers such as high quality wool are incredibly responsive and supportive. They can cradle the curves of your body, ensuring no part of you is left feeling the pressure during the night. Fibers such as natural latex can actually perfectly conform to the geography of your entire body, thanks to its rapid response rate qualities. The natural elasticity eases any pressure on your joints, resulting in a soothing night’s sleep.

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Helpful For Hot Sleepers

Having your sleep suddenly interrupted because you’ve woken up hot, sweaty and sticking to the sheets, is an all too common problem for many people. If you feel like your body temperature never gets settled at night, it’s likely down to the materials in your mattress. Unfortunately, synthetic fibers are the warmest mattress materials you can choose, so opting for something more natural can be the better option.

As a hot sleeper, you need materials that allow for better air circulation, as they create a cooler sleep surface. One of the biggest benefits of natural fibers is their breathability (the coolest mattress to sleep on), which can not only help to regulate your body temperature but also ease any potential inflammation or stress on your joints. Natural fibers such as wool, bamboo or alpaca are also very high wicking, meaning they can quickly draw moisture away from your body, resulting in a comforting and cool sleep experience.

Maximizes Comfort and Support 

Of course the most important thing to think about when getting a new mattress is how it’s going to feel. Natural fiber mattresses are able to cater to a range of preferences; as the materials can be used individually, coupled together, and interchanged to produce the feeling that’s best for you.

It’s the different upholstery layers that you choose to have on top of the mattress spring unit that will give you an idea of how soft, medium or firm the mattress will feel. From the sumptuously soft sensation of organic wool and cotton, to the firmer feel of horsehair; natural fibers can provide a truly tailored experience. Also, natural fibers don’t crush or breakdown as quickly as synthetic alternatives, keeping their high loft, which allows for years of longer lasting comfort.

Because a natural fiber mattress contains the absolute best quality of components that you can get for your money, your sleep experience will be transformed into something sublime, soothing and substantially more supportive.