Nectar Celebrates Sleep in New Marketing Campaign

Nectar's new marketing campaign encourages people to prioritize sleep in an unconventional way

By Andrea Pisani Babich
Nectar Awaken Sleep campaign

Nectar Sleep harnesses the power of social media in their new “Awaken Great Sleep” marketing campaign. This is not your parents’ ad campaign. Designed by the Brooklyn-based agency Mustache for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, Awaken Great Sleep features a fictional sleep evangelist, Yawn Yawnson rousing a huge crowd of “Bedheads” at a rally supporting the “world’s quietest revolution.”

The rally metaphorically addresses some of our culture’s long-held hang-ups about sleep and implies that only a total revolution will change the way we think about it.

Complete with wireless mic headset and blue pajamas, Yawn appears onstage as a motivational sleeper and leads chants of “we need a nap” that echo through a vast stadium brimming with ecstatic Bedheads. Testimonials by new Nectar converts encourage reluctant sleepers to mattress surf through the frenzied crowd. A tired participant takes the “trust fall” onto a Nectar mattress exciting supportive cheers from the sea of Bedheads.

The messages embedded in the metaphor encourage viewers to embrace their need for sleep, day or night. If you need a nap to get through the day, then, by golly, you should shamelessly seize the nap. Skeptical about buying a mattress online that arrives squished up in a box on your doorstep? Once you take the leap of faith (and click “buy” on the Nectar website), you’ll see it’s as easy as falling down.

Our culture tells us that in order to be successful in life we need to work harder for longer hours, often at the expense of our sleep. But Yawnson’s presentation proclaims that sufficient sleep is not a luxury but an essential part of healthy and productive living.

How to Stand Out in the Crowd

With 175 direct-to-consumer (DTC) mattress brands in the digital marketplace, start-ups as well as older trailblazers like Casper and Leesa (both launched in 2014) continue to search for ways to distinguish themselves from the wide field of competitors. Innovations in mattress construction, cooling technology, and new materials help brands stand out in the crowd, but before consumers even get to the mattress, they need to know about it. And the competition for consumers’ attention is fierce.

Enter beyond-the-box marketing strategies. A new generation of mattress consumers has flooded the marketplace, and those consumers grew up getting their news, entertainment, and social connections via the Internet. And there’s more of those folks coming up. It makes sense to meet those consumers in the digital world where they live. Mattress companies born on the Internet are exploring ways to  exploit their home base as a marketing tool. As DTC brands and others vie for buyers’ attention and their money, we can expect to see more innovative ways to reach a new generation of mattress buyers in the years to come.

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