Addressing Common Nectar Mattress Complaints

We took a look at Nectar mattress customer reviews to address some common customer complaints.

By Nicole Gleichmann

May 17th, 2022

Most people who buy the Nectar mattress love it. From the cooling Tencel cover to the layers of innovative memory foam, consumers tend to enjoy snoozing on the Nectar. In fact, Nectar has a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Even with a general 365-night sleep trial period, only 3% of Nectar’s customers end up returning their mattress. 

However, no mattress is a good fit for every person. If you scour through customer reviews for any product, you’re likely to find some negative reviews even among a sea of positive ones. So we wanted to take the time to address some of these common Nectar mattress complaints from customers and see if they hold any truth:

  1. Long Delivery Times
  2. Strong Off-Gassing Smell
  3. Not For Heavy People
  4. Customer Service Issues

Delivery Times

Some customers have voiced concerns over delayed shipping with Nectar, who touts fast delivery on its website. Most of these complaints stem from items not being shipped in a timely manner, without any notification from Nectar. 

While the vast majority of Nectar products arrive on time, some orders may take longer to arrive than you originally expected. Most of these are due to delays in product availability or rare slip-ups in the shipping process. 

Nectar mattresses are not fully made in the United States. Instead, they source their products from locations across the globe, make them overseas, and then send them to their warehouse in Washington for shipping to the customer. With so many steps and locations in the manufacturing and shipping process, there are bound to be mistakes from time to time. 

If you fail to receive your new Nectar mattress in time, try reaching out to them via their online chat feature at With the online chat feature, customers tend to receive prompt customer service. 


  • Most products ship within 2-4 business days, but with Nectar’s overseas material sourcing and construction, delays in product availability occur on occasion. 


  • Contact their customer service team using the live chat feature for a fast and friendly response.

Strong Off-Gassing Smell

When you unpack your new memory foam mattress, you’re likely to notice an odor. And many Nectar mattress complaints note an unpleasant smell that lasts for a few hours to a few days. It’s not unlike the new car smell, and it’s caused by similar compounds. 

We too noticed the strong odor after unpacking the Nectar mattress, which went away within a couple of days.

So, why does this happen? 

Foam is made from polyurethane, a material that has the tendency to release particles into the air when new. This proclivity is enhanced when the foam is compressed in a box and then allowed to return to its full size. 

If this is your first all-foam mattress, the scent may cause alarm. But rest assured, the mild odor is nothing to be worried about. Within a few days, the odor will have completely dissipated. 

During this off-gassing period, there are a few things that you can do:

  1. Don’t put sheets on the mattress: This allows your new bed to air out faster than it would with sheets or blankets limiting airflow.
  2. Don’t sleep on the bed until the odor is gone: To avoid a headache, don’t sleep on the mattress until the scent no longer bothers you. 
  3. Increase ventilation: To expedite the process, open a window and use a small box fan to blow air over the mattress and out the window. This can cut the off-gassing time in half. 


  • The Nectar mattress does have an initial off-gassing odor, but no more than its all-foam competitors


  • Give your mattress time to air out without covers. Open windows and use a fan for expedited results. Within a few days, the smell will have faded away for good. 

Not Ideal for Heavy People

Some heavier sleepers find the Nectar mattress uncomfortable. The most common complaint is that the surface is too soft, so their hips sink in too far, causing back pain. 

Nectar is a relatively thin (12”) all-foam mattress. Each of these attributes can explain why some plus-size sleepers don’t find the Nectar to be a good fit. 

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How a mattress feels is dependent upon how much you weigh. The same mattress that feels firm to a lightweight person can feel medium or soft to a heavier person. So, while the Nectar mattress is a medium-firm bed, it will feel closer to a medium-soft to medium mattress for those who weigh more. 

Plus, a lack of supportive innerspring or latex core doesn’t deliver the right support for most heavyweight sleepers. When you weigh more than average, you need a thicker, supportive mattress to keep your core in line with the rest of your body so the Nectar mattress may not be ideal for you.

The Nectar mattress supports up to 705 lbs of weight for a standard queen-size mattress, meaning approximately 350 lbs on each side of the bed. If you or your bed partner is above this weight limit or close to it, you may not get the support you need on the Nectar.


  • The Nectar mattress is too soft for many heavy sleepers, without adequate support for a good night’s sleep. 


  • Shop for a mattress with more supportive layers. Innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and latex mattresses are the best options. 

Mattresses That Support Heavier Sleepers:

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  • The Big Fig: This innerspring mattress was designed with the needs of plus-size sleepers in mind. Check out our Big Fig mattress review.
  • Helix Plus: With an additional support layer and high-density foam, the Helix Plus is designed to provide the extra support heavier sleepers need. Learn more in our Helix Plus mattress review.

Customer Service

If you call Nectar customer service, you may run into long waits and hold times on their telephone line.

There’s no question that this is extremely frustrating. When you call a customer service line during regular business hours, you expect someone to be available within a reasonable period to answer the phone.

Fortunately, there is another way to reach Nectar’s customer service: through their online chat feature. And, according to reviews and our experience with Nectar, most people receive immediate help at 


  • It is hard to get a hold of someone using Nectar’s customer service telephone number.  


  • Use the live chat feature to get a quick response.

What’s Great about the Nectar Mattress? 

As we mentioned earlier, the Nectar mattress has an extremely high customer satisfaction rating, so it’s no surprise that there are more positive qualities about the Nectar that overshadow some of these complaints. 

Here are our favorite things about the Nectar mattress that make it a great choice to purchase: 

  • A 365-night risk-free sleep trial period
  • Free shipping and returns
  • A lifetime limited warranty
  • It’s one of the most affordable foam mattresses on the market
  • Its medium-firm firmness level appeals to all the sleeping positions
  • It excels in edge support, pressure relief, and motion transfer
  • It’s suitable for couples sharing the bed
  • Nectar runs a ton of great discounts and special offers throughout the year

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The Nectar mattress is a superb mattress. It’s one of our top-rated mattresses on Mattress Advisor, and it receives rave reviews.

While it may not be ideal for heavy people and you may have more luck reaching customer service reps by chat rather than over the phone, the Nectar is still a great mattress that can lead you to many nights of great sleep.

Read our full Nectar mattress review for a close look at its testing performance in our lab and to learn more about the shopping experience.