Nectar Mattress Warranty: Coverage, Claims, Fine Print

So you’ve decided that Nectar has the best mattress for you. Now we’ll help you to tackle all your FAQs about the Nectar Sleep Mattress Warranty.

By Alesandra Woolley

May 13th, 2022

Nectar Sleep (by the brand Resident) is known for its plush, budget-friendly memory foam mattresses. You may have seen them on social media or heard of them in the news (they’ve been recognized for their fast growth and workplace desirability). They’ve won over a lot of very happy customers with their breathable materials, contouring design, and convenient bed-in-a-box delivery.

They also offer a generous lifetime warranty with all of their mattress purchases, including the original Nectar and Nectar Premier mattresses. In this Nectar mattress warranty breakdown, we share what the warranty covers, what it doesn’t, actions that can void the warranty, and how to file a claim. That way, you can get a good night’s sleep without stressing about the fine print.

What Nectar’s Warranty Covers

Wondering what Nectar considers a defect eligible for repair or replacement? Here’s what they cover under their forever warranty:

  • Defects from normal wear: In other words, Nectar doesn’t cover damage inflicted to your mattress from misuse or abuse. 
  • Body impressions deeper than 1.5”: These usually occur in the top layers and result from your body weight in the same spot over time. Consider rotating your mattress every 3-4 months to slow the formation of impressions.
  • Splits or cracks in the foam: Nectar will repair or replace your mattress if the foam layers deteriorate, resulting in visible cracks.
  • Mattress cover defects: Nectar’s warranty covers tears or defects resulting from faulty manufacturing of their mattress cover.

Nectar’s mattress warranty lasts as long as you are the original owner, whether 2 years or 50 years. That’s the most generous warranty a mattress company could offer. 

It is divided into two periods. For the first 10 years, Nectar will ship you a replacement mattress. During years 11+, they will repair and recover your mattress and may replace it if necessary. 

Additionally, their warranty policy states that they may charge a $50 shipping fee both ways for repairs during years 11+, but the fee will be waived after Nectar’s team confirms the defect. 

We spoke with a Nectar customer care representative, and she reassured us that Nectar investigates the mattress before having it sent back for repairs. That way, you aren’t charged the shipping fee for a defect that doesn’t end up qualifying for coverage.

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What Nectar Doesn’t Cover

Take a look at what Nectar explicitly states they don’t cover:

  • Damages resulting from misuse. Misuse is a pretty relative term, but it definitely includes outright abuse and neglect. These damages can include burns, stains, cuts, or odors from spilled liquids. It also means using the mattress for anything other than what Nectar says it can be used for (ie: sleeping, lounging, sex). 
  • Damages resulting from an improper foundation. Nectar is pretty inclusive with their mattress foundation recommendations. On their Nectar mattress webpage, they say you can use their mattress on a box spring, divan base, traditional frame, adjustable base, and platform bed. Also, be sure to use a proper bed frame
  • Normal changes in the foam resulting from regular use. Everyone’s definition of a comfortable mattress is different. Nectar does not cover subjective changes in mattress comfort, including mattress firmness, cooling features, edge support, and motion transfer
  • Off-gassing after mattress unboxing. A little off-gassing scent is normal after unpacking a memory foam mattress. Nectar does not consider this to be a defect.
  • Secondhand Nectar mattresses. In order for the warranty to apply, you must be the original owner of the bed and have purchased it directly from a Nectar approved seller. Those buying from another seller are not eligible for Nectar’s warranty.
  • Injuries resulting from Nectar mattress use. For example, if you have back pain after sleeping on one of Nectar’s memory foam beds, they won’t cover your chiropractic expenses.

What Voids the Nectar Warranty?

There are a few actions that can completely void any warranty coverage of your mattress. Take care to steer clear of the following:

  • Using the wrong foundation or base. Nectar makes clear that you can use their mattresses on almost any firm, solid surface, including box springs. Just make sure that the foundation you use can support the weight of both the mattress and its user(s). 
  • Using the wrong bed frame. Make sure to use a frame that fits your mattress size. For example, don’t use a California king-size bed frame for a queen-size mattress. 
  • Buying the mattress secondhand. Once a Nectar mattress passes from the original owner to a new owner, the warranty coverage vanishes.
  • Obvious misuse of the mattress. Nectar’s mattresses accommodate all sleeping positions, but they don’t respond well to jumping, bending, contorting, or vertical storage.

Decoding the Fine Print

All that fine print is a hassle to digest. Here are condensed versions of all the details you don’t want to read:

  • Your warranty begins after the 365-night trial ends. Nectar gives you a full year to test out your new mattress. During the sleep trial, you can return your clean, undamaged mattress for a full refund. After the trial, your warranty period begins.
  • The Nectar mattress warranty only covers the mattress. If you received free pillows, mattress protectors, or other sleep accessories with your mattress purchase, they aren’t covered under the mattress warranty. Additionally, white glove delivery service will not be refunded with a warranty claim. 
  • Nectar’s written warranty is in lieu of any other warranties. Ever heard of an implied warranty? Some states protect consumers from purchases of products that don’t do what they were advertised to do. That kind of coverage is implied in the state law. Unless your state protects implied warranties, Nectar’s warranty is the only one that counts.
  • Increased softness of the mattress that results in reduced pressure relief *might* be covered. If your mattress gets noticeably softer and the change negatively impacts the pressure relief you experience, it’s worthwhile to reach out to Nectar’s team to see if it can be covered. Their warranty doesn’t explicitly state coverage for changes in pressure relief since it’s a subjective issue, but they may have a satisfactory solution to the problem.
  • Nectar has a process for settling disputes. It’s in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association and takes place in San Francisco, California.

How to File a Claim

Filing a warranty claim with Nectar is simple. Contact their support team at​, and let them know you’d like to initiate the claim process. Make sure to include your original receipt of purchase and photos and descriptions of the alleged defect. 

Nectar’s support team may ask you to complete a performance test for your mattress to better assess the damage level. 

If your original mattress is eligible for replacement, Nectar will ask you to donate it to a local charity. They never resell used items, so you don’t need to worry about return shipping for mattresses that are being replaced. Send your proof of donation to Nectar’s team, and they will ship you a brand new mattress.

If the comfort layers, base layer, or cooling cover need to be repaired, Nectar will arrange for your mattress to be shipped back to their factory. They’ll completely repair and re-cover your mattress and ship it back to you at no added cost.