The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow Review

We give you all the juicy details about Nectar’s dual-layer Memory Foam Pillow, as well as answers to some FAQs and purchasing information in this review.

By Laura Mohammad

Nov 21st, 2022

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Nectar’s memory foam pillows have scored positive reviews with consumers. Their unique construction and rave reception caught our attention, and we decided to see if the hype is real. In our Nectar Pillow review, you can expect details on what the pillow is made of, special features it brings to the table (or mattress), real customer reviews, and common FAQs. Let’s get started!

*Editor’s Note: The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow has been discontinued and replaced with the Resident Pillow, another memory foam pillow option. According to Nectar, the quality of the Resident Pillow is the same as the Nectar Pillow, with the only difference being in the design.

✔️Mattress Advisor Score: 8.5/10
✔️Free Shipping & Returns
✔️50Night Sleep Trial
✔️5-Year Warranty

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Overview: The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow allows you to take full control of your pillow’s height by creating an adjustable filling design. You can select to keep all the filling inside for a lofty feel or remove some of the shredded memory foam to make it a little lower. Plus, this pillow is wrapped in a Tencel cover to promote breathability at night.

Who Is The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow Best for?

The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow is best for: The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow may not be best for:
  • Memory foam lovers
  • All sleeping positions
  • People who want the option to adjust their pillow
  • Hot sleepers

  • Budget-friendly shoppers
  • Those that prefer down, feather, or latex pillows
  • People wanting a machine washable pillow

Mattress Advisor Score for the Nectar Memory Foam Pillow

When reviewing pillows, we rate each factor on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being “exceeds expectations” and 1 being “has significant room for improvement.” To reach our final score, we calculate a weighted average from all 5 categories. Read more about our review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Temperature Regulation 9
Support 9
Responsiveness 9
Durability 7.5
Construction 8
⭐Total Score for the Nectar Memory Foam Pillow: 8.5/10⭐

Nectar Memory Foam Pillow Performance Highlights

✅ Pros

  • Soft Cover: The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow comes wrapped in a super soft Tencel fabric cover that will make you want to skip putting a pillowcase on it and covering it up.
  • Adjustable: This pillow can be adjusted to your preferred loft level, making it a solid choice for every sleeping position since it gives the right amount of loft for back and side sleepers and allows for a lower height for stomach and combination sleepers.

❌ Cons

  • Cleaning: The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow is spot clean only, not machine washable, but if you keep it covered with a pillowcase, you should be good to go.
  • Messy: During our testing, we noticed the shredded pillow filling can be messy when adjusting the pillow to your desired height.
  • Limited Sizes: The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow is only offered in a standard size, which may be smaller than some consumers are looking for.

What Are the Nectar Pillows Made Of?

Nectar’s Memory Foam Pillow features a trendy pillow-in-pillow design that is popular for good reason: it enables you to add or remove fill to achieve the ideal loft level for your head. Let’s break down the pillow by layer.

The outer shell is also considered to be the outer pillow. Normally dual-layer pillows have a thicker outer pillow, so Nectar’s construction diverges from the norm. The first thing you’ll experience is the quilted Tencel cooling fabric. Bedding companies love Tencel covers because they are soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Tencel is a microfiber, so it’s also more durable than other natural fibers like cotton.

Beneath the initial fabric cover is quilted memory foam. This gives the pillow an immediate plush feel—like resting your head on a cloud. You’ll definitely want to use a pillowcase, even though the cover is soft because it’s spot-clean only.

Once you unzip the outer shell, you’ll see the inner pillow. It’s another pillow filled with two types of shredded foam. The fill is primarily premium visco-elastic memory foam, which holds its shape well enough to provide loft for side sleepers and has enough give for back sleepers

To adjust the fill level, find the zipper on the side of the pillowcase, unzip it, and add or remove fill. Because it’s shredded, it can get a bit messy, so you’ll want to store it in a plastic bag that can be sealed.

What Makes the Nectar Pillows Special?

Here are our favorite features for The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow:

  • Adjustable: You’ll find adjustable pillows all over the bedding market, but a lot of them can only be customized by removing a solitary inner core. Nectar’s foam fill is shredded, so you have more control over exactly how your pillow feels. Nectar ships your new pillow overstuffed, so simply remove foam (or don’t!) until it’s the right loft level.
  • Cooling: Nectar’s pillow features cooling technology on the inside and outside. The cover is made of breathable Tencel microfiber that lets heat pass freely through the pillow surface. Shredded fill allows air to move more freely through the bulk of the pillow, rather than getting trapped right beneath your (now sweaty) head. 
  • Price: Nectar’s $75 price point isn’t too bad, considering you get a customizable sleep experience and high-quality materials.

Product Info

So what’s it like to purchase a Nectar pillow? That’s what we’ll talk about next.

Sizes and Prices

Nectar only sells their Memory Foam Pillow in a specialty size that lands between traditional standard-sized (20” x 26”) and queen-sized (20” x 30”) pillows. It measures 17” x 29” x 5.5”. Even though the dimensions are unique, it fits into a queen-sized pillowcase

Nectar sells their Memory Foam Pillow for $75, although they occasionally include free pillows with Nectar mattress purchases so be on the lookout for their seasonal sales. Currently, the Nectar Memory Foam Pillow is out of stock.

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Shipping and Returns

As a Nectar pillow customer, you get free shipping and returns within the home trial period

If you’ve broken into your pillow and given it a fair shot, but still don’t feel the love, donate the pillow to a charity and send Nectar the donation receipt. Once they get proof that you’ve donated the pillow, they’ll issue a full refund. Your money will show up in your bank account within 7-10 days.

If you change your mind after delivery and your pillow is unwrapped, let Nectar know, and they’ll arrange for it to be shipped back to their warehouse. They’ll restock the still-packaged pillow since it remains unused. You’ll also get a full refund on your pillow purchase.

Side note: Free pillows that you receive as part of a bundle aren’t eligible for returns, even if they’re unopened.

Trial and Warranty

You get 50 nights to test out Nectar’s pillows. If you don’t love them, show Nectar proof of donation to a local charity, and you’ll get a full refund.

Nectar’s pillow warranty is a bit tricky. The website and customer care team confirm that Nectar pillows are covered by a 5-year warranty but don’t outline what exactly it covers.

If your pillow isn’t fully inflating after delivery, or if you’re concerned it doesn’t meet Nectar’s expressed quality standards, email a photo and description of the defect to​. They’ll help you reach a satisfactory solution.

Customer Reviews

  • “My husband and I are both side sleepers and I occasionally switch to stomach and back, and this is just the best pillow I’ve ever used in my life. Supportive yet soft.” – Amber M.
  • “I sometimes wake up with kinks in my neck because my pillow is either too high or too low but this pillow is perfect.” –  Ekeobong U.
  • “I am a side sleeper and 70 years old…I was having neck pain with my old pillows, so I decided to try a Nectar. Wow! Pain free and slept through the night.” – Susan G.

Final Breakdown

The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow is a great option for all sleep positions since it comes with an adjustable design. It also is very breathable, making it a solid choice for those that sleep hot. Plus, you get 50 days to see if it’s a match, so there’s no risk in trying it out.

If you tend to prefer a down pillow, you may want to check out our best down pillow list. This pillow also may not be a great option for you if you want an affordable or machine washable pillow.

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Nectar Mattress Protector FAQS


Do Nectar pillows fit into traditional pillowcase sizes?


Yes! Even though Nectar pillows have specialty sizes, they fit into traditional queen and king-sized pillowcases.


Do Nectar pillows keep their shape when they’re slept on?


They do. The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow’s gusseted sides keep the pillow surface level.


Are the free pillows offered with my Nectar mattress the same as the ones sold separately?


Yep! When Nectar sends you free pillows as part of a discount mattress bundle, you’ll receive The Nectar Memory Foam Pillow.