Nectar Mattress Return Policy Break Down

By Nicole Gleichmann

Apr 28th, 2022

Nectar is one of the leading bed-in-a-box mattress brands. Their high-quality construction and incredible price point have earned them a stellar reputation. To top it off, Nectar backs every new mattress with their forever warranty and 365-night trial period—some of the most generous policies around.

Whether you’re purchasing the Nectar original gel memory foam mattress or one of the Nectar Premier beds, you should know what to do in the rare case that you decide to return your mattress. In our Nectar mattress return policy guide, we’re going to share what’s covered, reasons why you might want to return your new bed, and what to expect during the process.

365-Night Sleep Trial

You’ve spent hours choosing what you believe to be your perfect mattress, and now you wait. It’s an exciting day when your mattress arrives in the mail. You unpack it, wait for it to expand, and begin sleeping on it just a few days later.

But what do you do if reality doesn’t match your expectations?

Break-In Period

First, rest assured that you’re covered. Nectar goes above-and-beyond to ensure that their customers find the right mattress for them—even in the rare case that it’s not one of their beds.

Before starting a return process, you must wait 30 days from the day that your Nectar mattress arrived in the mail. This waiting period can feel frustrating if you simply aren’t getting the sleep that you need, but understand that there is a reason—it takes time for both you and your new mattress to adjust.

Nectar mattresses are 100% foam beds. From the base layer to the top layer, every contouring and supportive feel comes from the foam within. The thing with memory foam is this: it takes time before reaching its final feel. Foam must break down a bit, becoming less stiff and more flexible. It typically takes 30 days of sleeping on an all-foam bed before you can truly know what the long-term sleeping experience will feel like.

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Additionally, the human body needs time to adjust to a new mattress. Even if the Nectar is the perfect bed for you, your body isn’t used to lying on it for hours on end. Just as when you start a new exercise routine, your body must adapt over a few weeks before there isn’t any pain. The adjustment period isn’t always fun, but so long as it’s not intensely uncomfortable, it’s best to ride this period out to see if your new mattress works for you.

After 30 Days

Okay, so you’ve tried your hardest for 30 nights, and you aren’t sold on the Nectar mattress. So long as you contact Nectar within 365 days from the date you received your mattress in the mail, you should qualify for a full refund. Nectar backs their mattresses with full refunds and free returns, so you can receive your money back without a ton of hassle.

Your mattress will then make its way to a local charity so someone in need can benefit. This means you don’t need to feel guilty about returning your mattress—no one is going to pay for your used mattress, and it won’t be wasted!

Return Process

If you come to the conclusion that the Nectar isn’t the best mattress for you, Nectar makes returns easy. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the return process.

Step 1: Contact Nectar

Nectar accepts returns on days 31 to 365 from the date you receive your Nectar mattress. You must contact Nectar’s sleep specialists between these dates to start a return. To get in touch with Nectar, you can either email them at or call them at 1-888-425-4854.

Step 2: Send the Requested Information

The Nectar representative will request information and documentation. Complete the requests within 30 days or you’ll have to start the process all over again. And if this occurs outside of the 365 days, Nectar has the right to deny the request.

Step 3: Be There for Mattress Pickup

Nectar works with you to organize a time and date when a local charity can come and pick up the mattress. When a local charity isn’t available, they’ll coordinate with a local recycling center. Your part here is to set the mattress by the front door and make sure that you’re there for the scheduled pickup.

Step 4: Wait for Your Refund

Once the Nectar mattress has been picked up by your local charity, Nectar will provide a full refund to your initial source of payment. Most credit card refunds are credited within 3 business days.

If you financed your mattress through Affirm, the refund works a bit differently. Speak with a Nectar representative and they’ll explain if you owe any interest as they help you close your loan.

Exchange Process

You may buy one Nectar mattress and figure out that you want another one. For instance, the flagship Nectar mattress isn’t a very cooling bed, while the Nectar Premier is known for its added cooling technologies. If you buy the Nectar and find that you’re sweating too much, but you love everything else, the best solution may be getting the Nectar Premier instead. Alternatively, you may buy a queen mattress and decide that a California king would be better.

Here’s the thing—Nectar doesn’t offer exchanges, with the exception of warranty claims during the first 10 years and manufacturer’s defects during the 365-day trial period. If you don’t want your current Nectar bed and would prefer another of their mattresses, you must go through the return and refund process outlined above. Anytime during this process, you can buy another Nectar bed and have it delivered to your door with free shipping.

If you order your new bed before your old one has been refunded, there might be a period during which your credit card has a balance with both of the beds on it. Similarly, if you finance your Nectar through Affirm, you’ll have to go through the process of closing the one loan out and opening another one.

Fine Print

Even though Nectar’s return policy is incredibly generous, there is a lot of fine print that could come as an unpleasant surprise. Here’s what you should know before returning your Nectar mattress.

  • White glove delivery fees, or any other FedEx delivery fees (if applicable) are not refundable.
  • Promotional items, such as free pillows or a Nectar sheet set, are unable to be returned. In the case that you bought a Nectar mattress with free goodies, the value of those items will be deducted from the refund price of your mattress. However, you’ll be able to keep these items.
  • Only orders within the contiguous United States qualify for returns.
  • Your mattress must be in good condition to qualify for a return. Any damage outside of normal wear-and-tear, such as mold, spills, or bed bugs, can result in the mattress not being eligible for return. To keep your bed safe, use a waterproof mattress cover from the first day you use it.
  • You must open your mattress within 90 days of receiving it. If you don’t, the mattress is considered misused, damaged, and not eligible for return.
  • Use an inappropriate bed frame or foundation can void the trial period. Be sure that you’re using a frame and foundation that’s approved for Nectar mattresses.

Signs You Need a Different Mattress

It can be hard to decide what to do if you’re on the fence about a mattress. So, how do you know if you picked the wrong one? Here are some signs that the Nectar might not be the best bed for you:

  • Trouble Regulating Temperature: Even with a cooling cover and gel infusion, the Nectar mattress may not be cool enough for you. If you’re a hot sleeper, you might have to look for a mattress built to keep you cool. Check out our top picks for the best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers.
  • Aches and Pains: Nectar has deeply hugging memory foam layers great at pressure relief, but this can make moving around tough. If you find this isn’t enough for you, a return may be your best bet.
  • Edge Support: While Nectar beds do have sturdy edges considering their all-foam construction, they don’t have the bouncy support of innerspring and hybrid mattresses. People who depend on firm edges to get in and out of bed may need to try another mattress type.
  • Wrong Size: Mattress size is an essential part of finding a comfortable mattress. Couples usually find a queen-size mattress or larger sufficient, but those who sleep with kids or pets might need a king-size or California king-size bed. Be sure that you choose a good size for your long-term sleep needs. Nectar does a pretty good job isolating motion, but if you find that you are constantly woken by your partner’s movements, you may do best with a split mattress. Try a split king to completely eliminate motion transfer.

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A note on off-gassing here. If this is your first time buying a memory foam mattress, you may be surprised to notice a slight odor when you first unbox a Nectar mattress. Rest assured that this scent is normal, safe, and will dissipate in a few days. Because Nectar uses high-quality CertiPUR-US foam, you don’t need to worry about any negative health effects from the odor.

Nectar Return Policy FAQs


Can You Return Other Nectar Products?


Nectar carries a wide variety of mattress accessories and bed frames. All of these have a 50-day return policy, but the details vary. The Nectar sheets and mattress protector must be unopened to qualify for a return. The Nectar adjustable base, metal bed frame, foundation, bed frame with headboard, and pillows can all be returned used, but they must be in good condition. 


Is a full-year warranty industry-standard?


No! Very few mattress companies offer a trial period this long. Most cap at 100 days. 


Do many people return Nectar mattresses?


No. Even with a full year to return a Nectar mattress, fewer than 3% of customers return their new bed. It’s this high percentage of happy sleepers that allows Nectar to offer such a long sleep trial.