Nectar vs. DreamCloud
Mattress Comparison

MA Score: 8.7/10
Customer Rating: 4.8/5
MA Score: 8.8/10
Customer Rating: 4.8/5

Nectar vs. DreamCloud Mattress Review

The Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses are two quality mattresses that could be a great option for you depending on your budget and personal preference. Nectar is a gel memory foam mattress designed to adapt to your body and DreamCloud is a luxury hybrid mattress made with memory foam and coils.

Nectar is the more affordable option and tends to be better suited for combination sleepers. Its foam layers do a great job of responding to movement throughout the night and keeping motion transfer at a minimum.

DreamCloud is a more expensive, luxury mattress, but it also comes with added benefits. It provides superior spine alignment and responds to movements better throughout the night. The DreamCloud is also 3” thicker than the Nectar mattress.

Take a look at our in-depth comparison below to see how the Nectar and DreamCloud stack up against each other.


  • Type:
  • Firmness:
  • Trial Period:
  • Warranty:
  • Summary:
  • Gel memory foam
  • Medium firm: 5.5-6/10
  • 365 days
  • Lifetime warranty as long as you own the mattress
  • Affordable quality mattress with excellent trial period
  • Hybrid: memory foam + coils
  • Medium-firm: 6.5/10
  • 365 days
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Luxury hybrid mattress with cradling technology and plush comfort


  • The Nectar mattress has a pretty happy (and well-rested) fan base – they have overwhelmingly positive reviews and fewer than 3% of customers end up returning their Nectar mattress.
  • Its proprietary cover is specifically designed to keep out dust mites – which is good because this mattress should last you a while.
  • Nectar is so confident that they make the best mattress for the price that they offer a lifetime warranty and trial period that lasts an entire year.
  • The DreamCloud mattress is an 8-layer luxury hybrid mattress made with memory foam and coils.
  • Its patent-pending technology is designed to cradle your body on a plush surface while providing support and spine alignment.


  • Thickness:
  • Sizes Available:
  • 11"
  • Twin: 39” x 75”
    Twin XL: 39” x 80”
    Full: 54” x 75”
    Queen: 60” x 80”
    King: 76” x 80”
    Cal King: 72” x 84”
  • 15"
  • Twin: Out of Stock
    Twin XL: 39" x 80"
    Full: 54” x 75”
    Queen: 60” x 80”
    King: 76” x 80”
    Cal King: 72” x 84”

Layers inside the mattress

The Nectar has four layers of premium that promote air circulation and offer support and appropriate weight distribution, plus a cooling cover.

  1. Cooling cover: promotes air circulation and is bed bug resistant
  2. Quilted gel memory foam: provide air flow and contours your body
  3. Gel memory foam: delivers weight distribution and pressure relief
  4. Adaptive hi-core memory foam: supports the body
  5. Breathing base layer: serves as a stable foundation
Inside the Nectar Mattress
Inside the Nectar Mattress

The DreamCloud is made with 8 layers of foam and spring coils:

  1. TRUETUFTED™ CASHMERE TOP: Provides breathability, premium softness and is naturally resistant to bedbugs.
  2. GEL INFUSED MEMORY FOAM: Contouring support that conforms to your body.
  4. SUPREME NATURAL LATEX: Hypoallergenic premium natural latex provides a cushioning bounce for extra give and added contouring.
  5. DREAMPLUSH SUPPORTING MEMORY FOAM: High-density memory foam provides support and structure.
  6. SUPER DENSE SUPER SOFT MEMORY FOAM: Keeps your back in alignment and cradles your spine in any position.
  7. PATENT-PENDING “BESTREST” COILS: A five-zoned foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system provides support and responsiveness.
  8. HIGH DENSITY SUPER SOFT MEMORY FOAM: High-density foundation provides structure and durability.
Inside the DreamCloud mattress
Inside the DreamCloud mattress

Mattress Advisor score breakdown

Shipping 9
Trial Period 10
Return Policy 10
Warranty 10
Set-up Test 8
Motion Transfer Test 8.5
Edge Support Test 9
Pressure Relief Test 8
Spinal Alignment Test 7.5
Responsiveness Test 8.5
Cooling Evaluation 8.5
Durability Evaluation 8.5
Customer Service Score 8.5
Social Impact Score 5
Total Score 8.7/10
Shipping 10
Trial Period 10
Return Policy 10
Warranty 10
Set-up Test 7.5
Motion Transfer Test 7.5
Edge Support Test 9
Pressure Relief Test 7.5
Spinal Alignment Test 9.5
Responsiveness Test 9
Cooling Evaluation 8.5
Durability Evaluation 9
Customer Service Score 8
Social Impact Score 5
Total Score 8.8/10