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Nectar vs. Puffy Lux Mattress Comparison

The Nectar is a budget-friendly bed best for the average sleeper while the Puffy Lux is a higher quality mattress best for those who like a plush surface and cloudlike feel.

Nectar by Resident and Puffy are two of the biggest names in the bed-in-a-box mattress space. Each company is known for their commitment to customer satisfaction and incredibly comfortable memory foam construction

In this review, we’re going to compare the Puffy Lux vs the flagship Nectar mattress. While they’re both all-foam mattresses with a similar firmness level, the way that they feel is quite different. Thanks to differences in their foam layers, the Nectar and Puffy Lux work best for different sleepers. Read on to see which of these beds is right for you.

A Glance at Nectar vs Puffy Lux

At a glance, the Nectar and Puffy Lux mattresses are quite similar. Their firmness levels are nearly identical, they’re each made entirely from layers of foam, and they each work well for every sleeping position. However, there are some important distinctions between the two that make each better suited for different sleepers. Let’s take a look at the similarities, differences, and highlights for each of these beds.  

Customer Rating
MA Score
Trial Period


Customer Rating
MA Score
8.7 / 10

Affordable quality mattress with excellent trial period


Medium-firm: 5.5-6/10


Gel memory foam

Trial Period

365 days


Lifetime warranty as long as you own the mattress

Puffy Lux

Customer Rating
MA Score
9.3 / 10

Luxury memory foam mattress the sleeps cool.


Medium-firm: 5.5-7/10


Memory foam

Trial Period

101 nights


Lifetime warranty

Both the original Nectar and the Puffy Lux offer a traditional memory foam feel, closely hugging the body. While they each have a similar medium to medium-firm firmness level, the Puffy Lux has a softer, more cloudlike upper comfort layer. In comparison, Nectar’s top layer feels a bit firmer and takes longer to cradle the body. As a result, the Puffy mattress tends to be better for side sleepers and lightweight sleepers and the Nectar for stomach sleepers and those who like a firmer surface. 

The Nectar mattress is much less expensive than the Puffy Lux. While the Nectar mattress is an incredible value, the Puffy Lux is made from higher-quality materials. At our in-house testing facility, we found the Puffy to be more responsive, cooler, and more durable. It also does a better job at keeping the spine aligned, relieving body aches and pains. The Nectar, however, is an excellent choice for couples thanks to superior edge support and motion isolation

Key Similarities

  • Both are 100% foam mattresses
  • Both work for all sleeping positions
  • Both give the feeling of sleeping “in” rather than “on” the mattress

Key Differences

  • The Puffy Lux better supports the spine, relieving neck and back pain
  • Nectar is better for couples thanks to sturdier edges and greater motion isolation abilities 
  • The Puffy Lux has a softer top layer for enhanced cushion at pressure points
  • Nectar has a longer sleep trial
Nectar mattress on a bed frame

The Nectar Mattress Review Highlights

  • Deeply contouring memory foam feel dissipates pressure at the hips and shoulders
  • Superb edge support and motion isolation properties make the Nectar excellent for couples
  • High-quality materials and exceptional comfort offered at a budget-friendly price point
  • 365-night trial with free returns makes buying the Nectar mattress worry-free
  • Forever warranty demonstrates Nectar’s commitment to customer satisfaction 
  • The Nectar Lush is also available for an extra layer of foam and deeper sleep
Puffy Lux mattress in a bedroom setting

The Puffy Lux Mattress Review Highlights

  • One of the best mattresses we’ve tested for pressure relief
  • Exceptional breathability and cooling properties keep hot sleepers comfortable and dry
  • Incredibly responsive for an all-foam bed, ideal for combination sleepers 
  • Stain-resistant cover removes the need for a separate mattress protector
  • Lifetime warranty is one of the most generous warranties we’ve come across 
  • You can also check out both Original Puffy mattress and the Puffy Royal models

What is the Size Difference?

The Nectar and Puffy Lux both come in the same standard mattress sizes. The only difference in size is that the Puffy Lux is 1” thicker than the Nectar mattress. This added loft yields a more durable mattress with a bit more cushion when compared to the Nectar.

Nectar Puffy Lux
Thickness 11” 12″
Twin 39” x 75” 39” x 75”
Twin XL 39” x 80” 39” x 80”
Full 54” x 75” 54” x 75”
Queen 60” x 80” 60” x 80”
King 76” x 80” 76” x 80”
Split King N/A 76” x 80”
California King 72” x 84” 72” x 84”

Learn more about mattress sizes.

Does Nectar or Puffy Lux Have the Better Price?

The Nectar mattress costs far less than the Puffy Lux. You can think of the Nectar as one of the highest-quality budget-friendly memory foam mattresses and the Puffy Lux as one of the most affordable luxury memory foam beds.

Nectar Puffy Lux
Twin $499 $1,445
Twin XL $569 $1,495
Full $699 $1,595
Queen $799 $1,795
King $999 $1,995
California King $999 $1,995
California King $999 $1,699
Split California King N/A $1,899

How Does Mattress Construction Differ?

Both the Puffy Lux and Nectar mattresses are memory foam beds made from a variety of memory foam and polyfoam layers. The Puffy Lux has one more layer of memory foam than the Nectar, resulting in a more luxurious and cloudlike feel. 

While each of these mattresses deeply cradles the body, the comfort layer of the Puffy Lux is much softer than that of the Nectar. What this means is that you’ll sink more easily into the Puffy Lux, something that side sleepers enjoy. The Nectar delivers a slightly firmer sensation, one that those who like a sturdy foam feel will prefer. 

Each mattress boasts cooling technology, but the Puffy succeeds at sleeping slightly cooler. The foam in the Puffy responds more quickly to movements, while the Nectar is made from slow-response foams. If you move around a lot at night, you may want to go with the Puffy. The Nectar does dampen motion better and its edges are incredibly supportive.

Inside the Nectar mattress

Inside the Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is a 3-layer memory foam mattress. The close contouring and hugging sensation create a wonderful balance of pressure relief and support. It’s medium-firm feel and moderate cushion are ideal for the average sleeper. Let’s take a look at each layer. 

  • Tencel mattress cover that’s soft and cool-to-the-touch
  • Gel memory foam for a deep cradling sensation
  • Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam limits sinkage
  • Polyfoam base layer adds edge support, durability, and responsiveness

Inside the Puffy Lux Mattress

The Puffy Lux is a 4-layer memory foam mattress. Its combination of cloudlike foam and deep contouring is like combining a plush pillow top with a traditional memory foam feel. The result is a truly luxurious mattress with incredible cushion and support. Here’s what’s inside. 

  • Stain-resistant mattress cover keeps your bed fresh and clean
  • Cooling Cloud gel-infused memory foam keeps the surface cool and dry
  • Plush Dual Cloud foam is ultra-soft and hugs the body
  • ClimateComfort memory foam provides close contouring and limits sagging
  • Polyfoam support layer achieves stability, responsiveness, and durability

Which Mattress Scored Better?

We’ve spent hours testing and evaluating the Puffy Lux and Nectar beds at our in-house mattress lab. Let’s take a look at how these beds performed side-by-side to get an idea of how they compare in the areas that matter the most for sleep quality and customer experience.

Nectar Puffy Lux
Shipping 9 9
Trial Period 10 10
Return Policy 10 10
Warranty 10 10
Set-Up Test 8 10
Motion Transfer Test 8.5 8.25
Edge Support Test 9 8.5
Pressure Relief Test 8.5 9.5
Spinal Alignment Test 7.5 9
Responsiveness Test 8.5 9.25
Cooling Evaluation 7.75 8.75
Durability Evaluation 8.5 8.75
Customer Service Score 8.5 9
Social Impact Score 5 7
TOTAL SCORE 8.7/10 9.3/10

Our Verdict: Is Nectar or Puffy Lux the Best Mattress?

The Nectar and Puffy Lux mattresses are both superb beds that are well-loved by customers. While the Puffy Lux scored higher at our in-house mattress lab, the Nectar is one of the best beds for memory foam lovers on a budget. You get that deep contouring memory foam feel without breaking the bank. 

The Puffy Lux is a luxury memory foam mattress. Its plush comfort layers and contouring transition layer create one of the best mattresses for both pressure relief and spine alignment. While it works for every sleep position, we prefer the Puffy Lux for side and back sleepers who need extra cushion. 

Each of these mattresses comes with free shipping, free returns, and a generous sleep trial (although Nectar’s is longer). What this means is that you can try out either the Puffy Lux or the Nectar with zero financial risk. And with each mattress boasting a lifetime warranty, you know that these companies stand behind the quality of their beds. 

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