Novaform Mattress Reviews

The Novaform line of memory foam mattresses offers an incredible value for every type of sleeper.

By Nicole Gleichmann

Aug 29th, 2022

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Shoppers around the world trust Costco for food to electronics and everything in between. Novaform is one of the leading mattress brands sold at Costcos. As you would expect from a popular Costco brand, Novaform delivers a quality product at a budget price. 

Novaform manufactures a line of memory foam mattresses with the needs of diverse sleepers in mind. In this article, we review the complete Novaform mattress line and highlight who is best served by each mattress. At the end, we explain more about what to expect when you purchase a new Novaform mattress.

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

Novaform Mattresses Overview

Novaform makes 8 100% foam beds, each with a unique feel and composition. With options ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious, they have something for every sleeper. Each mattress offers the contouring hug of memory foam, but the feel of each mattress differs substantially. 

Mattress Name Mattress Type Best for Price Range
ComfortGrande Memory Foam Hot Sleepers $449.99-$699.99
Serafina Pearl Memory Foam Side Sleepers $799.99 -$949.99
Gel Memory Foam Memory Foam Budget Shoppers $199-$249
SoFresh™ Responsive Foam Memory Foam Couples $399.99-$599.99
Overnight Recovery™ Memory Foam Athletes $699.99-$799.99
Advanced Back Support Memory Foam People with Back Pain $449.99-$699.99
Serafina™ w/o or w/ Adjustable Base Memory Foam Seniors $999.99-$1,999.99

Novaform ComfortGrande Mattress

The ComfortGrande mattress is a thick memory foam mattress with impressive cooling properties. The quilted cover is equipped with AdaptiCool technology for a dry, cool night’s sleep, and the memory foam layers include gel memory foam and air channel foam to encourage temperature neutrality. With a medium-firm feel and 14” of foam, there’s the right amount of support and pressure relief for most sleepers.

novaform comfort grande mattress
  • 14” depth/height
  • $599.99 (queen)
  • Medium Firm
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • 4.4 out of 5 stars, 2,538 reviews

Novaform Serafina Pearl Mattress

Novaform’s premium line of mattresses are the Serafina Pearl mattresses. These contouring memory foam mattresses come in soft, medium, and firm options, fitting the needs of most sleepers. Their soft mattress is plush enough for lightweight side sleepers, allowing the body’s pressure points to melt into its surface. The Serafina Pearl firm mattress is one of the firmest memory foam beds that you’ll find. With 14” of firm cradling support, it’s an excellent all-foam bed for plus size sleepers.

novaform serafina pearl mattress
  • 14” depth/height
  • $799.99 (queen)
  • Soft, Medium, Firm
  • Available Sizes: Queen, King, Cal King
  • 4.3 out of 5 stars, 2,364 reviews

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform’s Gel Memory Foam mattress is one of the best mattresses for budget shoppers. Being that it’s a thin mattress that doesn’t come in queen size or larger, it’s best for children and solo sleepers. Its bottom layer of 6” base foam distributes body weight for optimal support, while the 2” top layer of plush gel memory foam gently hugs the body. This medium firm mattress is a good fit for most sleeping positions.  

novaform gel
  • 8” depth/height
  • $249.99 (full)
  • Medium Firm
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Full
  • 4.4 out of 5 stars, 1,691 reviews

Novaform SoFresh™ Responsive Foam Mattress

The Novaform SoFresh is designed for sensitive sleepers who struggle with allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin. Its cover resists mold and bacteria and is removable and machine washable, allowing you to keep the mattress surface fresh and clean. The SoFresh upper comfort layer is infused with copper, a natural antimicrobial that further protects sleepers from potential irritants. With a medium feel, the Novaform SoFresh is best for those who like a cushy give to their mattress.

novaform sofresh responsive mattress
  • 10” depth/height
  • $529.99 (queen)
  • Medium
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Novaform Overnight Recovery™ Mattress

The Novaform Overnight Recovery was created with deep, restful sleep in mind. Its upper layer of EVENcor GelPlus is cooling and cushioning, while the middle layer of responsive foam allows you to seamlessly change positions. The overall feel is one of balanced support and conforming pressure relief, helping you to sleep without interruptions. With a medium feel and ample give, the Overnight Recover is a good fit for most side and back sleepers.

novaform overnight recovery
  • 12” depth/height
  • $699.99 (queen)
  • Medium
  • Available Sizes: Queen, King, California King
  • 4.3 out of 5 stars, 135 reviews

Novaform Advanced Back Support™ Mattress

The Novaform Advanced Back Support is an extra-firm mattress built for back and stomach sleepers who experience back pain. Much of its pain-relieving properties are thanks to a middle layer of responsive foam that balances weight and keeps the spine aligned. And with a thick 9” base layer of support foam, even heavier sleepers will feel supported and experience little-to-no sagging.

novaform advanced back support
  • 12” depth/height
  • $599.99 (queen)
  • Firm
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Queen, King, Cal King
  • 4.1 out of 5 stars, 388 reviews

Novaform Serafina™ Mattress

For couples looking for a memory foam adjustable mattress and base, the Novaform Serafina is an incredible value. The four-layer memory foam mattress is designed to seamlessly move along with the base at the touch of a button. The split king design and all-foam construction achieves some of the best motion isolation around, making it a superb fit for couples. The stylish adjustable base and frame come with the Serafina mattress, creating a bedroom setup that is stylish, sleek, versatile, and incredibly comfortable.

novaform serafina split
  • 12” depth/height
  • $999.99 (split king w/o adjustable base)
  • Medium
  • Available Sizes: Split King with or without Adjustable Base
  • 4.3 out of 5 stars, 135 reviews

Company Overview

Novaform is a memory foam mattress manufacturer that has been creating mattresses for over 20 years. Novaform stands out amongst memory foam mattress companies by offering an entire line of 100% foam beds that appeal to different shoppers. They also make a line of memory foam mattress toppers and a cooling gel memory foam pillow. 

You cannot buy these beds directly from Novaform. The best way to buy them is to go through Costo, either in-person or online. 

Prices and Sizes

Mattress Price Range Size Range
ComfortGrande $449.99-$699.99 Twin-Cal King
Serafina Pearl $799.99 -$949.99 Queen-Cal King
Gel Memory Foam $199-$249 Twin-Full
SoFresh™ Responsive Foam $399.99-$599.99 Twin-Cal King
Overnight Recovery™ $699.99-$799.99 Queen-Cal King
Advanced Back Support $449.99-$699.99 Twin-Cal King
Serafina™ $999.99-$1,999.99 Split King-Split King w/ Adjustable Base


You can buy a Novaform mattress either in a Costco store or at When you purchase the mattress online, it will be shipped to you anywhere in the United States—including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. However, there will be an additional shipping fee when shipped outside of the contiguous US.  

When you buy your new Novaform mattress, it will arrive at your door compressed in a box. At this time, Costco offers no option for white glove delivery. As such, you will have to set up your new mattress and discard your old one yourself.

Shipping time is approximately 3-5 business days from the day the order is placed.   

Trial and Warranty

The Novaform mattress does not come with a sleep trial. However, Costco does accept returns of their merchandise within 30 days of purchase, and this policy includes mattresses. 

To return your Novaform mattress to Costco, you can bring it to any of their 700 warehouses, or ship it at your own expense. 

The Novaform mattress comes with a 20-year warranty, non-prorated. This warranty is generous in comparison to the standard 10-year mattress warranty.



Where can I buy Novaform mattresses?


Novaform does not sell their mattresses through their website. You can find Novaform mattresses at Costco brick-and-mortar locations,, and Amazon. Because most Novaform mattresses are sold through Costco, the warranty and return policy reviewed here only apply to Novaform beds purchased from Costco.


Where are Novaform mattresses made?


Every Novaform mattress is made in the USA.


Do you have to be a Costco member to purchase a Novaform mattress from


Yes. Costco only allows members to purchase a Novaform mattress from them, whether in person or online. An annual membership costs between $60-$120.


Are Novaform beds eco-friendly?


Novaform memory foam is made using CertiPUR-US certified foams. This certification requires that foams be made without certain compounds harmful to the environment and to human health. None of the other mattress materials are particularly eco-friendly.


Should I flip my Novaform mattress?


No, Novaform mattresses are not flippable. They are created using firmer layers of base foam along the bottom of the mattress and plush contouring foam along the top of the bed. But you can rotate the mattress, and doing so once every six months can extend the life of your mattress.


How long will it take for my Novaform mattress to be delivered?


Your Novaform bed will arrive in approximately 3-5 business days from the day you placed your order.


Does the Novaform mattress have a trial period?


No, the Novaform mattress does not come with a standard trial period. However, you can return your mattress to Costco within 30 days of purchase, so long as the mattress is still in good shape. Either bring it into a store or ship it at your own cost.

Other Products by Novaform

novaform topper


Do you need some added cushion or cooling power in your current mattress? Check out Novaform’s line of 8 memory foam mattress toppers for contouring comfort at a competitive price.

novaform pillow


Novaform’s cool gel memory foam pillow is plush, supportive, and breathable. With a soft quilted cover and medium loft, it’s a great pillow for back and side sleepers.