How to Prevent Bed Head

No one wants to wake up with unruly locks. Fortunately, you can learn how to prevent bed head before it’s too late with a few simple tricks.

By Nicole Gleichmann

Apr 15th, 2022

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Are you tired of waking up with hair that looks like you stuck your finger in an electric socket? There are things that you can do to tame unruly tresses. But there is one critical thing that you should know: once it’s happened, it’s usually too late to fix it.

If you want to avoid morning cowlicks, unplanned-for-dreadlocks, or undesirable hair crimps, you must plan ahead. This is true for all of us. Women, men, people with short hair or long hair…if you want your hair to behave come morning, you must give it some TLC at night. We have tips below that work for every hair type: just experiment to find what works best for you.

How to Prevent Bed Head

1. Make a Top Knot for Long Hair

One of the easiest ways to keep long hair from tangling overnight is a top knot. If your hair is long enough, loop it into itself to secure it on top of your head rather than using a hair tie. This can eliminate that undesirable hair tie crease.

2. Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

No matter what your hair type, silk pillowcases are a must if you toss and turn at night. They are more expensive than synthetics, but well worth it. They help to stop your hair from breaking and knotting as you sleep.

3. Don’t Go to Bed with Wet Hair

We’ve all done it before. Gone to bed with wet, freshly showered hair, only to wake up looking like we haven’t brushed our hair in ages. If you shower at night, be sure to put your hair up or make sure your hair is completely dry before you hit the hay.

4. Wrap Your Short Hair

People with short hair can use a bandana to wrap their hair and help keep it in good condition. If it is short enough for it all to fit inside a bandana, this might be enough to keep your hair looking like it did the night before.

5. Brush Your Hair Before Bedtime

For some of the lucky few, simply brushing your hair before you slip into bed will be enough to have it look presentable in the morning. And even if it isn’t perfect, it will be much better than if you don’t brush it at all. This is particularly beneficial for avoiding knots come morning and is best used in conjunction with a silk pillowcase.

6. Use Braids for Curly Hair or a Fun Hairdo

One of my favorite ways to avoid bedhead is to braid my hair before bed. This trick is best for those with curly or wavy hair, or for those with straight hair who want a crimpy style when they wake up. It can be used on dry hair or wet hair, depending on which you find looks best when you wake up.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to your hair’s beauty and health, putting in some extra time in the evening pays off come morning. We recommend trying out multiple of the above tricks to see which works best for you. And one last tip: if you wake up and find your hair unruly, try to wet it down a bit. Sometimes this will be all you need to avoid having to put it up or shower to make it look presentable.